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Past President Dick Rohe had the opportunity to visit the Rotary Club of Antiqua Sundown and speak with Club President Diana V. Browne
about forming a twin club relationship between the two Clubs.
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Rutland Rotary Goes Green for its Centennial Cale Shipman 2017-09-06 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Jun 29, 2017
1) Call to Order and approval of previous board minutes. Colie Made the motion and jeff seconded it. All were in favor.
2)Secretary's Report- No Report
3) Treasurer's Report- For the period 5/11/17-6/8/17, Income was $6,932.69 and expenses were $35,536.08. Balance sheets assets were $93,942.86 and liabilities were $553, leaving a total net worth of $93,389.86. Discussion was had around members who aren't up to date with their dues, but only back by one cycle.
4) Committees
  1. Membership- Father Andrew and Tom Donahue both have prospective new members, Lisa Ryan and Anderson respectively. The board voted to approve Lisa as a new member. Reed made the motion and Colie seconded it. She is on the city board of alderman and works for BROC in the Community Justice Center. More to come on Anderson.
  2. Golf Fundraiser- Chuck said the sponsor signs have all been printed and looks like we are in pretty good shape.
  3. Centennial- Greg Cox and his wife, Gay, will be joining us at The Changing of The Gavel to formally thank the club and accept a ceremonial check. Any pr opportunites we can nab, we will. Many features will be coming in The Herald, The Mountain Times, etc. There will be a grand opening event and our signage will be on the facility.
  4. Foundation- Mark is proposing we do a loose change Shelter Box Fundraiser.
  5. Community Service- The military Family BBQ is upcoming. Details will follow soon.
  6. International/Youth Exchange- We are sponsoring an outbound student to Spain. Her name is Bella Gides
  7. Admin- There will be a panel discussion on June 19th for Rutland Young Pro's and, possibly, another panel again on July 17th.
5) New Business
  1. Changing of The Gavel will be held on June 26th at The Palms. Cocktails start at 5:30 and dinner will be served at 6pm.
6) Requests
  1. Rutland County Headstart Natural Playground- Mark Price reached out to several local non-profits to see how we could help with projects and they were the only group who got back to us with any real substance. They are thinking the project would cost between 3-5,000 dollars and our labor would be needed as well. Chuck will have more info at next board meeting.
7) Welcome the new President/ED, Chuck ROSE! Thank Colie and Jack for their service to the board and the organization.
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Posted by Reed on Jun 05, 2017
Meeting of the Board of Directors
May 11th, 2017
1.) Call to Order/Approval of April BOD minutes- Reed made the motion, Jack 2nd'ed it. All were in Favor.
2.) Secretary's Report- Attendance was around 50% for month. It came up that Tom Donahue has a new member, potentially. His name is Craig Hahn. Also, Father Andrew has one in pipeline named Lisa Ryan.
3.) Treasurer's Report- Total Assets for the period ending 5/11/17 were $122,637.25 and total liabilities around $537+-. Income was $2,451.56 and Total expenses were $2,495.03. Chuck made a motion to approve the report and Colie seconded it. All in favor.
4.) Committee Reports
  • Admin- Mark Price is to update the committee at tonight's meeting on what the RYP panel discussion is gearing up towards.
  • Membership- No report
  • Centennial- Center Street Alley is still wanting $25,000 from our club and they need $50k in total. Jack recommends that we give $25,000 to them. Jack made the motion that we give them $25,000 with the condition we are properly recognized for our contribution with signage on the property. The money would be committed, BUT not released until the project started. Also, the money will not be released until it is matched, thereby ensuring the funding for the project is complete.
  • Foundation - Mark has the idea to do a change bucket to gather money to buy more shelter boxes.
  • International- No report
  • Community Service- Rich walked with the church pastors recently with homeless in the area as the focus. He would like to invite the pastors as guest speakers to see what we could do to help and hear more. In other news, there was no update on Rutland Head Start Playground, RCPCC Wish List, or the project Will had mentioned w/ Russ Marsan (kids planting things on hospital grounds).
  • Fund Raising- Golf Tournament is 6 weeks away. over 600 tickets sold so far. 1500 printed already and another 500 have been ordered. $3,690 have been brought in from ticket sales already! Chuck encouraged all of us to get sponsors and sell tickets.
5.) New Business
  • Formation of PR team to Promote Centennial Project
June 26th will be the changing of the gavel ceremony in the evening at The Palms.
6.) Requests
  • Operation Cookie- Girl Scouts-They send cookies to soldiers. $96 buys a big box of cookies. Chuck made a motion to commit $96 to this and Jack seconded it. All were in favor.
  • Boy Scouts- They were asking for any amount. Ron made a motion to give $100. Jack seconded it. All were in Favor.
  • Boys and Girls Club mass mailing- No motion was made
  • Shelter Box- Change bucket initiative. Mark is wanting to do something similar to what we have done in the past with Polio Challenge. Will talk to Reed re; this.  
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Board Meeting April 2017 Reed 2017-04-17 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed Wilcox on Apr 05, 2017
Rotary Club of Rutland
Meeting of The Board of Directors
RRCC Conference Room
March 9th, 2017
1.  Call to Order/Approval of the minutes from February. This motion was made by Colie and seconded by Mike. All were in favor.
2.  Secretary's Report: Attendance averaged around 53% for the month of February. The District Assembly is coming up on April 1st and Reed plans on going along with Will, Chuck, and Steve White. Some one needs to go to a grant session for our club to be eligible to receive district grants. Reed agreed to go. The club sets aside $2,500 budget each year for Rotary Functions like training, PETS, etc. Reed and Will will be getting together to facilitate hand off of secretary duties and roles.
3.  Treasurer's Report: Total assets=$123,620.71, Liabilities=$897.73 for a total net worth of $122,722.98. Income for the period was $809.73 and expenses were $6,096.35. Mike made a motion to approve the report as given. Colie seconded it, all were in favor.
4.  Budget as of February 2017 was passed around.
5.  Committee Reports
  1. Administration-going to bring REDC and RYP together to find a synergy project.
  2. Membership-Sandy Coolidge from HFCU is a prospective member. Ron will try and reach out to her: Tina Bizzell-Mike made a motion to approve her as a new member. Reed seconded it. All in favor. Her induction will be Mar. 27th.:  Karen Bartlett and Dom Serion resigning as of June 30th. : Mike was contacted by a new person to the area from Kentucky who is interested in joining our club.
  3. Centennial-Haven't had a meeting in a while, but Zamias set aside $ as did Omya and VT Country Store to put up a cover for the rail car. Mike is concerned that Greg Coxx hasn't started the project, even though money has been on the table. The train cover could happen without us.
  4. Foundation- No report
  5. International/Youth-No report
  6. PR-Mark is looking for a partnership of the sweat equity variety with some local organizations. He has reached out to several to find out if the could use some help on a project.
  7. Community Service- Rotary park clean up coming down pike and Mark's PR sweat equity project in pipe-line.
  8. Fund Raising/Golf-Chuck will have the raffle tickets at the next meeting to begin sales. We will have a booth at The Rutland Region Chamber Business Show.
6. New Business
  1. Ad for District Conference-We put an ad in previously to offset conference costs. This year we voted to put a $75 ad in. All were in favor.
  2. Sergeant-At-Arms/Full Time, Part Time, board member-Sergeant is a board member, per our by-laws. Mike is going to fill this in until the end of the year. If we want to change our by-laws to allow for a non-board member to be the Sergeant, we can. Mike suggested having a duo arrangement.
  3. Projector-Bob found an adaptor for the projector, but it will only work with Macs.
  4. Mark will bring in Rotary mugs for speakers
7. Requests
  1. Rutland Free Library-Sponor the Hole in One golf tournament. Mike made a motion for $500, Ron seconded it. All in favor.
  2. RRWIB-Mike made a motion to give them $250, Ron seconded it. All in favor.
  3. United Way-Rich made a motion to give $2,000, Mike seconded it. All were in favor.
  4. RISE-no motion made
  5. CSJ-no motion made
8. Old Business
  1. District Designated Grants: They have added $1,000 to our Santa Raffle Beneficiaries in the past, but we need to have a member of our club attend a grant session at the District Assembly to be eligible to receive future District Grants. Reed agreed to go. Also, the question was raised, did we do the final grant reporting for the Santa Raffle? Reed agreed to look into this.
Board Minutes, March 9th, 2017 Reed Wilcox 2017-04-05 04:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Jan 08, 2017
Call to order and approval of minutes from November-Motion made by Reed and seconded by Jack. All in Favor.
Secretary's Report: Attendance has been right around 54%. Charlene Seward became a member on 10-13-16 and is to be added to Club Runner. Also, discussed getting in touch with some in-active members to see what their membership intentions are (Freddie Cannon, Joel Perry, etc.). Jeff Chabot has resigned and needs to be deleted, as has Steve Costello. Bill Drummond was voted to be an honorary member and re-designated as such in Club Runner.
Treasurer's Report: Several members haven't paid and quite a few corporate members haven't paid. Tree sales are down by about 70-80 trees when compared to our sales last year. Rich made a motion to approve the report and Jeff seconded it.
Committee Reports:
   Centennial: VFFC meeting occurred and it was much better info this time than the last go around. Jack has also been approached by a group looking to revitalize and develop the Center Street Marketplace. They are looking for $100,000 to get ball rolling. This group would be willing to call park "Centennial Park".
   Administration: No Report
   Community Service: No Report
   International: No Report
   Fund Raising: so far, $1,215 in Santa Raffle sales. Due to a negative Facebook post by a tree customer about their experience with our trees, the Board agreed to extend and publicize a 100% satisfaction    guarantee. Also, a motion was made by Mark to do Facebook boosted posts to help promote our trees. The limit was to be less than $50 and it was seconded by Jack. All in favor.
  Foundation: So far, $2,000 have been collected for Polio plus. Reed also been trying to collect Corporate member's Foundation donations of $200 (at least) and hasn't had success. Sent emails to Tracie for RRMC and also one off to Steve Costello who re-directed him to Bonnie O'Rourke. Awaiting responses.
 Membership: Steve Costello removed as member, per his own resignation for inactivity and Bill Drummond moved to honorary status. New applicant, Ed Bove, was voted on and approved as a member. The motion was made by Chuck and seconded by Mike. All were in favor. A potential new member, Tina Tarrez Buzzell, who works for Comcast Business was mentioned, but can't be voted on until she has come to at least one more meeting. She has only come to one thus far.
   New Business and $ Requests:
         VAC is asking for $, but it was tabled for further meetings and discussion. BROC is asking for money, but we are going to ask if there is any project in Rutland that we can help with specifically and a dollar amount.
         Turning Point also made an ask, but will be asked to speak at a meeting so we can learn more.
   Old Business:
         Mock Interview, but no discussion on this item.
December Board of Directors Meeting, 2016 Reed 2017-01-09 00:00:00Z 0
Guests and Speakers:
Kristen Jackson-student from VT Tech working w/ Nicole Moran
Jeff Mobus-visiting Rotarian from Springfield, VT club and assist. DG
Charlene Seward-CPA and Partner and Valente and Seward
Karen Giancola-Speaker from Community Cupboard
Jeremy fined Mike Coppinger because he saw him get pulled over for a cell phone while driving ticket. Jeremy also bragged about going to his brother's wedding in New York recently.
Tom bragged for the BROC annual meeting at The Holiday Inn Ballroom. Leahy keynote speaker. Also bragged for Rutland County Women's Network and Shelter's Walk a Mile Fundraiser over weekend.
Rich bragged for the 30th anniversary of Neighborworks of Western Vermont and specifically for Ron Bower's 25 years of service to the organization!
Colie went to the Red Sox game yesterday and had an amazing day.
Jeff introduced himself to our club (Mobus).
Lou bragged about getting people engaged and involved in Rotary. He urged us to transform our thought process and don't be afraid to share ideas.
Chuck bragged for his son, Aaron, who got married in Boston over the weekend.
Kevin went to NYC to see step son and went to not one, but two Tedesky Trucks Band shows.
Gwen bragged for the VT business Magazine Rising star winners from our club; Karen and Reed.
Krista thanked those of us who brought canned good and egg cartons to the meeting. She said that she and Chad are building a tiny house. Also, she encouraged all of us to take walks around Rutland...there are lots of little nooks and crannies with cool stuff!
Polio fundraiser kicks off today! Goal is to raise $2,650 from our members which will be matched by the club then double by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (Ie. if we raise 2, will turn into over 15,000!)
The parade float is getting painted at 11 o'clock on Saturday. The parade is taking place on October 29th and we need as many characters with costumes as possible. See Steph for details.
Bob Amelang was pleased to announce that we will have an outbound student next year.
Brian is now the point person on Xmas trees and that he has some ideas of how to retrofit the tree racks to make them collapsible and would need some help to get it done. The trees are arriving the Saturday after Thanksgiving and we will need all the help we can get.
Next Thursday, the 13th, we will be renting out the bocce courts at The Italian American club. Cost is $10 a person. We need good attendance as it is $300 to rent out.
Rotary Expo is coming up on November 17th. It is $25 a head and $30 after November 1st.
Nick had dinner with a former exchange student from 1990. She lives in Argentina .
Peter announced a 5k in Granville to benefit the Haines House of Hope, which brings in end of life patients free of charge to feed, clothe, shelter them etc.
We did receive a $1,000 District Grant for our Santa Raffle again!
Cale won the little pot
Karen introduced our speaker, Kelly Giancola. She is the director of The Community Cupboard. She likes speaking to our club because we are a fun and supportive group. Toward the end of the month, the cupboard sees the most amount of traffic. The reason being; people run out of other monies and assistance programs. Folks can only come to the cupboard 6x a year, therefore making it a truly emergency food shelf. They have 65 volunteers who put in on average 250+ hours a month in total. Panera donates bread to them, Aldi's donates meats, etc. 500 families are directly helped each month through their efforts. Last year, 263,000 items were distributed! They even allow gardeners/farmers to donate extra veggies and crops. Elias and Will are going to be celebrity waiters at Southside Steakhouse soon in a fundraiser that directly benefits the Cupboard. All are attended to come. They do not receive any federal or state funding. They do, however, get a few state grants from the Vermont Food bank. Almost 100% of their funding is through local individuals and businesses. They are a 501c3 and completely separate from any other entities or organizations. They tend to run lowest on food at the beginning of Summer, since kids are home and need 3 meals a day.
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Posted by Reed on Sep 25, 2016
Charlene Seward
Speaker was Fred Carvin of the Glens Falls Rotary Club
Cale fined all RYP Fashion Show models (Will, Karen, and Reed)
Chris bragged for the life of Marianne Kennedy, who passed away recently. He encouraged us to send condolences if we knew her family.
Colie bragged about the record attendance RYP had at their last mixer, The Fashion Show!
Mike bragged about the great RYP attendance and attributed it directly to his DJ'ing skills. He also bragged for soccer team who had a win. He recently competed in a benefit game for Vermont Youth Soccer and played 3 on 3...he isn't 25 anymore he said.
Charlene bragged for her son who scored 2 goals in the last few minutes of a tied game to help seal the win. One of them was a header!
Jeff W bragged for the Patriots win, since Tom wasn't there to do so. Also, bragged for the Red Sox with 11 wins in a row!
Krista went to Spectacled Island in Boston Harbor for some un-god known reason. Also, she gave her field hockey jersey to a 10 year old girl who is a soccer player trying to convince her to become a field hockey player instead.
Briand bragged for the life of Arnold Palmer.
Lou bragged about his participation in the Shelburne Farms Makers Faire. He also talked about how GMP is trying to buy 20 existing dams in Vermont, but they are currently owned by an Italian holding company, which was strange.
Kevin recently went to Texas and New Mexico and saw many National Parks and Monuments. Guadalupe Mountains, Carlsbad Caverns, White Sands, etc. He has seen 176 out of 413 so far.
Bob Amelang bragged about the 16 miles he hiked on the long trail recently around Jay Peak.
Win went to Utah recently to see a friend who lives there. Really impressed with the town, the trails, etc. On way back, he spent a few days in Cincinnati w/ his son and daughter in law, plus grandkids.
Terry bragged that he was feeling better after having a hip replace recently and that he wanted to thank all of those who checked in on him.
Caprice mentioned the Shriners are partnering with the Rutland County Parent Child Center for a Vegas night of gambling. The theme will be Gatsby.
Jeff Guevin reminded everyone who is able to be at Mark's house on Saturday from 10-2 to build the float.
Reed reminded everyone to buy their Rotary Expo Tickets for the event that is happening at Southside Steakhouse on November 17th. They are $25 a piece.
President Krista's announcements:
Walk a Mile is this Saturday and she encouraged everyone to come.

Rich won the little pot, but not the bigg'en.
Fred Carvin is a long time Rotarian and past president, even a district governor! He is now retired from the financial services/accounting business and has written several pieces on Rotary history. Recently, he completed a biography on Paul Harris. He said that he found our club to be very enthusiastic and engaging. Hardly any clubs sing in the United States, but was shocked that we still do. He asked us if anyone of us knew why we sing. He then went on to say that Harry Ruggles, who was the 5th Rotarian ever believed that singing broke down barriers and encouraged it. In Europe, singing is still common. The actual start date of Rotary is arbitrary because years after it was actually started, Rotary officially passed a random date, but had no proof that was the date. At the turn of the century, clubs and organizations were very common, but what Paul Harris envisioned was very different from others; promotion of your business. First and foremost, Rotary was established to promote member's businesses and make sure others were treating their customers with great service: service above self is actually more in relation to a business relationship! The first Rotarians weren't tycoons of industry, but rather modest businessmen looking to grow their operations and levels of success. To be a Rotarian, you had to have a classification ie. lawyer, accountant, etc. and there could only be one member in that classification. At the end of each year, you had to reapply for your classification! That was quickly done away with for obvious reasons. Paul didn't just want it to be about business, but also fun and fellowship. Early Rotary club meetings included drinking, pranks, and fun. In fact, one municipality banned Rotary from coming back to their town after the Rotarians were to rowdy on a weekend retreat! Paul Harris was a bankruptcy attorney and asset repossessor by trade. As a child, he ran amuck and had little supervision. He was expelled from at least 2-3 schools, including UVM. Legend has it, he rolled a cannon ball down the hill at UVM and it hit a cow breaking it's leg. He was very outgoing and could make friends anywhere he went. Fred vehemently rejected the idea that Paul started Rotary because he was lonely. Fred said that "Paul was the kind of guy who could go into a bar of strangers and have 10 friends by the time he left." Eventually Paul received a law degree from Iowa and went on to Chicago from there and the rest is history.
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Posted by Reed on Sep 20, 2016
Charlene Seward, Guest of Reed Wilcox
Speaker: Mike Kalil
Cale bragged for all the previous Sergeant of Arms, as he is finding it a tough job and hard to find lots of fineable material. He had to reach far to find any fines. He then proceeded to fine Betsy Bloomer as wife of Matt Bloomer, who was in the paper...definitely a reach haha.
Jeff bragged for his son because he recently got a call from Leonardo Dicaprio thanking him for his great work under a tight deadline on a movie Leo is working on! Pretty cool stuff.
Tom reminded everyone that they are welcome to the Broc annual meeting, keynote speaker is Patrick Leahy and there will be a 20 piece jazz-ensemble from Rutland High.
Krista bragged that everyone should be wearing their Rotary lapel pins, as she was recently reminded by our DG. He said that when you go in a hospital, most of the doctors are Rotarians and if you are single, could be a great dating tool!
Nick bragged for us for not harassing him about how bad his Yankees got beat up by Boston.
Steve bragged for his 6 year old grandson who is a heck-of-a football player AND he recently bought a 350z for himself to feel young again, per Joan Watson's advice!
Colie bragged about the grand re-opening of Rotary Park and that Will was there to represent our club!
Will reminded Colie that Cindy Wight said they could rename the park Gormly Park.
Charlene bragged for her 14 year old son who completed the Spartan race and carried huge logs/5 gallon buckets of gravel up and down the mountains. He will be doing it again next year!
Joan finally heard laughter and happy voices from Rotary field for the first time in a LONG time.
Barb bragged about Steve Costello's pop-up exhibit that is happening from Thursday through Saturday at The Chaffee.
Nicole is looking for any volunteers for The Really Big Show and encouraged everyone to spread the word to all we know so those with a talent come showcase it.

Nicole briefed us on her father-in-law, Terry. He had his hip replaced and is being a "non-compliant patient at home"!
Lyle said that the Castleton students are now downtown and this is only the beginning of the University's movement toward downtown.
October 15th is the Rotary Leadership Institute. Stephanie and Krista are going, please join them and carpool!
Reed is no longer taking CHIPS, effective ASAP. Someone please step-up.
Ron updated us on our financials:
108k net worth. $3,1xx in operating account and $94,xxx in Long-Term account. Only about $768 in known liabilities. 
Mike Kalil is the only Syrian that lives in Rutland and has been here for over 16 years. He is a very successful real estate broker and good friend of Joan Watson. He came to the States in 1980 from Aleppo, Syria and studied at Northeastern at the age of 18. His family was upper middle class in Syria, but the ones who have remained and fled have lost everything. Currently his family is scattered all throughout the world, due to the crisis and war. He thinks that the people that would be coming here to Rutland would be well-educated, probably very happy just to be out of harms way. He met a refugee family from Syria recently and they were just elated to be free from danger and in the United States. When he was growing up in Syria, he said no one made a big deal about what religion people were. Syria has Muslims, Jews, Christians, Druids, etc. No one looked at you and classified you by religion. He feels that what has happened is a political and power struggle being masked by a façade of religion. He said that any refugee that comes here will NOT be on welfare. They have pride, are hardworking, and won't give up. They do not do drugs and very little alcohol. He encouraged us to learn as much as possible about them from a cultural standpoint.
Chips Monday, September 19th, 2016 Reed 2016-09-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Sep 13, 2016
Guests and Speakers:
Charlene Seward, guest of Reed Wilcox. Charlene is a CPA and partner of Valente & Seward on Grove street in Rutland.
Korinne Rodrigue, guest of Rich Carlson. Korinne is the recipient of our club's vocational award in 2013? and the co-founder or project vision.
Speakers were members of our club, Stephanie Osgood, Jeff Guevin, and Krista Scarborough briefing us on the Halloween Float work and also Reed Wilcox on the Foundation
Cale fined Joan for using cute children in her real-estate ad's because it is almost unfair how cute they are.
Cale bragged for the Rutland South Club's annual raffle and how many of our members he saw there. He was thanked by someone random at the raffle for being a Rotarian. That person's child was given a $1,000 scholarship for college from the south club. Cale is intrigued by how that works and would love to find out more since the south club gives over $12,000 a year for scholarships.
Joan bragged/fined her family member who she saw recently at her mother's 90th birthday. He recently sold a piece of property and she fined him and paid his fine in our club.
Tom bragged for the Patriot's victory on Sunday. Also, he bragged for the successful Alzheimer's Walk on Saturday. They brought in $37,000 so far and are close to the goal of $40,000.
Caprice is the chairperson? of the Juvenile Justice Center and will be spending part of her time in Washington, DC and the other part of the time here. Congratulations!
Mike went to lake Bomo over the weekend for a dock dog jump contest with his pooch. His dog jumped 15.5 feet!
Dan is moving to Austin, TX for a job and wished everyone a goodbye and apologized for not getting to meet everyone before being forced to say goodbye.
Jeff Guevin bragged about getting to leave work early today to go watch the Red Sox in Boston.
Cale bragged for a quarterback from his alma-mater, North Dakota, who is now the starter for The Philadelphia Eagles.
Joan has an associate coming to speak to us soon. He is from Syria and will answer questions about the situation and his experience. you won't want to miss this one. He doesn't want to have a prepared speech, but would like us to have questions ready to go.
Andrew joined Kula Cooperative for Yoga a while back and has really grown to like the place, but they lost their executive director recently and they have taken several of the yoga instructors. They are in danger of falling apart if they can't get some strategic direction and help. He encouraged anyone who may be able to help to do so.
Colie proudly announced that Rotary Field will officially host it's first game/opening on Saturday. Please come for the ceremony.
$32 in little pot, Cale won the little, but drew the king of hearts on the big one...better luck next time!
Parade Update:
The theme this year is the Island of Misfit Toys. We are building a big castle, big and crazy misfit Christmas tree and a Charlie n The Box. Our fearless leaders on the parade initiative are Steph, Krista, Cale, and Gwen.
Chris Keyser is donating the lumber and Matt Parker is donating the paint. Mark price has agreed to let us build at his barn.

