Rotary Club of Rutland

A plaque was presented to Sam's Good News in recognition of the continued local news coverage and support of Rotary Club of Rutland. From left, Rotary President Reed Wilcox, Sam Gorruso of Sam's Good News and Rotarian Rich Carlson.
Sam's Good News recognized Keri Franzoni 2018-09-11 04:00:00Z 0
Rotary trees planted in honor of Dave Wolk Keri Franzoni 2018-09-04 04:00:00Z 0
Scrub and Sip at Rutland County Parent Child Center Keri Franzoni 2018-09-04 04:00:00Z 0

Welcome New Members

Ethan Zorzi
Green Mountain Power
Keri Franzoni
Rutland Herald
Mary Cohen
Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce
Matt Cataldo
Carpenter & Costin
New Members 2018 2018-05-10 04:00:00Z 0


Stacy Harshman
The Sparkle Barn Shop
Edmund Hemmer
Greg Cox
Vermont Farmers' Food Center
Pam Clark
Bar Harbor Bank
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Rotary joined with Comcast to continue work on the Greenhouse project.  A great day of community service.
You can open the Greenhouse Project Photo Album to the right for more pictures of the day.
Work continues on the Greenhouse 2018-04-23 04:00:00Z 0
Past President Dick Rohe had the opportunity to visit the Rotary Club of Antiqua Sundown and speak with Club President Diana V. Browne
about forming a twin club relationship between the two Clubs.
Dick Rohe Visits the Antigua Rotary Club Cale Shipman 2018-03-04 05:00:00Z 0
Go South, Young Man, Go South 2018-03-03 05:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stephanie Osgood
Rotarians young and not as young gathered for a fun evening of miniature golf, hot dogs, and ice cream.  Thank you Stephanie for another great event.
Rotarians at Minature Golf Stephanie Osgood 2016-05-18 00:00:00Z 0
Wet & cold outside...Warm & fun at Rotary 2016-05-03 00:00:00Z 0
Russ Marsan brought in a big I Love Rutland banner for the Club.
We Love Rutland Cale Shipman 2016-04-19 00:00:00Z 0
Thank you, Stephanie for organizing another great social event as the Club and family turned out to enjoy an evening of bowling and pizza.
The Club takes to the lanes Cale Shipman 2016-04-12 00:00:00Z 0
Riccardo puts a Italian trim to Christmas Caprice Hover 2015-12-16 00:00:00Z 0
They know who's been naughty and nice Cale Shipman 2015-12-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stephanie Osgood
You better be good (sign up for more shifts)
​       You better not cry "I'm too busy". 
​            Santa knows who's been naughty and nice !
Clear Cut Santa Stephanie Osgood 2015-12-09 00:00:00Z 0
Robert Dostas, Vice President and Executive Director of Green Mountain Power
is welcomed as a new Corporate Member by President Mark Price.
Another New Corporate Member Cale Shipman 2015-11-17 00:00:00Z 0

Another Rotary Project

Another Saturday...Another Rotary "Hands On" Project
      The Rotary Club of Rutland created and installed 288 square feet of much needed shelf space to the Preschool at Grace Congregation on Saturday November 14, 2015
The new shelving will help store all the things necessary to run a busy preschool.
      The build team consisted of:  Jeff Chabot...Matt Parker...Peter O'Brien...Mark Price
      The muscle team consisted of:  Cale Shipman...Bob Amelang...Ron Bower...Kevin Loso
More photos in the "Photo Albums" section to the right.
Grace Congregational Preschool Project Cale Shipman 2015-11-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Nov 02, 2015
Click on the Halloween Float Video (above)
Then look for the page links along left side of page.
Halloween Float Video Cale Shipman 2015-11-03 00:00:00Z 0
Win 4 Tickets to Red Sox Dom Serino 2015-02-27 00:00:00Z 0
Rutland Rotary Golf Tournament Information Cale Shipman 2015-02-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Dec 16, 2014
 We are proud to announce members number 59 and 60 as Carol Petit Bon and Jeremey Carol join the Club.   Great work Membership Committee !
We welcome 2 new members to the Club Cale Shipman 2014-12-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Dec 15, 2014
Jennifer Hart once again brought the 1st and 2nd graders from Northwest Elementary School to our annual Christmas meal.  They performed to a standing ovation.
Annual Christmas Music Cale Shipman 2014-12-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Dec 14, 2014
The Club was proud to receive a thank you certificate and visit from members of the Vermont National Guard for the giant Christmas tree that the Club donated to their annual holiday party.
Big Thank You from the Vermont National Guard Cale Shipman 2014-12-15 00:00:00Z 0
The Club was treated to the opportunity to have past Governor Jim Douglas speak to us concerning a wide range of topics over his long tenure in public service.
Governor Jim Douglas speaks to the Club 2014-12-01 00:00:00Z 0
Please introduce yourself to Gary, Sonia, and Liz ! 2014-12-01 00:00:00Z 0
Please introduce yourself to Robyn and Nicole Cale Shipman 2014-09-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Sep 28, 2014

President Joan was proud to present a check to Traci Moore of United Way of Rutland County (also a member of our Club) as the recipient of our latest raffle.  Marlene Cenate, the lucky winner of the 2014 Camero was also on hand to say thank you to the Club.Image

Winners of the Camero Raffle Cale Shipman 2014-09-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Sep 16, 2014

Guests: Erin Mansfield, guest of Will Gormly; Leslie Williams, guest of Krista


Brags/Fines:  Will Gormly

  • Jen fined for mention in Rutland Magazine
  • Lainnie experienced on earthquake in California, bought a new car
  • Brian fined Traci Moore and Catherine Nelson for front-page coverage in Herald, for the United Way kick off.
  • Nicole Fabian bragged on trip to Hampton Beach
  • Catherine Nelson mystified about how her photo ended up on front page of the Herald
  • Bragged on Jonathan Goldsmith visit
  • Reed great weekend, spent a lot of time outside
  • Joe Rodolfy bragged on daughter’s blog on life in Madrid
  • Nicole Densmore reported that the Dept of Recs fall sports season in full swing

Member Announcements:

  • Raffle Drawing at Chamber Mixer at Allen Pools tomorrow. 
  • October 4 Deer’s Leap Hike – Reed Wilcox
  • Will Gormly plugged Rotary’s on-line calendar
  • Lou Scott 9/29 panel dialogues on leadership – expected to be interactive, all invited to participate.  Quoted Warren Buffet ability to influence others has to be positive.
  • Grace Pre-school needs bookshelves, volunteer labor and supplies, contact Stephanie Osgood or Will Gormly
  • Caprice Hover plugged the PCC Golf Tournament
  • Kirk Shields announced kick off of GMP’s Fill the Cupboard
  • Brian Perkins recognized Dick Rohe’s donation of  ‘ABCs of Rotary’, ‘What is Rotary’, pamphlets, next Monday induction of Nicole Densmore and Robyn Schmidt
  • Kevin Loso next  Wednesday 9/17 at 7pm RHA office, Administration and all committee chairs
  • Saturday, October 10 Rutland Alzheimer’s Walk – 2 miles, starting at Main Street Park, Sara DeLance is leading Rotary Team

President’s Announcements:

  • 6:30 Committee chairs to meet on Wed 9/17
  • Fortified white soy meal, example of Rotary providing basic food needs for people
  • If you have any tickets left, time to turn them in! 
  • Cale Shipman sent out Club Runner instructions for updating profile, do it.
  • Board meeting, noon, Hampton Inn, all set on Thursday

Camaro Raffle Update:

Krista – average ticket sale of 30 tickets per member, sold very close to 1,750 tickets

We missed you: Paula Baker, Ron Bower, Rich Carlson, Nick Carmolli, Jeff Chabot, Mike Coppinger, Andrea Copolla, Kwame Dankwa, Sara DeLance, Bill Drummond, Jack Facey, Maria Fish, Elias Hajj, Christina Keshava, Chris Keyser, Gary Ladabouche, Bob Miller, Terry Moran, Stephanie Osgood, Chuck Rose, Cale Shipman, Jeff Wennberg, Wendy Wilton.

Weekly Raffle:  $40 in small pot, won by Jeff Guevin, and the big pot keeps growing

Guest Speaker: Leslie Williams, Make-a-Wish Foundation VT

  1. Mission of Make a Wish – grant wishes to eligible VT children with life threatening illnesses.
  2. Small chapter
  3. 689 wishes granted to date, since 1989
  4. Wish to be, go, have, meet; gave some examples, map of Vermont wishes, 

Make-a-Wish Event October 16 at Paramount Theater – friend raiser, getting to know people.  Needs sponsorship support and help spreading the word.


This Week’s Rotary Chips, September 8, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-09-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Aug 28, 2014

Krista organized another gathering of our sales team for the Friday evening motorcycle rally in downtown Rutland.

Nice turn out of Rotarians including Krista Scarborough, Steve White, Cale Shipman, Caprice Hover, Bill Drummond, Kwame Dankwa and Catherine Nelson.  Sales were brisk. Image

Home stretch on Camero Raffle Cale Shipman 2014-08-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jun 30, 2014

We congratulate Brian as he hands over the office of Club President to Joan Watson.  It has been a great year and we all look forward to more of the same with Joan and all the members of our wonderful Club.Image


Changing of Gavel 2014 Cale Shipman 2014-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jun 30, 2014


Paula Baker, Rich Carlson, Bates Childress, Jeff Chabot, Tom Donahue, Maria Fish, Barbara Giancola, Jeff Guevin, Caprice Hover, Gary Ladabouche, Kevin Loso, Terry Moran, Dick Rohe, Chuck Rose, Cale Shipman.


Andrea Coppola, Kwame Dankwa, Will Gormly, Jeff Guevin, Chris Keyser, Traci Moore, Terry Moran, Catherine Nelson, Mark Price, Chuck Rose, Lou Scott, Wendy Wilton.


Dave Anderson, Ron Bower, Jeff Chabot, Mike Coppinger, Andrea Coppola, Sara DeLance, Tom Donahue, Nicole Fabian, Caprice Hover, Gary Ladabouche, Traci Moore, Stephanie Osgood, Lou Scott, Kirk Shields, Joan Watson, Wendy Wilton.

