Rotary Club of Rutland

Nov 27, 2023 12:00 PM
Dave Coppock
Southern Vermont Technical Rescue

Organized by Rescue Inc. (out of Brattleboro, Vermont) Southern Vermont Technical Rescue goes where the problem is. Often that is off-road; sometimes it is in the water, sometimes in the wilderness, and other times it is above the ground. 

We are a volunteer organization comprised of members from different organizations including, Rescue Inc., Putney Fire Department, Newbrook Fire Department, Hinsdale Fire Department and many others. 
Members of the Technical Rescue Team are highly trained (and nationally certified) in Swift-Water, High and Low Angle Rescue, Search and Rescue. 
The Team can also provide Incident and Search Management. 
The team will respond in all weather, any time of the day, and once committed will remain as long as required. 
Members not only have technical expertise but often have many years of personal experience in the environments they respond to. Most Team members, paddle, climb, or hike themselves. 
A Technical Rescue Team will usually include First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics. Emergency Medical Care providers are nationally certified and work within sophisticated protocols specially developed for the challenges of Technical Rescue and the wilderness environment.
The Technical Rescue Team will never be better than the people who make it up. If you feel you have skills or experience we could use we would like to hear from you.