Important Parade dates:
Saturday, Oct 1st is the pre-build to do the heavy assembling.
Saturday Oct 8th is the decorating and final touch

We need nails, screws, paints rollers and brushes, etc.
Foundation Update:
This is the 100th anniversary of the Rotary Foundation. Back in 1917, the Foundation was started with $26.50 left over in The Kansas City Rotary Club's budget. In honor of that $26.50 seed money, our challenge is for ALL of us in our club to give AT LEAST $26.50 to the Foundation. Also, Starting October 1st-February, We are running another Polio Plus Fundraiser in our club. I will once again spear-head it. The board voted to match the contributions we provide, dollar for dollar, up to $2,650! The Gates Foundation will then triple it! That means if we all donate a total of $2,650, it will turn into almost $16,000! Joan got us started with the first contribution (THANKS JOAN!!!). If everyone gives $45, we will hit our goal. That comes out to about $3 a week between now and then.
Chips September 12th, 2016 Reed 2016-09-14 00:00:00Z 0
Guests and Speaker:
Charlene Seward, Guest of Reed
Speakers were Rutland Young Professionals from our club! (Gwen, Will, and Colie)
Fines and Brags:
Bob Amelang bragged for Jeff Wennberg's article in the paper
Mike Fined himself for being in the paper regarding his job as assistant head coach for Rutland High girls soccer
Will bragged for being the president of Rutland County Parent/Child Center and then fined himself for not being present last week when RCPCC were our speakers
Colie bragged for the 27 holes of golf she played on Friday. Won tournament by 1 stroke!
Tom fined himself because his 2 granddaughters were in the paper last week.
Jeff Guevein ran into Bill Drummond and is paying his fine for him not coming to meetings.
Jeremy Carroll went to a benefit for a friend recently and they were able to raise over $5,000 for his family.
Nick gave us his Red Sox Raffle Ticket Game Report- The weather was 79 and sunny. Right behind home plate, 5th row. Great game
Lou shared why he gets up everyday. Rotary international is telling us to do things to change for the new world we live in. He suggested that we change the future through engagement of our club's members. Try to fulfill their expectations so when he gets up in the morning, he knows he is doing his part to make the club vital and fun.
Tom Said that BROC is going to have their annual meeting October 11th at noon. Pat Leahy is the speaker and all are invited.
Next Monday is labor day and no Rotary meeting. Board meeting is at the chamber on Thursday. Rotary leadership conference is coming up. It's a one day event and Stephanie is going and asked that if others would like to join her and carpool to please reach out.
Andrew Carlson won the little pot
Colie, Gwen, and Will from Rutland Young Professionals (AND fellow Rotarians!)
RYP is an all-volunteer organization whose mission is to engage w/ the community and build a Rutland that attracts and retains talented young professionals. They offer monthly meet-ups, mixes, and activities. Membership is $25 a year. You don't have to be young to be a part of RYP typically the ages are 18-45 years old, but RYP has many older community members and mentors. RYP has been doing the monthly mixes for over 3 years and they are free and open to the public. They are a 501(c)3. The mixes typically have a guest speaker, entertainment, food, etc. Some recent examples include tequila tasting at Lake Bomoseen, Comedy night, Fashion show, Dancing, and corn mazes. Their monthly mixes are booked out a year! They average 50-60 people at each mix. The next one is coming up on September 22nd at Southside Steakhouse and will be the fashion show to promote Walk a Mile in Her Shoes. The State-wide Young Professionals Summit is coming up on October 15th at The Paramount. There were over 125 people there for last year's summit and featured many elected officials and keynote speakers. This year, the keynote speaker will be from Huffington Post and the event will be moderated by Garrett Graff, formerly of Politico. They are trying to get 200 attendees. Will thanked all of RYP's corporate sponsors for their generosity and support.
New Story September 12 2016 2016-09-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Aug 31, 2016
1) Call To order at 12:15pm on October 13th, 2016 at RRCC. In attendance were Krista, Stephanie, Colie, Rich, Mark, Mike, Chuck, Jack, Jeff Guevin, Lou Scott, and Reed Wilcox.
Mark made a motion to approve the prior board meeting minutes. Colie seconded the motion. All in favor.
2) Secretary's Report:-roughly 50% attendance during month of September. Charlene is an approved new member and will need to be added to club runner.
3) Treasurer's Report:-for the period 09/08/16 to 10/13/16, our income was $967.10, total expenses were $1783.23. Our balance sheet assets were $108,049.52 and total liabilities are +/- $2853.50. Ron was in Montreal, but sent word that he was expecting a $2,000 ask from The United Way soon. Jeff made a motion to approve the report, and Mike seconded it. All were in favor.
4) Committee Reports
a) Vocational- No report
b) Centennial- Jack shared the latest from the committee and it appears that the only ideas floating around still are the White's Pool, The Farmer's Food Center, and something still at Rotary Park. Reed shared the idea of breaking off 25k of the centennial money for our club's first ever global grant. Last week, Jack and the committee had a meeting with folks from the Farmer's Food Center and it was supposed to include their accountant for clarity on the financials and the accountant did not make it. Not much info was gleaned from the meeting. They are hoping for another meeting, but not very hopeful at this time.
   c) Admin- The admin committee met 2 weeks ago and tried to identify possible new board members and also to try and find a replacement for Reed on Chips.
   d) Community Service-
       1) Rutland Meals Challenge- this is the only service project we have on the radar right now.
   e) International- Bob brought to the board's attention that we had pledged to offer financial support in the form of a stipend for the exchange student that they are hosting via Wallingford Club. The Board voted on paying up on this promise. We were 5 months in arrears and we voted to pay all 5 months now. The motion was made by Jack, Jeff seconded it and all were in favor.
f) Fundraising-
        1) Santa Tickets- They will be distributed for sale by Rotarians on or about 11/14/16. Krista is trying to get Nancy involved in this as she is an amazing fundraiser.
        2) Trees- They have been ordered and we are raising prices to $35, $45, and $55. The motion was made by Mark and Krista seconded it. All were in favor
g) Foundation- Reed is going to look into the corporate members (ie GMP, RRMC, etc) to try and get this years foundation donation. Also, Reed agreed to ask Cale if he could lead the charge on         building a slideshow presentation for the Foundation Expo on November 17th. Reed shared that we are on track with the Polio Fundraiser thus far.
i) Public Relations- No updates
5. New Business / $ Requests:- Good Shepard Lutheran Church is asking for a donation with a minimum amount being $100. With the $100, they can produce 400 meals. Mark made the motion and Mike Seconded it. All were in favor.
Another ask we received was for a young girl who came and dance with Ana a few months back. In her letter, she stated that her family is having a difficult time paying for her lessons. The board decided to abstain from funding her via the club dollars, but several members generously agreed to fund her lessons! Makes you proud to be a Rotarian!
6. Old Business- None to discuss
Board meeting October 13th, 2016 Reed 2016-09-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Aug 31, 2016
1) Call To order at 12:15pm on August 11th, 2016.
Mike made a motion to approve the prior board meeting minutes. Chuck seconded the motion. All in favor.
2) Secretary's Report:-roughly 50% attendance during month of July. Bernadette from Ravnah is a potential new member. Mark made motion to approve the report. Colie seconded it. All in favor
3) Treasurer's Report:-for the period 7/14/16-8/11/16, our income was $3,083.20, total expenses were $5,662.52. Our balance sheet assets were $109,291.58 and total liabilities are +/- $600.52. Mike agreed to reach out to past due members and see what deal is. Chuck made a motion to approve the report. Mike seconded it. All in favor
4) Committee Reports
   a) Vocational- Krista still has to get w/ Lyle Jepson on this. more to come.
   b) Centennial- There will be a meeting next Thursday, 5:15 at Jack's office.
   c) Admin- Spoke to Kevin, He'll be sending out future dates to meet
   d) Community Service- No upcoming events- No big projects until parade, but Mike said possibly a beautification project.
   e) International- No updates
   f) Fundraising- Spoke to Jeff Wennberg about other ideas (Middlebury Rotary puts up flags at local businesses and homes during holidays and charges $50 a year for service, Trees are all on course, deposit paid, Nancy Greenwood will be in charge of Santa Raffle this year, Mark and Krista are going to try and get the district to give us a grant again on the Santa Raffle for $1,000.)
   g) Foundation- Reed wants to do a polio fundraiser again. Board discussed and eventually voted on club giving a dollar for dollar match on whatever amount the club is able to raise from members, community, etc UP TO $2,650 (in honor of the 26.50 contribution that was made to get the Foundation started). The fundraising push will run from October 1st-February 1st
   h) Mike is trying to get Bernadette in from Ravnah as Joel Perry no longer there. Dick reached out to Mike re: Jaquelyn Eddy who may be a potential member. She is at Rutland Mental Health. Mike to reach out to her
   i) Public Relations- Krista got ahold of Christina Kumka regarding the video project and she told Krista to reach out to her again in September.
5. New Business / $ Requests:- National Boy Scout Jamboree Tuition Request. Elijah, a 16 y/o local boy in area reached out and asked for our help to go to the jamboree in West Virginia, which costs over $2,000. He was also looking for help with Summer Camp costs. A motion was made by Ron to pay his summer camp tuition, which was $339, contingent upon him helping with trees or something with the club. Mike seconded this. All in favor.
6. Old Business
    a) services rendered request is being closed out. b) we got something from CSJ saying they may want help from us in the future, but nothing definitive.
Board meeting minutes Aug 11th, 2016 Reed 2016-09-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Aug 28, 2016
Guests and Speaker:
No guests today.
Speaker was Kyayn Page, Board member of The Rutland County Parent Child Center
Mike fined me for my article in the paper
I bragged about my camping trip to Jamaica State Park.
Krista bragged about the Ravnah Golf Tournament.
Jeff Guevin bragged about his 2 week vacation. Went to Quebec City and got to spend time with his parents.
Chris said that he tried to donate stuff for the Syrian Refugees that are coming, but the church he brought the things to had so much stuff already donated that they had to turn it away. He bragged for the generosity of the community.
Steve bragged for his 39th wedding anniversary!
Terry said that Joe caught him off guard last week when he asked him about what's going on with Castleton's coaching staff. Terry said that the current coach left for a D1 school. The problem Castleton has is keeping good talent, not getting them!
Nick bragged for his family reunion over the weekend and promised a Red Sox Raffle Ticket game report next week.
Joe was on the dam at Chittenden over the weekend and caught a nice bass. He bragged for his daughter who is starting her first year as a teacher at West Rutland Elementary.
Caprice bragged that today is her 7th anniversary with The Parent Child Center
Bob Amelang said that we currently have 13 exchange students in our district!
Krista told everyone that the Halloween parade planning is in the works. Any help/input greatly appreciated.
Krista also said that the club bought a bike for a young boy through the Fair and we got a certificate for participating in Winter in August.
$40 in little pot, over $1,400 in the bigg'en. Our guest speaker won BOTH! The look on her face was priceless! If you had heard her presentation, you would agree that she deserved to win.
Caprice introduced Kyayn. She has seen her grow so much over the years and really believes in the work that the Parent Child Center does. They change lives and Kyayn is a great example of that. Currently, the Parent Child Center is looking to build a new facility and expand. They are only $100,000 short of their total $1.7 million goal. Kyayn came to the center in 2013 as a single mom in a bad place. She had a nasty attitude and the center changed her life. They helped her grow and become a better person and mother. She didn't have a high school degree at that time. Her daughter was diagnosed with a muscular disorder in 2013 and the center arranged help and therapy for her. They helped her get into housing through the housing trust. When Kyayn graduated from the learning together program in February of 2015, it was the fondest memory of her life other than the birth of her daughter. She earned her High School diploma and is now almost finished with her associates degree. She has plans of pursuing her bachelors and would like to work fulltime at the Parent Child Center. She said, "regardless of how nasty and mean I got, the folks at the Parent Child Center stayed by my side. They take broken, down trodden people and build them up and patch them back together to make them a success." It is a home for people who have nowhere else to turn. Currently, the Center employs 39 people full-time.
Chips August 22nd, 2016 Reed 2016-08-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Aug 15, 2016
Thad Omand, guest of Dan Sgalia
Kathy Ross and Lea Fulliger, of Dismas House
Rich bragged for the VT Farmer's Food Center fundraiser he went to recently
Mike bragged about the experience he had shopping for insurance with Chuck for his soccer program. Chuck took great care of him and even saved him some money!
Joe fined Terry for not letting us know that Castleton has been looking for a new Hockey coach.
Jeff Wennberg bragged for his water treatment guys. Every 3 years, the Fed requires them to test the water for lead and out of the 30 some odd taps tested, 28 had no levels of lead and 2 or 3 only had 1 or 2 parts per million. The federal limit for safety is 15 ppm!
Krista bragged for her camping over weekend.
Colie let everyone know about The Rutland Young Professional Mixer happening at The Palms at Prospect Bay on Wednesday night (the 17th of August) at 6:00 PM. The entertainment will be a tequila tasting hosted by Jim Sabotaso.
Lou said that out of the 14 anti-depressant drugs on the market in the US today, all but one was proven in a double blind study to be no more effective than a placebo!
Krista provided us with an update from the board:
We are sponsoring a boy scout's summer camp cost.

$17 in little pot, almost $1400 in big one. Joe won little, but not the big one.
Kathy is the president of Dismas House of Vermont and also chairs the Jubilee Justice project at Grace Congregational Church. She and her husband live on a hobby farm in Wallingford. Lea is a volunteer who is temporarily in the states, but originally from Zurich, Switzerland. Dismas began in the Vanderbilt era as a program to help convicts become rehabilitated, successful citizens in society. Today, they work closely with The Department of Corrections. Dismas has been in Vermont for 30 years and the house in Rutland is going on its 26th. She is inspired by the dedication of her employees in the work that they do. One adversity they have faced recently is having to reduce their number of housing spaces available for released folks. Dismas is a family mindset. They are required to be at dinner every night at 6pm. They cannot be late. Monday-Friday, volunteers cook food for the residents and either eat w/ them or drop it off. Before the eat, they all share things they are grateful for. Often times, the most encouraging thing that happens to these folks is getting a job. Her hope is that we can all work to not stigmatize and label ex prisoners. They have served their time and paid their debt to society. Allow them another chance. If you or anyone you know could possibly have employment opportunities, reach out to her and let her know.
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Posted by Reed on Aug 07, 2016
Trisha Coates of The Vermont State Colleges Board

Jeb Spaulding, Chancellor of VT State Colleges
Lou said he is fining himself for calling Maria, "Marie", for 15 years and not realizing her name was Maria. He then complimented all Rotarians who helped at the military bbq over the weekend and especially highlighted Will and Stephanie for their outstanding contributions.
Tom Fine Lou for appearing in a recent publication
Cale bragged about the Perseid meteor shower that will happen on Thursday, but also invited everyone to Castleton on Tuesday Night for a lesson at their observatory.
Bob went to Rotary Youth Exchange training in Wallingford over the weekend and had high praises to return to Caprice from others who were there
Joe bragged about his daughter who will be landing in Boston shortly from a 7 week trip in Europe and that she has gotten a job teaching 5th grade in West Rutland!
Chuck bragged for his wife and daughter who both ran a half marathon over the weekend!
Terry went to a reunion in Ontario from the village he is originally from. Instead of a class reunion, the town welcomes back anyone who came from there originally. Said that over 40 Morans were in attendance!
Nick is having a family reunion and expecting over 50 Carmolis. He will be going to Red Sox game with his son's this weekend thanks to the Rotary raffle tix!
Mike had last Friday off for the first time in a while, but really happy with the success of the Friday Night Live events. Sawyer Fredricks had 2,000 people out and about! He reminded everyone of the Downtown Movies playing at The Paramount. Cool Running's is screening tomorrow at 7pm, Free admission.
Barb bragged for Art In The Park and said it was a success. Also bragged for Will, who won the raffle at Art in Park for a round of golf for 4 at RCC. Encouraged others to buy raffle tickets for this event because it is easy to win as not many participate in it.
Tom thanked Trisha, our guest, for all she did for The Rutland Region during his time at The Chamber.
Win bragged for the friend of his daughter who competed over the weekend in The Olympics. She didn't win, but heck of a race.
Lou provided not one, but TWO medical tips! First off, Breakfast isn't actually the most important meal of the day. That was contrived in the 30's by none other than Kellogg. Go figure haha. Secondly, meat was thought to lead to promiscuity. Not true.
Caprice said it's the last week for the Dream Center's raffle for 10 lobsters. Tickets are only $5.
Stephanie filled in during Krista's absence as acting president and provided us with the following info/updates:
The bbq over the weekend for the military families was very successful. Over 60 families were there.
We received a thank you from Michelle Beam from Girl Scouts who spoke last week. She invited anyone interested to attend a Cocktails and cookies event in the Burlington Area to learn more about helping the Girl Scouts.
The board is scheduled to meet this Thursday at Noon. Chamber Board Room
$45 in small pot, $1400 in big pot.
Mike won the little one, not so lucky on the big one.
Chancellor of VT State Colleges, Jeb Spaulding. Jeb said that the system enrolls over 12,000 students a year and employees close to 2,000 staff members. Jeb is no stranger to serving in the public sphere, having served as a state senator, State Treasurer, and I believe Secretary of State. He never dreamed of becoming the Chancellor of VT State Colleges, it just kind of happened. He said he is a great example of life taking you in a direction you would never have expected. He was initially suggested the idea by the former chancellor as he was going out the door toward retirement and really propositioned by Dave Wolk and Jerry Diamond. Vermont has the highest number of state colleges per capita in the country. They have enrolled more Vermonters than any other higher-ed system in the state. UVM has about a 20% Vermonter student make-up, the rest are out of state students. Jeb feels that VT State Colleges are the extension of the state's k-12 education program and many of their students are first generation college students. Moody's is anticipating the rate of college closures in this country to triple within the next ten years, primarily fueled by a shrinking population of graduating high school seniors. Castleton is 17% ahead of last year's deposits at this point in time, which is fantastic. He attributed the boom to wrestling taking off as a new athletic endeavor available on campus, but also Dave Wolk's vision. Their ultimate mission is to try and get more kids to go on to college so they have a chance to improve their quality of life and the communities in-which they live and work.
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Posted by Reed on Aug 01, 2016
Guests and Speaker:
Elexis, granddaughter of Cale
Speaker: Michelle Beam of the Girl Scouts of The Green and White Mountains
Elias thought that he had finished all of the updating and work that his home needed, but his wife reminded him that that isn't the case. He had cracking concrete around his pool, so he went to Sherwin Williams in Rutland and had a great experience and they fixed him right up with the needed product. Matt Parker helped pay the brag, as he is a Sherwin employee.
Andrew recently finished performing in a local play and said that he had to wear tights!
Bob Amelang bragged about how much of a difference hosting an exchange student can mean in yours and the exchange student's lives. He shared how his family hosted an Italian girl when he was a teenager and how they still keep in touch and how he got to read some of the letters that he had sent her over the years recently as his brother saw her in Italy recently.
Jeff W bragged for his son who is a film and video editor in Manhattan. He got his first movie trailer approved for a Sean Penn directed movie!
Krista bragged for Ravnha.
Win bragged about a friend of his daughter, who is ranked #1 in the world in Women's 80 mile cycling and is going to be in the Olympics in Rio! Good chance she will win Gold. Pretty cool stuff!
Matt Parker is still looking for help with Winter in August. See him for shift info and to sign up
Will said that he is still looking for help for the Military Family BBQ in Brandon. Begins at 4:30 and will end around 8 or 9. Help cooking, cleaning, games, set-up, etc.
Kevin will be sending out alternative dates for the Club Admin Committee Meeting as not enough people were able to make it during last scheduled time.
President Krista's updates:
The Halloween Parade Float planning process has begun. She is also looking for anyone who knows how to use the app called "slack" to see her to help her use it/understand how it works.
Sonia has put up a survey on our website about whether or not the club should order beanie hats with the Rotary Logo. The thought process is that people could wear them while selling trees.
$1300 in big pot, whole lot less in small pot ($37?)
Andrew won the little pot, and prayed for help on the big one, but it wasn't "in the cards"!
Kevin's Rotary Minute: Rotary Peace Fellowships-
There is a growing demand in our uncertain and tumultuous world for people who specialize in diplomacy, mediation, and conflict resolution. The Rotary Foundation created the opportunity for around 100 people a year to have all of their expenses covered, including transportation and room/board to attend the training and education requirements to receive a master's degree in Conflict resolution. There are schools all around the world which offer the program. Some schools include Duke, Chapel Hill, and Christian University in Japan (I believe?)
Michelle Beam is the Assistant Director of Development for The Girl Scouts of The Green and White Mountains Council. Their mission is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. Girl Scouts isn't just about cookies and camp, but more of building strong leaders among our young women. Over 80% of a all business owner women were once girl scouts. 1 out of every 2 women in this country was a girl scout! All but one female who has flown in space was a girl scout. Michelle argued that we need the Girl Scouts because only 39% of middle school aged girls think that they can even become leaders. Their main goal at the moment is to counteract that with 3 areas of focus; 1) STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math) 2)Entrepreneurship 3) Outdoors. Over 1,365,000 boxes of cookies were sold last year in VT and NH alone! Camp is one of the most important programs offered by Girl Scouts. Over 1800 girls in the area council attended camp last year. While at camp, they learn environmental stewardship, healthy living, and a better sense of diversity and inclusion. Currently, there are over $79,000 in financial aid applications in for camp, but the Girl Scouts need help to be able to make that happen.
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Posted by Reed on Jul 24, 2016
Guests and Speakers:
Jordan Jacobson
Nadira Novruzov
Ames Hwang
Cindy Kaiser  
(these folks are students/instructors at Killington Music Fest)
Nicolette Beagle, guest of Nicole Moran
Brags and Fines:
Colie bragged about chipping in her first Birdie! Way to go!
Lou bragged for his diorama display that will be taking place at The Maker's Faire downtown. He also extended an invitation to anyone who wants to see his studio in Chittenden.
Wendy bragged for her time spent at The Republican National Convention. She was seen for a brief moment on Fox News! She had a great time and said Cleveland really surprised her as a nice place and very friendly
Reed bragged for his hike over the weekend
Will bragged for Rutland Young Professionals 3rd anniversary mixer, which happened last week at RRMC. There are 4 RYP board members in our club...Will, Colie, Gwen, and Reed.
Nicole Moran bragged for her son who received his yellow belt in Karate and for the hike he did with his dad up Mount Abe!
Krista brought Olaf, the snowman from Frozen, to our club to drive home the search for Anna's owner...Steve Costello found an Anna doll in the middle of Rt 7 and has been searching for her owner high and low.
Reed encouraged folks to support The Rutland County Women's Network and Shelter Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Fundraiser and to consider sponsoring it.
Krista told folks to sign Karen Bartlett's new member form and introduce yourself.
Winter in August will be hosted by our Rotary Club once again grilling up Waffles at The Farmer's Food Center.
The board voted to give $250 to the District's golf Tournament (all proceeds go to Pure Water For The World), $100 to ARC's Holiday party for its members, who may only have this one event to go to during the holidays, and we also gave $100 to Services Rendered, who are hosting a grand re-opening party for "The Chill Center"- a place for youth to hangout without drugs, etc.
Over $1,200 in big pot. One of our KMF students, Nadira, won the little pot. Not so lucky on the big one! Although, Maria mentioned that Nadira had just told her before the meeting that she was down to $4 in spending money so I am sure the $30 she won was welcomed.
Performance by 3 Killington Music Festival students. 3 girls played. 2 were from NYC and one from Mass. The girls ranged in age from Middle School-Sophomore in High School, so all in all, rather young, BUT INCREDIBLE TALENTED!!! Always a treat to see the ability of these great musicians. Age has nothing to do w/ talent it seems.
Chips July 25th, 2016 Reed 2016-07-25 00:00:00Z 0
Donna and Dennis McMann- Dennis is the District Governor for our District of Rotary
Bob Amelang was fined for his recent appearance in the paper regarding birding.
Peter O'Brien fined for his comment in the paper.
Elias bragged for 24th wedding anniversary and he was also voted the BEST jeweler in the area 8 years in a row AND Best customer service. I second the opinions shared by others! Congratulations, Elias!
Reed bragged for the $250 Hannoush Jewelers gift card he won at The Killington Bridal Show. Thank you, Elias!
Kevin's step son was commissioned to create an artwork of the Dalai Lama and recently got to present it to the man and meet him!
Rich was fined by Caprice for bringing political candidate signs into the meeting.
Mike bragged about Friday Night Live and Lou Gramm's performance. Said he really sounded great and put on a great performance.
Dick spent a few days in Nag's Head North Carolina with his family recently and enjoyed it, but it was very hot.
Caprice bragged for her student who has been deemed cancer free! Great news!
Krista bragged for Dick, who participated in the Brandon Fourth of July parade and drove a car of his in it. She also bragged about Farm to Ballet, which she attended recently and said it was great.
Steve bragged for Elias, whom he called "THE Ambassador of Love"! He then shared the story of how his son and girlfriend (now wife) went to the Killington Bridal Show together and saw Elias' booth. Steve's son had no intentions of proposing to his girlfriend, but Elias said, "What the hell are you waiting for? Why don't you do it today?" Elias arranged to have him do it on stage and that's how it went down!
Nick bragged for a former exchange student that he hosted back in the 80's who recently came and visited with him. He is from France and has gone on to become very successful...he is in charge of all of Microsoft's sales in Europe!
Lou shared the 3 attributes of great leaders; 1) Simplicity 2) Compassion 3) Patience.
Jack bragged for his sons; Middle son got engaged! and another son put out a cd and music going great!