We missed you: Bates Childress 2014-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
7 new members honored at Rotary Wheel Ceremony Cale Shipman 2014-06-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jun 08, 2014

District Governor David Hoopes attended our meeting today to present President Brian with a number of awards for his very successful Rotary year.  Amoung the most prestigious awards a Club can receive is for the recruitment of new members.  Our Club should be very proud to have inducted more new members into Rotary over the past year than any of the 59 clubs in our Rotary District.Image

Our Club sets a record for new members. Cale Shipman 2014-06-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jun 08, 2014

The Club is on a roll this year with the addition of a record number of new members.  Please welcome them with your own introduction.  Welcome to Dave Anderson, Andrea Coppola, and Kirk Shields.Image

3 New Members for June 2014 Cale Shipman 2014-06-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jun 01, 2014

Guests: Kirk Shields, GMP, guest of Dick Rohe; Dave Anderson, guest of Kevin Loso; Andrea Coppola, guest of Kevin Loso; Sandy Burgess, Assistant Governor, District 8

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Caprice Hover shared that her staff was seen on WCAX as the governor signed a bill, and she won some prizes for golf.
  • Tom Donahue announced that the Rutland Regional Chamber of Commerce had a very successful golf tournament last Friday.
  • Dick Rohe shared that Maria Fish has a vibrating bed, this is due to her dogs being frightened during thunderstorms.
  • Rich Carlson bragged that his daughter Kim got married at Pebble Beach, CA AND bought a 4,500 square foot home. 
  • Joan Watson told us that her twin 4 year old grandchildren had their first dance recital.
  • Sandy Burgess spilled the beans that our club has won an award for adding the most new members this year … and we ain’t done yet!
  • Nick Carmolli bragged that Dismas House had yet another successful fund raising event this weekend, with over 300 attendees.
  • Nicole Fabian boasted that she pulled off two dinner parties, one the night before leaving for vacation and the other the night she returned. 
  • Lainee LaCroix let us know that her poor Buick got pelted by hail last week; she’s received invitations to her daughter’s wedding and the his and her (not Jack and Jill) barbeque; and it’s her daughter’s birthday too.
  • Brian Perkins fined himself for being pictured in Rutland Magazine.
  • Bates Childress announced that College of St. Joseph will hold its 20th Annual Night of Italian Opera on Saturday, June 21 and Michael O’Malley Memorial Golf Tournament on Friday, July 25 at Proctor-Pittsford Country Club.  He will have more complete information next week.
  • Caprice Hover said there will be a public hearing tomorrow (Tuesday 6/4) regarding the deaths of two infants under the supervision of Division of Children and Families, contact her for more information.



  • Saturday, June 7 Krista has a sign up sheet for working raffle ticket sales at the Farmers Market.
  • Monday, June 9 will be a triple induction
  • Tuesday, June 10 the Chamber of Commerce mixer will be held at the offices of Kenlan, Schweibert, Facey & Goss.
  • Thursday, June 12 the Board of Directors will hold its last meeting under the reign of Brian Perkins at the Hampton Inn.


Raffle:  Rich Carlson won the 50/50 pot, but pulled the 9 of spades.


Guest Speaker: Nancy Burzon, Women’s Professional Development Center of Rutland

The organization has two venues for its services, the Workforce Council and the Youth Council.  Her focus today was on youth job preparedness.

  • Day event for 450 Rutland County 7th graders at Castleton State College
  • Sophomore Summit (10th grade) – more in depth, explore secondary ed and work options.  500 students, 80 pros – 2 sessions and 23 potential pathways

October 2014 is the next Sophomore Summit.


Attendance Reports: 6/3; 5/19; 5/12

6/3 – We missed you: George Ambrose, Amanda Beraldi, Jason Cable, Jeff Chabot, Sarah DeLance, Jack Facey, Kate Fox, Jared Galster, Will Gormly, Jeff Guevin, Bob Harnish, Joyce Hottenstein, Marianne Kennedy, Christina Keshava, Gary Ladabouche, Hull Maynard, Bob Miller, Traci Moore, Terry Moran, Catherine Nelson, Mark Price, Win Thomas, Wendy Wilton

5/19 – We missed you: Amanda Beraldi, Nancy Burzon, Jason Cable, Rich Carlson, Jeff Chabot, Mike Coppinger, Kwame Dankwa, Nicole Fabian, Maria Fish, Kate Fox, Jared Galster, Bob Harnish, Joyce Hottenstein, Caprice Hover, Marianne Kennedy, Christina Keshava, Chris Keyser, Lainnie LaCroix, Hull Maynard, Traci Moore, Stephanie Osgood, Mark Price, Win Thomas, Jeff Wennberg, Wendy Wilton

5/12 – We missed you:  George Ambrose, Paula Baker, Amanda Beraldi, Ron Bower, Nancy Burzon, Jason Cable, Tom Donahue, Kate Fox, Jared Galster, Bob Harnish, Joyce Hottenstein, Marianne Kennedy, Lainnie LaCroix, Gary Ladabouche, Hull Maynard, Traci Moore, Chuck Rose, Wendy Wilton.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, June 3, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-06-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on May 05, 2014

The Rotary Club of Rutland is proud to have back with us, Michael Coppinger.  Please take a moment to sign his new member sheet and to introduce yourself to Michael.


Welcome Back Michael Coppinger Cale Shipman 2014-05-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Mar 16, 2014

Guests: Shelia Palfey, guest of Catherine Nelson; Kwame Dankwa, Sara DeLance, prospective members, and Brian DeClue, guest of Bill Drummond.

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Will Gormly fined Nicole Fabian for photo in paper
  • Rich Carlson bragged for Tom Donahue, who is having lunch with Sen. Leahy
  • Tina Keshava fined herself for not selling any tickets, bragged that she skied this weekend for the first time in four years
  • Traci Moore bragged that HFCU / Sara DeLance and Carrie Allen sponsored Shamrock 5K
  • Joan Watson bragged on Jim receiving top 3% of 85,000 agents, and both receiving 25th anniversary as a Coldwell-Banker shop (turns out that includes 10 years of their predecessor’s time
  • Bob Miller won 4’ tall Vermont Teddy Bear at the Business Expo
  • George Ambrose bragged that Schuyler just finished Laramie Project for contest, and will be in Seusical
  • Mark Price bragged on all three kids incredible skiing talent
  • Bates Childress bragged that men’s baseball & women’s softball are returning to CSJ in spring 2015
  • Lou Scott told us about a $25 million tear down he saw listed in Florida
  • Terry Moran explained the very cool ancestry of his St.. Patrick’s bowler
  • Win Thomas bragged on his $4 green bow tie
  • Joe Rodolfy is elated that he has received invitation to daughter’s UVM graduation


  • Nick Carmolli – told a great story about how he had his name “irishized” on his 1979 trip to Ireland
  • Dick Rohe – has raffle tickets and free lunch cards for prospective members
  • Distrit Assembly on 4/5 – Brian, Joan, Stephanie are attending
  • Board of Directors meeting moved to this Thursday at Hampton Inn

Raffle:  $1,049 in the big pot.  Jeff Chabot had winning ticket, but pulled king of hearts!

New Members (50th & 51st) inducted:

Kwame Dankwa

Sara DeLance

-       Congratulations!!!

We missed you: Amanda Beraldi, Nancy Burzon, Jason Cable, Tom Donahue, Jack Facey, Kate Fox, Jared Galster, Barb Giancola, Elias Hajj, Joyce Hottenstein, Caprice Hover, Marianne Kennedy, Chris Keyser, Hull Maynard, Stephanie Osgood, Krista Scarborough, Dom Serino, Cale Shipman, Steve White and Wendy Wilton.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, March 17, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-03-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jan 26, 2014

Guests: Rich Lloyd, speaker, guest of Bates Childress; Len Semp from Rutland South; Jeff Guevin, guest of Win Thomas.


Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Chuck Rose bragged that14 Rotarians participated in the Mentor Connector’s bowlathon, Ron Bower was the high bowler
  • Maria missed bowling 100 by 2 pins
  • Joan announced that she and Catherine had same score, and she won a $10 bet
  • Caprice got her butt kicked by Maria and was appointed to national association of juvenile justice committee
  • Kevin confessed that he’s a worse bowler than Caprice and Maria
  • Rich Carlson bragged on Traci’s successful United Way Campaign
  • Traci bragged on having a very generous  community
  • Traci paid fine for Jack Facey’s service to UWRC recognition
  • Bob Miller bragged on Catherine being named CEO of the Rutland Herald, The Times Argus and the New England Business Journals
  • Dick Rohe bragged on 88 degree temps in Jamaica, where he will be tomorrow
  • Catherine bragged that it was very nice to be promoted and that she is headed to Montego Bay
  • Win, just back from St. Croix, bragged about all the things he did
  • Joe fined for phone ringing during fines and brags
  • Bates closed on and moved into new house
  • Brian’s family is celebrating his grandfather’s 90th birthday
  • Joe pointed out the Yankee’s epic payroll for a new Japanese pitcher, and gave Nick an opportunity to comment



  • Rutland Community Cupboard sent a thank you letter for $500 donation
  • On Tues 1/28 there will be a Young Professionals Mixer at the Loft above Lake Sunapee Bank


Raffle:  $37 won by Dom Serino, drew 4 of hearts and did not win $817 in the big pot.


Guest Speaker:  Rich Lloyd, College of St. Joseph President

Sisters of St. Joseph wanted a college that provided an accessible and affordable liberal arts education

We know all the benefits of attending college but it is becoming increasingly unaffordable

Created Provider Scholarship Program to address cost and accessibility for those most in need

-       academic standard, intellectual curiosity

-       campus involvement, student driven activities

-       community service, 15 hours per semester

-       career preparedness, starting at orientation

Created the only declining cost structure in New England, tuition room & board fixed, but scholarship increases annually, makes costs predictable, rewards success, improves retention. 

Last semester 74 students, committed 1260 hours of service, 70% exceeded 15-hour requirement.

60% increase in residential occupancy this year.

98kw roof top solar array, one of largest in Rutland

New curricular options: social media certificate/minor program, potential physician’s assistant program – only one in Vermont

Baseball & softball in spring 2015

Mon-Fri, Tues-Thur class schedule with Wednesday reserved for office hours, meetings and community service

Financial Aid report card so students are aware of where they stand annually





This Week’s Rotary Chips, January 27, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-01-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jan 13, 2014

Guests: Karen Ranz, guest of Youth Exchange Committee; Leigh-Ann Brown, speaker; Stephanie Osgood brought Lilly.

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Joe Rodolfy fined Steve White for appearance in Proctor Pittsford Country Club newsletter photo.
  • Dick Rohe bragged for Tom Donahue for creating Facebook page for the club.
  • Tom Donahue encourages everyone to “like” Rotary Club of Rutland, need 30 likes to qualify for analytics, unveiled development plans for page (at press time at 104 likes – very impressive gain in 24 hours).
  • George Ambrose bragged on Schuyler for Mill River theater group involvement.
  • Lainnie LaCroix fined for late arrival, bragged that she has new phone.
  • Caprice Hover bragged that she’s booked a trip to visit a friend in Florida.
  • Krista Scarborough bragged that Joe loaned her a bunch of hockey equipment.
  • Joan Watson liked FB page already, noted that you can invite others to like it.
  • Bates Childress thanked Nancy Burzon for helping with CHIPS last week.
  • Tom Donahue bragged that grandkids came for a visit.
  • Nicole Fabian got to babysit grandson for her birthday.