Caprice announced the Dream Center's Raffle- the Dream Center allows homeless folks and those struggling a place to eat, take showers, etc. They are selling raffle tickets for 10 lobsters. See her for tickets.
Reed reminded folks to make a gift to the Rotary Foundation when you get your semi-annual member dues, which everyone should have or will be getting NOW!
Lyle announced the event that is happening at the library at 4-6pm on August 1st in The Fox Room. 3 entrepreneurs are going to be making pitches to motorcycle riding investors who will be in the area.
Colie announced the Rutland Young Prof. mixer that is happening on Thursday at The Hospital. It is the organization's 3rd anniversary! starts at 5:30pm
Krista provided a Board of Directors Update: We have agreed to participate in Winter in August again. The event is on the 9th at The Farmer's Food Center. We also are going to be participating in a military appreciation cook out (we did it last year). The date is August 6th and happens in Brandon area.
The little pot was $39. Chuck won the little pot, but we are all still chasing the queen!
District Governor, Dennis McMann! He is a polio survivor himself. He has retired 6 different times, but just can't seem to make it stick. He grew up in New Hampshire is a veteran, and fun fact...holds a patent for a moisture mapper in walls. He is a current member of The Nashua West Club. What he likes best about his job is being able to meet with other Rotarians face to face and learning more about what we all are doing. This is the Rotary Foundations Centennial year and if every Rotarian simply donated an extra $10 a year, it would make a huge difference going forward. In 1985, polio killed something like 350,000 people, but only killed 17 last year! The estimated cost to eradicate it is still around 2.5 billion dollars, but we are wicked close. He has actually gone to India and given polio immunizations to children. It was clear the impact that this had on him just from his tone of voice and his facial expression. It was emotional. It reminded me and I am sure many others what Rotary really's not about meeting for 1 hour on Mondays for Italian. He wants to focus on providing clean water and a sanitary place for folks to live. He plans on allocating $25,000 of district funds to Pure Water for The World. Any monies collected form the district's golf tournament will also be donated to Pure Water. Darbone, Haiti is the beneficiary of Pure Water's Work this year. 2 out of 5 kids won't live past 5 there currently. The number of members our club added last year was extraordinary he said. He is trying to change some things...The district conference isn't all that well attended. Something like 2-300 Rotarians attend out of a district of over 2,000. He realizes it has been far away in the past AND expensive, so he has negotiated a lower rate at a nice hotel in Nashua for the April 2017 conference. Also, it is only 2 days now, not 3. He encouraged everyone to try and go to an international Rotarian Convention at some point. He has been to several and says that is one of the best things he has ever done. He has made friends from all over the world. There are typically over 50,000 Rotarians in one place! The upcoming one is in Atlanta. He did make it clear that there will NOT be a Foundation Dinner this year. Instead, there will be a Foundation Expo held at our very own Paramount Theater in Rutland. Clubs from all over the district will be able to share projects that they have done over the last year.
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Posted by Reed on Jul 11, 2016
Guests and Speakers:
Kwame Dankwa
Bill Deeham from Rotary South
Johanna Keefe, guest of Nicole Moran
Natalie Hajj, Elias' Daughter
Ana Araguas, owner of Just Dance along with some of her talented young students
Mike bragged for the 1st Friday Night Live with Taylor Hicks, Former American Idol Winner. Also, his soccer team went undefeated in a tournament!
Win just completed a 4 day sail on a sloop with some friends. Started in Camden, ME and ended in Newport, RI!
Chuck celebrated his 18th wedding anniversary on the 4th of July. His wife and daughter also recently did well in a running race!
Elias bragged for his daughter. His wife is out of the country and Elias is all alone. His daughter came home to provide him some company and cook him something other than Crazy Bread!
Reed bragged about his fishing with Rich Carlson. Caught the biggest trout of his life at 15 inches. Thanks again, Rich!
Krista bragged for the Brandon 4th of July parade.
Joan put flags up for the 4th and rode the Beast Coaster with her grandkids in from Texas!
Nicole Moran celebrated a wedding anniversary in Kennebunkport, ME!
Kwame bragged for his sister, who recently got married.
Joe caught a big fish while he was kay-ing and his wife was yaking. Basically, she just talks talks talks and he rows rows rows, but figured out that he needed to fish to pass the time. 22 inch walleye at Chittenden Dam
Tom bragged for his old friend and neighbor, Bill Murray, who passed away on Friday. He shared a story about how Bill ran into a burning building and carried Tom's grandmother to safety!
Ana and her performers shared several pieces with us. Ana owns and instructs at Just Dance. She began classical ballet training at the age of 5. Mike Coppinger was actually her first Dancing With The Stars celebrity!
We saw several different styles of dance by the girls who came out. Each piece featured a unique soundtrack. Ana performed a Flamenco piece (NOT FLAMINGO, RICH!) that was very traditional and set to classical Spanish guitar music.
Elias won the little pot, but we are all still hunting for that queen of hearts....
Board of directors meeting on Thursday, the 14th at The Chamber downtown. Starts at noon.
We are seeking a replacement for Reed's Chip taking duties. Please see Reed if interested.
Caprice is officially stepping down as Youth Exchange Chair and Bob Amelang is assuming the responsibilities. Our exchange student over the past year, Ricardo, is now back in Italy and just turned 16.
Nick is visiting with a former exchange student he hosted back in 1986. The student is from France and now works for Microsoft! Pretty cool stuff.
Chips July 11th, 2016 Reed 2016-07-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Jun 27, 2016
Guests at 20th's meeting:
Jeff Guevin's twin daughters
Nicole Moran and Andrew Carlson, both representing Ravnah
Tom bragged for Mike's Birthday and we all sang happy bday for him.
Maria celebrated her 34th wedding anniversary on Saturday! Congrats!
Russ bragged about the event Come Alive Outside hosted at the hospital. there were 5-600 kids in attendance!
Chuck fined Russ Marsan, as he will be dancing with The Rutland Stars. Also, he spotted Brian and Vicky taking a walk in Proctor holding hands! How cute, guys.
Mike bragged for his soccer teams. They went 4-0 and won the championships over weekend.
Ron fined Watson Realty for their feature in The Herald.
Jeremy bragged for his time over at The Mount Washington Hotel with Edward Jones. (I Second that!)
Krista went to Nashua West's Rib Fest over in New Hampshire. Was a great time.
Jeff finished his first Triathlon over the weekend
Nick bragged for his father and said he really lucked out with the kind of dad he had.
Mark bragged for the Cleveland Cavaliers winning the championship
Kevin bragged for the life of an old school teacher from his past who recently died.
Joe saw the Red Sox yesterday with his sons.
Chuck announced the golf tourney, Krista announced tix sales status.
Kevin announced the club admin meeting
Mark alerted us to The Changing of The Gavel on Monday.
Raffle was 47 in small pot, won by Elias. Not so lucky on the bigg'en
Nicole and Andrew said that many people think that what they do must be depressing, sad work. That isn't the case. It is incredible. She use to work in the ICU at Dartmouth and locally. That was depressing...not this. Hospice isn't about the "Very end". It is more of a quality of care and life. Andrew combines the clinical aspect with the spiritual and it is the best job he has ever had because our lives are so filled with meaningless stuff, that this allows his to work with people and families at their most important and vulnerable times. They offered some advice on end of life decision making planning 1) know your options 2) communicate your wishes with your family 3) compete and advanced directive. Hospice focus is on care and comfort. It doesn't speed up or slow down death. Vermont is actually one of the few states that allows euthanasia in certain situations. Medicare has a hospice benefit that would pay for services.
Changing of The Gavel - June 27th, at The Palms
It was a great social gathering of many Rotarians along with their significant others. Jay prepared a fantastic meal to please any palate. Mark spoke about our accomplishments over the year and they were many. We have a lot to be proud about as Rotarians! Krista introduced her plan for the year and it revolves primarily around letting the community know about us and all the good work we do, while continuing to build on our many projects. Chuck released the final total for the golf fundraiser, which was over $10,000!! Great work everyone, especially Chuck, Steve, and Krista, whom without, the golf tournament wouldn't have happened.
See you all in TWO WEEKS! No meeting on Monday, July 4th...Be careful playing with fireworks everyone haha
Chips June 20th and 27 Reed 2016-06-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Jun 05, 2016
Guests and Speaker:
Joel Perry- guest of Nicole Moran
Karen Bartlett- guest of Gwen Flewelling
Peter O'Brien, our Token Visiting Rotarian
Joe bragged about his daughter finishing her first year of teaching in Bennington, but wanting to relocate to new area. Got job offers in 3 places, but not really interested in any of them and he is getting concerned. Also, Joe bragged for catching the largest fish of all his friends during a recent guy's fishing trip to the Dacks.
Maria bragged for her dog, who won Women's Bitch and is now a new champion!
Krista went to her office and the shoe sale over weekend with her dog. Even her dog is excited for the 10 of 9 whistle because the golf tournament is so close.
Brian fined for his 30th birthday over weekend. Happy Birthday, Brian!
Chuck's daughter recently graduated from NYU at Madison Square Garden with her MBA!
Krista is looking for someone, anyone to fill in as a guest speaker. Ours cancelled last minute for next week. Talk to her for details.
Kevin announced the Club Admin Committee meeting at his office, this Thursday at 5:30
Maria announced the KMF and provided everyone with the schedule and encouraged all to attend.
Lou provided his health tip. Do good deeds and be happier. Oxycen (spelling) is the body's natural opiate.
Krista filled in for Mark and reminded us to keep track of signing new members sheets.
The changing of the gavel is on June 27th, at the Palms 5:30
Board Meeting at The Chamber on Thursday for lunch
Chris Keyer won the little pot, not so lucky on the bigg'un
New Member Induction:
Karen Bartlett, sponsored by Gwen Flewelling.
-Karen is a CPA at O'Brien, Reynolds, Shortle, and Sabotka along with Gwen. She has been with the firm since 2008 and Is very active in the community. She serves as treasurer for The Community Cupboard, board member of Neighborworks of Western Vermont, is on the events committee of Rutland Young Prof.'s, and is also an avid long distance runner.
Joel Perry, sponsored by Nicole Moran.
-Joel works for Ravna along with Nicole. He has been at Ravna since January, but was with Tuttle Printing for almost 14 years before that. He grew up in Fair Haven and went to Plymouth State University. He has a wife and 2 kids and enjoys to travel. Joel also coaches both of his children's sports teams.
Jack provided a quick Centennial Update:
They recently toured the Farmer's Food Center to get a better feel on the viability of the green house project. No definite project yet and still open to ideas, but green house is being review closely at moment.  Jack encouraged anyone with an idea or interest in helping to attend the meetings.
Chuck gave us a golf update- we are only 2 Wednesdays away from the tournament. We have sold all 25 teams already, but still need some sponsorships. We have to have them by this week, as we must have signs printed and can't change them after a certain date (read SOON!!!) Remember, sponsorships and raffle tickets are how we make our money on this event, NOT golfers. We actually don't make ANY money on golfers. Also, we are looking for someone who has a decent camera and a little skill to take pictures of each golfing team, so we can send them a photo of themselves after the tournament in the thank you we send off.
Still looking for an Exchange Student Host Family!!!
Chips June 6th, 2016 Reed 2016-06-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Jun 02, 2016
Guests and Speaker:
Ron Cioffi-Executive Director of Ravna and Corporate Member
Alis Headlam-Speaker and head of We Are One Rutland" Photo/voice project
Elias bragged for the long weekend he took last weekend to see his daughter graduate from Albany University. To make the story even better, she already has a job!
Nick bragged for his granddaughter who just graduated from UVM
Colie bragged that one of her teams will be on Channel 3's Spotlight.
Chris was on vacation last week in the Bahamas and bragged about that, plus his eldest is expecting her second in December!
Terry shared a Rotary moment with us:1 in 25 Rotarians were women in 1995 and we were the first club in the District to have a female president.
Lou shared a medical tip with us; Google is creating a sticky car that attaches pedestrians it hits to the car, as to prevent them from flying and being hurt from the inevitable fall.
Caprice-First time in seven years that we will have to decline an exchange student if someone doesn't step up soon to host the kid.
Kevin announced the club admin meeting on June 2nd at his office
Krista-Keep selling tickets, don't make her wait until last minute...
Corporate Membership Induction:
Ravna and Ron Cioffi-Ceo of Rutland Area VNA. He is an RN himself. Ravna has provided a wide array of in-home health care for over 70 years.
$939 big pot and Brian only won the little...shucks!
Speaker: Alis Headlam
When Alis retired, she said she wanted to do more work internationally and spent all of September training teachers in Nigeria. While there, she got inspired by a diversity and unity event and after speaking with Project Vision folks, decided she needed to do something to promote the diversity of Rutland. She decided her method would be a photo and voice book spotlighting different folks from our community. Alis also has decided to involve local children in the project. 5 kids from the Boys and Girls club and 7 from Stafford have gone out into the community and actually done the interviewing of the book's subjects. The kids had never met the people before and really did a great job capturing their stories and asking good questions. This gave the kids the chance to learn skills and also how to interact. The ultimate plan is to compile all the stories into a book and publish it with the help of Stafford students, who are doing the digital layout of the book. 21 total youth will be involved in the project. Alis said it was incredible to see the way the kid's views and understanding on diversity have changed from the beginning to now. All of the people who were interviewed were chosen specifically because of their positive contributions to our community.
Chips May 23rd, 2016 Reed 2016-06-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stephanie Osgood
Rotarians young and not as young gathered for a fun evening of miniature golf, hot dogs, and ice cream.  Thank you Stephanie for another great event.
Rotarians at Minature Golf Stephanie Osgood 2016-05-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on May 16, 2016
No guests or outside speakers today
HOWEVER, our speakers were Chuck Rose on the Golf Tournament and Reed Wilcox on the Foundation
Mike fined Cale for being on the front page of the paper for his write up on the astronomy incident. He was out at Hubbardton Battlefield with a large group of people viewing Mercury cross the sun.
Andrew bragged for the blessing of the bikes and Devil's Bowl Race Cars. He fined Mike Coppinger for his role in the event as well.
Jeff W bragged for his new granddaughter down in North Carolina. He and his wife were there last week.
Steve went to see the musical, Jersey Boys, recently and said it was absolutely fantastic. Highly recommends it
Chuck recited a quote he found on the Carpenter and Costin website that basically talked about how important it is to not worry about yourself, but doing good for those around you and the lives you can impact.
Andrea bragged for her 2 daughters. One is a sophomore in college and has a 3.77 GPA and the oldest is in Grad school in DC area and just received a scholarship to go to Israel to study for 10 days.
Ron bragged about his 50th wedding anniversary. They celebrated last week with a trip to Montreal.
Nicole was in the Bahamas last week on a cruise and her son is a national guardsman, and his unit of sappers recently beat out many full-time active duty units and many other reservists.
Cathy bragged that her team came in 1st place in a recent fundraiser walk-a-thon out of 90 teams!
Mark drove his daughter past the house he grew up in in PA and showed her his humble upbringings and showed her how far he had to walk both ways to school...4 blocks.
This Wednesday, Mini Golf at Mendon Mini Golf. includes a hot dog, soda, chips, ice cream and a round of golf! Everyone welcome to this ROTARY event
Bob Amelang is still looking for a host exchange student family.
This Thursday, RYP mixer at the Vermont Marble Museum in Proctor. This will be swing dancing!
Lou gave a medicinal tip; when you see your performance slipping, re-evaluate your true level of focus. Maybe take a break and come back.
Changing of The Gavel Ceremony is on June 27th at 5:30pm at The Palms. BRING YOUR SPOUSES!
$900 in big pot. Sonia won the little pot
Mark gave board updates:
Board approved a $100 donation to Project Graduation
Chuck's Golf Update:
Last year we raised $10,000 and we are only 5 weeks away from the tourney this year. the goal is 100 golfers (4 golfers per team at 25 teams). Currently we have 20 teams. Please recruit hole sponsors at $100 a hole. We need to know if you have a hole sponsor committed by June 3rd, so we can print up the signs. Hole sponsors represent 50% of our proceeds and the other 50% is coming from the Red Sox Raffle tickets. Also, Chuck is still looking for donations of prizes that can be given out to the golfers in the $25-$50 price range.
Reed's Foundation Update:
Last year, Rotary gave over 1.2 billion dollars to various causes and projects. Our district gave 1.8 million dollars. 60% of the money spent on an international scale went to Polio, 2% to Peace Centers, and 38% to Global Grants (ie, clubs deciding they want to do a project somewhere and making it happen (could be building a school, clean water, etc)). When you donate to the Rotary Foundation, your money sits in an interest bearing "hold pattern" for 3 years. During those 3 years, the interest earned off of it goes to pay for the operating costs of the foundation. After 3 years, the money is then released. Half of it comes back to our district and half goes into the Annual Fund. The district uses this money for District grants and global grants. The remaining half stays with the Foundation to be used to match money a club raises for a global project. For example, if a club raises $10,000 through fundraising efforts, the district can match that $10,000. Then the Foundation matches half of the districts match and 100% of the club's contribution, resulting in 3.5x's leverage, so essentially if we raise 10k, we have 35k to work with...pretty cool stuff.
Chips May 16th, 2016 Reed 2016-05-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman
Rich Carlson, Jeff Guevin and Cale Shipman were on hand to help with the Fun Fair at Northwest Elementary School on Friday May 13th.
Rotarians at Northwest School Cale Shipman 2016-05-16 00:00:00Z 0
Meeting called to order @ 12:10pm by Mark Price. In attendance were; Mark, Lou, Jack, Ron, Rich, Mike, Krista, Stephanie, Colie, Reed
Rich made a motion to pass last board meeting's minutes. Seconded by Jack. All in favor
Secretary's Report:
None, as Chuck wasn't at meeting
Ron and Treasurer's Report:
Someone has suggested that we start performing random audits on our financials and transactions.
Mike jakubowski files our taxes and also looks over all of our June and December Statements and reconciles them.
Anyone can view the financials at anytime if they wish
Jack is going to look into Rotary International's bylaws to see if we are required to have an annual audit and report back to us before the board makes the decision if this is necessary.
Our total assets were $103,628.29, Liabilities were $814, Net Worth was $102,814.29
Past due members are Kwame and Matt Parker. Rich made a motion to write off Kwame's outstanding bill as he has moved. I seconded this (Reed) and all were in favor.
Ravna could be our next corporate member
Income 3/10/16 to 4/14/16 was $1906.49, total expenses $13,461.93
Mark Price mad a motion to approve Treasurer's Report. All were in favor
Centennial Committee Update:
Jack said no real updates, but there is a hospital park idea meeting tonight, but park idea looking less feasible according to Jack.
Mike coppinger feels the membership should have the say on where our money is getting spent, not just the committee
Rich is going to revisit the green house idea again
International Service/Youth Exchange Update:
Caprice is leaving the club and our new person will be Bob Amelang.
Golf Fundraiser:
Krista said that ticket sales and team sign up's are going well.
Membership Vote:
Karen Bartlett- Mike made a motion to make her a member, All in Favor.
Joel Perry-Stephanie made a motion to approve her as a member, All were in Favor.
Ravna Corporate Membership- Rich made the motion to approve. Joan seconded it, All were in favor.
Donor Requests:
Killington music Fest- Rich motioned for $500, Krista seconded, All in Favor
Rutland Ishidoriya Student Exchange (RISE)- Rich motioned $100, Krista seconded, Mike abstained. all else in favor
Farm to ballet- They are asking for $500, Rich motioned for $500, only 3 votes yay and 4 nay. Rich made another motion for $250 and all approved.
Board meeting april 14th 2016-05-11 00:00:00Z 0
Another great day at Rotary Park with about 35 members from both Rutland Clubs on hand to and then it was time for lunch.
Rotary Park Cleanup 2016 Cale Shipman 2016-05-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on May 04, 2016
Joel Perry, guest of Nicole Moran and approved new member
Speaker: Marry Ann Kamangar of Goodwill
Reed bragged for Brian Perkin's Housewarming BBQ.
Terry bragged about just getting back from Florida. Got to spend time w/ family and also attended national hockey coaches conference.
Mike had the opening of the VT Soccer League with 2 teams he coaches. Won both games.
Joan's father in law played 6 holes of golf recently after overcoming aortic valve surgery and also hip replacement in the last year!
Tom bragged for the LaFlamme's Food Drive and it's success. Also, told us to keep an eye out for the postal service food drive. Leave non-perishable items outside for mail courriers to collect. During the school vacation, the food shelf went through 2500 lbs of food!
Joe said the Bruins didn't make the playoffs, his Celtics got bounced from the playoffs, his QB is re-suspended, but his Red Sox Swept the Yankees!
Nick said that he is accepting donations to pay his mental health bills!
Lou said that an old friend from his days in the Army used to call him a Yiddish word meaning "kind of crazy". Lou is taking an herbal supplement that has him feeling great, only catch is 14 pills a day.
Caprice fined Dick Rohe for his award he earned at the District Assembly Conference. Congrats Dick! This was earned for his role in helping the district and our club bring in new members. We tied for first in district.
Chuck-10 of 9 tournament is only 7 Wednesdays away. Keep selling
Bob Amelang is excited to be the new Exchange person for our club. He is looking for a host family for a girl. The host family must live in Rutland Town/City.
Rotary Park Clean up is this Saturday at 9am.
Barb is still trying to sell some tickets for The Derby at Southside to benefit The Chafee.
Introduce yourself to our new member, Dan Sgali, Russ Marsan, and anyone else I may be forgetting to mention!
Brian said that we will be repainting the racquet ball court at Rotary Park, Clearing the hill side, planting cover plants and seeding patches in the turf.
Dick was presented an award from President Mark for his efforts in growing our club's membership. Great job, Dick!
$800 in the big pot and a lot less in the little one. Mark won the little, not the big one...
Mary Ann from Goodwill. Mary Ann lives in Williamstown, MA and is also a Rotarian. She had been trying to find a suitable location for a Goodwill store in Rutland for a long time. The Territory of her Goodwill chapter stretches from Great Barrington, MA to here. She is the community development manager and specializes in going out and sharing Goodwill's mission. Everything that you are able to buy at a Goodwill store is donated in the area of the store. Everything must stay in the area where it was donated as well. Our Goodwill chapter is the smallest in the country. With the help of Tom Donahue, Mary Ann was able to find the space on North Main Street. It took 8 months to accumulate enough merchandise to sell. They never buy anything. They have hired 20 people in the area to work and run the store! They have a program called "suit yourself" which provides suites and dress attire for folks to help get jobs and interview well. They also pick up donations from Manchester Center and other places around the state on a regular, weekly basis. They pay a driver to sit in a lot and help folks load their donated goods.
Chips May 2nd, 2016 Reed 2016-05-05 00:00:00Z 0
Wet & cold outside...Warm & fun at Rotary 2016-05-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Apr 24, 2016
Guests and Speaker:
Brogan Moran, Nicole's son
Bill Morrissey, guest of Rich Carlson and our speaker
Dave Benson, Past District Governor and upcoming key-note speaker for the district conference in Portsmouth, NH
Peter O'Brien from Granville club
Tom bragged for the upcoming Blessing of The Bikes on May 15th at noon downtown. Father Andrew Carlson will be the one performing the blessing. Also bragged for the upcoming, first annual fundraiser for local food shelves through Broc and Laflammes. The fundraiser will be a potluck dinner competition.
Gwen was fined by Mike Coppinger for the great pics she posted on FB of her daughter in NYC. They recently went on a family trip down there after tax season and went to the zoo, museum of natural history, and of course, central park. The picture on fb was of her daughter "becoming Superman" as superman takes off his suit to reveal his super hero attire.
Kevin bragged that he was honored to be re-elected chairman of the board for HFCU.
Dick fined Mark and Chuck Rose for not signing Rich Carlson's new member form. Evidently Dick found the 16 year old sheet in his garage during a recent clean out!
Andrew was fined for posting his Mai Thai session while spending time in San Diego.
Wendy's daughter landed a full-time job at Harvard! She urged us all to go to a pancake breakfast at The Godnick center on Sun. May 1st to hear Bruce Lisman speak. She is supporting lisman and encouraged others to do so.
Steve found a great weight loss your grandson around for 3 days.
Caprice survived a weekend in NYC with the exchange students and also bragged for Ricardo being featured in the Herald during a recent Maple Fest.
Barb is still trying to sell Kentucky Derby Tix that support the Chaffee. The event is on Race day at 4:30-7 at Southside and tickets are $50 each. Proceeds go to helping to restore the mansion and barn in back.
Jeff said that he is trying to gauge interest in helping the Northwest School host the Spring fling again this year. The date is May 13th from 9-12.
Saturday, May 7th is Rotary Park Clean up from 9-1 and this Thursday at 10am is the preview day with Brian Perkins at the park to get a game plan together.
Krista has only received 170 of the raffle tickets back and only 12 members have sold tickets according to who has turned in. Time to crank it up. Chuck and Steve are still looking for us to land sponsors and sell ticekts. The bogey is 1 sponsorship per member and 20 raffle tickets.
Little pot $30 and $750 big pot.
Brian Perkins won the little, not so lucky on the big one
Bill Morrissey is a local contractor with Weatherization Works and also a contractor for Neighborworks "Heat Squad". He has been in the business since 2005 and recognizes that the work isn't for everyone. It's often hot and nasty in attics or gross and damp in basements. Often times, that is the reason why people neglect the care they deserve. When trying to assess the best way to improve efficiency of a home, you start in the basement and make your way up. The reason being; air is drawn in through the basement, heated up and rises through the levels, eventually getting released through the attic. Low fuel prices have hurt business as people are as concerned with being efficient...they can just save money by paying lower fuel costs. He also specializes in the installation of cold weather heat pumps and solar power. Heat pumps can collect heat down to -13F...pretty incredible. The typical payback on a heat pump is 5-6 year...longer now with low fuel prices.
Chips April 25th, 2016 Reed 2016-04-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Apr 19, 2016
Kammie Crawford, guest of Colie (Kammie is a student at Castleton and intern of Colie's)
Speaker:Gubernatorial Candidate, Bruce Lisman along with his campaign manager, Shaun Sholdice
Mike bragged for the soccer tournament his team played in over the weekend. They took second place. Also, Mike fined himself for being in The Herald as a "celebrity server" at The Mountain Top, but he didn't get an reservations and fined himself.
Maria drove to and from Florida with her dog for a dog show. Her dog won best in her class!
Will announced Rotary Park Clean-Up for Saturday, May 7th 9-1pm. Talk to Will to sign up
Mark reminded everyone to introduce themselves to our newest members, Andrea (not so new) and Russ.
Mark also told us some Board Updates: 3 requests for donations came in last week that were approved. KMF, RISE, and Farm to Ballet.
$750 in the big pot and a lot less in little ;-)  
Steve won the little, but not the big'en
Bruce Lisman is running for Governor. He was born in Burlington's North End and was in the financial services business for many years. He managed over 2,300 employees at one point. His father was a school teacher and his mother was an assistant at UVM. His father believed in hard work and giving back. Bruce began working at the age of 15 as a dishwasher. He went on after college to work as a file clerk on Wall street, but didn't earn enough to get by so bartended and drove a taxi part time. Over the years, he moved up the ranks in the financial world and went on to run a 2.3 billion dollar company. His philosophy of treating a client like they really matter helped him in his business success and he believes that is how the state should be treating the tax payers. Lisman feels that Shumlin is incompetent and we need change. Shumlin's administration grew the budget by $700 million in just 6 years with a population of only 6-700k people. That equates to each person paying over $1,000 more a year. There are many unfunded promises on the table. Lisman isn't a politician and isn't trying to be one. He feels that insiders are what are causing a lot of the problems and he wants to break that cycle. He believes we need to fund programs that will address real problems like the opiate crises, strengthening the judicial system, and strengthen the ties and communications between the government and business. He wants the state to start treating businesses like they are clients of the state.
Chips April 18th, 2016 Reed 2016-04-20 00:00:00Z 0
Russ Marsan brought in a big I Love Rutland banner for the Club.
We Love Rutland Cale Shipman 2016-04-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Apr 14, 2016
Guests and Speaker:
Steve Declue of the West Rutland Club along with his brother, Dave, also a Rotarian from Brainbringe, NY

Catherine Nelson, Rutland City Rotarian and CEO/Publisher of The Rutland Herald along with her assistant Mac Slivka
Gary bragged for North Dakota winning the National Hockey Championships
Steve fine Mark for his high bowling score
Reed bragged for the fun he had at bowling
Rich was fined for his write-up in the Herald about him being a Master Gardener. He thanked Catherine for the piece.
Mike fined himself and Kevin for the check presentation they were able to be at. HFCU gave $6,000 that they raised at Shiver Me Shamrocks to The Wonderfeet Kids Museum!
Jeff W. bragged about he Vt Achievement Center and their open house. It is a great organization and he has been on the board for years.
Jeff Bueven bragged for Stephanie babysitting his 2 girls AND him during bowling to make sure all were having fun. Stephanie did a fantastic job with this and definitely deserves a round of applause!!
Chuck fined Cale's wife for winning many categories in a local quilting competition. She also made it into the paper, I believe!
Joan paid her $1 fine that she promised she would on Lainie's behalf for selling Lainie's home. Also, she asked again for help to move Lainie out on Saturday, the 23rd.
Barb has Kentucky Derby Party Tickets for sale. They benefit the Chaffee and the event takes place at Southside? Steakhouse.
Chuck said that the golf tournament is only 10 weeks away from this Wednesday and encouraged us all to SELL SELL SELL!
Russ Marsan is looking to get a group shot of our club next week holding a banner saying, "I Love Rutland!"
Lou shared the results he recently read from a study. The study found that the health of people who sit 4 hours or more in front of computers, devices, etc is significantly worse than those that do not. Moral of the story, MOVE A LITTLE!
Mark announced the board of director's meeting on Thursday at The Chamber.
$700 big and $40 little.
Sonia won the little, not the bigg'en. Catherine also brought in some additional raffle prizes (2 books about savings community journalism and a T-Shirt)
Our very own Catherine Nelson. She is the first female publisher of The Rutland Herald. She also is a Past President of our club. Nowadays, you aren't seeing many newspapers on front porches like they used to be. The industry is trying to make the transition to online. She has been here in Rutland with the Herald for the last 10 years, but started her career 35 years ago with the Mitchell Family, who own The Herald now, but have also owned the Times Argus in Barre/Montpelier for a LONG time. She isn't originally from Vermont, but Vermont gave her many things, including a career, a husband, and children. Over the years she has seen many changes in her industry and at The Herald. She began her tenure at The Herald right before the previous owners went into receivership. Then the Herald Flooded and suffered a $6,000,000 uninsured loss of their printers. They survived it. During the Flood, there was no interruption in customers receiving their paper. The Herald was actually produced at the hospital and printed off in Glens Falls. Then another flood happened (IRENE) that disrupted their entire distribution network, but they still got their paper out. Then Squirrel Gate happened...A squirrel chewed through wires and ruined all of their electrical components. They survived. She is still very passionate about the business and excited about the changes the industry is facing. They have locked down their online site to protect their content. Currently they have 26 reports in the newsroom and are actively searching for another 5 folks to hire. She feels community journalism is very important and will do anything it takes to help her archaic industry survive in the modern world. This means The Herald is trying to embrace change. Go Rutland, a new app, is being released in May that has all of your news, sports, events, etc right on your phone. The app is free. The Pulitzer has had several Pulitzer prize winning writers get their start locally. They will print the paper as long as we want it. Current readership of online version is 48,000.
Chips April 11th, 2016 Reed 2016-04-15 00:00:00Z 0
Thank you, Stephanie for organizing another great social event as the Club and family turned out to enjoy an evening of bowling and pizza.
The Club takes to the lanes Cale Shipman 2016-04-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Apr 03, 2016
Visiting Rotarian from West Rutland, Steve Declue
Joel Perry, guest of Nicole Moran and employee of Ravna
Karen Bartlett, guest of Gwen Flewelling and accountant at O'brien, Reynolds, Shortle, and Sabotka
Speakers: Our very own, Lyle Jepson, and his crew from REDC. Tyler Richardson and Sara Gilbert
Nicole Moran's birthday!
Rich bragged for Library Ave and Baxter Street groundbreaking and the recognition the club received for the $10,000 gift we gave to make the park possible. Rich also lead a moment of silence for the loss of a community icon, Mike Valentine.
Barb was fined for her son's movies that he directed the featured/stared Mike Valentine.
Hull missed his 7 lambs being born as he was in Florida.
Ron joined Rotary 28? years ago! Congratulations, Ron!
Nick fined himself for something to do with the Yankees...probably for being a fan!
Chris bragged for the great job Joan did shepherding his daughter through the home buying process.
Dick bragged for Russ Marsan's pancake breakfast he hosted to raise money for the Children's hospital. Also, Dick bragged for his friend who just turned 98 and still volunteers 3 days a week. Also bragged that he met his wife over 50 years ago today.
Jeremy bragged that his dad recently retired and he and his dad are flying from Rutland to Boston for Celtics game together! Sounds fun!
Joe is going to see the last Bruin's game of the season
Gary Ladabouche bragged for his neighbor's girl, who won the national championships.
Lou gave us a mantra he lives buy. Try to not live your life through technology. Interact w/ other humans in the old fashioned way!
Steve encouraged us all to go to Bowl night on Wednesday at 5:30 for bowling, pizza, and family fun. $11, let Stephanie know if you are coming.
Will announced the May 7th date for Rotary Park Clean up. Nicole Moran's mom is taking care of ordering the grilling food.
Joan reminded everyone that the police are no longer giving Rotarians the "pass" on not paying your meters during our meetings.
Mark announced the Killington/Pico club's Rotary golf tourney a few weeks before ours.
Joan received a level 2 member sponsor pin. Congrats, Joan!
$35 in little and $700 in big
Lyle Jepson, Tyler Richardson, and Sara Gilbert. All from REDC. Lyle is the former, award-winning, director of Stafford Tech and is now wearing two hats as the ED of REDC, but also the head of entrepreneurial studies at Castleton. He is a husband and father of four kids. He said that economic development is actually very fun in the Rutland area and you never know what you are going to do in a given day. He recently shared an example of how he recently got a call from an Argentinean who wants to open a restaurant in the area and needed help. He also just got an inquiry from someone looking for space for a grow operation (ie. Pot). He hired Tyler and Sara because of the many talents and skills they bring to the table. Lyle shared that there actually are many things happening in the area that folks just don't see. For example, Hirsch window and door just got the contract to do all of Harvard's new windows. Kaylow is leading the way in many technological advances. REDC is working on expanding use of Rutland Regional Airport and also trying to bring new and keep old employers here.
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Great Monday Meeting 2016-03-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Mar 24, 2016
Guests and Speaker:
No guests
Our speaker was Gretchen Goodman of Rutland County Humane Society
Fines and Brags:
Caprice bragged that the Parent Child Center was able to secure a $257,000 grant and also announced that they are expanding on their programs to help autistic children who are underserved between the ages of 13 and 18. She also had a great time in Spain seeing a former exchange student. Also The PCC is having a golf tournament.
Maria fined and bragged Mark Price for his birthday. The Club sang to Mark.
Nicole Moran bragged for her family because she and many others in her house were sick recently and couldn't have made it without the help and support of her family.
Dick bragged for Dan Sgalia for saving a dog in Brazil and bringing it back to the states.
Chuck got news of the first golf sponsorship being sold!
Stephanie gave another reminder of the upcoming bowling night and asked that you give her or Steve a heads up if coming. April 6th is the night.
Jeff Chabot won the little pot
Gretchen Goodman is the Exec. Director of The Rutland County Humane Society and has been there for 12 years. She had previously worked at a Humane Society in Nashua, NH before coming here. The best part of her job is watching animals walk out the door with a new owner and seeing them get a new chance at life. Animals come into the shelter for many reasons. Some examples she gave were financial burdens, moves, unable to care for animals, elderly owners, etc. Shelter workers spend time with the animals with they come in to try socialize them and figure out what kind of behaviors the animals have. They try to find out how animals react in situations to see if they may pose a threat or if they may not be appropriate around small children. The Rutland County Humane Society is taking in around 1300 animals a year and they do not have enough animals to meet the demand for adoption. Recently, they have started bringing in dogs from the south, where shelters are overflowing, to be adopted here. Every animal they have is spayed or neutered and they will spay and neuter non shelter dogs free of charge as well.
Chips March 21st, 2016 Reed 2016-03-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Mar 15, 2016
Guests and Speakers:
Dang Sgalia, Russ Marsan-guests of Dick Rohe
Andrea Coppola, guest of Joan
Marya, Nick's daughter and one of our speakers from Farm to Ballet
Chatz Pregger, also a speaker and From Farm to Ballet
Joan bragged for the $3,120 ad that her company won at the Chamber Biz Show and thanked Tom for putting on such a great show. It was then found out that Joe Giancola won the 50/50, but Barb had not been told!
Andrea bragged that her name was on the Rotary banner and was coming back home.
Krista completed PETS training and she is very excited. She said she noticed that our club is very strong compared to the common struggles she has heard/seen from other clubs.
Joan had a great time at Shiver Me Shamrocks as well with Andrea.
Tom bragged about the Chamber Mixer at Baxter's on Tuesday (the 15th). Tom also bragged for Russ Marsan's Polar Plunge event he held over the weekend at BOMO for a good cause.
Stephanie announced Family Fun Bowl night on April 6th for all club members. Pizza shoes, bowling, etc.
Rich Carlson has passed on the tree duties to Brian Perkins. Thank you for all your hard work in the past, Rich! Congrats, Brian!