  • George announced that the Youth Exchange Committee will meet following lunch.
  • Caprice reminded everyone of January 25 Youth Exchange dance after Mentor Bowl.
  • Chuck Rose mentioned that there is still space left for bowlers.
  • Bob Miller let us know that Sunday afternoon at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church there is an opportunity to package food for needy.
  • Dick Rohe has ‘be my guest’ cards for free lunch for prospects.
  • Tom Donahue reminded everyone that the Chamber Mixer is at Red Clover Inn, featuring artist Peter Huntoon, 5-7pm Tuesday, January 14.
  • Brian Perkins read a thank you letter from Jennifer Heart for allowing her group to sing at our lunch.
  • Krista Scarborough circulated thank you notes and drawings from books donated to school.
  • Caprice Hover announced a Family Fun Day at Paramount, speech and Snowball Express on MLK Day
  • President Brian Perkins announced:
·       Board approved $250 to playground

·       Rotary moment: January is Rotary Awareness month, lots of activities in December for the group’s awareness,

·       No meeting on MLK day


$32 won by Nicole Fabian, didn’t win big pot

Guest Speaker: Leigh Ann Brown

George Ambrose introduced speaker, Leigh Ann, to speak on “How to be a Book.”  Leigh Ann is new to Vermont, living in Castleton.  Has worked with children with autism, specializes in how families can interact with children’s learning.  Talked about Human Library project, where people become books by sharing personal experience with others. As a teacher brought students to experience the Human Library.  Some samples of books were: Elect me Please, Acceptance, Kids Raising Kids, Accidental Stories, Cancer not always a Death Sentence.  Gave 3 book reviews. 

Meandering – life doesn’t have to follow linear past, given by a scientist, teacher, artist all of which led her living in Castleton.  Leigh Ann shared her own meandering from studying in Paris and Peru, to law school, to teaching kids with autism.  This “book” represented Leigh Ann’s past.

A Serendipitous Life – Author had series of difficult life transforming events, despite adversity she could see where she wanted to go.  Leigh Ann felt it will be a good book to keep in mind while looking to the future.

Transforming a Republican – given her own hard core Democrat background, she was surprised to be captivated by our own George Ambrose’s ‘book.’  He spoke about the joy of being a Vermonter, of serving his community, starting the day with coffee and watching deer running across lawn.  Most important, helping others through service.  Leigh Ann intends to take all of this to heart in leading her daily life in the present.

Tom Donahue led the Four-Way Test.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, January 13, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jan 05, 2014

Guests: Steve from West Rutland, Charlotte Woodward, exchange student, Rick Manganello, District Rotary Foundation chair & his wife, Janet.

Brags/Fines:  Will Gormly

  • Ron Bower fined Rich Carlson for late raffle tickets.
  • Steve handed out info for $75 bus trip to NYC - 2/1 deadline.
  • Rick Manganello bragged on Rotary’s 2nd place showing after Shriners on airline mileage contest.
  • Maria fined herself for still living in VT.
  • Caprice bragged that Parent & Child Center celebrates 20th year, excited for wine and food festival.
  • Rick Mangenello bragged on his wife for remembering Iranian visitor from years ago and read a note from him.
  • Brian bragged on attending Bruins game, and Will fined Brian for being on the Jumbotron.
  • Tina thanked everyone for Best of Best Optomitrist support and she is selling GS cookies.
  • Chris Keyser bragged that second daughter announced second child due in August
  • Joan bragged that they attended a wedding in NYC, and she delivered an Ambrosian pun to lift operator.
  • George paid dollar for not delivering any puns last meeting, per his bride’s instruction.
  • Nick bragged about something but I don’t type fast enough, sorry Nick.
  • Matt Price’s 14 year old son won more under 16 races.
  • Kevin bragged that all five kids were home for holidays.
  • Elias is taking daughter to airport to go to London for semester; she will be escorted on her journey by his wife.
  • Krista Scarborough signed up for Adult co-ed hockey (needs pads).
  • Will bragged that he took his girl to Montreal’s Au Pied du Couchon for an amazing dinner.



  • Tree receipts $15,129 last year, this year $12,032, with 50 less trees and $3,000 for shed.
  • Mentor Connector bowl-a-thon coming up, Kevin has sign-up sheet.
  • Youth exchange dinner also that night, so go to one and then the other.
  • Membership meeting 4pm tomorrow at Hampton Inn.
  • Admin meeting Thursday at 5:30pm at Kevin’s office.
  • George Ambrose made an announcement that I missed.
  • Will reported on GOLM – our club 22 pints, 33 volunteer hours – Lainnie did 10 hours of service!  Still waiting to hear from the other club.
  • BOD meeting Thursday, 1/9, noon at Hampton Inn.
  • Santa Claus raffle raised $5,277; $2,200 to Mark Lawrence, made donation to Killington Music Festival (Maria sold him the ticket) & $250 back to our club.

Raffle:  Almost $800 in the pot, $35 in the pot today.  Elias Haj won todays pot but pulled 7 of diamonds

Guest Speaker: (Notes taken by Nancy Burzon – thank you)

Our speaker was Rick Manganello, the District Foundation Chair, who provided a briefing on the Rotary Foundation.  The Foundation dates back to the 1920's and achieved preeminence in the 1980's.  Most members know of the role the Rotary Foundation played in polio eradication efforts--it was a catalyst to get it started.  The total investment to date in that cause is over $12B and Rotary has contributed $1.3B.

The Foundation makes investments worldwide, generally along these lines:

60% for polio

11% for schools

28% for matching grants to clubs worldwide.

Rick then shared several stories of how clubs in our region are using the funds to support causes that they personally champion.  Ninety percent of Rotary Fundraising is spent at home for local community use.  The balance goes to international causes.  To access the matching funds generally requires partnering with other clubs.

Most funds come from Rotary.  The Gates Foundation matches 3:1 (I believe that is for the polio eradication only).

This Week’s Rotary Chips, January 6, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-01-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Oct 20, 2013

Guests: Randall Northrup, St. Johnsburgh; Scott Darling, guest of Dick Rohe

We Missed You:  Paula Baker, Ron Bower, Jason Cable, Tom Donahue, Kate Fox, Joyce Hottenstein, Caprice Hoover, Marianne Kennedy, Christina Keshava, Hull Maynard, Traci Moore, Steve White, Reed Wilcox, Jacquelyn Williams,

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy


  • George Ambrose fined himself, for leaving early
  • Jack Facey fined by Joe for being quoted in the paper


  • Chris Keyser married off daughter
  • Dick Rohe attended district membership conference
  • Nicole Fabian became a grandmother
  • Nancy Burzon’s son Matthew is moving back to Vermont from Bosto
  • Barb Giancola noted that former Rotarian Clarence Whitney & wife Carol came to visit
  • Bates & Reed are proud that the Cardinals are going to their 19th World Series
  • Cale Shipman announce that Tina had a little girl
  • George Ambrose bragged about Schyler – who appeared as Aslan in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and she was selected by the school administration and guidance to attend a youth conference on the prevention of bullying in Montpelier.
  • Jack Facey’s son passed CO bar
  • Joe Rodolfy bragged on 9th anniversary of Red Sox beating Yankees
  • Mark Price’s daughter’s letter to Peter Welch about national debt was published in Rutland Herald
  • Joe Rodolfy ate dinner at The Palms, then watched a playoff game at the Paramount
  • Wendy Wilton has produced A Citizen’s Guide to Tax Sales in the City of Rutland
  • Nicole has flyers for the Rutland County Women’s Shelter & Network event.  Shear Heaven Salon & Day Spa will host a special spa evening to benefit the work of The Rutland County Women’s Network and Shelter.  The entry fee of $40 will cover a sampling of salon services, hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, a silent auction, and a chance to win $200 worth of salon services.  Tickets available at Shear Heaven Salon & Day Spa at 168 N. Main, Rutland (773-8880) or call 775-6788.
Attendance: Skipped


Club Administration Committee – Kevin Losos – the role of the committee is to support effective operation of club, generated an extensive list of tasks, format for club meetings, member engagement, attendance, by-law revisions re board terms, the appointment of a nominating committee is the responsibility of the President. As in the past the CA Committee is willing to serve in this role. [Subsequent to the meeting Brian has appointed the committee to serve in that capacity.]  The committee’s next meeting will be held Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at Kevin’s office at 5 Tremont Street.  Committee members are: Stephanie Osgood, Lou Scott, Dick Rohe, Rich Carlson, Joan Watson, Mark Price and Kevin Losos.

Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) was created to promote all Rotarians' knowledge and leadership skills and to provide a platform for future leaders of our Rotary clubs. Classes are held in locations throughout New England. Registration is $75-$95 including breakfast and lunch, depending on individual facility costs; many clubs, recognizing RLI's value, help their members defray this expense. This will be held Saturday, November 9:  RLI at Rutland, VT

District Dinner in Ludlow at the Jackson Gore Inn on Thursday, Nov 14

Rotary Moment:  From Nov mag – 50 non-Rotarians were given Paul Harris Society status.


Wendy won the raffle, $454 in pot, didn’t win the pot.

Guest Speaker:

Scott Darling, Department of Fish & Wildlife

Told us about bats in Vermont, white nose syndrome and the importance of bats in our environment.  There were plenty of questions from the audience.


This Week’s Rotary Chips, October 21, 2013 By Bates Childress Bates Childress 2013-10-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Oct 05, 2013

Our own Nancy Burzon, Stephanie Osgood, and Bill Drummond were on hand to help with the  Neighborhood Block Party event held on Saturday October 5th.  Besides making origami fans our members participated in helping to make this neighborhood a safer and better place to live and work.

Thanks to all the Rotarians who pitched in and to Will for getting it organized for our Club.  Stephanie's daughter made the best origami !

Will Gormley organizes "Rotarians At Work" project Cale Shipman 2013-10-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Sep 22, 2013
Guests: None

We Missed You:  Jason Cable, Rich Carlson, Tom Donahue, Maria Fish, Kate Fox, Jared Galster, Hoyce Hottenstien, Lainnie LaCroix, Gary Ladabouche, Hull Maynard, Stephanie Osgood, Krista Scarborough, Lou Scott, Jacquelyn Williams

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

Will fined Bob Miller & Caprice for sandbagging him in a golf tournament and winning WSYB Christmas fund tournament.

Caprice bragged about a natural birdie

Wendy Wilton – 2 brags, ran 5K race which was the Spartan race course; and bragged for Krista who competed in actual race.

Brian – bragged about wedding, honeymoon; and is down 28 pounds since last August.