New Member Inductions:
WE formally inducted three member (one of whom is a former Rotarian)
Dan Sgalia, Russ Marsan, and Andrea Coppola
Andrea is the COO of The Housing Trust of Rutland County. She first joined our club in 2009 and had to leave in 2013 for career opportunities. Joan spoke on Andrea's behalf and said that she truly sets her mind to goals and follows her dreams and is very excited to have her back!
Dan was an exchange student through the Wallingfrod Club and studied abroad in Brazil. He graduated from Mill River High and went on to earn a bachelor's degree from UMass Amherst. He is an outdoor enthusiast and a carpenter. His career interests focus on social and human interaction.
Russ is co-owner of Carpenter and Costin Landscaping. He majored in landscape and desing at UMass and has been an active community member for many years. He has a big heart and does a lot to give back. He recently hosted a very successfull "polar plunge.
Welcome to all of you!
Chuck gave us an update on the 10 of 9 Fundraiser. Last year we raised $10,000 net from the tournament and we want to do more this year. This will be an all hands on deck affair. All members are expected to sell at least one sponsorship, 20 raffle tickets, and try to avoid using credit cards unless large orders.
Elias won the little pot, not so lucky on the big one.
Farm to Ballet-
Marya said that she got back into dancing under the teachings of Chatz and he does a great job of being mindful of safe practice and teachings to avoid injury. Farm to Ballet is to promote not only ballet, but also the farmers and organizations helping these folks. It started mostly as an idea to just be able to dance outside. They came up with the idea to have Not for profits benefit from the sales later on to help promote the local economy and especially the farmers. Chatz came up with the idea for the ballet to resemble the change a farm goes through over the course of the four seasons and actually has incorporated Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. Last year they had 6 performances that raised roughly $12,000. The National Endowment for The Arts featured them on their write-up on Vermont amongst other states. To help them in their mission, they are offering sponsorships in their playbills and also encourage folks to come out and see them. They are mostly a volunteer organization, but are paying a few dancers to come from NYC and other places.
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Posted by Reed on Mar 07, 2016
Dan Sgalia and Russ Marsan, guests of Dick Rohe
Ricardo, our exchange student from Italy
Lenny (didn't catch last name)
Speakers: Our speakers were Younhee Shin and Cale. They came from New York City to talk to the club about Korea and their culture.
Colie bragged for the MSJ girl's basketball team who won state
Nicole bragged for the Fair Haven girl's basketball team who won state for the first time ever.
Ricardo bragged about the fun he had at a recent dance with other exchange students from Connecticut and Mass. He thanked us for making this year possible and said it has been the best year of his life.
Tom bragged about the business show tomorrow from 4-7 at The Holiday Inn
Terry bragged for the Castleton Ladies Hockey Team. They lost in the semi-finals to U Mass, Boston, but U Mass did wind up winning the whole thing.
Nick bragged for his experience with the youth exchange program. He said he recently had 2 former exchange students (one from Brazil and one from Australia) like something of his on Facebook and comment and said, "wow, how cool is this that Rotary has helped build lasting friendships throughout the world!"
Will bragged for the Mardi Gras Part that The Parent Child Center put on at The Elks Lodge. He said it was a great time.
Krista won the small pot, but not so lucky on the big one...
They are part of an NPO that helps to promote Korea and their culture. They have handed out books to over 3,000 schools and even given presentations to Presidents Bush and Obama. They have done over 1,500 presentations in total. Korea has a 5,000 year history and have always been a peaceful nation. They have never invaded another country. The oldest constellation chart known to exist was found in Korea. The Korean alphabet covers more sounds than any other alphabet in the world. It is also the only alphabet to have a known creator, Known date of creation, and known history. I found it interesting that the consonants are based on the way the vocal organs look when making certain sounds. The King who created the alphabet tried to make it simple, so that lower class, uneducated folks could have a chance at learning to read/write. Koreans made the first musical notations, mobile rocket launcher, rain gauge, and also were pioneers in the printing press. These days, Korea is the technological hub of the world and have made broad advances in human and worker's rights. For example, all women receive maternity leave and men receive paternity leave. Korea has a national health care system and also some of the most advanced surgical procedures in the world.
Chips Monday March 7th, 2016 Reed 2016-03-08 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Feb 28, 2016
Guests and Speakers:
Dan Sagalia, guest of Dick
Russ Marsan, guest of Dick
Kathie Stone- Assistant Dist. Governor and visiting Rotarian from Manchester Club
Peter O'brien, visiting Rotarian from Granville, Ny club
Bob Scracello
Kathy Scarcello
Jason Davis
Ron fined Wendy for being in the paper regarding an upcoming speaking engagement at Castleton University.
Colie bragged that Saturday was the last day of the basketball tournament. There were over 40 games, but it was a lot of fun and work. The Rutland Rec Dept. had 5 teams in the finals!
Lou bragged about his 3 free weeks spent in Florida, but was more saying how much he missed all of us back here and the fun and energy we bring into his life.
Joe bragged that he and his wife went to Barre over the weekend to see the Proctor basketball team win state.
Nick said that his pale face compared to Lou's golden glow was quite the contrast. Nick bragged about his 54th wedding anniversary coming up. Congratulations, Nick!
Chris said that he too, is a Proctor graduate and remembers when he went to school his soccer team having a 66-0 season..Incredible! Chris also bragged about the hardwork Rutland Mental Health has done to get the ship back on course and re-gain the state's trust.
Krista skipped last week's lunch meeting to take her grandmother to Porter Medical Center for some rehabilitation and physical therapy. She will be able to go back home soon!
Caprice said she got to sneak away to Florida over the weekend. She is going to Barcelona and Valencia to see a former exchange student soon as well...Got room for me, Caprice?
Brian said he was walking in Proctor with his wife, Vicky, and heard sirens. He wasn't sure what was happening and then a bunch of cars and trucks and cheering passed him...realized it was the state championship parade! He said it brought back a lot of memories for him as he was on the 2004 state championship team himself!
Krista said she just sold her first Red Sox raffle ticket!
Caprice-This Saturday is the Parent Child Center's annual Mardi Gras Celebration held at The Elks Lodge. Encouraged folks to come. A ton of fun, food, dancing, music, etc.
Kathie-Encouraged us to attend the District Conference in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Mark reminded us that next Tuesday is the Chamber's Business Show and that we will have a booth in the show to promote our club and the golf tournament.
$28 small pot and over $500 in the bigg'en.
Colie won the little, not so lucky on the big one!
Guest Speaker:
Adaptive Martial Arts Association-Cathy and Bob Scarcello, Jason Davis
Cathy owns a martial arts studio and had never taught a disabled person before until Jason came in and wanted to learn martial arts. Cathy said that Jason was very lacking in abdominal strength and needed to develop his core. This helped him regain lots of mobility and function lost due to cerebral palsy. Her success working with Jason led to the word being spread about her patience and support of working with folks that have disabilities. She is now working with 12 other instructors whom she acts as a consultant for. She is actually teaching other instructor how to teach disabled people the discipline of martial arts and how to accommodate them where they are at in their abilities. Cathy believes martial arts is very important for these individuals to help promote confidence and defense skills, due to the fact that disable people are significantly more likely to become victims of abuse and assault. Jason came up and spoke as well and shared his story. He said that he grew up with normal siblings and parents that instilled a never give up attitude. He wanted to be like his siblings and worked extra hard to try and do everything they were doing. When they went out to chop wood, he went with them. When he grew up, he was told he was "unemployable" and "disabled" and like everything else he had faced in life, he decided to overcome those labels. He said, "I'll work like everyone else works!" Jason has been with the radio stations in town for 17 years and is the production director for 5 stations! He is also on the rescue squad and does everything to treat patients, except for lifting them. Growing up, his favorite movie was Roadhouse and that inspired him to want to learn Karate. Inspired to never give up, he decided to try Karate with Cathy and it has made a huge difference in his life. Through learning karate and his inspiration to share the possibilities with others, he came up with the idea to found Adaptive Martial Arts Association. He has been featured in Black Belt Magazine and even been given an honorary black belt through the Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He was absolutely and inspirational speaker and it made you feel appreciative of what you have. For those of you interested in seeing the Adaptive Karate in action, head over to their Pittsford facility just before the Police Academy on same road on Wednesday nights at 6:30.
Chips February 29th, 2016 Reed 2016-02-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Feb 21, 2016
Wendy Loomis, guest of Mark Price and Executive Director of Child First Advocacy
Sharon Stearns, guest of Reed Wilcox and CPA
Wayne and Liz of Omya, who were our speakers
Joyce bragged that she went to San Antonio when the 3 coldest days of the year came about. Spent time with her mother.
Jack bragged that he helped his dad celebrate his 90th birthday recently and he got a phone call from his son who lives in Silverton, CO saying he hit an elk. Son is ok, Thank God!
Brian bragged about winning an award through Nationwide Insurance. He and Vicky got to go down to Hershey, PA last week for a conference and had fun. Went to Gettysburg and saw the sights. Congrats, Brian on the award.
Colie said that the Rutland Rec has been renamed to Rutland Pride and now they have a lion as a mascot.
Kevin went to 6 National Park sites while on vacation in Hawaii. Saw some very amazing things
Win has officially retired and got to spend a solid month in St Croix and brought his family down for a week as well. Congratulations, Win!
Steve White thanked Mike Coppinger for putting the downtown Winter Fest together. Steve and his grandson got to sled down Center Street and Mike even caught them at the end of the run to stop them.
Terry gave us the Castleton Hockey update. The men made the playoffs in the 6th seed, but lost by one goal to Norwich in first game. Women's are second in conference and playoffs start on home ice on Saturday.
Joe went to Florida during the cold snap and said there was a 94 degree temperature difference. Played golf and had fun.
Joan bragged for her niece who helped to track down stolen I phones/pads. Thieves broke into Joan's sister's home and stole things. Niece was able to remotely delete all data off of the devices.
Nancy Greenwood bragged for the Rutland Cheerleaders who won 1st place at State. Congratulations!
Trace said that RRMC is hosting a downtown mixer at Merchants Hall to create a better relationship with businesses and the community. Come show your support and learn more about Vermont Orthopedics.
Stephanie said that she has the dog biscuits in if anyone wants to pick up their order. Krista Barlow did lose her battle with Cancer. I am very, very sorry to hear this. My condolences.
Mark said that folks need to introduce themselves to Nancy Greenwood and sign her new member sheet. Krista and Rich are going to a Rotary Leadership meeting.
Chuck said that the 111th anniversary of Rotary is coming up this week.

Dick gave us a Rotary Minute today- Dick said that diversity is our strength as Rotarians. He reminded us that we were all thought enough of to be sponsored for membership and he encouraged us to do the same. In Dick's role as membership chair for the district, he found that only 10% of Rotarians in the district sponsor another member. He was proud to say that our club is number one in the district with the highest sponsoring of new members! Dick Reminded us that you need to be succinct about what Rotary is to you and why others may be interested. He said that Rotary unites leaders to take action. Unite, exchange, and take action.
Liz and Wayne from Omya. Liz is the HR Director for the Vermont operations and Wayne is the Plant Manager. Rich introduced them and thanked them for the generous support Omya has given locally and to The United Way over the years. Omya is the largest customer of Vermont Railways. They originally built their Vermont Factory in 1978 and have been at it ever since. They produce calcium carbonate that is vital in the production of things we use everyday. Their largest customers include paper manufacturers, Plastics companies, paint companies, food companies, and pharmaceuticals. Currently, Omya has over 7,000 employees all around the world. The operation in Vermont is their 3rd largest factory and employs roughly 130 people. The factory is being run primarily on LNG and trucks hauling loads over roads are also running on LNG. They have a contract with Casella Construction to have their over the road loads hauled by Casella trucks and trailers. Wayne encouraged everyone to attend the Middlebury Quarry's open house on September 10th. They include lunch and fun. Currently, there are decades left of supply of raw material in the area and Omya isn't going anywhere anytime soon. They are one of the largest private companies in the world.
Centennial Committee Update:
Jack said that the committee is still meeting regularly and they are exploring a project in conjunction with RRMC to develop land on the east side of Stratton road on about 40 acres of hospital owned land. Partners in the plan could possibly include Come Alive Outside and Reebok Spartan Race. This is the top idea at the moment but other ideas being considered. Jack encouraged interested folks to come to a committee meeting
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Posted by Reed on Feb 08, 2016
Guests and Speaker:
Traci Moore's guest, Joel Perry- Business development and marketing director at Ravna
Steve Costello's guest and corporate honorary member, Robert Dostas of GMP
Lenore Haskel-Speaker from Vermont Associates
Teresa Miele of Rotary South
Cathy Petrini turned 50 and Caprice bragged for her. Everyone sang Happy Birthday for her. Happy Birthday again, Cathy!
Betsy Bloomer bragged for her husband, Matt, who has been named varsity coach of Rutland's Baseball Team
Joan bragged for Matt Bloomer and said that she remembers watching him as a kid make some great plays on the baseball field and was certain he would make a great coach.
Teresa bragged for the mixer at Stonehenge and that she had a great time. She also is no longer with Rutland Plywood and has started a business on her own in Human Resources.
Tom bragged for the United Way Luncheon where 2 Rotarians were honored. Nicole Fabian was recognized for all her work on The Really Big Show and Traci Moore was awarded Volunteer of The Year! Way to go both of you
Jeremy bragged about passing his securities exams and that he got to go to a Celtics game at The Garden and watch them win.
Dick bragged for the GMP corporate members and that all the members were there today. Definitely a great addition to the club all of you!
Steve White said that the Groundhog Day golf Tournament went great. Really a fun time.
Gary bragged for his daughter, Isabelle, who won a dance competition against over 50 other competitors!
Terry gave us the Castleton Hockey update: The Women lost in OT and the men split a win and a loss.
Peter O'Brien said that the Rutland City Rotarians were voted "Liveliest Table" at Trivia! Sounds like they were having fun...
Nancy Greenwood bragged about the Rutland Cheerleading Team who won a competition in Massachusetts over the weekend.
Jeff G bragged that his wife is really excited about the software that our fundraising got for the school and knows that it will help the kids.
Will said that he saw Paula Poundstone at The Flynn Theater recently and recommended anyone to go see her too when she is in town. He then called Teresa Miele out saying that she had bragged at our club, but had not yet coughed up her club's $100 contribution to the charity of our choice for losing the blood drive challenge. She stood up and promplty handed over the check after saying, you weren't a very graceful loser last year, Will!
Mark said that we have a new member, Nancy Greenwood, and encouraged everyone to introduce themselves to her. Mark also said that both school principals that we donated the Santa Raffle proceeds to for software were very grateful.
Caprice's Big Day:
She was awarded with a recognition pin in observance of her bringing in a new member to the club, but ALSO a Paul Harris Fellow!!! Congratulations, Caprice.
Nancy Greenwood won the small pot, AGAIN! not so lucky on the big one.
Our speaker was Lenore Haskel of Vermont Associates. They have 10 offices in Vermont and their mission is to provide training and career services to those in the community who are 55 and older. They have been around since 1983 and are a not-for-profit. They do receive grant funding, but are a private organization. They try to teach job interviewing, soft skills, and also technology skills to help folks get back into the work place. To be eligible for their services, you must be at least 55 y/o, be income eligible, a Vermont resident, and be unemployed.
If you are a family of 1, the income eligibility is around $15,000 a year
The program will place you with a local npo that needs part-time work, but can't afford to pay someone. The agency pays the worker minimum wage of $9.60 per hour and the company gets an employee, so a win-win. After time, the hope is that working for that npo helps the individual build skills that lead to employment. Loren said that many of the participants they serve wind up working full time with the group that takes them on for training in the first place. Ideally, you will be out of Vermont Associates hands within a year, but they can keep you on for up to 4 years. Lorene actually is one of the participants in the program and will, too, have to move on after 4 years to something else. She finds that older workers are great to hire because they tend to have less drama, are more dependable, and have strong work ethics.
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Posted by Reed on Jan 31, 2016
Guests and Speakers:
Katie and Jim Lanahan, Visiting Rotarians of the Jacksonville, Fl club who won a trip to The Mountaintop in an auction.
Carol Mickiewicz, Rotarian from New Jersey who recently moved to area. Daughter is graduating from Castleton and is looking to connect in the area.
Mary Beth Redmond and Angela Wells-Speakers from VT Works for Women
Will bragged for the Granville Trivia night, but also confessed that they won the first round and then everything went downhill from there...pretty much dead last!
Terry bragged for Castleton Hockey. The Women lost over the weekend, but the men beat Norwich and St. Mikes
Gary bragged for his 3 kids, all of whom made high honors in school!
Bob Amelang bragged for Mike Coppinger's job DJ'ing at The Snowball Dance for the Youth Exchange kids
Stephanie bragged for the Rotary Joint Mixer with The South Club at Stonehenge indoor golf.
Krista bragged that she painted her house and washed all the walls this weekend! Want to come paint mine, Krista?
Joe bragged for winning the longest drive at Stonehenge
Terry reminded everyone to contribute to the Foundation when they get their member dues bill.
Cathy Petrini and Nicole Moran had their new member tags removed
Mark update us on Jeremy Carol. He will be back to the club soon. He is finishing up training and licenses with Edward Jones.
Chuck is hosting a meeting for the golf tournament planning at his office on Thursday at 5 or 5:30. Get in touch for exact time.
Gwen won the little pot, not the big
Our speakers were with VT Works for Women, which is a non-profit based primarily in Chittenden and Washington Counties. They drove down from Winooski to be with us. They serve underprivileged women and help them find gainful employment and earn livable wages. Also they try to help young girls before they find themselves in a disadvantaged state. Their core work is to train, and help build core skills for jobs and also foster a sense of self worth and confidence. They find that they are focusing heavily on IT and Law enforcement career opportunities. They shared some statistics that are pretty eye opening; for instance, women who are single parents make 77% less than men. They majority of women w/ children do not earn a livable wage. 43% of women in full time jobs do not even earn enough to cover the basic living expenses. They have found that the farm to table and foodie scene in the Burlington area has created a huge demand for restaurant workers and they have decided to offer a 13 week culinary training course to meet the demand. Their focus on girls is more based upon giving them access and exposure to many different job paths and ideas. They do this primarily through summer camps. They are not a national sub-chapter and rely on state grants and philanthropic donors.
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Posted by Reed on Jan 31, 2016
Jim Watson and Nancy Greenwood, guests of Joan
Joan bragged for Chuck putting together the Mentor Connector Bowling. It was great fun. Joan also bragged for Kwame who is "killin' it in Seattle"!
Mike fined Bob Amelang for bowling story.
Chuck bragged that the bowling event was fun. He enjoyed watching the heated battle between Maria and Bill Drummond to see who could break 50.
Terry gave us the hockey update. The women's are nationally ranked, beat Norwich. Men's team had some wins and ties recently. Terry bragged for his new grandson! Congratulations, Terry.
Dick had his annual family get together. He lost to a 10 year old in Scrabble. During Scrabble, his wife pulled out a dictionary and his grandkids laughed at it and didn't know what it was.
Kevin had a water pipe burst at Templewood Court, but got a fantastic response from the city. The Mayor got them a pallet of water to drink and the fire department delivered it. He thanked the DPW and all involved.
Steve Costello said that he is an "old" member of the Rutland Young Professionals and encouraged not only the old and young members, but all members to consider donating to the United Way, as 3 companies have made pledges to match donations up to a $1,000 each.
Nicole Moran bragged because she became and aunt and her son got a belt in karate.
Will bragged about the Meals Challenge and how fun it was. They prepared over 50,000 meals at the event.
Mike announced the Rotary Student Snowball Dance and Trivia night with the Granville, NY Rotary club.
Joan announced the joint mixer at Stonehenge indoor golf for Thursday, the 28th at 5:30
Dick said he is missing Cale and checked in on him. He was currently in Arizona and had found a Rotary club there he had attended. Dick also encouraged members to sign new members intro forms.
Corporate Member Induction:
Coldwell Banker Watson Realty were brought in as the newest corporate members. They have over 20 associates and 2 offices. Jim Watson accept into the club as an honorary corporate member. Congratulations Jim and Joan!
New Member Induction: Nancy Greenwood-
Dick welcomed her and Joan talked about her experience knowing Nancy. Joan has been working with Nancy for 14 years and she has found her to be not only a gret person, but a great mother of 5 kids. She is very creative, practical, and has fundraising skills like none other. In June of 2015, she was commemorated for 10 years of service to the American Cancer Society. Nancy has helped to raise over half a million dollars for GOLM and American Cancer Society. She raised $23,000 to help send the Rutland Cheerleading Team to Nationals in Dalls. Welcome to the club, Nancy!
Nancy Greenwood won the little pot!
Rotarians Live:
Sonia Yao was our speaker today! She was born in Taiwan and said it truly was a concrete jungle. Everything was made of concrete, including the playgrounds. She had 55 kids in her class in 4th grade. Growing up in Taiwan was different. She and the other kids not only had to study, but also clean the whole school. When she was 10, she moved to Montreal with her family and learned to speak French after moving. She never had recess in Taiwan, so that was new for her when she moved to Canada. She went to England in High School to study at an all girl's school and said she hated it. In her under-grad studies, she decided to pursue Engineering and wound up working in finance for 5 years after graduating. She thought she wanted to work on Wall street, but quickly came to find that wasn't the direction she wanted to go. After her 5 years in finance, she decided to attend Dental school and found she truly loves what she does. She joined Rotary to have a way to give back.
Chips January 25th, 2015 Reed 2016-02-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Jan 11, 2016
Guests and Speaker:
Visiting Rotarian, Paul Garland of the South Club
Tom Leypoldt, executive director of PEG TV. Guest of Tom Donahue
Nancy Greenwood, Guest and co-worker of Joan Watson
Ed Bove, Executive Director of Rutland Region Planning Commission
Fines and Brags:
Joan bragged about her daughter, Darcy. Darcy has 3 small children, manages several credit unions in Maryland and still found time to take classes and finish her bachelor's degree!
Tom Donahue announced the chamber mixer coming up at Frank Webb Bath Showroom on Cold River Rd. Then said he thought he was a cool grandpa until Bernie Sanders endorsed rapper, Killer Mike and other politicians quickly endorsed other artists like Usher and Waka Flaka Flame. Yes, you read that right...someone named themselves Waka Flaka Flame.
Maria bragged that her dog came really close to winning a contest, but missed by one? point! Dog has officially retired now!
Nicole bragged about her birthday and that she got to spend it with her kids. She also said that birthdays are nothing to brag about anymore at "her age"! If anyone is wondering, she turned 37.
Nick rebutted her statement saying that being a grandparent looks way better on her than it does on him haha
Terry gave us the hockey update. Castleton women's are 2 in the conference and the men's team picked up a couple wins. Even their goalie got in on the scoring with an open netter.
Kevin said he finally got to live out a childhood fantasy: He fought a fire at Templewood court in one of the units!
Steve said the Rutland parent Child Center Golf Tournament is on Groundhog Day (Feb 2nd). It will be at Stonehenge. See him for details.
Brian thanked Rich Carlson for the wonderful job he did with not only the trees, but the celebration at the tree shed on Saturday. It truly was great. Thank you for everything, Rich!
Stephanie said that she is trying to coordinate a City/South Club co-mixer for later this month.
Caprice is still looking for help with the Snowball Dance on January 30th
Will said that we handily beat the South Club in the GOLM both with and without Steve Costello's enormous helping numbers. Glad to have you aboard, Steve. A great addition to our club.
Chuck said the Mentor Connector Bowling is on Saturday, Jan 23rd. I believe one spot still available, as I, your author, had to back out.
Kevin is having an Admin Committee at his office on the 28th.
Ron's Tree Sale and Raffle Results!!!
Gross revenue from trees:$37,874   Expenses $18,813   Net income of $19,051
Santa Raffle Grossed $3,275, Expenses of $1391   for a net take of $1883
President Mark's Announcements:
No meeting on MLK DAY!!!!
Board meeting on Thursday at RRCC at noon.
$36 small pot $369 in the big
Dick Rohe won the small pot, not so lucky on the big'en.
Ed Bove is the Exec. Director of The Rutland Region Planning Commission. He is a native Vermonter who left to go to school at The University of Arizona where he studied City and Regional Planning. After earning his master's, he came back to Vermont and took a position with the City of Manchester, Vt as their zoning administrator. He currently lives in Sunderland with his wife Kate and their 2 children.
The RRPC works for the 27 towns and municipalities in Rutland county on issues such as planning, water quality, land use, emergency planning, and other grassroots initiatives. Ed often finds himself working closely with Mike Coppinger and Tom Donahue.
Ed shared the 5 top ways that planning commissions such as RRPC help communities;
5) Environmental costs- How can we help save the environment through building desing and transportation networks. He cited Lake Champlain as an example of how planning could impact the water quality.
4) Health Care Costs- Ed said that the number one reason people are unhealthier has to do with the lack of simple walkability and choice of people NOT to walk in communities. Also, the us has the highest number of auto fatalities per capita. He associated this with big, wide open intersections and higher speed limits.
3)Tourism dollars spent- People come to Vermont to see something different than New Jersey. Our state has ample natural beauty and it is important that we don't let strip malls erode the uniqueness of our state.
2) Protection of Farm and woodlands. Ed said that Farmers in Vermont have grown rapidly over the last few years and the locavore movement has fueled the growth. He wants to make sure that these farmers have every chance possible through marketing, sales locations, etc.
1) Certain design plans or concepts lead to higher property values during assessment, which leads to higher taxes, which leads to a more profitable local government that can offer better services etc. Ed said that the one major question folks should ask before undertaking a major project is "Will this project pay for itself in some way?"
Chips January 12th, 2015 Reed 2016-01-12 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed Wilcox on Dec 27, 2015
Brooke Flewelling, Gwen's Daughter
Brooke and Brookelyn Kimble (Brookelyn was our speaker)
Peter O'Brien-visiting Rotarian
Caprice bragged that she had an exchange student over for Christmas. Had a great time.
Colie passed her tests and is now a certified Youth Sports Administrator. Congrats, Colie!
Kevin picked up a quarter keg on accident trying to buy some beer. If he hasn't drank it all soon, he'll be having us all over to finish it.
Andrew had his 3 kids up for Xmas and they played Cards Against Humanity
Lou had his family up for Christmas and his ex-wife came and insisted on cleaning everything.
Chuck had his kids home for Xmas and played 9 holes of golf.
Joe had his kids home as well for Xmas and his son had an employee review recently and wasn't sure what to expect, but they told him he was getting a 20% raise.
Chris' daughter works for Lego and she got a month's salary for her Christmas bonus.
Krista bragged for the Hab's flag and apparel she got for Xmas. Joe then said, "So, How are the Habs doing?" Krista replied, "terrible." Joe said, I'll pay a brag on that one.
Dave Anderson bragged that he was happy to be back after a 5 week bout with Pneumonia. Glad to have you back Dave and happy to hear you are feeling better!
Mike shot his 12 gauge shot gun over the holiday and showed his skill off to family members slaying the first clay pigeon that was pulled.
Krista lost her diamond engagement ring in Joanne's Fabric and everyone in the store searched until she found it. Not taking it to Elias to make sure that it is a diamond and not sparkly dress parts
Will is still looking for 3 volunteers for our team on the Meals Challenge.  He also gave the update on the GOLM results. We had 20 pints donated, 105 hours volunteered (thank you Steve Costello who had 80 of those hours!!! WOW), and also 8 friend pints, which tallies up to 133 points. Will is waiting on the South Club's response to figure out who won.
Chuck said be on the lookout for an email sign up for Mentor Connector Bowling on January 23rd.
Peter O'Brien announced The Granville Club's Trivia Night on January 30th. Our club is trying to put a team together ( a team is 6 people and cost $150 to enter). Talk to Will or Mark Price if interested.
Rich said the Tree Shed Celebration will be on January 9th at noon-1:30.
Caprice announced the Snowball Dance for the Youth Exchange students on Jan 30th. She is still looking for a few volunteers to help.
Mark got a thank you from BROC for the $100 donation the club made to them.
Santa Raffle:
Mark said that the Raffle did well and we are able to not only subscribe to a 5 year agreement to fund a reading and learning software program for the kids at the NW school, but also the NE school!
The first place winner of $1,000 was Patty Cuppoli. Ticket sold by Cathy Petrini
The second place winner was Tamara Mack, sold by Chuck. (I believe that is Chuck's daughter?)
Weekly Raffle:
$33 in little pot, won by Father Andrew Carlson. Not so lucky on the big pot.
Brookelyn Kimble was our speaker this week and she was introduced by Krista and accompanied by her mother, Brooke. Brookelyn is a 10 year old girl, who Krista met while camping. Krista said she instantly fell in love with her because she had a great personality and just a ball of energy. Later on, Krista learned that Brookelyn has fought Juvenile Myositis since she was 4. Brookelyn shared with us her story of how she found out that she had the disease, the things she has gone through and where to is at now in her life. She has had over 200 rounds of chemo therapy, was taking 10 medications a day, and couldn't walk on her own. Now she is playing soccer (scored over 20 goals last season!) and helping other kids like her stay positive and find hope and inspiration. She has done much fundraising work and even been featured in Huffington Post and the radio. She was truly an amazing girl to here speak and made you appreciate how an uneventful day is ok.
Chips December 28th, 2015 Reed Wilcox 2015-12-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Dec 20, 2015
We had many, many, many guests in the house today as it was our annual Christmas Luncheon with family, friends, and prospective members.
Mike bragged about getting married over the weekend. He said it truly was the best day of his life. Congratulations Mike! I hope you and your wife find much happiness together.
Chuck bragged for Rich Carlson doing such a wonderful job with the trees
Bob Amelang seconded Chuck's praise for Rich's job and also presented him a bottle of fellowship ale (beer sold by Lincoln/Woodstock, NH Rotary as a Fundraiser) as Rich is a beer lover.
Tom bragged about the Patriots clinching the #1 seed in the AFC.
Andrea bragged for our club and how impressed she is with everything that is happening here. Said she really appreciated everyone's support over the years.
Wendy said she finally grew up; She mailed out all her Christmas packages and got everything on wrapped and no procrastinating this year.
Krista said she too is all ready for Xmas and has the presents under the tree.
Joe bragged that he has sweaters older than Krista.
Lou bragged for the job Rich did with the trees and Dick finally joining in on tree patrol.
Caprice bragged that she is having 2 exchange students over for Christmas at her home and also that Terry helped save her Christmas tree sale shift!
Brian congratulated Mike on getting married and also about how he and Vicky had 30 family members over to their new home and how special it was for him. Very thankful for those around him.
Will-please get your numbers to him on the blood drive. Did you volunteer of donate? let him know! Also he is looking for team members for the Rutland Meals Challenge at the Good Shepher Church on January 16th. Please sign up!
Chuck said the Mentor Connector Bowling is coming up again. Date is January 23rd.
Caprice is looking for volunteers to help her with the Snowball Dance for the Exchange students on January 30th from 6:30 to 10.
Krista said please bring all sold tix next week as it is the raffle drawing.
Rich's Tree Results:
Most bank deposits, Ron Bower
Most shifts with a family member, Brian and Vicky
Most Graveyard shifts, Will and Bill Drummond
Most by an honorary Rotarian, George Ambrose and Bob Miller
Most trees Sold in a shift, 39 by Joyce, Tracie Moore, and Brian)
Most shifts worked, 18 by Cale! Matt Parker worked 9 and Bob Amelang worked 8
Rich thanked everyone for their efforts and support
Gross Revenues of $39,166 which exceed last year by about $3,000!
Great work Rich! You do a wonderful job and we couldn't do it without you.
Mark Thanked the 3 generations of Sabatasso Family Members who served our great lunch. The food was truly excellent.
Mark then provided an update on The Santa Raffle saying it is going very well.
Thanked Rich and Ron for all they did on the tree fundraiser and was very grateful to them.
Cale has left on a roadtrip and won't be back until April.