George Ambrose fined Nick for not wearing black armband

Mark Price - All three kids were home for the weekend for the first time since June.  His daughter, a junior at Burke Mountain Academy) was named to the USSA East RTG (regional training group).

Chris Keyser – complimented Reed for attending Rotary South event. 

Catherine – Youngest of 8 kids turns 21 next week and promised to pay for last year of college.  And then borrowed $20.

Bill Drummond – bragged on behalf of his son Craig, who is with Spartan Race.  They had 9,700 entrants from all over the world, plus spectators, which made for 26-30,000 attendance and a $2,000,000+ economic impact. 

Chuck Rose – came in first place in golf tournament.

Joe – bragged that Red Sox did not suck this season. 

Attendance:  Nancy reviewed September 9


Administration committee will be meeting in near future. 

George – meeting with city regarding park scheduled for October 4

Thank you letter received from Rutland Area Developmental Disabilities for $100 donation

9/30 Rotary district golf tournament in Manchester VT

Update on community service project for 10/5 – good number of sign ups, have most of items covered

Rotary Moment – Code of conduct

1.     Exemplify the core value of integrity in all behaviors and activities.

2.     Use my vocational experience and talents to serve in Rotary.

3.     Conduct all of my personal business and professional affairs ethically, encouraging and fostering high ethical standards as an example to others.

4.     Be fair in all dealings with others and treat them with the respect due to them as fellow human beings.

5.     Promote recognition and respect for all occupations which are useful to society.

6.     Offer my vocational talents: to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community.

7.     Honor the trust that Rotary and fellow Rotarians provide and not do anything that will bring disfavor or reflect adversely on Rotary or fellow Rotarians.

8.     Not seek from a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in business or professional relationship.


Terry Moran won raffle, did not pull Q

Guest Speaker:

Wendy Wilton – Presentation on her trip to China

Visited four cities in Hunan Province, a vacation area for China.  Recounted her visit to each city.   Amazed by wealth.  Great ethnic diversity, displayed beautiful clothing and stitch work.  Had a great slide show on iPad.

Really enjoyed meeting people, daughter’s friends.  Everyone wanted to practice English.

Will also do presentation at library with daughter.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, September 23, 2013 By Bates Childress Bates Childress 2013-09-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Sep 15, 2013

[Note: Thanks to Tina and Nancy for their help with CHIPS during my absence]

Meeting chaired by Joan Watson in Brian’s absence

Guests: Kris Hughes, Nancy Burzon’s guest, and speaker

We Missed You:  Information not available

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

Cale – fine for winning $100 in South Raffle

George Ambrose – brag for Lobster event, round of fines deserved for bad puns that followed.

Bates – brag for getting married & fine for not wearing wedding ring

Ron – moment of silence for Nick’s Yankees

Chuck – visited with numerous friends and acquaintances not realizing that his wife’s delicates were attached to the Velcro on his shorts at Proctor Pittsford Country Club

Joan – Just missed a hole in one at Rutland Country Club on the 12th hole

Attendance:    Information not available


Reed Wilcox / Will Gormly – Project Vision Neighborhood Block Party event on October 5– Rotary is having kids pumpkin painting & origami. Will will distribute sign up sheet by email.

Kevin Loso – committee on admin will be reviewing member engagement, participation, looking for more members

Rich Carlson – BOD agreed to purchase a 10x10 shed for Christmas supplies, thanks to Marlene for use of trailer.

George Ambrose / Cale Shipman – need to reach an agreement with Department of Parks & Recreation on Rotary Park before going forward with any plans


Lou Scott won raffle, did not pick Q of H

Guest Speaker:          Kris Hughes, Rutland Regional Planning Commission, ED

Introduced by Nancy Burzon

How to get Rutland back on state map

-          where can we make the most difference with least resources

-          how do we keep people here

-          how do we grow existing business

-          how do we attract new business

27 municipal members, REDIC, library and other interested parties

many interests including land development, energy , housing, transportation, economic development, strategic planning, emergency management

Looking for funding for projects

Provide technical assistance to governments

Q. What will Kris bring to table from Rochester? 

A. Brings more than NY experience. Trained hydrologists, years of planning experience in MD & NY, and work in state government.  Power rests in hands of those who take an interest.  Commission’s goal is to help connect the dots and make things happen. 

Q. What is plan for making Killington a four-season attraction?

A. Strong support of application to 250 commission. 

Q. Gas pipeline

A. Required by law to review, no opinion on it at this point.  Availability of natural gas is an important criterion for new business development.  Also part of equation is the environmental and long-term impact of the pipeline.


Amanda, as new member, led 4-way test.


This Week’s Rotary Chips, September 16, 2013 By Bates Childress Bates Childress 2013-09-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Christina Keshava on Sep 08, 2013

I would like to apologize up front for sending this out so late this time.  Hope you all had a nice week and I’ll see most of you at lunch.


Guests/Attendance not available




George was fined by David for his puns.


Nick bragged that George only reminded him four times that his beloved Yankees were beaten by the Red Sox.


Traci bragged that the United Way Campaign is off to a good start due to the help of several Rotarians in this room.


Wendy’s son successfully moved up to Fairbanks, AK recently.  She’s assuming that Alaska will be her next travel destination unless she decides to visit her parish priest when he moves back to Tanzania.


Reed mentioned that there will be a block party on Oct. 5th from 10-2 for Project Vision., with aims to make our neighborhoods safer by getting to know your neighbors. He was hoping we could have a booth there possibly.


Rotary Minute:  Brian read an article regarding children and malnutrition from a recent issue of The Rotarian.



Board mtg (last) Thursday at noon at the Hampton Inn.


Sept 30th Manchester Golf Tournament

Nov. 14th  Foundation Dinner

Leadership Institute

All of these are on the District Website.  Please check it out for more details.



Chris won the weekly raffle but not the big pot.



Bob gave us a Foundation update.  Polio is almost eradicated worldwide and our club has been helping keep malaria cases down in Togo (Africa).  Rotarians who are generous in service and donations can become Paul Harris Fellows (after $1000 donation to the foundation).  We all celebrated Cale’s recent achievement of attaining this special honor.  His father and brother are both Paul Harris fellows.  He’s honored and happy to receive this award.


New Member Induction:

Jason and Dick welcomed Amanda Beraldi into the club today.  She’s a Rutland native and works at GMP as the director of customer programs.   She has an MBA from College of St. Joe’s, a bachelor’s from UVM and a hubby and two small children at home.  Reminder:  Sign those forms and introduce yourselves to our newest members!!


Speaker:  District Governor David Hoopes

He likes how well this meeting was scripted from the Paul Harris Fellow to the induction of a new member to our visiting foreign exchange student.


The theme of RI this year is:  Engage Rotary, Change Lives.  Our RI President, Ron Burton (from OK), would love to see the last case of polio.  He would also like to increase membership, be less formal and more down-to-earth to be more inclusive.  Attendance will be a less stringent requirement as long as hours are put in elsewhere.


Work on attracting new members by being an attraction.  Engage our new members and make meetings and projects fun and worthwhile.


What is 7870 doing to be more helpful to all of us?  If there is something we need from RI, seek help through the District staff.  They exist to help and serve us.  If we need training in any area, let them know.  They can help.  There will be membership seminars in Brattleboro and NH over the next six months.  Size of the club does not matter.  It’s the heart that counts.


Communication is important to him.  He sends emails every Monday letting every club in the district know what’s going on.  Next week he’ll be training in Philadelphia with about 50 other DGs from the Northeast.  The monthly newsletter would be even better if we can give him a little bit of info on what we’re doing recently.


Crisis management is another priority of the District. Two years ago, they put together the largest district grant to help with fallout from Irene.  Due to liability issues, there is still a good amount of money from the grant that has not been disbursed.  They learned from this when it came to Sandy.  With a Rotarian network, we were able to get tons of supplies from our district clubs to other clubs in hard-hit NJ where the items were put where they were needed most.


District grants allows them to take money from RI and figure out where and how to distribute it.  Almost all of the money has been spoken for this year for special projects, like Sandi’s clubs project in Uganda.


Cale led the Four-Way Test.  See you later today!

This Week's Rotary Chips, September 9, 2013 Christina Keshava 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Sep 08, 2013
Please welcome Amanda Beraldi to our Club.  Amanda joins us at the invitation of Dick Rohe.  Please introduce yourself !
Meet Amanda Cale Shipman 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Reed Wilcox...Be sure to sign his new member form ! Cale Shipman 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nancy Burzon on May 19, 2013


Marvin Elliott

David Hoopes, District Governor Elect


We Missed You: Not Available


Notices:  None


Brags/Fines: Brian Perkins


Jason, a giant brag, for members who have sold 25 tickets—George, Jason, Nick Carmoli, Mark Price, Dick Rohe, Cale Shipman.  WOW!  Rang the bell.


Brag by Jack Facey for oldest son who graduated from law school after 3 years.


Mark, bragged about oldest son Cameron, accepted to Colby College, will ski for Colby.  But he deferred his admission for a year to accept a position on the Park City ski team for the year.


Ron Bower celebrated 47 years marriage.


Terry bragged that his daughter in law received doctorate in education in Boston last weekend.


George bragged about Rutland youth theater performance at Paramount Theater.  Had 600 plus people on Friday.  The performance was terrific.


Hull Maynard bragging for youngest daughter, number one salesperson for Wilson rackets in US.  She is the distributor in Connecticut and Westchester County.


Elias was touched by the Bishop this Saturday, St. Ann Church in Albany NY.  When he was in Albany he was able to keep the church open.  Now it has grown and they opened a new church this weekend.


Special brag from Chris Keyser.  Had a flag from another club—in New Orleans.  It was the 12th club constituted in 1910.  He learned that Rutland Club was the instigator of adult exchange—for district governors.  Chris would like to continue

this tradition.  Go out and visit and share with other Rotarians. 


Hull, shared a story about the Rutland club who would share their homes with visiting Rotarians who were in Lake Placid (where there were translator capacities).


Announcements:  Lainnie says there are still some pavers available for the Little Schoolhouse in the gardens.  Cost is $300.


George is looking for people for vocational awards.  He asked for a nomination from each table.


Bob Miller announced that he still needs some help finishing the pavilion at Parent Child Center.  Two to three people to help during the day this week.  George and Terry volunteered.  Perhaps Cale.  Requires low skill with hammer and no fear of heights.  Jeff Chabot and Hull Maynard also volunteered.


Raffle:  Big jack pot $1500.  Kate Fox had the winning number.


Car Raffle:  Looks like we are over 700 tickets sold.  $11,000 mark.  Did a second mailing and still getting some sales in from first mailing.  Now seeing some results from the 2nd mailing. Car will be in the downtown area on Saturday.  Every bit helps.  Get selling!