Jan 30th, at 7PM is the Granville Rotary Club's Trivia night and Mark would like it if we forge a team to compete to help show support for Peter O'Brien who is basically a member of our club. He comes often and does a lot of sweat equity for us.
Kevin announced that the directors for the next term will be Nicole (Colie) Densmore, Jack Facey, Gwen Flewelling, and Jeff Guevin. The officers will be as follows; Krista to be President (el DOLCE), Stephanie to be VP, Chuck Pres. Elect and Reed to be Secretary. Mark will also serve on the board as Immediate Past President.
Tom and Dick were both presented with pins to honor their achievement in bringing in so many new members. Great job to both of you! Your efforts have truly paid off!
Raffle was $45 in little pot, large pot to be drawn in future as no cards at meeting. Jack won the little pot
Chips December 21st, 2015 Reed 2015-12-21 00:00:00Z 0
Riccardo puts a Italian trim to Christmas Caprice Hover 2015-12-16 00:00:00Z 0
They know who's been naughty and nice Cale Shipman 2015-12-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Stephanie Osgood
You better be good (sign up for more shifts)
​       You better not cry "I'm too busy". 
​            Santa knows who's been naughty and nice !
Clear Cut Santa Stephanie Osgood 2015-12-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Dec 06, 2015
Guests and Speaker:
Dan Segalia, guest of Dick Rohe
Ed McCollin, Lainnie's guest and significant other, exec director of Vermont chapter of Boy Scouts
Speaker, Jack Crowther on ending fluoridization of our water
Caprice paid a $10 fine on herself because she sold trees recently and didn't realize we raised prices by $2 tree and charged old price.
Chuck had fun playing Santa. A girl ran up to him and said "Hi! I'm Sharice!" Made him feel good.
Lou fined himself for his epic at the tree shed during his shift when the power went out. He couldn't lock the door, so he put thumb tacks to booby trap the shed from intruders among other highlights of his retelling of the tale.
Dick thanked Lou for so clearly illustrating the  need to recruit younger Rotarians as witnessed in his story.
Terry gave us the Castleton Hockey update. The men's team has lost 6 games by 1 point, but the women are 7-1-1!
Krista bragged for selling 3 trees before 6AM! Way to go!
Rich reminded Lou and everyone else that the she key hasn't moved from the lock box behind the shed in 3 years! Saturday shift sold 33 trees! We are officially break even now, so all the rest on racks are profit. We are behind by about 50 trees from last year.
Krista encouraged all to keep selling raffle tix and Mark pointed out that we received a matching grant from district that requires us to come up with the money so we have to sell these tix.
Ron said that after all he has seen, none of our members should apply for bank teller jobs
Caprice announced the Parent Child Center's upcoming golf tournament at Stonehenge indoor golf center scheduled for Groundhog Day. See her if interested in volunteering.
We will have a Christmas luncheon two weeks from today at the Palms. Bring spouse and potential Rotarians. The club will pay for prospective member's lunches.
Rich won, but will draw a card next week as we didn't have the deck.
Lainnie announced her resignation from the club. She served as a member of the board, club president, and even Assistant District Governor. She has been offered a GM position running a hotel and conference center up north. Couldn't give more details due to confidentiality agreement at the moment. She and Ed will be selling the home in Rutland and moving to Hinesburg full time. Lainnie, You will be sorely missed. Thank you for all you have give to the community, those we serve, and to each of us. It has been a pleasure getting to know you over the last 3 years! Don't be a stranger!
Jack Crowther is a Rutland resident and has been for many years. He worked as a writer for The Herald for many years, then went on to do freelance work, and eventually took his talents to CVPS before retiring. His wife is a retired teacher who worked at The NW School. Jack spoke to us about his initiative to rid fluoride from our water. He said that the issue will be on the ballot for March. He said that only 5% of the world's population is drinkinfgfluoridated water and he feels it is an antiquated, potentially hazardous problem. He said that he feels many chemical and industrial companies produced fluoride as a by-product and it was viewed hazardously and negatively by the public, so the companies found a way to change the opinion on fluoride through clever means. When asked what the most common effect of over fluoridization was, he said that pitted teeth were most common and effect mostly adolescents. He pointed to the fact that many dental societies and lobbyists are just keeping the status quo through accepted through and old misinformation.
Chips December 7th, 2015 Reed 2015-12-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Dec 01, 2015
Chips November 30nd, 2015
Posted by Will on Nov. 30th, 2015
Guests and Speakers:
Jennifer Brandon DC – guest of Nicole F.
Courtney Peet – guest of Nicole F.
Betsy Bloomer – inducted today
Steve Costello – inducted today
Freddie Cannon – inducted today
Liz Bates – Boys and Girls Club
Larry Bayle – Boys and Girls Club and Rutland South Rotary
Jim Watson – Guest of Joan
Betty Russo – today’s speaker
Colie fined Mike C. for poaching one of her basketball coaches to use as the DJ for his wedding.
Tom Donahue bragged about the Tree Lugging Contest finalists. Mark P. Was in the running for his “giant tree over the shoulder” approach, but Elias took the prize for his “three tree” strategy
Terry Moran had an update on Castleton Hockey. The ladies team lost to Plattsburg (who is top ranked), but the Men’s team broke a streak by beating Western New England.
Terry also bragged about his brother Dan coming down from Calgary for Thanksgiving.
Krista played in her first Hockey away game, which was a tie
Will reminded folks to sign up for the Gift of Life Marathon Blood drive. He also discussed the tally system, which gives a point for each pint given, each referral pint given, each attempted pint, each volunteer hour, and each referral volunteer hour
Rich made a bad joke about not “needling” Elias after his efforts unloading the Christmas trees. So far we have sold 63 trees.
Rich also wanted to remind us that there are important shifts open and that we need to make an effort to be more attentive salespeople.
Tom Donahue announced that the Holiday Chamber Mixer will be on December 8th, from 5-7 at the Heritage Family Credit Union.
Kevin announced that next week we will be voting on our board and officers for the next fiscal year
Stephanie reminded us that Santa and his Elves will be at the Christmas tree stand the next two weekends from 11-2. Elves are needed… you know who you are.

Barbara Giancola won it, but pulled the Queen of Diamonds
New Member Induction
Freddy Cannon, Betsy Bloomer, and Steve Costello  were all inducted as new members into the club.
Freddy works for the Boys and Girls club in Brandon, and Betsy and Steve work at Green Mountain Power
Welcome to all of you!
Our Speaker today was Betty Russo who talked on behalf of Lyme Corps. Betty is a math teacher at Proctor, and also has a masters in Public Health. Lyme disease is the most common vector born disease in the United States. It is transferred to humans primarily by the black legged (deer) tick who are active in the Fall and Spring in the Northeastern U.S. In the past few years, incidence of tick bites and Lyme disease have been getting worse, and Rutland County has seen an increase in cases. Lyme disease is transferred to humans by bites from nymph and adult ticks. Generally the tick must be imbedded for 24-48 hours in order to put you at risk. Signs of Lyme disease include a bullseye shaped rash, headache, and fatigue, but can also lead to tissue damage. Preventative measures include wearing long sleeve clothing, and applying Deet based bug sprays to skin. Clothing can also be sprayed with Permethrin. If you have been bitten by a tick and are exhibiting symptoms contact your doctor immediately, who can then recommend a course of antibiotics. Be wary about taking the Will Gormly approach of popping a few Doxycycline pills every time you find a tick in you. Always consult a physician first.
chips nov 30 2015 Reed 2015-12-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Nov 22, 2015
Guests and Speakers:
Jim Watson, Joan's son
Larry Bayle, visiting Rotarian of The South Club
Freddie Cannon, Approved New Member
Liz Bates, of the Boys N Girls Club
Speaker: Tom Huebner, CEO of RRMC and honorary Member via Corporate Membership
In case i forgot to post this, Steve Costello is an Approved New Member and is now eligible for induction.
Colie just got back from New Orleans from a training session and convention hosted by the National alliance of Youth Sports Academy. Colie is halfway through earning her Youth Sports accreditation. Congratulations!
Will bragged that Mike, Nicole, and himself participated in Catwalk For a Cause and got to show their modeling skills over the weekend.
Jeff W got word over the weekend that his daughter is expecting a baby girl! Congratulations!
Nicole spent the weekend with her daughter and her daughter convinced her to let her get high lights. After that, Nicole had to spend $260 to fix the highlights haha.
Joan bragged for her son, who has lost 70 lbs!
Chuck bragged for our club and our effort to beat the South Club in the Blood Drive competition. He said that he recently signed up and found out that if he gives this time, it will be his 83rd time!!! Unbelievable, Chuck!
Gary bragged for his 3 kids, all of whom made high honors this semester.
Chris Keyser bragged for his sister and his nephew. His nephew is marring a Croatian? woman and the bride to be's family is staying with Chris' sister and been an adventure.
Larry Bayle bragged for Liz Bates and that they are lucky to have her at The Boys and Girls Club. She has four master's Degrees and a real asset.
Dick bragged for the great job Gwen did analyzing the club's finances.
Jeff Guevin said that he found his drill and thanked everyone for helping him in process.
Nicole Moran bragged for her Terry. He is 66 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Terry!
Kevin bragged for Mike Coppinger performing his services for the March of Dimes
Brian bragged for Jeff Chabot and Rich Carlson, whom helped immensely in getting the Xmas Tree sight ready.
Cale said that he is looking for a stapler from the parade build. Anyone have it?
Caprice is still looking for someone who lives in a municipality that sends students to school in the Rutland system to please consider hosting our exchange student, Ricardo...The search is getting desperate.
Joan got a message from Lainie asking for the club to pray for her brother who is not doing well and is in the ICU. Sending good vibes and prayers your way, Lainie!
Peter announced the Granville Rotary Club's trivia night coming up. Encouraged us to support it and have fun!
Krista gave us an update on the Santa Raffle...Brian Perkins has already sold 25 tickets! Unbelievable, Brian...making us all look bad hahah. Great work in all seriousness
Joe gave us an update on Castleton hockey teams in lieu of Terry, as he was lost again, women still undefeated.
Ron handed out flyers of what folks will encounter selling trees. He urged us not to take credit card sales for $5 santa raffles. Try to get cash on those if you can. Make sure you fill things out all the way and that your hand writing is accurate and legible.
Rich Thanked Rotarians for getting tree site ready.
Joan has agreed to buy her clients who bought or sold a home with her over last year a tree, so if someone comes in with a coupon saying so, Joan will pay for those at later date.
Cale has also added an online tree shift sign up to our website. Brian Perkins is the first in history to sign up so far virtually.


Message from President Mark:

At the Tree shed, he will be having a banner that lists all of our corporate members and the names of individual members. If you would not like your name listed, simply let Mark know.
Steve White won little pot, not so lucky on the big one.
I had to leave early during Tom's speech...sorry I couldn't get the details.
Chips November 23rd, 2015 Reed 2015-11-23 00:00:00Z 0
Guests and Speakers:
Jim Watson, Joan's son
Larry Bayle, visiting Rotarian of The South Club
Freddie Cannon, Approved New Member
Liz Bates, of the Boys N Girls Club
Speaker: Tom Huebner, CEO of RRMC and honorary Member via Corporate Membership
In case i forgot to post this, Steve Costello is an Approved New Member and is now eligible for induction.
Colie just got back from New Orleans from a training session and convention hosted by the National alliance of Youth Sports Academy. Colie is halfway through earning her Youth Sports accreditation. Congratulations!
Will bragged that Mike, Nicole, and himself participated in Catwalk For a Cause and got to show their modeling skills over the weekend.
Jeff W got word over the weekend that his daughter is expecting a baby girl! Congratulations!
Nicole spent the weekend with her daughter and her daughter convinced her to let her get high lights. After that, Nicole had to spend $260 to fix the highlights haha.
Joan bragged for her son, who has lost 70 lbs!
Chuck bragged for our club and our effort to beat the South Club in the Blood Drive competition. He said that he recently signed up and found out that if he gives this time, it will be his 83rd time!!! Unbelievable, Chuck!
Gary bragged for his 3 kids, all of whom made high honors this semester.
Chris Keyser bragged for his sister and his nephew. His nephew is marring a Croatian? woman and the bride to be's family is staying with Chris' sister and been an adventure.
Larry Bayle bragged for Liz Bates and that they are lucky to have her at The Boys and Girls Club. She has four master's Degrees and a real asset.
Dick bragged for the great job Gwen did analyzing the club's finances.
Jeff Guevin said that he found his drill and thanked everyone for helping him in process.
Nicole Moran bragged for her Terry. He is 66 tomorrow! Happy Birthday Terry!
Kevin bragged for Mike Coppinger performing his services for the March of Dimes
Brian bragged for Jeff Chabot and Rich Carlson, whom helped immensely in getting the Xmas Tree sight ready.
Cale said that he is looking for a stapler from the parade build. Anyone have it?
Caprice is still looking for someone who lives in a municipality that sends students to school in the Rutland system to please consider hosting our exchange student, Ricardo...The search is getting desperate.
Joan got a message from Lainie asking for the club to pray for her brother who is not doing well and is in the ICU. Sending good vibes and prayers your way, Lainie!
Peter announced the Granville Rotary Club's trivia night coming up. Encouraged us to support it and have fun!
Krista gave us an update on the Santa Raffle...Brian Perkins has already sold 25 tickets! Unbelievable, Brian...making us all look bad hahah. Great work in all seriousness
Joe gave us an update on Castleton hockey teams in lieu of Terry, as he was lost again, women still undefeated.
Ron handed out flyers of what folks will encounter selling trees. He urged us not to take credit card sales for $5 santa raffles. Try to get cash on those if you can. Make sure you fill things out all the way and that your hand writing is accurate and legible.
Rich Thanked Rotarians for getting tree site ready.
Joan has agreed to buy her clients who bought or sold a home with her over last year a tree, so if someone comes in with a coupon saying so, Joan will pay for those at later date.
Cale has also added an online tree shift sign up to our website. Brian Perkins is the first in history to sign up so far virtually.


Message from President Mark:

At the Tree shed, he will be having a banner that lists all of our corporate members and the names of individual members. If you would not like your name listed, simply let Mark know.
Steve White won little pot, not so lucky on the big one.
I had to leave early during Tom's speech...sorry I couldn't get the details.
Chips NOV 23rd Reed 2015-11-23 00:00:00Z 0
Robert Dostas, Vice President and Executive Director of Green Mountain Power
is welcomed as a new Corporate Member by President Mark Price.
Another New Corporate Member Cale Shipman 2015-11-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Nov 15, 2015
Guests and Speaker:
Randall Northrop from St Johnsbury Rotary Club
Sara Travers of the Rutland South Club
Robert Dostas, Honorary Rotarian and Vp and Executive Director of GMP
Betsy Bloomer of GMP
Chris Hultquist, Speaker from Mentor Connector. Chris is the director of the program.
Lou bragged for Nicole Miller's determination in competing in a body building contest. He said that he has seen her push iron and he wouldn't want to run into her in a dark alley!
Lyle and Gary bragged for Castleton Football's stomping of Norwich.
Stephanie bragged for her trip to Phoenix, AZ with her husband and kis. They went to the Canyon, zoo, butterfly house. Had great time!
Dick bragged for his 48 year old daughter who was recently ordering a drink at a bar in Boston during a family function and was asked to show her ID
Terry gave us the Castleton Hockey update. Men lost again and women are still undefeated after 6 matches.
Will said that he had a 3rd party food inspection recently and that he passed with flying colors! Congratulations, Will.
Chuck bragged that we once again will be able to offer the Red Sox tickets as a raffle prize!
Joe bragged for the UVM Men's Soccer team's divisional championship.
Krista handed out raffle tickets and reminded folks that is not a 50/50. The grand prize is $1,000 and second place is $200. Please try to refrain from credit card sales unless a larger order.
Rich gave us a xmas tree update. On Saturday, November 28th, the tress will be getting unloaded by Rotarians at Main Street Park. Be there at 7:30 for breakfast and 8am to unload.
Colie announced the November RYP mix at Clem's at 6 o'clock. This is a comedy night and should be fun
Mark gave us an update on the completed Grace Preschool shelving project and thanked all who helped in the project.
Board Updates:
Board voted to give $2,000 to the United Way
Tree sales prices were raised by $2 at all levels.
Honorary Rotarian Induction:
We inducted Robert Dostas, VP and Exec. Director of GMP into the club today. Robert lives in Waterbury.
Gary won the small pot. Not so lucky on the big one.
Chris has a lot of experience running non for profits. He shared with us a story about a youth whose life was greatly changed by Mentor Connector. The program hopes to teach values, career skills, and belonging to at risk youth. Chris said that they have reached 1,000 lives in the Rutland County Community through their efforts. The program targets youths ages 5-21 years old. They go up to 21 because they realize that there are many challenges when you transition from high school to college and eventually the working world. They want to help make that an adjusted, smoother transition. An interesting statistic Chris shared was the average length of mentor mentee matches that they have here locally in their program. Their average match is 5 years, where the national match is only 9 months. They try to expose the youth to as many mentors as possible to see which may be a best fit and then monitor the match very closely. 87% of the local youth who have been a mentee say that the mentoring they have received helped them stay away from drugs and booze. 93% of youth say they would like to go on and become mentors. Chris said that definitely need more mentors and volunteers. Please consider this opportunity to help serve underprivileged children. The time commitment is only 1 hour a week.
Chips November 16th, 2015 Reed 2015-11-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Nov 15, 2015
Guests and Speaker:
Dan Stidallia, guest of Dick Rohe. Dan is a carpenter from Shrewsbury who was also a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in High School and said that the experience changed his life.
Tim Mackintosh of Triller Print Source. Guest of Will Gormly. Tim specializes in marketing and sales for Triller.
More of a brag...Mike welcomed Chris Keyser back to the club after a long hiatus.
Mike went on to fine alumni of Rutland, Proctor, Otter Valley, and Burr and Burton for State Champion titles.
Jeff W bragged that he recently went to Vermont Tech for a conference on state Forests and Rutland won an award for 100 years of excellent forest management. Said that Rutland's Town Forest is a 4,000 gem that a lot of people don't know anything about.
Nicole bragged for The Really Big Show and thanked those that came out. Said it was a huge success and raised an additional $2,000 the night of the show!
Caprice bragged for Gwen and Will being listed in the paper and paid their fine.
Gwen fined for her Happy Birthday wishes
Bob Miller was fined by Mike for his new job at PegTV as a camera operator. He said he really is enjoying filming things like school board meetings, town select boar meetings, etc. Even almost got to video tape a brawl at the Proctor Town meeting recently!
Chuck spent Saturday with his wife and Steve White and Steve's wife at the Castleton game and thanked Gary for the great hospitality.
Terry gave us the Castleton update. It was a rough weekend for Men's hockey, but the women's team is 4-0.
Joan said that her father in law went right off the back deck and blasted a turkey with his shotgun recently. He didn't even need a cane...
Rich said that is our 53rd year as a club selling trees and thanked Brian and his crew that moved the stands from Greybar and Jeff Chabot for hanging up our sign on Main Street.
Kevin time once again for new board members to submit their application to Kevin. The term starts July 1st.
Will needs your blood. Dates and times have been announced for the 12 days of giving that are coming up. You can volunteer, you can give blood, or you could do both! The gauntlet has been tossed with the South Club.
Lou said that a couple of weeks ago, we had a Nuclear Plant expert in the club and Lou was thinking of ideas to share with the gentleman of what to do with our decommissioned plant. Lou shared with us that in Germany, a nuclear plant has been converted to an amusement park!
Dick asked everyone to please introduce yourself to our newest members
Grace Preschool shelves were done over the weekend.
Santa Raffle Tix are now in!
Board Meeting was on Thursday at RRCC
Will won the little pot, not the big
Bob Miller provided us with a chainsaw safety demo:
Some helpful reminders...Make sure the saw is plugged in, Keep everyone around you at a very safe distance from the saw, and wear safety goggles!!!
Chips November 9th, 2015 Reed 2015-11-16 00:00:00Z 0

Another Rotary Project

Another Saturday...Another Rotary "Hands On" Project
      The Rotary Club of Rutland created and installed 288 square feet of much needed shelf space to the Preschool at Grace Congregation on Saturday November 14, 2015
The new shelving will help store all the things necessary to run a busy preschool.
      The build team consisted of:  Jeff Chabot...Matt Parker...Peter O'Brien...Mark Price
      The muscle team consisted of:  Cale Shipman...Bob Amelang...Ron Bower...Kevin Loso
More photos in the "Photo Albums" section to the right.
Grace Congregational Preschool Project Cale Shipman 2015-11-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Nov 05, 2015
Guests and Speakers:
Steve Costello of GMP
Lyle Jepson of Castleton, approved new member
Jim Mckean
Nicole Moran, approved new member
George Smith, guest of Nick's,
Cathy Petrini, approved new member
Freddie Cannon, director of the Brandon Chapter of Boys and Girls Club, and approved new member
I spoke about the Foundation today.
Rich Carlson bragged for our club and our president for the $10,000 gift to the park we gave.
Colie bragged for the Halloween Parade and said that many people said it was the "Best Yet!" Also, she bragged that Otter Valley won State
Krista bragged that the truck driver we had pulling our float said that he thinks we could "blow the competition away next year!"
Catherine said she missed last week because she was out of town as her son got engaged!
Tom said that Saturday was a success for Wheels for Warmth and over $10,000 were raised.
Nick bragged that 50 years ago yesterday, he started working for his current firm and that he isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Congratulations, Nick.
Chuck bragged that our club is both inclusive and innovative in that we make all feel welcome and important. He took that one step further by saying that our club doesn't get caught up on stereotypes and height issues, because Kevin Loso was a great elf for our float. Chuck then went on to brag for the great job that our club and Stephanie in particular did to make the float possible.
Lainie bragged that 15 years ago today, her brother had a second chance at life because someone gave him an organ. She encouraged us all to make sure we sign our license to be organ donors.
Terry gave us an update on the Castleton hockey teams.
Brian was looking for volunteers to help get the tree racks from Greybar
Rich said the shed is at the park and next week he will be getting sign-up sheets into the lunch meeting for shifts
Krista said that the Santa Clause Raffle Tix will be in next week and the prize will be $1000 first prize and $200 second, NO 50-50 this year to help the club retain more profit for the good work we do in the community.
Nicole F. encouraged us all to come see the Really Big Show on Saturday at The Paramount
Caprice is still looking for a host family for Ricardo from January through March of 2016.
Wendy announced that the city has a nice walnut desk that they want to get rid of, but it has to go to a non profit, which Caprice said she would take.
Catherine needs our help on Friday. She is a professor at University of North Carolina (did I get that right??) and needs a focus group members to participate. $25 gift card involved.
Stephanie announced our "Runner Up" status in the parade. She thanked everyone, but a few people in particular. Krista, Cale, Bob Amelang, and Terry Moran. Stephanie did a fantastic job with everything and she deserves a big round of applause. THANK YOU!!!!

Nick won it.
New Member Induction
Nicole Moran, Lyle Jepson, and Cathy Petrini were all inducted as new members into the club at our meeting on Monday.
Their member classifications will be Hospice care, Education, and Energy Generation, respectively.
Nicole is Terry Moran's Daughter in law and the director of hospice for local VNA.
Cathy Petrini is in IT and client support at GMP and is head of GMP's United Way Campaign effort.
Lyle is a former member of the City Club. He began his career as a teacher, then moved on to become a principal and now is the Dean of Entrepreneurial Studies at Castleton.
Welcome to all of you!
Foundation Presentation:
I spoke briefly about the Foundation and recent projects other Rotary clubs have finished. Remember, the Foundation is funded through our own generosity. When you pay your membership dues or pay for lunch, that IS NOT the Foundation. The Foundation is funded through making a pledge above and beyond that. When you pay for Lunch and Nicole asks would you like to add some money for the Foundation, that is above your cost for lunch. To become a sustaining member, one must contribute at least $100 a year (this is the Every Rotarian Every Year dollar amount). The Rotary Foundation has the highest possible score on Charity Navigator's rankings and does amazing things. Our Foundation is directly responsible for vaccinating 38% of the world's population for Polio...pretty amazing stuff!
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Posted by Cale Shipman on Nov 02, 2015
Click on the Halloween Float Video (above)
Then look for the page links along left side of page.
Halloween Float Video Cale Shipman 2015-11-03 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by reed on Oct 27, 2015
Joe Lynch of Brattleboro
Brenan Cosgrove of South Burlington
Brian Cosgrove of Williamstown
All of the above were speakers
Sheila Mccutchen of South Club
April Kuhl Of South Club
Goerge Smith of Burlington
Cathy Petrini of GMP and approved new member
I was not at the meeting this Monday...I apologize for forgetting to have a replacement fill in during my absence.