Guest Speaker:  Win Thomas introduced Marvin Elliott, from the Audubon Society of Rutland County.  It is a non-profit organization, with a need to attract volunteers.  Wants to make people familiar with it.  There are currently 350 members with a mission to preserve and protect the habitat of birds.  National Audubon has the muscle to take on major clean ups such as the oil spills in the Gulf and Alaska.  Fun activities include a day of trying to count one hundred species in one day.


There is a national database, “Ebird”.  People can enter their local data.

Birds return to the same place…same back yard--even when they overwinter in Venezuela.


There is a kiosk at the West Rutland Marsh that has a logbook.  People can enter their observations. 


Encouraged people to become birders.  Charles Alexander Sheldon, born in Rutland VT-founded Denali National Park.  Retired at 35 after investing in Silver.  Hunted Dali sheep and was concerned with exploitation.




This Week’s Rotary Chips, May 20, 2013 Nancy Burzon 2013-05-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Apr 13, 2013

William R. Gormly (Mountain Cider LLC) sponsored by Brian Perkins and

Thomas Thacker (BROC) sponsored by Brian Perkins have been proposed as new members to the Club.  The Board will interview and vote on their membership in the next couple of weeks.

Good work, Brian.


2 New Proposed Members Cale Shipman 2013-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jan 06, 2013
Our Club was proud to have Congressman Peter Welch attend our meeting and present medals to Charles Bailey, a Viet Nam veteran who had lost those medals in a fire.
Congressman Peter Welch Cale Shipman 2013-01-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Christina Keshava on Dec 09, 2012



N. One


We Missed You:  Attendance not available.


Notices:  None


Brags/Fines:  Krista

Krista met Gary's daughter, Isabelle, on Friday while selling trees and found her very fun and interesting.  She brought in some loose change to give her for the Humane Society fund she is collecting.

Terry is excited about both the Castleton Men and Women's Hocey teams.  Both are doing very well.

Joe went to Burlington for business and enjoyed dinner with his son, which his son PAID for!  He could get used to this:)

Mark's son finished two slalom races in Alaska, which is no easy feat considering his past injuries.

Jason enjoyed selling trees with Tom (thanks for lunch...), Barb, Tracy, Brian, Caprice and Heather (his wife).

Win just saw Earling Ohmland, a 96-year-old former club member, working out at Pico!

Tom reminded everyone about the RCCC Mixer at HFCU (sorry for the late notice....)

Andrea bragged for Tracy's United Way Mixer/Fundraiser on Thursday.  Over $12,000 was made!


Board meeting this Thursday (sorry for the late notice....)

Good Shepherd Church gave a donation to the Rotary Foundation in Rich's name for allowing them to cut a tree down from his property

Ron wants to remind everyone to get all necessary account information from customers when filling out check and credit card sales for the Xmas trees.

Raffle:  Joe won but picked the Queen of Clubs

Speaker:  Our very own, Lou Scott!

He spoke about membership tactics from a seminar he attended in Brattleboro a few weeks ago. One of the speakers was Greg Garofolo who is currently president of the fastest growing club in Rotary International-- it is an e-club based in Sharon, MA.  As a group, we have been having trouble retaining members and now is the time to try to fix that.  New members come and go because we are not meeting their expectations or engaging them.  What do they want?  They want to be fresh; they want recognition and relevance and to be rewarded; they want to participate right away.

How can we fix this?  Well, maybe we can mix things up a bit and have some exciting agendas; start a mentor program; work in teams vs. committees; have better ways to measure things getting done.  In the next few weeks, he will give us a survey to get members' opinions on moving forward.  He also gave us some paperwork today to pass onto someone whom we think may be a good fit for our club.


Dick-  The agenda is the same because our manual procedure and bylaws dictate how things are done, and we ahve not deviated from these procedures in the past.

Rich would like the word document for the letter so that it does not look too generic.

Maria agreed with Dick that there are guidelines that we need to follow, but she wonders how we are doing compared with other clubs and organizations.  She does not believe we are the only service organization losing members.

Jacquelyn (formerly Rodd, now Williams) courageously commented on her feelings regarding this topic, as a new member.  She felt very lost in the shuffle for the first six or so months as a member and feels that some of our ways are dated.

Brian, who is in his 5th year, suggested that new members should get involved on the board or as a chairperson of a committee to get to know how things work and to feel more connected with the club.

Barb feels that years in service should weigh more than perfect attendance.  It's one thing to attend meetings, but it's another thing to be an active member.

MaryAnn, another new member (who's name I probably misspelled-- sorry!) has been a Rotarian in other cities for 22 years (Bennington and Manchester).  She suggested that members be the speaker more often so that the membership can feel more connected.

Krista suggested that we are kept up-to-date on the membership tally and our goals.


Jason ended the meeting with the Four-Way Test.

See you all Monday!!

This Week’s Rotary Chips, December 10, 2012 Christina Keshava 2012-12-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on May 13, 2012
Our Club was proud to have Governor Shumlin as our speaker and guest.  The Governor was introduced by Rich Carlson.  Peter Shumlin spoke to the Club on a number of issues facing Vermont and then invited questions from the members.
Vermont Governor Shumlin Visits Club Cale Shipman 2012-05-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jan 13, 2010
These members have contributed $100-$999 towards Rotary Foundation and continue to work towards becoming Paul Harris Fellows
Sustaining Level Members Cale Shipman 2010-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jan 13, 2010
These members have contributed $1,000-$1,999 to Rotary Foundation over the years of their service.
Paul Harris Fellows Cale Shipman 2010-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jan 13, 2010
These members have contributed $2,000+ to the Rotary Foundation over the years of their service.
Paul Harris Fellows Cale Shipman 2010-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress

Guests: Kirk Shields, GMP, guest of Dick Rohe; Mark Patten, Patten Oil guest of Kevin Loso; Captain Scott Tucker, RPD, speaker


Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Joe tried to fine Tracy, but she wasn’t here
  • Brian bragged about all of the community activities our members are involved in
  • Paula bragged her one-year-old niece ate an entire falafel, train day was amazing
  • George Ambrose bragged that Suessical was a hit (Reed gave rave review); and doing Shakespeare on the Green in two locations; Schyler was MC for spaghetti dinner and told an Ambrosian joke
  • Tom Donohue recognized Jeff Wennberg and DPW for great National Train Day; Red Knights and Anglican Church did a bike blessing; thank Catherine Nelson for coverage.
  • Krista Scarborough didn’t cry over Rangers game, and will be working at campground this weekend.
  • Bob Miller has more tickets for the 40,000 meal challenge, $30
  • Catherine ran 5K for Mother’s Day and another 5K with Time Argus crew
  • Joan Watson’s son-in-law graduated Saturday, while working full time and starting a family.
  • Joe Rodolfy’s daughter graduated from UVM
  • Bates bragged that he was able to welcome 60 new members into CSJ’s alumni association


  • Kevin Loso – there will be an Administration Committee meeting
  • Krista Scarborough will have a sign up sheet for Farmers Market ticket sales
  • No meeting on Memorial Day
  • $250 for Mill River Odyssey of the Mind tournament

Raffle:  $25 / $62 Dick Rohe picked queen of diamonds.

Guest Speaker: Scott Tucker, Rutland Police Department

Project Vision – improving conditions in the NW sector

Umbrella with 200 community participants within 3 committees: Crime & Safety; Substance Abuse; Housing, Community Neighborhoods.

Crime & Safety

  1. Reducing burglaries
  2. Drug marketplace intervention
  3. Recidivism reductions

Substance Abuse

  1. Increasing awareness and access
  2. Redirecting minor offenders
  3. Increase communication among community
  4. Evidence based results
  5. Reducing prescriptions

Community & Housing

  1. Reduction of poor housing stock
  2. Community pride – gardens & green space reduction


Collaborative effort with state’s attorney, DCF, domestic violence personnel, building inspector and many others.  

This Week’s Rotary Chips, May 19, 2014 Bates Childress 0
Posted by Bates Childress

Guests: Dave Anderson, guest of Kevin Loso

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Steve White won CDB tickets on radio
  • Joan Watson went to Atlanta and Ole Miss Law graduation, and saw John Lewis speak.  She recounted his history with the civil rights movement. (By the way, Joan won $1,300+ in last week’s 50/50)
  • Jack Facey is returning to Nashville soon for a reunion, spoke about remembering life in Tennessee during the civil rights struggle, has tickets to Ryman Theater. 
  • Catherine Nelson in DC for 1st amendment event, completed a Mother’s Day race
  • Jeff Wennenberg – attending son’s graduation next week, and last week attended screening of his senior thesis, which was voted ‘Best of Park.’  Being submitted to film festivals.  Jeff has password.
  • Rich Carlson – caught a 15” rainbow trout this morning, for dinner tonight.
  • Winn Thomas – 2nd in ½ Ironman
  • Brian Perkins – Weekend at camp in NH with dad, buried uncle Ed, nice mother’s day
  • Kwame Dankwa – 1 year since move back to Vermont, great to be back.
  • Tracy Moore – UW Letter Carrier drive may have exceeded 30,000-pound goal, 24,000+ pounds of food in Rutland alone.
  • Bob Miller – Lutheran Church attempting to pack 40,000 servings of food this year, selling $30 lottery tickets with prize of food at several restaurants.
  • Joe Rodolfy – bragged that son loves this time of year because of sports viewing opportunities
  • Joan bragged that Brian has lost 40lbs!



  • Will Gormly announced relay for life has 20 sign ups $700 raised.
  • Mike Coppinger has his membership sign up list
  • Dick Rohe list of 4+ ticket sellers
  • Drawing for winners tomorrow not
  • BOD 5/15 noon Hampton Inn
  • No meeting Memorial Day 5/26


Raffle:  $37 in new pot, won by Dick Rohe, 10 of hearts


Guest Speaker:  Cale Shipman

Recap of 65 day tour of US – closed store, had a baptism of grandson in Charleston and wife’s quilt show in Paducah, KY, so decided to make an extended road trip

  • Off interstate
  • 4 hours / day travel time (except Texas)
  • Follow the weather
  • Originally 1 day per place, changed to 2 nights per place
  • Enjoyed regional food – lots of fried food in the south, lots of bbq everywhere
  • Reinvention of downtown areas with arts, restaurants and boutiques, lots of festivals

Most fun 65 days he’s ever had with his clothes on.


This Week’s Rotary Chips, May 12, 2014 Bates Childress 0
Posted by Cale Shipman
We all welcome back Dom Serino (RRMC exec) to our Club.  Please introduce yourself to Dom and make him feel 'welcome back'.   Dom will be working the Fund Raising Committee this year.
Dom Serino returns to Club Cale Shipman 0
Posted by Cale Shipman

Thanks to the efforts of our Club, we were able to provide reading books to the 1st graders of Rutland's Northwest School.

A fantastic project combining community service...literacy...and youth.