Friday @ 6pm- Mac Steel. This will be the major construction of the float (if you are handy, please be there). Krista and Stephanie will have light food.
Saturday @ 9am- Mac Steel. This will be the major decoration of the float. everyone who agreed to bring decorations, etc. PLEASE DO SO.

Good afternoon everybody

I am so glad that you are there today. Without employees in your firm nothing would get done. And without active members in our Rotary club nothing would get done.

Fortunately, membership in The Rotary club of Rutland is increasing and as you will hear from our committee heads we are engaged in many projects aimed at improving the lives of people living in our community and even around the world.

I am also Membership Chair of the 60 Rotary Clubs in Vermont and NH and very proud that two years ago Rutland was number one with the club with the most membership gain. Past President Brian led that successful effort.

In many clubs there are one or two or three members who generally sponsor new members. But during the past three years, among the 60 clubs, Rutland Rotary had 15 different members sponsor new members; again the highest number of any club in the District…that demonstrates the energy and enthusiasm we have for Rotary and we have for our club.

In your business, whether it is offering service or selling products, it is imperative to grow for all the obvious reasons. It is no different in Rotary. The more members we welcome, the more community projects we can manage, and the more successful our fundraising efforts will be so we can financially help support some of the many worthy non-profits in our region.

In the year 2014 we welcomed 13 new members; many of them young female professionals. In fact, 70% of the new members were under the age of 40; 60% of them female. That means we will get stuff done and get it done faster.

This year we have welcomed 5 new members; additionally one has been approved waiting induction, 4 others are pending and I fully expect we will once again welcome 13 new members this year.

As in any business relationship people get transferred, retire or move out of the area. So when we report on the total number of members we speak in terms of net membership, after those kind of terminations.

Our Rotary year begins on July 1. On that date in 2011 we had 49 members. This year we started with 53 members. We are currently at 57. By the end of November I expect we will be no fewer than 60.

On July 1, 2016, the end of the current fiscal, I anticipate that our membership will exceed 65 members; that would be a 23% net gain this term.

Recently our Board of Directors has approved our proposal to introduce the exciting innovative concept of Corporate Membership. Basically, a senior executive of an organization is welcomed as an Honorary Member and no fewer than two of their management are recommended for membership in Rotary as Active members.

Tom Huebner, Pres of RRMC was presented with his Honorary Membership by Pres. Mark on October 13th.

Robert Dostis, Sr VP of GMP has also agreed to participate in this program together with VP Steve Costello, Betsy Bloomer and Cathy Petrini. We are eager to welcome them all to Rotary very soon.

Details of this program can be found on our web site and FB pages.

I thank you all for your continued support of our great club as we sponsor new members, share the Gift of Rotary and approach 100 years of service to the Rutland Community.

Oct 2015 Membership Report

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Posted by Reed on Oct 22, 2015
Cathy Petrini of GMP, she is a proposed new member and guest of Dick Rohe
Lyle Jepson of Castleton, he is I believe an approved new member, but a guest of Dick Rohe
Freddie Cannon, Director of Brandon Boys and Girls Club and guest of Tom Donahue. Tom said before the club that he proposed Freddie as a new member to our club.
Joan bragged that her father has had some major surgeries in the past, but recently had his hip replaced and is doing well and happy about that. Joan said that she really wanted Will to win Dancing With The Stars and she paid Will to dance for us in front of the club. It was a hoot. The video is on our Facebook page!
Maria bragged for President Mark's WONDERFUL Oktoberfest that he had at his home. The food was fantastic, the beer was cold, and the conversation was lively! Maria also bragged that she is back into showing dogs and her pointer won at a recent prestigious dog show. Congratulations, Maria!
Caprice bragged for her 6 days spent in Florida as of recent and that she has been appointed to the state leadership committee to help families in our area. Congratulations, Caprice.
Jeff said he had a fake fine. As he was leaving city hall, the mayor stopped him and tried talking with him. Jeff told the mayor that he was going to be late for Rotary and he would get a fine, but the mayor gave him money to pay the fine. Jeff didn't feel right keeping it, so just paid it in anyway!
Will fined himself for being listed by Vermont Business Magazine as a Rising Star. Other Rotarians also made the prestigious cut; Gwen Flewelling and Colie Densmore. Congratulations to all three of you!
Kevin said that he will fine those who participated in the "sip and dip" at The Alley if the don't bring in their art work.
Jack bragged about his 40th wedding anniversary. Congratulations, Jack!
Barb bragged for her 50th anniversary. CONGRATULATIONS!!
Chuck saw the Notre Dame game in South bend recently and went to a Rotary Club meeting in CT at a club that he was the Chartering President of decades ago. He said that club does a golf tournament that nets over 50k?
Wendy bragged for her 29th wedding anniversary. Congratulations!
Mike bragged that 2 months from today, he is getting married.
Stephanie bragged for the huge success the block party saw and thanked those that came out to help.
Lou spoke of an engagement team meeting. I am not sure of the details on this one. See Lou.
Caprice is looking for a host home for Ricardo starting in January. The initial home pulled out and she needs a replacement family.
I shared a thank you we received from Shelter Box. Our donations went to buy a portion of two shelter boxes. We will be notified when the boxes are placed with a needy family where they went.
Chuck is asking everyone to let him know if you made up a meeting, as he is club secretary.
Kevin announced the club admin meeting at his office this Thursday (past tense).
Brian is looking to get a couple people together to transport the tree racks. There is the possibility that Castleton Hockey player may be able to help with this or unloading trees? See Brian if you are interested in helping in any way.
Mark gave us an update on The Board:
The club was approached by Rutland Rec's Cindy Wight about the building of a new park in the NW neighborhood on the site of a former blighted property. The city didn't have the money to pay for a nice fence around the park and the board has decided to make this part of the centennial project and donate $10,000 to pay for the fence. A plaque will be added with our name as the benefactor.
PLEASE sign Gwen's new member sheet or ELSE!
Joan gave awards to Jack Facey for his work during her term as the head of the Centennial Committee and another award to Krista for her efforts on the Fundraising committee and a board member.
$45 in little pot, won by none other than Mr. lucky, Terry Moran! Terry didn't have the queen of hearts on his side, though.

In lieu of a speaker, Cale and Stephanie gave updates on the Halloween Parade Float Effort:
We are looking for garland; red or silver. WE need a tree topper (star), gift wrapped boxes, 1-2 gallons of black paint, need drop/shop lights to illuminate our polar express.
Saturday, the 24th is Paint the train day at Mac Steel.
Float build starts on Friday the 30th at 6pm at Mac Steel followed by an all dayer on Saturday to finish it up. Line up for the parade is 5:30.
Stephanie desperately needs a crew of volunteers to take down the float the following Sunday.
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Posted by Reed on Oct 05, 2015
Guests and Speakers:
Betsy Bloomer and Cathy Petrini, both guests of Dick Rohe and employees of GMP
Nicole Moran, Daughter-in-law of Terry's and his guest.
Chris Hultqurst and Ricardo Asnaghi, Chris is part of the exchange program and Ricardo is our exchange student. Both are guests of Caprice
George Smith, Guest of Nick Carmoli and a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, whom I believe Nick said was coming to Rutland from Burlington area.
Linda McGinnis, of Ryan Smith and Carbine, and guest of Stephanie Osgood.
Visiting Rotarian, Peter O'Brien of the Granville Club.
Speakers from Castleton:
Approved new member, Lyle Jepson
Crispin White
Peg Richards
The meeting was hosted at Castleton Downtown and we skipped fines/brags. Mark provided us with two quick announcements: please sing Gwen's new member introduction sheet as time is running out. Also, The Grace School Shelving Program is a go and will happen on November 14th.
The main topic covered in our meeting (other than the really excellent lunch Castleton put together) was the Castleton Internship Program and how we can help implement this at our own business. Lyle Jepson, Crispin White and Peg Richards all shared tid bits about the program and noted that these students are dying to put their skills and knowledge to work and can help us find potential long term permanent employees. Some ideas for interns would be helping to finish a project a company has had on the back burner, developing/implementing a marketing plan, website updates, assisting w/ grant proposals, and updating excel spreadsheets to name a few. Crispin noted that if the University can recruit talented young folks to the area by offering attractive internships, it may help all of us with our common problem...young educated people leaving the state.
Peg Richards is the go to person to help place you with a prospective intern. She can answer any questions and also help you narrow down your focus or get an idea of what needs your company has. Her number is 468-1302.
Mike C won the little pot, not so lucky on the big'en.
Chips October 5th, 2015 Reed 2015-10-06 00:00:00Z 0
Guests and Speaker:
Robert Dostis; GMP employee and guest of Dick Rowe
Mike Jones; Chief of Rutland City Fire Department and guest of Jeff W.
Speaker: Joe Mark, with Trout Unlimited
Gwen's dog won an award at the Wonderfeet Kid's Museum's dog parade for longest ears. Her five year old daughter thought it was because she and the dog were the cutest together.
Gary bragged about Castleton's homecoming and the football team's victory. Great weekend and a lot of fun. over 4,000 in attendance at game.
Mike's stepdaughter scored her first soccer goal! Also, Rutland Soccer is hosting a fundraiser at Table 24. He and other parents will be waiting on tables to raise money for local soccer.
Nicole Fabian bragged for the Really Big Show coming up soon. Auditions are this Friday at RIS at 5:15 and next Tuesday, same place/time.
Chuck said it's a good thing that we are bringing in new members to Mike Coppinger, because the flyer he handed out about his fundraiser was in such small print, he couldn't read it. Chuck bragged for the mass he was able to attend in Madison Square Garden with the pope over the weekend.
Tom bragged for the Patriots (go figure)
Jeff W bragged for his up-coming 38th wedding anniversary.
Will hosted a wedding at his house for two long time friends and had over 150 people there. Said it was a great day and party.
Chuck fined Sonia for her publicity announcing her dental practice changing names to Cornerstone Dental. They ARE taking on new patients.
Joan bragged for Mike Jones and is very happy for him in his new position and said that we are all lucky to have him in this community.
Kevin bragged that he got to go to Cuyahoga National Park recently while out in Ohio on business. He has been to 29? so far
Wendy has a granddog. Her son recently adopted a lab husky mix out in Alaska.
Nick said we should have a moment of silence for Yogi Berra because he was a well spoken man who lived up to a lot of the Rotarian Ideals and if when Nick passes, if his epithet looks half as good as Yogi's, he would be a proud man.
Lou bragged about his success at Shelburne Farm's Makers Fair. 700 people stopped by his booth to see his things and read his narratives, but unfortunately no one bought anything. He still considered it a success because he got exposure and people hopefully will think about the messages he is trying to convey.
Mark said his kids have been pestering him to buy a new boat and he has been hesitant. He was working on his lake house recently and looked out the window right as an oak tree was falling on his boat...long story short...his kids are getting their wish.
Will announced the block party this Saturday in the NW neighborhood. Starts at 10am and goes to 3.
Stephanie announced that we found a place for our trailer! Mac Steel is willing to give us space for a few days to build. A lot of people are needed to be in the parade and we are building an 18 foot train, 9 foot tree, and a sleigh.
***Next Monday, no meeting at The Palms. We will be meeting at Castleton Downtown in the Opera House. Catherine has generously made available free parking in the pit for the meeting time.
Lainie's Paul Harris Fellow Induction Ceremony:
Lainie recently became a PHF and was presented with her medallion, pin, and certificate to commemorate her generosity.
Joe Mark taught for 40 years in higher education. The last 32 years were spent at Castleton University. After he retired he was looking to stay involved, but not wanting a lot of commitment because other retired folks told him don't bite off too much right away...enjoy yourself. He got into Trout in The Classroom by helping his grandson's class out with the project. Basically, classrooms across the state are given brook trout eggs and raise these trout from egg to fingerlings at about 2.5 inches long. At that time, the trout are released in the wild. This is a great way for kids to learn about ecology, streams, animals, etc and has shown to really engage hard to reach boys. Joe has been a lifelong fly fisherman, but said that this program doesn't have anything to really do with fishing. Some programs add a fishing component as a side interest or project, but this is just about sparking the kids interest in science etc. He said that he is having a hard time getting a program like this started here in Rutland, but has found a teacher at Rutland High, Dawn Sweigart?, who is up for the challenge. One problem he is running into is the cost of the aquarium, etc. To get a class going, the initial cost is $1,200. He is working on getting grants, but imagines they will still need $1,000. The ongoing annual cost is around $75, so once the project is up and running in a classroom, the costs are pretty minimal. He said that he recommends this to school kids 4th grade to 6th grade being the sweet spot but most any kids would benefit and learn from this.
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Posted by Reed Wilcox on Sep 20, 2015
Guests and Speakers:
Nicole Moran, Terry's Daughter-in-law, also head of hospice department for Ravna.
Rosemary Moser, With "Let's Grow Kids", whom was our speaker.
Jeremy bragged about his father's health improving since he had a close call with heart problems. Jeremy also bragged about accepting a new position with Edward Jones as a Financial Advisor.
Jeff G fined himself for taking so long to bring in the thank you he received from Rutland NW Elementary for the Field Day he helped put on.
Kwame fined Mike Coppinger for his interview with CAX about Rutland being named Solar City and the downtown revitalization.
Tom bragged for the final total raised by The Walk to End Alzheimers. They raised $32,000! Way to go! Also, he bragged that he got to ride his motorcycle over the weekend in another fundraiser.
Cale bragged for Stephanie and the social she helped put together at The Red Clover Inn. He said it was a great time and encouraged all to attend in future. Also, there is a lunar eclipse coming up soon.
Peter bragged for his 30th anniversary with his wife, his son got engaged, and his daughter graduated from St. Lawrence and also has accepted a position with St. Lawrence! He bragged for the hospice program over in Granville, Ny as well because of Terry's daughter-in-law's affiliation with hospice. He has seen first hand the great work they do for people.
Mark also bragged for his 30th wedding anniversary being today.
Caprice is leaving early today from the meeting to teach her last class with a retiring professor at Castleton. Said that the Professor will be sorely missed.
Stephanie announced the October 3rd Block party in the NW neighborhood. Looking for volunteers to help with crafts with the kids. Talk to her or Will. Also, still looking for a location to house the float during its' build. Roughly 50 feet long.
Nicole is working on The Really Big Show and wants us all to let anyone we may know who has a talent to consider auditioning for the show. Auditions are at RIS on October 2nd and 6th.
Tom put a $1 in the brag jar for the Patriots performance and also announced that October 28th is the annual Chamber Meeting where they announce business person of the year. Coming up in November, the chamber is sponsoring a job and career fair for the whole state of Vermont to be held at Franklin Conference Center.
Andrew Carlson bragged that Rex Ryan had to admit he was out coached by Bill Belichik before announcing his knowledge of a great apartment for rent. See him if you know anyone who may be looking.
Lou announced the upcoming Shelburne Museum Maker's Market, This Saturday and Sunday. He brought in a diorama to show us of his portrayl of Cecil The Lion. He likes to use his artwork to bring issues to light that the world is facing. He will be exhibiting at The Shelburne Museum for those interested in seeing more of his work. You can also stop by his studio to see over 200 pieces he has on display.
Mark gave us a quick club update: we received a thank you from the boy who won the bike at the fair that we sponsored. Also, the club was awarded a $1,000 grant from District to be used in our Santa Raffle Fundraiser to help us buy books for the kids to help promote literacy.
$700 big pot
Terry won the little pot (GO FIGURE!), not so lucky on the big one. He drew a jack.
Rosemary has been providing child care and early education services since 1984 and firmly believes in the importance of getting to kids early on. She grew up in NYC and got involved in early education during high school to get some credits. In doing so, she found a true passion in working with young children and knows she can really make a difference in doing so. She knows Rich Carlson through the Master Gardeners program, with which she helps introduce gardening to kids at a young age. Art programs are her specialty because she believes in kids being able to touch and feel things to help foster motor skills growth and creativity. She shared some shocking statistics with the club and the one that stuck with me is the fact that a lot of kids are going to kindergarten very behind and it is taught to impossible to get caught back up. Many studies have shown that early education/intervention programs lead to much higher rates of academic and life success. She urged us to go to to sign a petition to tell our legislators to address this issue head on. If you are a parent looking to help your child's early education, you could go to her website and there are many resources there. She encouraged providing your children with many sensory experiences and tactile sensations. Trying new foods, touching different things, seeing different things, etc.
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Posted by Reed Wilcox on Sep 13, 2015
Guests and Speaker:
Abby Noland, executive director of the Rutland Free Library, guest of Wendy
Larry Crist, executive director of the Vermont chapter of The American Red Cross, guest of Tom
Stacy Kent, our speaker, Stacy is the Director of Outreach and Marketing for PegTv
Rich bragged about his fishing trip at Narragansett, Rhode Island. Braved 6 foot seas and half of his fishing companions losing their lunch to bring home a bounty of striped bass, which he shared with Stephanie Osgood.
Brian bragged for People's United Bank and Nicole. He said he had a great experience in the lending process with them to secure financing to purchase his Grandmother's home in Proctor. He and Vicky moved in over the weekend. Brian also bragged for his 2nd wedding anniversary, which was today.
Cale bragged about his national park trip, which included Yellowstone, Teton, Glacier, and Roosevelt Parks.
Bob Amelang bragged for Cale and thanked him for letting him borrow and read a Bill Bryson book that dealt with Bob's hometown, Des Moines, IA.
Will bragged for the Rutland Young Professionals Summit, which took place on Saturday at The Paramount. Over 120 folks in attendance, including three gubernatorial candidates, Congressman Welch, and other VIP's.
Krista went to Acadia National Park and took in the sights and sounds of the area. Also, she was in Northfield recently at a festival and the Rotaract club had a booth and she bought a $5 necklace from them that was really cool.
Tom gave a shout-out to the Patriots, bragged about the Alzheimer's Walk raising over $25,000, and also Walk a Mile in Her Shoes coming up and how he picked out a great pair of size 11 Wide bright red heels.
Lyz bragged about a recent ranking of CSJ as one of the best bang for your buck schools in the Northeast by Washington Monthly.
Lainie bragged for her daughter taking in a 2 day old baby making it the 40th? child she has taken into her home. Lainie's daughter suffered a miscarriage and the baby being around really helped her through the challenging time. She is very proud of her daughter.
Terry said that he was giving us all a very special warning...When you invite family to come visit, they just might do it. He has had family from Texas all the way to British Columbia over the past few weeks. Been crazy busy, but great to see everyone.
Joan has officially been immortalized on the Past President's plaque, which hangs on the wall at The Palms.
Stephanie is looking for a shelter or building to house the trailer we are building the float on. The trail is 8x53 big. If anyone has any ideas, that would be great. Also, there is a joint Rotary club social this Thursday at Red Clover Inn in Mendon @ 5:30.
Steve updated us on Jeremy Carol. His father has been suffering from health issues and Jeremy has been devoting time to his father. He will be back when he can.
Colie said that Strides Against Breast Cancer is coming up and they are still looking for volunteers. Talk to her.
Mark provided updates on the Board; An opportunity to do a collaborative project with the Rutland Rec Department has arisen that could partly coincide with our centennial project.
OKTOBERFEST: Saturday, Oct 17th at Mark's home. Rain date the following Saturday, the 24th...Mark said free beer for anyone that wears lederhosen and yodels the four way test.
We received a photo and thank you from the military families whom the club served the dinner to in Brandon area.
$700 big pot, lot less in the little...Jeff G. won the little, not so lucky on the big'en.
Stacy Kent of PegTv grew up in the area. She graduated from Fair Haven High and went on to Castleton. She has been in the media business for over 20 years. Peg Tv is Rutland County's Public Access Organization. Public Access came on to the scene when cable companies were forced to start providing the medium to communities. After it's startup, PegTv broke away from the cable company into their own entity. Peg stands for Public Entertainment and government. They have 3 channels that show anything from high school sports to how to make mom's meatloaf. close to 100% of the programming is put together by "vip" producers. VIP stands for volunteer independent producers. It is free to become a VIP and they will train you and show you how to use all of the equipment. If you know how to tie flies or have a hobby or recipe you want to share, you can get it broadcast for free. They currently reach over 20,000 households. Stacy presented the idea of us using peg to try to broadcast all the good we are doing for the community. She said, "I honestly had no idea what Rotary was or all the great things you do for our community until I started looking at your Facebook page!". Clearly we could do better broadcasting our accomplishments and mission. This may be a great format for us and that was something kind of posed at the meeting by several folks.
Chips September 14th, 2014 Reed Wilcox 2015-09-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Aug 30, 2015
Gwen Flewelling (approved new member)
Bob Amelang (approved new member)
Mike bragged about his girl's soccer team that he coaches winning over the weekend. They came back very late in the game to win 2-1.
Caprice bragged for Jeff Guevin. She conned him into joining her over in New Hampshire for an info session on our Youth Exchange program and she couldn't make it, but Jeff still went.
Win Bragged for his Alaskan fishing trip. He brought home 50 lbs of Halibut and Sockeye Salmon...Let me know if you need a friend, Win.
Jeff Guevin was going to fine Caprice for bailing, but she admitted it first. He then bragged for Ricardo, who is our exchange student. He got to meet him and was very impressed.
Brian won't be at Rotary until he closes on his new house and gets moved into Proctor. He bought his grandmother's home and is looking to rent his current home out on Kendall Ave if anyone knows anyone looking. Brian also bragged about getting to take his grandfather home from the rehab/assisted living over in New Hampshire for a nice dinner with the family.
Terry found a lump on his neck a month or so ago and recently had it removed over at Dartmouth. He said that his new favorite number is b9.
Will-The Northwest Neighborhood's block party is happening again on October 3rd from 10-3. We need volunteers. Also, tomorrow is when tickets for Dancing With The Rutland Stars go on sale. Will is dancing and thanked Mark Price for sponsoring him.
Colie announced "Strides Against Breast Cancer", an event being held on September 27th, see her for more information.
Stephanie announced a joint club social on Thursday, September 17th, 5:30 at The Red Clover Inn
Jeff Guevin announced "Mountains to Mountains; People to People", which is benefit auction and raffle being held at Andrea Mead Lawrence lodge at Pico on Saturday, September 19th to raise money for earthquake victims in a particular village in Nepal. All items in the auction are in the Mountain theme. Will feature fine art and photography from Nepal.

There will be NO meeting next week in observance of Labor Day.
CORRECTION: Our Castleton Downtown regular Monday meeting date (ie. we are still meeting, but not at The Palms) is on October 5th, NOT the previously mentioned, incorrect date in Chips.
Corporate Membership Program:

Dick presented the new program under which we will allow corporations to become members of our club. The Board agreed on this and Dick has outlined the program as follows:


The Rotary Club of Rutland is pleased to announce that it has expanded its membership options to include Corporate Memberships.

The primary motivation of this innovative plan is to enable senior leaders of regional organizations to increase the awareness of the social and civic concerns of their firm by a membership affiliation with Rotary. The club benefits by retaining active and valuable relationships with the great businesses in our community.

Here’s the plan: The CEO/Pres. will be welcomed by the Rotary Club of Rutland as an Honorary Member. It is recognized and understood that time constraints may prevent regular attendance at weekly meetings. No initiation fee is charged and no annual dues are charged. An annual contribution to the Rotary International Foundation of no less than $200 is encouraged.

The CEO/Pres may select up to three, but no less than two members of the management team of the same firm to be recommended and inducted as regular, active members of the Rotary Club of Rutland. The interview and approval process will be the same for them as it is for all other active regular members. Annual dues are $150; invoiced $75 on Jan 1 and July 1. Reasonably regular attendance and active participation in Rotary club meetings, service projects and fundraising is expected.

Corporate Members will additionally benefit with logo presence as sponsors of the Rotary Club of Rutland, on club publications, advertisements, Club e-newsletter, social media, promotions and fundraising material. The firm will also be offered an opportunity to share a club speaker spotlight at least once annually.

The Rotary Club of Rutland has been diligently serving the Rutland community for almost 100 years. Rotary is a gift for those who serve and for those who are served. Join us and share the gift of Rotary.

Contact: Richard Rohe, Membership Chair 802 492 2300


New Member Induction:

I am pleased to announce that the club has welcomed two new members today. Gwen Flewelling and Bob Amelang. Gwen is a CPA at Obrien Reynolds, Shortle, and Sabotka as well as the VP of RYP. She is very active in the community and enjoys baking, crafting, and spending time with her children. Her classification will be "Accounting". Bob worked at CV from 1970, through the merger with GMP and retired in 2013. He is a long time Rotarian and was a member of the West Rutland Club. He has had several experiences working on Youth Exchange.



Barb won the little pot, not so lucky on the big'en.



It's not often that I can say that the speaker really stunk, but today I can...because it was me hahaha. In all seriousness, the topic today was the Rotary Foundation and how the money is put to work. I showed a couple videos that illustrated how money is segregated at the Foundational level and how the money is used. Basically, there are 3 pots of money; Polio Plus, Annual Fund, and The Permanent Fund. IF money is earmarked for Polioplus..that is the only cause it can be spent on. Every Rotarian Every Year is placed in the Annual Fund and the interest earned on the contributions pay for the administration expenses of Rotary International. After the money has been in the Annual Fund for 3 years earning interest to pay for expenses, it is "released" to be spent of humanitarian and project needs (do the work that we feel is vital). This would include conflict resolution, water well, schools, etc. The Permanent fund is just as it sounds, money that is invested in perpetuity and the interest is skimmed off to meet funding needs for projects and our mission to leave the world a better place. The principal is never spent in the Permanent Fund.

Now to become a sustaining member or The Foundation, you must become a EREY, or every rotarian every year. This equates to $100 a year gift to the Foundation. The goal of RI is to get every Rotarian giving this amount (or more). Some will obviously give far more and that's great, but do what you can. To make this gift easier, you can set up a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual bank or credit card draft to pay for it. You could also give Nicole $2 or $3 at lunch on Mondays. You could also write an extra $50 on your check for dues when Ron sends you the bill.


Thank you all for your time today.

Chips August 31st, 2015 Reed 2015-08-31 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Aug 26, 2015
I apologize for the delayed publishing of Chips. It has been a very busy time in my business.
Jessica Santini from Fairpoint Communications. Guest of Mike Coppinger
Rich Carlson was fined by Mike Coppinger for his 2 week vacation to Wells Beach, ME. He went with his two daughters. Other members pestered him to say who else he brought. He then said he brought his partner as well. Rich said he has given her a commitment ring and other members joked and said the ring of non commitment. Sorry Rich, too funny to leave out.
Andrew Carlson's eldest son turned 21 on Sunday and didn't wind up in jail. This made Andrew happy and thankful. Also, The All Saints Anglican Church held a chicken BBQ and tag sale over the weekend and raised $1,000.
Joan bragged for Sherwin Williams. She and Jim are painting a fence on their property and she called Sherwin Williams for prices. The rep said how much the stain would be, but also admitted that it would be on sale within a weeks time. He gave her the sale price before the sale.
Steve got pizza and chicken wings at Little Caesars recently and while in their picking it up, a group of singers were doing their thing and were really quite wonderful. He said, where else can you get dinner and entertainment for $12!
Wendy bragged that her husband, Chuck, and herself recently gave their son a vehicle. The catch was that he would have to get it and drive it to Alaska where he is living. He came down and Chuck and him drove to Alaska from here and had a great trip.
Ron bragged for Mike and said he saw Mike Coppinger at Table 24 and was relieved when Mike didn't make Ron "give him an "r"!
Chuck bragged for the Rutland Parent Child Center Golf Tournament and his teammate Nicole Fabian who nailed several 20-30ft birdie puts.
Elias was fined by President Mark for being in the paper

Tom announced the Killington Classic Motorcycle Rally coming to town this weekend. encouraged folks to come out and take in the sights and/or ride in the event.
Stephanie announced that The Polar Express was the winner for our float theme. The parade is on Halloween this year, which is a Saturday.
Colie bragged about Rotary field fianlly being completed and should be ready for football next fall.
Gary Ladabouche said that Nicole was a heck of a golfer and a great teammate at the Parent Child Center Tournament. He then auctioned off 3 un-sold items from a Castleton auction. Items included learn to ski packages at Killington, Greens fees and carts at Killington, and Castleton Football season passes.
Make sure that you have signed new members introduction lists. If you haven't, you can expect to pay a fine of $5.