Books for Northwest School Cale Shipman 0
Posted by Cale Shipman
Please introduce yourself to our Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Spain.  Charlotte will be with us all during this upcoming year.  Please contact Caprice if you would like an opportunity to host Charlotte for any local event you think she and your family would enjoy together.
Meet Charlotte Woodward Cale Shipman 0
Posted by Bates Childress

Guests: Charlotte Willard Moncho(sp), Lilli (Stephanie Osgood’s daughter), Steve Moffiatt, CSC Hockey Coach, guest of Terry Moran. 

We Missed You: 

Brags/Fines:  Rich Carlson standing in for Joe

George Ambrose fined Brian for write up on club, and Tom paid fine for job well done; and got a tour of the Library.

Bates bragged that Maria Fish (a former CSJ trustee) won an iPad Mini in the CSJ Raffle

Nick thought of George when he read about Mo Berg who spoke 15+ languages, was an outstanding WWII spy and Yankee catcher.

Caprice Project Vision brag

Dick Rohe bragged that he received flyer for Rotary of Staten Island Raffle, despite errors.

Paula shared a story about her mother’s visit to China

Tina bragged about the Women’s Shelter grant, block party turnout, last meeting before maternity.

Stephanie thanked everyone for participating in Project Vision Event

Paula chamber mixer at library tomorrow evening

Dick Rohe winner of bike was in a wheelchair

Nicole told how to get tickets for Salon Day 11/9 benefitting Rut Cty Wom Net & Shelter, Shear Heavan.

Dick congratulated Jack for his negotiation with Garden Time


9/30 – Paula, no; Rich, not yet; Nicole, yes; Jack, yes; Jared, yes; Kevin, not yet; Traci, not here; Chuck not yet.


Club admin Thursday 5:30 at Kevin’s office, Templewood court

Board, Thurs Hampton inn, BYOL (lunch)

Rotary Moment – pocket guide to Rotary’s programs for young leaders



$28, ticket pulled by Lilli, won by Nancy, didn’t pull Queen of Hearts


Guest Speaker:

Steve Moffiatt, CSC Hockey Coach, guest of Terry Moran. 


Last Week (9/30)

We missed you: Paula Baker, Jason Cable, Rich Carlson, Jeff Chabot, Nicole, Jack Facey, Jared Galster, Caprice Hoover, Marianne Kennedy, Kevin Loso, Traci Moore, Stephanie Osgood, Dick Rohe, Chuck Rose, Krista Scarborough, Jacquelyn Williams.

Jack Facey, Caprice Hoover, Stephanie Osgood & Dick Rohe made up at the event Saturday.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, October 7, 2013 By Bates Childress Bates Childress 0
Posted by Bates Childress
Guests:            None

We Missed You:  [Need to get from Nancy]

Brags/Fines/Announcements:  Joe Rodolfy

-       Elias fined for newly married comment about Brian

-       Joe – daughter Sarah has been top sales person in CT, has added NYC to her territory

-       Tom –  Thursday, 10/29 Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott will be speaker at Holiday Inn

-       George Ambrose fined himself for all of times he’s picked on Nick

-       Joan bragged about pheasant hunting with her 94 year old dad and husband and father-in-law

-       Bates announced College of St. Joseph Reunion this weekend and Alumni Scholarship Fund raffle tickets (Sold 20 – hope I sold a winner. Thank you!)

-       Catherine won $220 by betting on the Red Socks against the Yankees, Nick paid for Catherine

-       Wendy Wilton – 3rd weekend in a row of hiking

-       Gary Ladabouche – daughter is a freshman at RHS and on varsity cross country team, son’s hockey team won all four games

-       Will – attended Phantom Gourmet Food Fest and saw vendors selling products with his apple cider

-       Barb – shared her DNA heritage

-       George – told a lame joke

-       Amanda – son and daughter are hockey players, played in Montreal, kids had fun playing with Canadian kids despite language barrier

-       Joe – Recounted that his son got into fight in a Canadian game, not only didn’t get kicked out, but won game

-       Nick – told story of roving reporter who put him on the spot


9/16 – Nancy asked a couple to make up to improve

9/23 – [Need to get from Nancy]


-       Lou handed out article

-       Tom promoted library event

-       CHIPS scribe blew it!  Missed an announcement

-       Brian – leadership institute parts 1-3, cost is $75 for leadership skills

-       Jason Cable has accepted position in HR at Middlebury College, doesn’t want to leave club, working on some alternatives. 

-       Wendy mentioned that Jason is 3rd person that she knows who has moved to a new job in Addison County.  How can Rotary facilitate new job / new business in Rutland County? 

-       Board meeting Thursday, 10/10, noon at the Hampton Inn

-       Brian reiterated importance of attendance at lunch and events; recognizes multiple commitments on everyone’s part and knows everyone does their best, but participation is essential to Rotary’s success.

Raffle:  Elias won $26, pot over $300, didn’t pull Q

Bob Miller explained where raffle money goes, 1/3 – winner; 1/3 – club; 1/3 – big pot

Guest Speaker:          None

Rotary Moment:        October is vocation month.  Brian read president’s message from magazine.


This Week’s Rotary Chips, September 30, 2013 By Bates Childress Bates Childress 0
Posted by Nancy Burzon

Guests:  Will Gormley, potential member, friend of Brian Perkins


We Missed You:  Nick Carmolli, Jeff Chabot, Andrea Coppola, Bill Drummond, Nicole Fabian, Jared Galster, Elias Hajj, Joyce Hottenstein, Marianne Kennedy, Hull Maynard, Traci Moore, Terry Moran, Catherine Nelson, Stephanie Osgood, Steve Pelletier, Mark Price, Krista Scarborough, Jacquelyn Williams, Doug Wilson, Wendy Wilton


Notices:  None




Fines?  Tom fined Will for bringing his marketing class to the Mixer.


Brags, Joan bragging for Will, went to school with her son.  He gave him his shirt, when needed.


Brian, bragged about Facebook, GM table tennis club had a tournament, 30 players.  Brian and his fiancée did well.  Had 8 wins, two losses.


Tina finally sold all Girl Scout cookies


Caprice, bragging about Dr. Seuss event in Brandon, had 150 people.


George, bragged about Skylar, competed in one act play contest at MSJ.  Looking forward to next year.

George, bragged about Skylar, competed in one act play contest at MSJ.  Looking forward to next year.


Paula bragged about the fundraiser for the Library.


Joe went to Stowe to take application (work)—it was great skiing!


Jason has sold 14 raffle tickets so far—not usually his forte.


Toyota Corolla Raffle:


Committee Reports: 

·      Committee to Select Club location:  They checked the recommendations and verified capacity.  Lainnie prepared a spread sheet with the data.   Boiled down to the Palms and the Elks Club.  Both are available and can accommodate.  Will do a visit.  Hope to complete by next meeting.




·      Board meeting a week from this Thursday, in the morning at Hampton Inn.

·      Birthdays, Jarrod, Rich, Maria, Steve P.

·      Lou, announced engagement for current members.  Founds interesting articles in HBR regarding marketing.  Content is everything.  Say it creatively.    Say it with emotion.

·      Sat, April 27, Parent Child Center day for installation.  16 Chapel Ave.  19 Rotarians have signed up so far.

·      Ron Bower announced that he gave credit card to Lainnie—hoping that Victoria Secret charges do not appear.


Raffle:  Big pot is worth $1220 this week.  14 cards are left for choosing.  Dick Rowe won, but No luck on the big pot.


Guest Speaker:  Brian Perkins, presenting about insurance industry.  He represents primarily Nationwide Insurance.  Brian shared the key points of a recent article about the “new normal”.  The threat of national disasters is everywhere.  Things to do in advance:

1.     Install a generator for emergency power.

2.     Protect business records and inventory—consider a safe place.

3.     Review details of your insurance policies.  Homeowners, flood is excluded.  Requires a separate policy.  Generally no coverage for below grade.  Limit to $250K for structure.

4.     Establish a plan for communication.  List of contacts handy.  Suggest e-mail and cell phone.

5.     Create a plan for business continuity—or supposedly household continuity.

6.     Develop a list of property/inventory list.  Take pictures; keep receipts.  Keep it is a safe place.

7.     Build relationship with other like businesses—for business continuity.

8.     Consider in advance what you need to do to prepare—store anything that can “fly” and cause damage, for example.


Brian also noted that you cannot change your policy terms within 24 hours typically, of a major predicted storm event.  So try to be thoughtful about potential damages in advance.  Chris also added that you should make sure to leave propane tanks outside.  Do not bring them indoors—too dangerous.


Dick Rohe’s greatest concern is fire.  He is concerned about leaving home on vacation.  In addition, those he knows with that problem, have had horror stories with insurance claims
This Week’s Rotary Chips, April 1, 2013 By Nancy Burzon Nancy Burzon 0
Posted by Cale Shipman

Sadly we report that George Means passed away this past Friday, January 25th.  George was the first Rotarian everyone met as they came to the Monday meeting.  He cheerfully and dependably checked everyone's attendance, collected their money, and accounted for the weekly raffle year after year.  He will be missed and long remembered.

There is a service for him at the Rutland Country Club Thursday January 31st at 5 PM.  Attend if you can.


Long time member...George Means passes away Cale Shipman 0
Posted by Cale Shipman

Andrea Coppola, Bob Miller, Win Thomas, Steve White, and Cale Shipman took to the ice on Saturday for the annual Curling Challenge.  Playing with Olympic like intensity, the team easily defeated Rutland South (again) in the first match.  After taking pizza break to pack in the carbs, our team was edged by the Killington team for the championship round.  In our defense, I must point out that Killington had brought in a couple of "ringers"...Red Glaze (age 82) and John Brenner (age 64).

Notes for next no pizza and never challenge anyone over 80 on ice.

Rutland City Curlers "ICE" Rutland South Cale Shipman 0
Our Club turns out in force for the Mentor Connector Fund Raiser Cale Shipman 0
Posted by Christina Keshava


Tom Thacker, guest of Andrea, weatherization manager of BROC (potential member:))

Chris Shaddock, speaker from UMOTIVATEU


We Missed You:


Kristin Andrade, Ron Bower, Nancy Burzon, Jeff Chabot, Miche Chamberlain, Bill Drummond, Nicole Fabian, Caprice Hover, Bob Miller, Catherine Nelson, Win Thomas, Joan Watson.  I apologize if I missed you... I never got the attendance list.


Raffle:  $29 was won by Paula, but the big pot grew a little bigger....


Brags/Fines:  Krista

Lou bragged that you should sign up to sell trees because it is a great time to bond with fellow members, and that if you have an idea for the Centennial project, please WRITE IT DOWN!!!  There are only two projects on the table so far, but he has heard several other good ones during conversations with other members.

 Brian enjoyed yet another Table Tennis Invitational.  He is currently ranked 7th (his brother is 5th) in Vermont (or was it the world?!)  He, along with many other members (including at least Jeff, Terry & Rich) barely transported the tree stands to their current location last week.  (You may still be able to see pieces of a few of them on Route 7....)  Thanks to all for their help getting our tree sale started!

Rich thanked everyone for helping so far with the tree sale and reminded us how important it is to volunteer for shifts.  We are currently down from last year's sales, possibly due to no one covering the 5-7:30 shift on Sunday night.  Please help if you can!!!  He also remarked how quickly and well everyone worked at unloading the trees on Saturday-- under two hours!  Great work, Rotarians!!

Someone thanked Caprice for being the only "babe" helping with unloading the trees.

Wendy thanked everyone for their support during her campaign.  She missed everyone and is happy to be back.

Chris bragged that one daughter recently got engaged and a second just received a grant for a program to jump-start a business.

Gary fined himself for forgetting to help with the tree stands.  He made up for it by showing up to help at the tree unloading and promised to sign up for TEN tree shifts (or maybe those were Rich's words....)

Jacqueline bragged that she was married since she last saw us and had her first trip to Disney World.  She particularly enjoyed the scary roller coaster.  She also thankd Elias for helping her with her ring.

George commented that if you are considering signing up for a tree shift, you should let that idea take root...

If there were more, I apologize for not remembering them.





Guest Speaker:

Chris Shaddock, former head of a successful real estate project at Okemo, founded umotivateu as a way to help people realize their potential and accomplish their goals, especially concerning their health and well-being.  He has been passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle since emulating Jack Lalanne at the young age of 5, but even moreso when he lost his father to heart disease 20 years ago.  UMOTIVATEU is an East meets West philosophy that you control your life, and you can start by stopping for a breath and calmly listening to your heart about what you want out of life for yourself and your loved ones.  For more information, see

 Kevin led the Four Way TestImage

This Week’s Rotary Chips, November 26, 2012 Christina Keshava 0
Posted by Nancy Burzon



Congressman Peter Welch

Jahnine Spaulding

Charles Bailey and family




We Missed You:  Jeff Chabot, Elias Haj, Gary Ladabouche, Terry Moran, Catherine Nelson, Jacquelyn Rodd, Dick Rohe, Win Thomas, Doug Wilson, Wendy Wilton, Mary Ann Kennedy.


Notices:  None


Brags/Fines:  Not done due to full agenda.




Caprice, we sponsor the Snowball Dance annually.  She is asking people to take some time to attend on Jan. 26.  Caprice and Cale are the regulars.  Dinner is at 7:00.  Let Caprice know if you want to participate.


Chuck, same date is the Mentor Bowling event.  Schedule on Jan. 26 at 2:30.  There should be no conflict with the Snowball Dance.


Tom announced the Chamber mixer at new the new UPS Store at CVS Plaza.  There will be lots of refreshments and lots of stuff to give away.


Rich announced $18,700 net from tree sales. Another $80 came in today from tree sales.  Checks are still coming in.


Brian announced that Wed. at 9:00 AM he will take down the lights, put the stands away.  Ask for volunteers. 


Chuck thanks to Tom and chamber for allowing us to do sales there.


Lou reminded folks to complete the membership survey.  Clubs that are sustaining are changing.  There is a survey so please fill it out.  We want the club to keep growing.


Jason announced the Board meeting on Thursday at 7:30 AM in the usual place.


Hull Maynard, works on Governor’s Council on Veterans Affairs.  He has been involved for last 4 years.  Given our guests today, he wanted to be sure people were  aware of that.


Stephaney shared a Rotary Minute.  She researched the 4-way test.  What year was it developed?  Herbert Taylor, President of Rotary International, wrote it in 1932.


When was Rotary given the right to use 4-way test?  Began using it in 1940.  It is now translated into 100 languages. 


How many words in 4-way test?  24.


It was originally intended as a checklist for ethical behavior and is now a hallmark of Rotary.


Raffle:  502 drawn. Bill won.  $915 in big pot.  George drew for Bill, 7 of Hearts.  The pot is still growing.


Guest Speakers:


Jason Cable introduced Peter Welch, who made a presentation of military awards to Charles Baily, a Vermont man who had lost his original metals in a house fire.  The entire Baily family was on hand for the presentation, made in front of the Rutland City Rotary to a standing ovation.


Joan Watson introduced Jahnine Spaulding from Operation: Military Kids.  Jeannine is an AmeriCorps Vista volunteer serving with the UVM extension.  Any school child that has a loved one in the military can be served and supported by the program.  Vermont has highest number of casualties per capita—not a great statisic. 


She spoke about the changing nature of military.  In Vermont, most are in National Guard.  They live in many towns, interspersed in the communities.  They have many deployments—up to 4 deployments.  In U.S. military, there are typically 365 suicides per year, a 20% rise in last 2 years.  It seems to be primarily due to the multiple deployments, as people don’t have much time to bounce back before they are off again.   It is very tough on families at home.  It is estimated to take about 3-4 years to reintegrate.  We are now right in middle of the reintegration process.  The process goes smoothly for 85%, but the remaining 15% need more supports.  This particularly impacts the kids.


There are many sources of stress.  The program is designed to help kids through the process and become more resilient.  There are 149 school age children of military families (active duty) in Rutland County.  They tend to have anxiety about parent’s safety; loneliness, abandonment.  There can be limitations on afterschool and weekend activities due to transportation.


Military bases have supports, hospitals, etc.  But, Vermont does not have a base that offers programs for military families. 


Jeannine’s role is to educate community members to how they can support better and connect with military members.  She helps kids build their network.  She needs ideas from the community on how to get the information out to kids.


Thank you Jahnine!


Jason asked us to conclude with a moment of silence for Roy Rotella, who recently passed away.



This Week’s Rotary Chips, January 7, 2013 By Nancy Burzon Nancy Burzon 0
Posted by Nancy Burzon



Chelsea Ingram, Miss Vermont, guest speaker

Peter Tobin, Rotary South

Governor candidate, Randy Brock, guest of Hull Maynard


New Member Candidates:

Charlotte Callahan, potential member from Red Clover Inn

Mary Ann Kennedy, potential member from Women’s Shelter


We Missed You:

Kristin Andrade, Paula Baker, Ron Bower, Miche Chamberlain, Bill Drummond, Maria Fish, Jared Galster, Joyce Hottenstein, Kevin Loso, Terry Moran, Stephanie Osgood, Brian Perkins, Mark Price, Dick Rohe, Win Thomas, Doug Wilson, Wendy Wilton,


Raffle:  $33 in small and $711 in large pot.  Andrea won the small but not the big pot.


Brags/Fines:  Krista

·      Christina bragged about seeing all the Rotarians at Halloween Fair and the second for Maureen Principe who says hello to all.

·      Andrea bragged that she is on stay-cation.

·      Tom will co-host live election results for Rutland County; trying to beat Rutland Herald.  Catherine placed a $5 bet that he would not.  He also announced that next weeks mixer is hosted by Andrea Coppola, Lake Sunapee Bank.

·      Nicole bragged for the really big show.  Lots of talent in Rutland.  Record attendance.

·      Caprice enjoyed two days on beach in Florida before Sandy hit.

·      Traci Moore, Really big brag for those who helped with the really big show this year.  Nicole, Catherine, Jason, Rich Carlson, Ron Bower were very involved.  It is a nice fundraiser for United Way.

·      Rich, stretching my dollar bill, like Tom Donahue.  His vote went to Nicole.  She did great job.  Rich also bragged that he is surrounded by two prospective members.

·      Barbara Giancola bragged that she has a wild hen turkey  running around her lake house.  It is becoming domesticated. 

·      Catherine is also bragging about Saturday’s talent show.  Traci Moore so gracious on stage. Also, Catherine had a great time just rubbing Rich’s head on Saturday night.

·      Rich boasting again for Rutland Farmer’s market—huge success.  Beginning of Rutland renaissance.

·      Joan Watson went to Florida for golf tournament with Mom again this year.  She won again this year.  Took quite a hull of stuff—good prizes.  Mom was doing great—one year after surgery.

·      Chris noted that the political scene incredible this year.  He wondered how competitive is the race that Rich is in.  Rich is running for justice of the peace—very competitive race.

·      Brian bragged that he spent Friday and Saturday at the  Vermont Farm Bureau annual meeting.  He is on the Board. Quite exciting organization and he had great time.

·      Steve was also in Florida for a weeklong cruise.  It was the same one that Jim Cantori said he could not believe that the cruise was going due to Hurricane Sandy.  It was rough the first night.  After that it was great.

·      Lainnie bragged that her brother, who had a lung transplant 12 years ago, just celebrated another year. He is now having some issues but we are hopeful. 

·      Nicole, last week Miche Chamberlain had her baby.  He is beautiful.  Nicole has a picture.


Attendance:  Nicole checked make-ups from Oct 15.




Lainnie:  Sandy Storm Relief.  She is now working with other Rotary districts to fill trucks for storm victims in New York and New Jersey, primarily.  First, she needs a location where we can drop items and store them for pick up.  There will be tractor-trailer size trucks picking up around the state.  Looking for similar things as the Cobra list shared at the meeting--especially needed are things to keep people warm, such as coats, blankets, sweat pants and so forth.  (Jason has subsequently circulated the list of needs.  Check your e-mail for more information.)  First truck went to those who lost in the fire.  Working with UPS.  Trying to move faster.


Elias offered space adjacent to his store, Hannoush, on Woodstock Avenue for the purpose.



Rich:  Christmas Tree Sales.  Trees are being unloaded and set up on Saturday, November 24.  Additional details will be forthcoming, but be prepared to sign up at the next meeting. 


Jason:  No meeting on November 12 due to Veterans Day holiday.


Guest Speaker:  Joan Watson introduced our speaker, Miss Vermont, Chelsea Ingram.  Chelsea showed the Miss Vermont crown.  She will compete on January 12 in the Miss America program, which is organized by a not for profit organization.  (Unlike Miss USA—for profit run by Donald Trump.)


Each point in the Vermont crown represents a special value.  Scholarship is the meaning of one the points on the crown.  That is why Chelsea can go to postgraduate school.  She was born in North Carolina and received a Bachelors degree from NC State in meteorology.  She continued her education at Lyndon State College— Lyndon State has wonderful program for her specialty.  However, Jim Cantori is the reason she came to Vermont.  He helped her land a job with Fox 44.  Her interest has grown from an experience with a hurricane in 1996.  Former Miss Vermont encouraged her to compete.  Service, Style and Success are the other points.


Recently received an email from someone in Hinesburg, which complained that viewers are distracted by your accessories.  Your earrings are too big!  Chelsea responded to the viewer that the ones I wore were a gift from Mom for my birthday and I had promised that I would wear them on air.  Chelsea has developed a confidence from Miss America organization to stay true to myself.  Don’t have to bow to others’ needs.