OCTOBER 15th: our regular lunch meeting will be at Castleton Downtown. Bring your regular $11 for lunch.
Jeff W was presented with a recognition pin from RI for bringing in a new member, Andrew Carlson.
Stephanie won the little pot, not so lucky on the big one.
No speaker, We instead had "The Wheel Ceremony"
Rotary was started in 1905 by Paul Harris in Chicago. The wheel was chosen to represent progress and civilization. By 1910, there were 16 Rotary clubs and all 16 clubs had different desings of the wheel. In 1925 the final design emblem as we know it today was created. Our club had a member years ago, Gene Stiles. Gene had perfect attendance for over 50 years and either built our wheel by hand or had it built. Either way, credit for the wheel is give to him for our wooden copy.
The spokes of the wheel stand for the following: attendance, friendship, integrity, leadership, brotherhood, and enlightenment.
Joan presented plaques to members of the club for service to the club during her term.
Chips August 24th, 2015 Reed 2015-08-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Aug 17, 2015
Guests and Speaker:
Speaker-Brian Remer from Firefly Group
Visiting Rotarian, Bill Perkins
Ken LaBate, guest of Mark Price. Ken is director of Admissions at CSJ
Madeline Coppinger, Mike's mother
Proposed new member, Bob Amelang, guest of Dick Rohe
Visiting Rotarian, Peter O'Brien
Additional proposed new members, who were not in attendance at lunch: Gwen Flewelling, Lyle Jepson, and Bruce Bouchard.
Chuck is looking for 1 more person to play on his team in the Rutland County Parent Child Center golf tournament
Gary Ladabouche updated us on the 240 initiative open house at the Paramount on Thursday, starting at 5:30. Will be food and drinks etc
Winter in August was a great event for our club and the community. Many people and tons of waffles served. Had a few folks inquire into what our club does etc.
The military family bbq in Brandon served around 60 people and was a success! Thanks to all that attended and helped for both events.
Terry Moran won the raffle...big surprise. He only won the little pot, unfortunately for him.
Brian Remer, founder of Firefly Group and author of several books. He specializes in leadership development and changing your outlook on life. His hope was to get us to re-xamine our thinking. He had us think about specific questions, such as, Why is Rotary important to our community? What is Rotary? How has being a Rotarian changed you? After thinking about these questions, Brian had us write our personal answers to these questions and exchange cards with other Rotarians to see how each of us felt and learn new ideas. He told us the sharing of ideas is important and vital to change your thought process. He also encouraged us to write down 5 names of people you would like to invite to Rotary meetings. Overall, it was an interesting discussion and fun to participate in.
Chips August 17th, 2015 Reed 2015-08-18 00:00:00Z 0
Special shout-out to Brian Perkins for taking Chips for us this week in my absence. Very much appreciated!
CHIPS Bulletin 6/1/15 by Brian Perkins
Guests & Speakers       
Fines & Brags    Kwame did an excellent job filling in for Mike!
Will was in NC for vacation, had a great time
Caprice was @ Rotary District Conference in Portland, ME.  Was recognized for youth exchange
Nicole F. went on a Bahama Cruise for a week
Joe’s daughter was in Europe, now back.  Also his wife is studying for her Master’s degree – now principal of Proctor HS!
Elias – Mill River HS dance recital
Rich was @ District Conference, bragged for Joan and Caprice
Colie – fundraiser for kids & silent auction, raised over $3,600
Rachel’s boyfriend graduated from Law School!
Terry – Bomoseen fundraising & giving back
Kevin bragged for friend Rip Jackson leaving the Rutland area
Chuck for RRCC golf tourney
Krista identified as a “future leader” for an insurance provider at her work
Caprice fined Rich for giving a certain lady friend a “ring of friendship”
Kevin fined Will for NC trip, coming back “in record time”
Joan bragged for Father-in-Law surgery.  Also about our club @ District Conference & our younger Rotarians!
Rachel – Relay For Life Sat., June 20
Caprice – looking for hole sponsorships for RCPCC golf tourney
Joan – Thank You card for NW School for Spring Fling via Jeff G.
Joe won the small pot, but didn’t win the big pot
No Speaker = Committee Reports
Caprice – Youth Exchange – needs help with administration of the committee.  We will have an exchange student from Italy next school year
Will – Service Projects – Next meeting will be Fri., June 19 @ noon @ TBA.  Relay For Life coming up.  Also updated us on Boys & Girls club.
Brian – Membership – Nicole Miller has been approved!  Numbers are somewhere in the 50s as a couple people dropped out due to work
Krista, Chuck & Steve – Fund Raising – Golf tourney update, Wed., June 24 @ PPCC.  Currently have 21 teams, 54 sponsorships, maybe 3 more.  Raffle update – 600+ tickets sold.
Cale – website – update about website & bios need to be updated.  Contact him for questions
4-Way Test
Led by Cale
CHIPS Bulletin 6/1/15 by Brian Perkins
Guests & Speakers       
Fines & Brags    Kwame did an excellent job filling in for Mike!
Will was in NC for vacation, had a great time
Caprice was @ Rotary District Conference in Portland, ME.  Was recognized for youth exchange
Nicole F. went on a Bahama Cruise for a week
Joe’s daughter was in Europe, now back.  Also his wife is studying for her Master’s degree – now principal of Proctor HS!
Elias – Mill River HS dance recital
Rich was @ District Conference, bragged for Joan and Caprice
Colie – fundraiser for kids & silent auction, raised over $3,600
Rachel’s boyfriend graduated from Law School!
Terry – Bomoseen fundraising & giving back
Kevin bragged for friend Rip Jackson leaving the Rutland area
Chuck for RRCC golf tourney
Krista identified as a “future leader” for an insurance provider at her work
Caprice fined Rich for giving a certain lady friend a “ring of friendship”
Kevin fined Will for NC trip, coming back “in record time”
Joan bragged for Father-in-Law surgery.  Also about our club @ District Conference & our younger Rotarians!
Rachel – Relay For Life Sat., June 20
Caprice – looking for hole sponsorships for RCPCC golf tourney
Joan – Thank You card for NW School for Spring Fling via Jeff G.
Joe won the small pot, but didn’t win the big pot
No Speaker = Committee Reports
Caprice – Youth Exchange – needs help with administration of the committee.  We will have an exchange student from Italy next school year
Will – Service Projects – Next meeting will be Fri., June 19 @ noon @ TBA.  Relay For Life coming up.  Also updated us on Boys & Girls club.
Brian – Membership – Nicole Miller has been approved!  Numbers are somewhere in the 50s as a couple people dropped out due to work
Krista, Chuck & Steve – Fund Raising – Golf tourney update, Wed., June 24 @ PPCC.  Currently have 21 teams, 54 sponsorships, maybe 3 more.  Raffle update – 600+ tickets sold.
Cale – website – update about website & bios need to be updated.  Contact him for questions
4-Way Test
Led by Cale
Chips June 1st, 2015 Reed 2015-06-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on May 20, 2015
Guests and Speaker
Bill, visiting Rotarian from Wallingford
Nicole Miller, Prospective new member
Marie Grause-Ceo and President of Vermont Association of Hospitals and Health Systems
Mike fined Joan for emailing everyone that there wouldn't be a Rotary meeting on Monday, the 18th of May, for Memorial Day...A week too early for Memorial Day. She was also fined for the article in the paper recognizing her for her 30th year with Coldwell Banker! Go Joan!!
Mike also fined me for my article in the Business Journal.
Peter fined for the commercial lending piece featuring him in the paper.
Brian bragged for his wife, Vicky, whom graduated with her MBA over the weekend. Awesome job, Vicky....We know who's the brains in the family now
Win's son won his first half marathon over the weekend and came in the top 10 percentile for his age group.
Mike bragged for the Club and the Downtown Partnership for arranging a former US National Soccer Team player to speak at the Paramount.
Colie bragged that she has completed her 1 year anniversary of working for the city. Congrats!
Ron bragged that he just celebrated his 49th wedding anniversary. Congratulations, Ron!
Jeff w bragged that this was the second week of his life without a thyroid...and now without cancer! So happy to hear that you are on the road to recovery, Jeff!
Barb went to Quebec City and said she absolutely loved it and had a great time
Tom bragged for fundraiser with the Red Knights Motor Cycle Club and also glad that nothing like Waco, TX happened lol.
Caprice made it through her 30th delegation session and got the politicians to put $100,000 of her programs funding back in the budget so great news going forward for Parent Child Center.
Jeff G bragged about the Spring Fling at NW School and thank those involved. Said it was a great event and the kids loved it.
Krista asked if she and Chuck were in trouble, since no one was sitting with them...thought maybe people had had enough of raffles and fundraisers lol
Chuck provided an update on the raffle...we are doing great there, but still need some hole sponsorships
Kevin announced the Club Admin meeting at his office at Templewood Ct at 5:30 on Thursday (TODAY!)
Robyn announced the Parent Child Center Golf Tournament on  August 21st.
Steve White told us about the successes he has had gathering golf teams from other Rotary clubs in the area. Fantastic work, Steve!
Joan received a Shelter Box thank you from our speakers and read it before the club. She also presented Steve with a pin to recognize him for bringing a new member into the club. Jeremy Carrol, I assume...
$33 little pot $more in the big pot
Caprice won the little, but not so lucky on the big'en
Marie worked for 10 years as a register nurse before taking on a position in Washington DC where she was at before Vermont. She basically works for the bosses and CEO's of all the hospitals in Vermont. 17 facilities in total. Her job is to help make sure state and federal laws do not impair health care providers from doing their job. Lobbying is part of this. She is focusing on trying to make health care more affordable. She strongly believes to make health care more affordable, you have to start by making sure people are covered by insurance. No one will go to the doctor if the don't have the insurance to pay for it. Ultimately, she wants to see health care cost growing each year by the same rate as GDP. Currently, costs are increasing at an alarming, unaffordable rate. She would like to focus on Payment reform and how care is delivered. It would save a lot of money if care was actually coordinated between providers and doctors shared information. Currently the Fed isn't requiring doctors to share information, but legislation is being worked on to make that mandatory.
Chips May 18th, 2015 Reed 2015-05-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on May 14, 2015
Guests and Speaker:
Caprice had two guests, Nicole Miller and Bob Mills
Our Speaker was Alex Bornjteon, Chief Operating Officer of The Vermont Food bank
Rachel Fried was fined for being featured in Rutland Herald
Lou bragged for Nick's generosity with Shelter Box contribution.
Caprice bragged for the work done by 130 volunteers at the Brandon Parent Child Center. They really helped w/ the outside and landscaping.
Nick bragged about his daughter's involvement with Farm to Ballet. Helping community farmers including RAFFL.
Mike bragged about his young soccer players he coaches and their success in winning a soccer tournament the prior weekend. Kwame gave the team a shout out on the radio which was cool, too.
Joyce said she was very lucky to spend Mother's Day with her mom and mother in law.
Dick said he has a wonderful wife and usually gets her Belgium Chocolate for Mother's Day, but bought her a home this year instead.
Krista bragged about raffle sales and car show and also that she received a birth certificate in the mail recently for a child that her husband, Chad, had she wasn't aware of....a Cabbage Patch Doll. Also bragged that she and Chad have been hitched for 5 years now.
Tom thanked Rotarians for coming out on Saturday and said he was really happy he was able to get those fast cars and Rotarians together for one "racy" pic! Also, June 14th is National Rail Society Convention in Rutland.
Peter said his future daughter in law is graduating with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy soon and his daughter is also graduating college soon.
Traci bragged for Mike Coppinger's coaching efforts and thinks he has done a great job. Her daughter plays for Mike.
Joan bragged for area high school kids who received the scholarships recently and was honored to be able to help in the process. Also, Jimmy jr. hit his first hole in one and Joan was there!
I made an announcement about trying to raise monies to donate to Shelter Box USA. I do not have any expectations for people to donate, but I think it is a very worthy cause and I will be leading a fundraising effort. Please see me. If we could raise a $1,000, we could buy another box! (about $20 a person to get there)
Kevin, next Thursday @ 5:30, there will be a meeting at his office for Admin committee.
Jeff G- announced the Spring Fling at NW School
Will- completed the first shift of the Boys N Girls Club volunteer efforts, but still need more people to sign up for this or Will is going to be ruining a lot of kids days via Foosball
Joan only has 5 more Rotary meetings before changing of the gavel ceremony. She said that Jay Sab. has offered the new Palms at Prospect Bay for a venue for the event if we want it there.
Small pot $28, large $172  Joyce won and donated money to the Shelter Box fundraiser! Thank you very much!
Alex, COO of Vt Food bank. This is a statewide organization that partners with 225 other groups in the state. They distribute over 10 million pounds of food a year, 2 million of those pounds being produce and fresh veggies. A lot of what they distribute is actually locally grown. They serve 1 of 4 Vermonters and as many as 1 in 3 in Rutland County. He said that Vermont has unique challenges that the residents face, i.e. lack of public transit in a lot of areas. 63% of people the food bank serves have to make a choice at the end of each month between paying the utility bill or buying food. Often times, they will choose the utility bill and go hungry. The average client comes to the food bank for help about 8x a year. They just opened a 24,000 sq ft facility in Rutland and will be adding a cooler that can store 4 trailer loads of food at this new facility. They bring fresh food to schools and allow the kids to pick out what they like and take it home for their families. They also participate in the Backpack Program, which will fill a school child's backpack up with healthy foods in a discrete manner and send them home with it over the weekend. The food bank tries very hard to use direct distribution when at all possible. This is essentially when they get food straight from the farmer. They waste less than 1% of the food they are given to distribute.
Chips May 11th, 2015 Reed 2015-05-15 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on May 05, 2015
Guests and Speaker:
Visiting Rotarian, Roger Loiselle of the South Club
Speakers, Bill and Dennie Dyer of Shelter Box (both volunteers)
Brags and Fines:
Nick went to Myrtle Beach a few weeks back to play golf and realized his game wasn't so great. He recently found solace in baseball through the Yankees.
Gary bragged for the Castleton Rotaract Club receiving their official charter!
Catherine bragged as she just got back from Montego Bay
Mike bragged for the Sabataso Family, as they are opening a new restaurant on Lake Bomoseen at Prospect Bay.
Nicole bragged that she is still alive after she almost slid off a 20 feet creek ledge while walking around an outdoor fire pit. She was able to grab a branch or root to hold on! Glad you are ok, Nicole...
Bob Miller bragged that he had checked with RRMC a day or so after he cooked for everyone at the Park Clean-Up, and no one had come in w/ food poisoning...yet....(shout-out to Bob...the food was great!)
Colie bragged for Rutland Young Professionals receiving a resolution from the government members in Montpelier recognizing them on their efforts to revitalize the Rutland area.
Kevin fined himself for being gone in Florida, but promised that he would have a date together for the admin committee meeting
Mike bragged for the girls that he coaches soccer for. They have been doing very well under his leadership
Joan bragged for the weekend she spent at her niece's wedding, the Red Sox game she went to, and in general the fun time they had in Boston.
Roger bragged for Sonia. Roger and his wife were heading to Myrtle Beach a few weeks back and the day before they were going to leave, his wife had a cap fall off a tooth and it almost cost them the trip, but Dr. Yau saved the day by getting her fixed right up.
Gary Lieb had his New Member red tag ceremonially ripped off. Congratulations again Gary!
Chuck is looking for volunteers to help at the Golf Tournament.
$24 little pot, $146 big. Matt Parker won little, not so lucky on the big...
Speaker: SHELTER BOX, represented by Rotarian Bill Dyer and his wife Denny.
They are Londonderry, NH residents. Both retired, but wanting to give back. Shelter Box is the #1 in emergency shelter solutions for those in disaster situations. They do not provide food, money, etc, just shelter and necessities to become self-sufficient again. The goal of Shelter Box is to provide housing for half a million people a year, but they always hope they fall far short of their goal due to the nature of events surrounding the need of their service. They are found primarily in poor and underdeveloped countries, but have even delivered boxes to places in the United States (ie. Tornado alley). A box includes a 10 person tent, cooking utensils, things for the kids to play with or color, hammer, other tools, wood stove, pots, pans, blankets, ground cloth, etc. During the Haitian Earthquake, 30,000 boxes were sent to the island nation. Shelter Box was originally founded by a Rotarian in Cornwall, England who wanted to help people. He went to a store similar to Home Depot and just got a big box and bought things that he felt people in an emergency situation could use and would need. Now, Shelter Box has 8 distinct, separate operations (i.e. Shelter Box UK, Shelter Box USA, etc). Shelter Box is a 501c(3) and they do NOT take money from governments to avoid the strings they often attach. They do receive monies and valuable donations of services from companies like DHL offering discounted shipping for the boxes. Their main benefactors are Rotarians. In-fact, each box actually has the RI symbol printed directly on it! 85 cents on the dollar that Shelter Box receives actually goes into the box, its' contents, shipping, and training of Shelter Box workers and volunteers. The other 15 cents goes for brochures, marketing, promotion, administration, etc. They do not have any high priced "talent" working for them. Most folks are volunteers. One thing that really stuck in my mind was when the speaker was asked how long the tent and items last. He said he is aware of confirmed reports of tents still being lived in over 5 years after being set up. A fully loaded box weighs about 150 pounds. Inside each box there is actually a letter that says who donated the money to make the box possible. Currently, there are two Shelter Box teams in Nepal trying to figure out logistics and who needs what the most.
Nick Carmoli deserves a special mention in this edition of Chips  
I have only known Nick for 2 years, but I think a lot of him. After hearing the Shelter Box story, he immediately wrote a personal check for $500 to Shelter Box. He then challenged others to come up with the other $500 to buy a box. The club donated $500 to match his gift. I personally thought, "wow, that is what Rotary and helping others is really all about." I am sure I wasn't the only one!
As an aside, I know Nick would be happy to hear of others in the club showing support for the Shelter Box cause.
CHiPS May 4th, 2015 Reed 2015-05-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Apr 27, 2015
Father Carlson, of All Saints Anglican Church on Woodstock Ave.,   Maria Burr and Kristen Kabron of The Castleton College Rotaract Club. Maria and Kristen were the speakers for the day.
Caprice fined Rich for bragging about his Birthday.
Maria bragged about a new term she learned from Rich; "relationship partner"
Dick bragged for great website that MIke Coppinger has had assembled for the Downtown Partnership to promote business.
Jeff W bragged about being in North Carolina seeing family and it was warm and sunny.
Colie bragged that the Junior Dance Troupe she helps coach won some categories down at a recent tournament held in Massachusetts.
Kwame bragged about losing 15 pounds, but went on to elaborate the reason why he lost the weight...a certain Rotary President told him he looked chubby a few months back.
Caprice then piped up and said, that's why the Grinch tights fit so well, Kwame! Caprice then followed that up with a brag and thank you to all that came to the Brandon Parent Child Center on Saturday for the Comcast Cares Day.
Mike bragged about the Spring Fling dance at Southside Steakhouse that raised several hundred for United Way.
Tom bragged for Father Carlson's TV show on PEG TV. Also thanked the Father for giving the upcoming blessing to the Red Knights Bike Club on May 17th (don't quote me on that date...)
Jeremy bragged for Comcast Cares and all the great work they were able to get done throughout the day.
Robyn bragged about ride sharing with Bob Miller while they went around to spread the news of The Parent Child Center and Rotary.
Joan fined Kwame for the white sweater he was wearing. She said Kwame should give it to Rich, since he likes wearing sweaters like that. haha
Krista bragged for Bob Miller's saw training since Jeremy took Bob's "course" and did a great job with the skill saw at Comcast Cares Day.
Chuck gave us an update on the golf fundraiser. Our Rotary club already has a team of 4 Rotarians playing. He reminded all of us that we are all expected to contribute to the effort. So far, $2700 has been raised through strictly selling sponsorships. The Red Sox tickets are $170 a piece per ticket and the seats are supposed to be absolutely DYNOMITE! Chuck is trying to focus on signing up actual golfers now. The end of May is the deadline to try to have our sales and fundraising complete, so we can simply focus all of June on making the tourney a success.
Will announced the field day that Jeff G. is trying to arrange over at the NW School for k-2nd graders. The date is May 11th from 9:30-12:30. 6 volunteers are needed to help with things like a bouncy house, relays, games, storytelling, etc.
Dick put together a nice ad for the district meeting in Portland
Rotary Minute by Rachel Fried:
Rotaract was the topic. Rotaract is a Rotary sponsored organization that acts separately from Rotary and is targeted for individuals ages 18-30. It was first started in North Carolina and spread across the globe. Rotaract shares many of the same ideals as Rotary like community service and professional development.
$26 won by Joan
Speakers: Castleton Rotaract Club giving us a report of their trip to Honduras that we helped support.
The Rotaract Club of Castleton has been around for 2 years, and was actually started by Maria. She got involved because she wanted to help a local Rotarian make a difference when she was a little girl. That Rotarian is a member of the Fair Haven club and has gone to Honduras every year for many years to help folks down there. Maria actually went on a trip with the Rotarian and fell in love with Honduras and the Rotary values. This past year, the Castleton Rotaract Club made their own trip to Honduras to try to make a difference. They went to Danli, Honduras where they were hosted by a Rotary Club there. They even got to meet the local Honduras Rotaract Club! 9 Castleton students in total went, along with a couple chaperones. While there, they met with local Honduras children and helped them with art projects, gave 11 suitcases away of supplies, school items, and medical equipment. They even helped to do some work on the foundation of an under construction school the Fair Haven Rotary Club had started.
CHIPS April 27th, 2015 Reed 2015-04-28 00:00:00Z 0
Guests and Speaker:
Brian Lalime and Missy Banson,  guests of Robyn Schmitt and Caprice Hover
Speaker, Sarah Spencer
Fines and Brags
Rich Carlson was fined by Mike Coppinger for his recent feature in a local publication mentioning his green thumb. Rich starts his plants in Dairy Queen containers, even though Vt has no DQ's.
Robyn bragged her son is now a teenager
Nick went to Myrtle Beach with his son's for 3 days of golf. Terrible weather there, unfortunately
It was Rich Carlson's Birthday AND Maria's as well. Happy Birthday to the both of you!!!
Gary bragged for his son and his hockey team. They have really come together as a team and won a tournament in Burlington recently.
Will passed his background check for the Boys N Girls Club. (hard to believe, right?)
Will said "Get started on your background checks for the Boys N girls club asap. Also, April 25th, THIS SATURDAY, is Comcast Cares Day at the Brandon Parent Child Center and we need volunteers. Lunch is served and schedule is 10-2.  Also, Rotary Park Clean-up is right around the corner as well.
Krista gave a prize to Mark Price for turning in SIXTY!!!! raffle tickets. a $15 Dunkin Donuts gift card
Lou said that Buddha really had it right when he said, "There is no reality, only an illusion." Mike thought Lou was looking for a clean roommate, but Lou was actually looking for someone to clean his house. Funny stuff.
Barb has tickets for the Kentucky Derby party at Southside to benefit The Chafee. Tickets are $50 a piece.
Win Thomas won the raffle of $26, but drew the seven of Spades
Sonia Gave update on Relay For Life: The event is held on June 20th at the Fair Grounds. Rachel, Will and Sonia are the Captains of our team. Last year, the club raised $1,895 and were awarded the "rising star" accolade. We plan on beating that this year. Please sing up online asap.
Chuck Rose Paul Harris Fellow Induction: Congratulations, Chuck! As a Paul Harris Fellow, you have demonstrated through your actions and generosity that you indeed do hold service above self. Thank you for you support of Rotary and those we all help to serve.
Sarah Spencer is a local business owner and winner of the 2012 Women in Business Award for Vermont in the smaller market space (Don't quote me on the details). She has been educating business owners for over 10 years on how to get your business noticed over the internet. She specializes in search engine optimization (SEO) and web design. She began transforming the focus of her business from general web design when she noticed that some clients' sites would get noticed by their customers and others would fall through the cracks. She wanted to help more business owners become successful through the internet. Her philosophy of how she works with clients is simple: figure out what the client's needs are and go from there.
CHIPS April 20th, 2015 Reed 2015-04-23 00:00:00Z 0
Approved new member, Matt Parker.    Gail Johnson, guest of Joan who is looking to join a service organization      Cathy Stone, Assistant District Governor and member of Manchester, Vt club.
Chuck raised his water glass to Jeff W. for his water main break help. Lainie then recounted her frustrations and experience of trying to keep guests happy at the hotel with no water.
Wendy Wilton bragged that the city received a clean audit report with zero findings.
Colie said the first Vermont Dance Troupe had their first competition recently and had many first place wins.
Tom said the name of the dance competition was Star Quest and it's a big deal. Pretty neat that Rutland not only was able to compete, but win. Also congratulated Jay and The Sabotasso family on 82 years in business at The Palms
Mark said the Us national alpine competitions were on NBC this past weekend and his daughter was actually shown on NBC
Jack bragged about his 2 week trip to Aspen to see his family and got to spend great time with them and his wife
Lou bragged about his 15 y/o grandson sending him a funny card
Joan said she had a great feeling while reading the Rutland Herald this morning as it was all good new about Rutland and the business community. She also said she was very excited and proud to have all of the young folks making big contributions.  In other news, she won a 30 year achievement award at a recent Coldwell Banker award ceremony.
Matt Parker and his wife try to do something different each 4th of July, and after hearing the Coolidge Foundation Speakers a week ago, he has decided to go there for the fourth.
Wendy said there will be a reception to view the artwork at City Hall on Friday starting at 6pm
Barb has tix to The Chaffee's fundraising event for the Kentucky Derby being held at Southside.
Wed April 1st was the joint club boys n girls club committee at the BNG Club. See Will for info
Rutland Blooms is planning to plant 1,000 trees in the NW subdivision
Chuck gave an update on the raffle. Try to sell 1 sponsorship. So far, 30 have been sold.
Jack-2 weeks from today, we will have a lunch meeting dedicated to the Centennial Project
Rachel is collecting money for Relay (June 20-21st). Goal is $2,000
Mike motioned for ceremonial ripping off of red new member tag of Rachel and Sonia. Joan retorted that Mike never disappoints, "at least not here."
Stephanie won $26, didn't win the "big" pot
Wynn Thomas; Wynn was really excited about the opportunity to speak. He was asked to speak about how his vocation helps and relates to the community. Wynn is in the employee benefit and insurance business. He has done this for over 40 years. His company helps provide advice, review, and implementation of insurance to clients. Since Obama Care was rolled out, everything has changed a lot in the insurance space. They now have 7 people dedicated to compliance of new laws.
The principles that guide his business are essentially the 4 way tests. He who profits most, serves best. Service above self.
Wynn's secret to get people to follow your ideas -successful people do what unsuccessful people can't or won't do. Going the extra mile. Don't make excuses.
He has also realized that 25% of people will LOVE you, 25% of people wil HATE you, and 50% are in-different. Basically, don't waste your time chasing the 25% that hate you, find the 25% who love you.
Sales aren't problems, they are procedures. They can become problems when you lose your procedures.
Timing is everything, keep your momentum when you have it.
Life changing events for Wynn: His first Marathon back in the 80's really was a game changer for him. Physical fitness helps him stay motivated, energetic, and absolutely life changing. The other game changer for Wynn was his recent health scare. He has worked for many years, been very successful, and saved a lot of money for retirement, but he realized, I may croak and it's all for naught. He is going to be scaling back on work soon and begin enjoying himself.
Wynn closed by saying when you are 60-75 years old, you still like sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but when you are 75-90, you don't like anything!
Will Gormly: Will is the owner/operator of Mountain Cider Co. and specializes in Hot Apple Cider concentrate. His family use to have a xmas tree farm, apple orchard, and specialty foods line. In 2004 his father sold the specialty food line, but kept the cider side. Will's product fills the nitch between fresh cider and the boring powdered kind. Will's dad retired in April of 2013 and Will assumed responsibility of the company going forward. His business is very seasonal and does most of their business between Aug and Feb. The rest of the year, Will works on the sales and marketing side of the business, when not trying to break 100 at Proctor Pittsford. 85% of his sales are through food service distributors (i.e Sysco) and the other 15% is wholesale direct. Will keeps his business fair and reasonable to his customers. He won't give one person a discount unless all clients can get the discount. He keeps cost lows and help his distributors to be as profitable as possible with his product. Will briefly touched on the trends food producers see. Right now, the big thing is the local food movement (ie. buying locally grown food)
Will finished with his principles of business and relationships. They were very similar to Wynn's and coincided with the Four Way Test.
Thank you Will and Wynn for keeping us entertained!
Chips March 30th, 2015 Reed 2015-04-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed on Mar 24, 2015
Guests and Speaker
Mac Slivka, Rushad Thomas, Amity Shales, Rebecca Sears, all guests of Catherine Nelson and 3 of whom are from The Coolidge Foundation
Peter O'Brien-from Granville club
Matt Parker-guest of Brian Perkins
Speakers: Ludy Biddle- executive director of Neighborworks and Sara Gilbert, also of Neighborworks
Fines and Brags:
Catherine bragged for the Wisconsin Badgers in NCAA basketball.
Kwame bragged that one year ago today he joined our club
Lou bragged about Steve, Chuck, and Krista's hard work on the golf tournament fundraiser. He then segwayed into the centennial project saying that if we only worked as hard as the three of them did on that on this, we'd have it wrapped up soon. He urged us to come up w/ ideas that will help change the social situation of those around us.
Elias bragged for his daughter who is in college. She was going on a trip to Florida to see a friend and Elias asked her if she needed any money. She assured him he didn't. After she got back, he said did you have enough money? Her reply was, "I had mom's Amex".
Joe fined all RHS grads after the girls won cheer competition for all of New England (i believe?)
Krista bragged that she got to shoot skeet and trap this weekend at Hudson Falls Gun Club and said she was a great shot. She then reminded people that if they don't sell raffle tickets, she's a great shot.
Catherine bragged about The Coolidge Foundation.
Chuck fined for cell phone going off.
Nick fined as well for cell phone
Colie announced the RYP mixer at Knights of Columbus.
Mike announced The Breakfast Club is playing at The Paramount on Thursday. There is a prize for best 80's costume.
Will announced the upcoming committee meeting for Boys and Girls club joint Rotary initiative happening April 1st at noon at Boys n Girls Club.
The Speakers from The Coolidge Foundation spoke briefly about what it is they do.
Amity is the author of Coolidge, a biography of the late President. Each summer, Plymouth Notch comes alive with hundreds of High School students from around the country who come to learn and grow at the annual Debate Competition. Amity reminded us that a lot of kids today don't know how to effectively communicate because they spend too much time texting, video gaming, and generally checked out. Debate is a powerful tool and has been proven to make kids smarter. She encouraged us to come and help!
small pot $35   Big pot $400
Luddy Biddle, Executive Director of Neighborworks of Western Vermont. Luddy has been the exec since 2001. She knows many Rotarians because she said we are very involved in the community. Heat Squad has helped over 1,000 homes in Rutland county since inception. She lives in Shrewsbury on a farm raising grass fed beef. She thanked us for all of our support.
Neighborworks was funded in 1986 and was originally only in Addison, Rutland, and Bennington counties. It was originally set up to help low income people make health and safety changes to their home. Now they help with homes ownership services, from buying, sell, avoiding foreclosure, to maintenance, etc.
They actually have $12,000,000 in a revolving lending pool at their disposal to grant loans. They focus on lending, not granting monies.
The Heat Squad was formed when they applied for a grant from the Dept. of Energy and were awarded $4,000,000 unexpectedly (thought they wouldn't get anything).
So far, 5% of Rutland County homes have gone through the Heat Squad program, which is basically an energy audit that is then followed up with finding the right contractor to make a home more energy efficient. They have helped the average home save 30% in energy and also created 62 jobs.
Another topic she hit on was how affordable homes really are right now. She feels that Rutland, in particular, is a very attractive place from a buyers stand point. It is affordable and up and coming. She said that she use to know a blighted area in Washington DC (former resident) that no one would ever want to live in, but it slowly was brought back to life and now hippest place and most expensive. Said our NW district will look like that in the future with all of our help.
CHIPS March 23rd, 2015 Reed 2015-03-25 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed Wilcox on Mar 18, 2015
Speakers and Guests:
Jim Rumrill of Ludlow Club, Bill Perkins of South Club, Matt Parker, guest of Joan Watson and Javiera Fuentes, Exchange student
Lou spoke of the brainstorming session for the Centennial Project. I believe the date is November 17th. Basically, Lou does not want anyone to be judged by throwing out ideas. We will keep an objective mind and try to remember that we are striving to make a lasting, real impact on the human condition in OUR area of the world (i.e Rutland). This isn't about just donating money, so come up with ideas that will help us lead to the betterment of our community.
Jeff W. said the Department of Public Works is hosting a St. Patty's Sewer separation project in the NW neighborhoods, so be cognizant.
Tom D. reminded Lou that St. Patrick was also a great leader and Lou reminded Tom that St. Patrick was Italian. Tom announced the chamber mixer.
Chuck told us the fundraiser is off to a great start. Let him know if you need raffle tix, brochures, etc. Golf tournament is on June 24th.
Joan gave us an update on just how many projects and organizations our service projects committee has helped.
Will told us about the committee that is being started between our club and the South Club to foster a relationship to help Boys N Girls Club.
We are also going to be sending cases of Girl Scout Cookies to our troops overseas.
Matt Parker (former Rotary Youth Outdoor Leadership Camp attendee)
Matt came in to speak to our club about the experience he had as a teenager in High School when he went to Rotary Outdoor Leadership Camp. He said it was a 7 day leadership program that divided the kids into different jobs or professions. Some were "community leaders", others worker bees, but the goal was to try to make everyone more civic minded and understanding of what it takes to be a leader. Joan would like to start a camp like this for youth in the area.
Sonia won the raffle! $35 in little. such luck on the big pot....
Javiera Fuentes and Jim Rumrill (Javiera is an exchange student through Rotary from Chile'. Jim is the Exchange Chair for the Ludlow Club. Jim said that the exchange program is life changing for these kids. Jim wants to see clubs become more involved with the students when they are here. He would like a committee set up to really help Caprice as it is easy for one person to become overwhelmed with everything. Jim mentioned the kids love being able to just do things with you. He was taking Javie skiing tomorrow. Simple things like bowling or a movie can help.