Success—taught me how to be organized, punctual, on and on.  It provided me with an avenue to be successful.


Service—the big point in the crown.  When she was 11, she saw fire trucks out her bedroom door. With tears in her eyes, she saw her dad taken away.  He had a heart attack.  Now she knows that there were many things Dad could have done to prevent that.  He was overweight, did not eat right.  Lacked education about nutrition and heart awareness.  He did not exercise.  Heart disease takes a toll on families, employers, and friends.  He could not participate fully in her youth.  He has taken it into his own hands to get in shape and healthy.  He wants to walk her down the aisle.


Chelsea has learned that you can take control to make your like different.  She personally also lost over 55 lbs. in past 4 years.  She is the motivation for him to keep going.  You can have a great impact on others by the example you set.


She is promoting heart health during her year as Miss Vermont. 


Encourage those who can to participate in the Miss America pageant.  They are doing it to pay for education.


Chelsea sings opera and she sang for us.  Great.  Really.  Great!



This Week’s Rotary Chips: November 05, 2012 Nancy Burzon 0
Posted by Nancy Burzon

This Week’s Rotary Chips, October 22, 2012

By Nancy Burzon




Mary Ann Kennedy, Women’s Shelter

Matt Price


We Missed You:  Not available.


Notices:  Next Monday we will have a club assemble to discuss the Centenial Project.  Please be sure to attend.




Krista bragged that she canned 12 cans of Kale this weekend.


Andrea bragged that her oldest baby is going to be 21; the youngest daughter has a boy friend; this past weekend she was looking for old clothes and  found pants that have not fit me in years; finally, she won a Kindle a the Chaffee.


Bob Miller, spent week knocking down big trees on son’s property.  Everyone survived.  Brought home a tick.


Hull Maynard, second child married a week ago.  Been an item for over 5 years, Hull the 3rd and Margaret. 


George Ambrose, not really bragging, just sharing a story.  Since last week in August, had interesting things happening.  Wife and Skylar had an accident so had a rental car.  George backed into the rental.  Then he backed into his “new truck.”  Looks like a trend.


Krista added a brag for Paula Baker.  She was not planning to attend today due to busy schedule, but she saved the day for the presenter by bringing a power cord.


Catherine bragged about really big talent show.  She loves it –this year they will have 20 acts coming to the Paramount.


Terry, had to go to Ontario last week, his mother fell.  By Saturday they had her on her feet and celebrated her 90 birthday.


Krista took insurance ethics test last week—it was about the Rotary Four-way Test.  She felt very comfortable.


Stephaney Osgood bragged that her 4 mo. old son is now rolling over.


Tom Donahue bragged for Dick Rohe since it was not his wife in the accident.  (Reference to George Ambrose story).


Rich is fining Andrea, very provocative pose on Facebook.  She looked hot.  She will pay that fine!


Bob Miller, for all who missed out on curling last year, there is an open house, Nov. 4 between 3 – 5 PM  at the Georgetti Rink.


Rich, Sat. Nov 3 is grand opening of Vermont Farmers Food Center.  HE also thanked the people who showed up to paint.  As always, we had a lot of fun.


Tom reminded us about the Chamber annual meeting on Wednesday at noon.  He said there were still a few seats.




Jason Cable announced the membership meeting at Brattleboro Retreat this week.


Nicole provided the attendance report and checked on attendance make-up for the Sept. 24 meeting.  No make up for Bill Drummond, Steve Pelletier so they were fined $2.


Raffle:  Mary Ann drew 918.  Dick Rohe won.  Drew 2 hearts.


Guest Speaker:  Our own Tracey Moore spoke, representing the United Way.  Provided funding to 31 organizations this year, donations exceeded the goal.  Tracey is the only paid full time worker, rest are volunteers.  Andrea talked about why she is a volunteer for United Way.  It provides a way for her to give back.  She can’t provide those services, but she can fund raise.  Tracey shared a video of Rutland agencies who provide services to 26,400 people last year.  The goal this year is $565,000.  This year the campaign is dedicated to Pat Wener who was very active with United Way for 25 years.  She passed away in February of this year.



Rotary Chips Report, October 22, 2012 Nancy Burzon 0
Posted by Nancy Burzon



Lucas Bernardo

Matthew Price

Rich Lloyd, President, College St. Joseph


We Missed You: George Ambrose, Ron Bower, Nick Carmoli, Jeff Chabot, Miche Chamberlain, Joyce Hottenstein, Christina Keshava, Lainnie Lacroix, Gary Ladabouche, Hull Maynard, Bob Miller, Stephanie Osgood, Lou Scott, Win Thomas, Doug Wilson, Wendy Wilton.


Notices:  None




 Fines for Tom Donahue for the spray tan—but it was for a worthy cause.  Dancing with the Starts last Saturday.

Nicole was too good to get fined, so Jack Facey paid the fine for her.  Dancing with the Stars was great!

Another dollar for a great show by Caprice.  She also announced that the Parent Child Center has signed an agreement to buy a new building.


Brian bragged that Thursday several Rotarians from our club attended the Foundation Rotary dinner.  Brian said it was a great dinner.  They heard a presentation from Joe Pratt, past district governor, about his summit climb to the peak of Everest.  There were also presentations from the Dominican GSE team.




Andrea for Nancy Burzon and the RRWIB who organized the Sophomore Career Summit held last Thursday at Castleton State College for 385 students from Rutland HS, Otter Valley, West Rutland, Proctor and Poultney High Schools.  Over 60 business representatives participated to share their work experience in 17 career pathways.  It was a great success.  Thanks to our club members Andrea Coppola, Catherine Nelson, George Ambrose and Tom Donahue who did a stellar job in the area of Education and Business and Finance.


Traci Brags for everyone who participated in Dancing with the Stars.  Seventeen is next event sponsored by Peoples United Bank and the Rutland Herald.


Kristin Andreade bragged for her significant other Sam, who was on the protection detail for the Dali Lama.


Terry traveled with the CSC team in Europe—Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  The team did very well and it was a great experience.


Elias shared that his wife left him for a week to visit her Mother.  He thought, “wow this will be fun”.  Truth is he actually misses her.


Last month Paula registered for Medicare.  She is 65 this week.  Happy Birthday Paula


Joe Rodolphy noted that Nick is not here today.  He understands.  He watched Derek Jeter go down. 


Kevin Loso went to Mohican Sun to see Peter Gabriel—favorite performer.


Chris bragged that on Sunday he was in a Catholic church in Wallingford, and then went to the Victorian Inn for lunch.


Steve was also in Connecticut to see a concert with his son and played some golf.


Joe went to first CSC football game on Saturday.


Jason went to Board meeting and saw George Ambrose in a 3-piece suit.






The club is looking for some volunteers who would serve as the Service Committee Chair; Secretary position; and help for Cale.


Jason announced that we would schedule some club assembly time to address the centennial project.  Will be January unless a speaker cancels sooner.


Caprice announced that Lucas would be returning to Brazil.  She has hosted Lucas since he arrived here.  He is an athlete, committed to swimming competitively.  Last Saturday went to CSC to time himself and noted that he is not holding his fitness.  So, he is returning to get back to his training schedule.


Vermont Farmers Food Center needs help painting.  This Wednesday and Thursday will do painting job.  Greg Cox will be there.  Dress warm, and ready for painting.  Needs to be done by Nov. 3.  Take your own brush, hammer and gloves.  It will open on Saturday Nov. 3 along with bike path.  First phase, get Winter Farmers Market in the space.  Will also have 3 tenants.


Andrea went to BROC to meet with those who are coordinating the Irene Relief.  1100 names that they are working with.  If you know a family, contact John Miller and Billy Canfield.


Catherine announced the Chaffee is having 3rd annual fundraiser, which will honor John Casella and his wife.  There will be a silent auction and dinner.  Also, she announced a very successful Art in the Park.


Tom handed an invitation to the Chamber of Commerce annual meeting a week from Wednesday.  Congressman Welch is keynote speaker. 


Jason announced the fall district membership conference on Oct. 27.  The club would sponsor a member who wants to attend.  It will be at the Brattleboro Retreat.


There is a music benefit at Howe Center.  Need volunteers.  For 1 hour.  Oct. 21, late afternoon.




Raffle:  661was drawn.  Caprice had the winning ticket but did not draw the right card.


Guest Speaker: Jack Facey introduced Rich Lloyd.  Rich is the new President of CSJ.  Came from Hastings College at Hastings Neb.  Been here now for 3.5 months  and everyone has been very welcoming to him.  He purchased a home—the Miglorie home.  Worked well for both of them.


Rich shared some observations based on research he conducted before he accepted the position.

IN Vermont, 62% of jobs by 2016 will require post-secondary education.

The Lumina Foundation found that in order for US to be competitive, all states need a 60% college attainment rate.  In Vermont, 64,000 in 2012 had some college but no degree.  How do we re-engage them?  CSJ is striving to reach 21st Century students—reach out to those non-traditional students. How do we provide services to those who need to finish?  For the graduating class of 2011 the average student debt is  $22,900.  Typical college graduate, out-earns high school graduate by $640,000 over a career. In 2011, unemployment rates for those with only a HS degree reached 24%. 


What will you look for in an employee?  Sixty percent said breadth and depth in major area.  Other top skills are oral and written communication, critical thinking, and application; connecting policies and decisions with ethical behavior.  Teamwork and innovation and creativity.


The mission of CSJ is to blend theory and practice.  They work at holistic student development program, community service, leadership.  They want to insure that it is financially accessible.  Currently CSJ has an efficient cost structure. There is low deferred maintenance; the campus offers reflective space.


CSJ offers the Provider Program.  It is targeted to the intellectually curious.  The program requires the students to participate in campus activity each semester. In the 4th yr. they design their own project.  They will work on professional soft skills all four years.  If they do those things, CSJ will increase their financial award each year.  Each year, tuition will go down.  By doing so, they can help control student debt.


Does CSJ have a niche?  People respond positively to graduate programs.  Undergrad program is where they have some trouble with niche.  It might be campus itself.  How do we collaborate with the other institutions?


Thank you Rich!  Welcome to Rutland.


Rotary Chips Report, October 15, 2012 Nancy Burzon 0
Posted by Cale Shipman
Thanks to Andrea Coppola and Jason Cable and of course Ron Bower for organizing another great Rotary event.
Loads of members helped in the execution of this membership awareness event and roasted corn sale.

Thanks also to Tom Donahue for once again spear heading the Winter in August event for the Rutland C of C.
It was literally a standing room only event.
Great Rotary Turn Out for Winter in August Event Cale Shipman 0
District Governor Tony Gilmore visits Club Cale Shipman 0