Javie told us she is 17 years old and had only taken basic English before coming here. She said that this has been the best year of her life so far. Vermont and USA are now her second home. She said when people invite her to spend time with them, it means a lot to her.
Caprice attested to the program and said she gets sooo much more out of it than what she puts it. Very rewarding.
CHIPS MARCH 16th, 2015 Reed Wilcox 2015-03-19 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed Wilcox on Mar 15, 2015
Guests and Speaker:
Meg Barrows, Executive Director of the Chaffee was our speaker
Fines and Brags:
Mike fined Elias for being on the cover of The Reader. Catherine then paid the fine for Elias because the paper got Elias age wrong by about 10 years haha.
Bob Miller went to the Mardi Gras Party and played harmonica and even brought his own hot sauce.
Mike fined Sonya for piece in Rutland Magazine and Elias  for his Birthday on March 10th. Also fined Barb for her B-day today.
Elias thanked Catherine and The Herald for all they do for local business.
Wendy Wilton was re-elected to City Treasurer for a 5th term
Mike bragged that he will be married on Dec 19th, 2015 at The Round Barn in Waitsfield.
Tom said 90 business at The Business Show
Chris Keyser expressed his sincere gratitude for all the thoughts and prayers he and his family have received at the passing of his father.
Bob congratulated Catherine for her courage to ask him to dance at The Mardi Gras Party at Knights of Columbus.
Colie fined Joan for her revealing dress at the party.
Joan said Jim got his face painted at the Mardi Gras Party. Jim Jr. said his dad looked like Mimi for The Drew Carey Show!
Caprice said the Mardi Gras Party was an absolute blast and encouraged more people to come next year.
Joe said his wife told him that his job (loan officer) is one of the happiest profession out there according to recent study.
Lainie went to Stratton with the family for the weekend and had a great relaxing time w/o any electronics.
Chuck has tickets and brochures for the 10 of 9 gold tournament raffle and fundraiser
Will said that Sat, May 2nd is Rotary Park Cleanup Day
Joan said she needs people to help sell raffle tix
$34 pot won by Dave. Queen of spades....Better luck next time Dave!
Meg Barrows; Speaker:
Meg began by telling us about her roots in the Rutland community. Her maiden name is Creed, of Creed Ice and her Uncle was Mayor Daley of the City. She was born and raised here and also has 3 other sisters in the area. She has fond memories of the Chaffee from her childhood. She began her work with The Chaffee in December of 2012. The Downtown Gallery was opened that same month. The organization as a whole was formed in 1961 as The Rutland Area Art Organization. George Chaffee was a staunch supporter of the arts and actually built The Paramount. Meg believes that when folks are coming to Rutland and talking about art, it helps the city's image. Wouldn't you rather have people in the newspaper talking about and disagreeing on the art in Main Street Park rather that talking about crime and negativity? Chaffee was started as a place for local artists to hang their work and get seen. Everything is free and open to the public. The Chaffee is always looking for interested people to join in to help on committees etc.
Chips March 9th, 2015 Reed Wilcox 2015-03-16 00:00:00Z 0
Win 4 Tickets to Red Sox Dom Serino 2015-02-27 00:00:00Z 0
Rutland Rotary Golf Tournament Information Cale Shipman 2015-02-13 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Dec 16, 2014
 We are proud to announce members number 59 and 60 as Carol Petit Bon and Jeremey Carol join the Club.   Great work Membership Committee !
We welcome 2 new members to the Club Cale Shipman 2014-12-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Dec 15, 2014
Jennifer Hart once again brought the 1st and 2nd graders from Northwest Elementary School to our annual Christmas meal.  They performed to a standing ovation.
Annual Christmas Music Cale Shipman 2014-12-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Dec 14, 2014
The Club was proud to receive a thank you certificate and visit from members of the Vermont National Guard for the giant Christmas tree that the Club donated to their annual holiday party.
Big Thank You from the Vermont National Guard Cale Shipman 2014-12-15 00:00:00Z 0
The Club was treated to the opportunity to have past Governor Jim Douglas speak to us concerning a wide range of topics over his long tenure in public service.
Governor Jim Douglas speaks to the Club 2014-12-01 00:00:00Z 0
Please introduce yourself to Gary, Sonia, and Liz ! 2014-12-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed Wilcox on Nov 17, 2014
  Approved New Member, Sonia Yau          Michelle Shelley Duprey, Guest of Joan Watson           Rachel Fried, found out about us online       Visiting Rotarian from Wells, Peter O'Brien
No Speaker as this was a committee business meeting
Jeff Wennberg went to mother-in-laws?? 95th Birthday and she joked that the numbers on the cake were 59, not 95.
Mike Coppinger was a model in Catwalk For a Cause w/ McNeil and Reedy and won Most Creative.
Joan had an "all clear" mammogram scan recently and also was on the anniversary of her sister being diagnosed w/ breast cancer. Sister doing well now.
Brian was in paper this week with a great "pr" piece about Rotary and what this community means to him.
Krista got to see a good friend's daughter score her first ice hockey goal and they fist pumped on the ice.
Peter O'Brien bragged that Dec 5th is 90th anniversary of Granville Rotary Club
Gary said that Castleton Football beat Norwich
Terry gave us the update on Castleton Hockey
Caprice survived another weekend in Boston with the Youth Exchange students, 19 to be exact
Joe is going to see his daughter in Europe for the Holidays. The whole family is meeting in London.
Cale bragged for Stephanie and her kids: They are always at Rotary events and were also at The Tree Shed setting up decorations this past weekend.
Steve bragged that his investment advisor (his son) told him that he can retire and he plans to do so end of year
Brian presented Caprice with a pin from RI for sponsoring another member
Caprice is looking for a host family for a female from Mid Dec-Mid Mary. (She is an avid skier and on the ski team)
Kevin- Club Admin Committee meeting postponed to accommodate the Rutland Young Professional Mixer time conflict.
Robyn announced Dine and Donate to Benefit the Parent Child Center. Stop by Rutland County Parent Child Center to buy gift certificates to Kelvans, Little Harry's, Southside Steakhouse, and Three Tomatoes and 25% of proceeds will benefit RCPCC.
Rich has tree sign ups ready to go. Please get shifts filled
George challenged someone to work more shifts than him and if they do, he'll donate a few bucks to their charity of choice.
Krista has the Santa Claus Raffle tickets ready to go and urged the club members to sell, sell, sell as the proceeds will be used to buy kids at The Northwest School the only present some may receive this Christmas.
Ron stressed that if you are selling said raffle tickets remember 3 words COMPLETE! ACCURATE! LEGIBLE! in reference to recording credit card info correctly
Foundation Dinner update: Brian, Joan, Bob, and Reed went to the Foundation Dinner in Ludlow last week. One big take away from the meeting is that there are a lot of clubs doing a lot of really great things around the world. President Joan would like to work on finding our niche in the world and explore a grant of our own.
Polio Fundraiser:
 Starting with the meeting on Monday the 18th of Nov, our club has challenged ourselves to raise $2500 to help end polio. The club Board has agreed to match member donations dollar for dollar with a $2500 cap. All of our contributions raised will then be tripled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The challenge will run for a total of 12 weeks and will be considered a charitable contribution for tax purposes. Our goal is $4 a week per Rotarian and $2500 in total.
Our total collection for week one was $105.
Thank you for your generosity fellow Rotarians!
Dave Anderson won the small pot of $56. The big pot is up to $990 and he didn't win it.
Committee business meetings:
We all broke off into our respective committees to do good things!
Next Week:
 We will be presenting a plaque to Chief Baker
Chips Nov 17th Reed Wilcox 2014-11-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed Wilcox on Nov 03, 2014
Gary Lieb - Approved New Member, Liz Demarco Weinman - Approved New Member, Senators Kevin Mullin and Peg Flory, Sonya Ya - New Dentist in town from Saratoga Springs (currently at Dr. Dick's office)
George bragged about the Really Big Show and thought it was fantastic, Nicole followed up with a big thank you and said they generated over $10,000 for the United Way from the show.
Caprice fined Rich Carlson because he always seems to mispronounce people's names.
Mike flipped through the Rutland Reader and pointed a few Rotarians out for the appearances in the publication; notably Jeff Wynnberg, Joan, and Stephanie.
Terry bragged about Castleton Men's Hockey and how well they are doing this season.
Rich Carlson bragged about Nicole's performance in the Really Big Show and said she did a great job.
Lainie bragged that her brother had a lung transplant 15 years ago and has done very well since. Her nephew was in a terrible car accident a few years back and is finally able to stand w/o pain after a tough road to get there.
Ron-went to Vegas and saw a bunch of family on recent trip.
Elias-Said he was going to vote today after looking on the calendar Chris Keyser gave him, then he realized the calendar was printed wrong
Tom- His granddaughter's costume won the Heritage Family costume contest.
Liz bragged about Castleton's F.A.B. Series and the recent Dr Pridah's horror talk at Hop n' Moose.
Lou Bragged that he was so happy that he asked for one snow plow recommendation and he got 5!
 Caprice is looking for a host home for the Rotary Exchange Student from Slovakia. The Student is a female and the length of stay needed is mid December to Mid March.
Rich announced that the tree shed is arriving on Wednesday to Main Street Park and he and Jeff Chabot would be there.
Joan showed off the new Rotary aprons we received.
Kevin- Club Admin Committee meeting at his office on Thursday
Ron- Mike Jacobowski reviewed our financials and said we are legal and good to go. Mike does this every year PRO-BONO. We have made donations to the United Way in his name to show gratitude for his generosity.
Chuck fined Jack because Jack had left a bag of tools at Mark's home during the parade float build. Last Monday, Chuck had brought the tools in to give to Jack and he left them at the Palms!
New Member Induction:
Liz Demarco Weinman was inducted on Monday. Her sponsor is Rich Carlson. She was recently named Professor of the Business College at Castleton, She also serves on the Vermont Farm/Food Link, among many other endeavors. Her goals both professionally and philanthropically include finding where the needs are, aligning those needs with her certain skill set, and leveraging her skills to try to make a difference. Her classification will be University Admin.
Gary Lieb will be inducted next week.
Elias won (go figure) $48. He did NOT win big pot, which is north of $800 at this time.
Centennial Committee update from Jack:
Right now, a few of the ideas floating around for our project include a path around Rotary Park, a pavilion at Rotary Park, a playground in NW section of town, Purchasing/revitalizing a facility in NW section of town to turn over to the neighborhood/city to provide benefit to community, Renovating band stand gazebo in Main St park, helping Wonderfeet Kids Museum find a permanent home, Comfort station/restroom in Downtown Rutland to enhance traffic from shoppers and tourists (Bob Miller hoped to have a Bob Miller Memorial Urinal as tribute of his efforts)
Key things to consider: Whatever we decide it needs to be long lasting, self perpetuating (meaning it pays for itself, or we aren't constantly attached to it financially), Our club must get it off the ground and set up how we want before we can turn it over to the city etc, to ensure it goes how we intend.
George and Cale talked about the Rotary Park Path, but mentioned that proper drainage is paramount before that is viable. George is under the impression that funds have been set aside to fix this and that a team of consultants think the problem can be fixed.
Dick proposed a fountain and green house downtown.
Bob Miller proposed helping the Rutland County Parent Child Center out with their facility etc.
Chips Nov 3rd, 2014 Reed Wilcox 2014-11-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Reed Wilcox on Oct 20, 2014
Guests: Brian Perkins brought Gary Lieb w/ Royal Security Group. Rich Carlson brought Liz (didn't catch last name)
Speaker: Jeb Spaulding-Secretary of Administration for State of Vermont in Shumlin's administration.
Fines: Mike Coppinger fined Kwame for his write up in The Reader, Elias for his publicity in the Mountain Times for Dancing With the Stars. Joe Rodolfy volunteered to pay Elias' fine because he felt any man brave enough to dance in front of the whole town shouldn't be fined.   

Brags: Cole bragged that soccer season was finally over for the Rec Department and they finished it off w/ a bang (held a jamboree).   Mike bragged for Jen of Make it Sew, as she came through in the clutch to make Mike's 15 y/o step daughter happy w/ a beautiful dress.    Dick bragged for Cale attending the American Figgero Opera at the Paramount bc now Cale is more cultured.     Jen bragged about her 2 week trip to England and Scotland, her dear friend just got married and it was her mother's birthday.  Geroge ironically didn't use puns and bragged about not doing so. He also said how great the Rutland Youth theaters production of Stewart Little was and he had Jeff Wynberg give his seal of approval.   Visiting Rotarian, Peter of NBT, bragged for Rotarians after spending time in Pine Hill Park and noticing Rotary's contributions there and the quality of the park.
Announcements: Liz-new MBA program at CSJ    Tom-business person of year will be announced next week at holiday inn and congressman Welch will be in attendance     Caprice-Project Vision announcement at Paramount Theater tonight at 5:30   Rich-Nov 6th is delivery day for Xmas tree cabin to Main St Park    Brian-Joes and Will both sponsored new members during the year and earned recognition pins, Will wasn't at meeting so will receive in future.     Kevin-took club wide survey to figure out what things the club should start/stop/continue     Joan announced Reed Wilcox as newest board member    Stephanie-Parade is on Saturday, so if you need a costume let her know. We will all be meeting at Mark Price's home on Saturday to construct the float.    Jack-Centennial Committee discussion at regular Monday meeting on Nov 3rd. They are looking for ideas on what a worthy project would be and would like to hear from club again on ideas.  
Speaker: Jeb Spaulding
Founder of WNCS radio station in Montpelier. over 30 years as a fellow Rotarian. Before current job, he was the State Treasurer and enjoyed that job more than any others. Held position for many terms.
He said he has had to learn to align his opinions with the governor's opinions, so that when the press releases are made, there is only one opinion...the Governor's.
He is one of the Governor's closest aids.
His favorite part of his job is the fact that each day is different: could be a labor dispute one day or water rights the next. never boring
He discussed GlobalFoundries buyout of IBM's Essex facility. He said that they are going to keep all employees and possibly hire more. He mentioned that several analyst/credit rating agencies have pointed their finger at Vermont because they are very reliant on one or two companies for a solid tax base, but Jeb said that he felt VT's economy is very diverse between skiing, tourism, and industry among others. He said that meals/room tax up 6% this year year over year.
They are expecting a low turn-out for the elections, so urged everyone to vote as their votes will really matter one way or the other.
He said Shumlin's big successes were sticking his neck out to try and encourage the GMP/CV merger rather than letting an outside company buy CV. He also thought Shumlin took an a-typical stance for a green governor supporting the Addison Gas lines, but felt it was for best of state.
Jeb did mention that he is leaving office for a great opportunity in January. Not sure what that opportunity is.
CHIPS from 10-20-2014 Reed Wilcox 2014-10-21 00:00:00Z 0
Please introduce yourself to Robyn and Nicole Cale Shipman 2014-09-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Sep 28, 2014

President Joan was proud to present a check to Traci Moore of United Way of Rutland County (also a member of our Club) as the recipient of our latest raffle.  Marlene Cenate, the lucky winner of the 2014 Camero was also on hand to say thank you to the Club.Image

Winners of the Camero Raffle Cale Shipman 2014-09-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Sep 21, 2014

Guests: Lilly Osgood, daughter of Stephanie Osgood.

Brags/Fines:  Mike Coppinger

  • Mike bragged that his dad turned 90 and family took him to lunch
  • Joan paid a fine from last week for her Billy the Bull brag
  • Rich Carlson was fined for being named in the Herald and WCAX regarding Vermont State Fair
  • Kevin Loso announced Rutland County Head Start moved into Community Center
  • Bates Childress bragged that he has a new job starting next week at Opera Saratoga, in Saratoga Springs, NY; but sad that this means he has to leave the club, very thankful for the opportunity to be a member
  • Caprice Hover celebrated her 5-year anniversary with Parent Child Center and took some time to do nothing at all
  • Reed caught 3 brook trout over the weekend
  • Joe Rodolfy bragged that daughter just spent four days in Paris
  • Mark Price celebrated his 29th wedding anniversary

Member Announcements:

  • Lou Scott recommended a book “Leadership According to the US Navy Seals” combining concepts from the Seals and eastern philosophy
  • Brian Perkins presented tokens of recognition to Kwame Dankwa, Caprice Hover & Maria Fish for recruiting new members.
  • Reed Wilcox reminded everyone of upcoming Deer’s (singular possessive) Leap Hike on 10/4 at 11am starting at Inn at Long Trail
  • Kevin Loso said the administration committee has some new committee suggestions for members, please answer the call to serve

President’s Announcements:

  • Discussed concept of club task forces
  • Joan invited Will to discuss Halloween Float project 10/25, who discussed:
    •             Theme
    •             Tasks
  • Bring food donation for GMP
  • Next assembly meeting will be on 10/6

Raffle:  $42/$660 – Brian Perkins held the winning ticket and pulled 6 of diamonds

Guest Speaker: Chuck Rose / Reed Wilcox, Rotarians Live

Reed – financial advisor with Edward Jones, role is to understand clients individual financial needs.  There are those who are educated investors, those who have no knowledge of the investment world and want to delegate, and those who have the knowledge but not the time to manage their own investments.  General move to a more holistic approach to finances, not as much simply buying and selling.  Talked about transparency, knowing costs, fees, etc.  Believes that simply doing the right thing is paramount in decision making.  Leadership comes from consistency and honesty and building reputation.

Chuck – Past President of 3 different Rotary clubs, he’s given blood 80 times, his first time in plane was to go parachuting, he’s run three marathons, had hotel career prior to insurance.  Rotary fit with his passion for impacting the community and world.  Discussed differences between insurance brokers and direct writers.  Talked about exclusions, things that policyholders should be aware of.  Gave tips including remarketing your policy every few years, do an inventory of your own property in case of future loss, higher deductibles = lower premiums.  His firm also offers employment practices, special events, directors and officers liability and other “odd ball” coverages.  Noracaine, Irene flood exclusions, hail storm – 3 biggest events. 


NOTE:  Bates forgot to mention that his new home is right between the outlets and Six Flags Great Escape, so if you are ever in that area, or headed to Saratoga or Lake George, give him a shout.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, September 22, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-09-22 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Sep 16, 2014

Special thanks to Jeff Guevin for this weeks CHIPS.

Guests: Tina, Paul, Sarah Gilbert

Brags/Fines:  Mike Coppinger

  • Brian bragged about celebrating his first wedding anniversary over the weekend and is “glad to still be here.”
  • Gary Ladabouche bragged for his kids’ sports achievements: his son scored a hat trick and his daughter… [this may need a follow-up]
  • Bob bragged about his return from a recent trip to northern Wisconsin.
  • Jeff W. bragged about helping is 22 year old “baby son” move into a sixth-floor walkup apartment in the East Village and his son’s accomplishment at the ad agency he works for – signing on for the 5th season of Downton Abbey
  • Nick received an email from a youth exchange student we hosted in 1980.
  • Kevin was in Boston over the weekend, where he caught a concert at the Wang Center, courtesy Jason Moratz [sp?]
  • Mike C. fined whoever just left the sandwich board and signs in Depot Park – sans Camaro, then suggested a fire to dispose of them.
  • Joan fed a baby bull named Billie at Billings Farm in Woodstock and says, “He loves his bottle!”


President’s Announcements:

  • Reminder to bring in food donations for Fill Up the Cupboard Challenge!   
  • Club Administration meeting Wednesday, September 17 at Kevin Loso’s office, 5 Tremont St., Rutland, at 7PM.  All Committee Chairs are asked to attend this important organizational meeting.
  • Upcoming events – Thanks to Lou Scott, plans are in the works for:
    • Painting /coloring contest involving school children and our Christmas tree sales shed to bring attention to our new Park location (see Jeff W. or Rich for info), and
    • Building a float for the Halloween Parade on October 25th.  Disney theme this year. Krista got us a 40-foot flatbed!
    • We start selling Christmas trees right after Halloween and will include our 50/50 raffle that will fund the purchase of books for first graders at Northwest Elementary School. 
  • Committees
    • If you are already, or are not yet on a committee, we need you to volunteer!  Committees are:  Fund Raising (Krista Scarborough, Chair), Service Projects Committee (Will Gormly, Chair), Promote Rotary (Kwame Dankwa, Chair), Tree Sales (Rich Carlson, Man in Charge!)
    • Thank you to Andrea Coppola and Reed Wilcox for agreeing to be on the Foundation Committee with Bob Miller.  Look for more information as we try to direct more grant money locally!
    • We need volunteers to join with Caprice on the Youth Exchange Committee.  We are looking to develop Rotaract and we have a start.  Anyone who is interested in serving area youth, this is for you!
  • Amy Blanchard & Nick send their thanks for the bike.
  • College of St. Joseph sends its thanks “to Jason” for the $251 donation – $1 more than Rotary South.

Camaro Raffle Recap:

Ron and Krista gave a summary of the Camaro raffle results.

  • 1870 tickets sold; 76 were designated for charities.
  • Revenue: $49,924 + Cash prize donations owing: $520

= Gross income: $50,444

  • Expenses through 9/9: $15,100.88 – grand prize (cash option) $21,000 – United Way pledge: $5,000 = Gross expenses: $41,100.88
  • Net revenue to Club: $9,343.12, with 40% ($3,737.25) to the long-term account.
  • A recap of the winners:
    • Grand Prize - Marlene Cenate - Pittsford - Sold by Kevin Loso
    • 2nd Prize - $2,000. - Tim Turbett - Park Ridge, IL - On-Line/Website
    • 3rd Prizes - $500. - Tim Turbett - Park Ridge, IL - On-Line/Website Matt Whitcomb - Rutland - Sold by Thelma and Louise (Joan and Catherine)
    • Laura Jaworski - Danby - On-Line/Website
    • Kane Boynton(?) - (?) - Sold by Mark Price
    • Doug Stuart - Chittenden - Sold by Catherine Nelson
    • Chandana Nambukara - West Lebanon, NH - On-Line/Website
    • 10 Cash Bonus Prizes
      • Barbara Carrara - Rutland - Sold by Nick Carmolli
      • Frankie Gomez - Rutland - Sold by Stephanie Osgood
      • Edward Garrow - Proctor – Mailing
      • Krista Mathews - Granby, CT - Sold by Kirk Shields
      • Bryan Gillam - Rutland - Sold by Caprice Hover
      • Nancy Jakula - Brandon - Sold by Krista Scarborough
      • Matt Potter - Rutland - Sold by Traci Moore
      • Jaymie Rudenis - West Rutland - Sold by Stephanie Osgood
      • Kelly Socia - (?) - Sold by Dick Rohe
      • Make A Wish - Designated by Lainnie LaCroix
  • Mark “blew Catherine out of the water” (Ron’s words) on their challenge; $250 will be going to the United Way.
  • Stephanie announced a celebration of the end of the raffle, coming up in mid-October.
  • If you donated $40 without paying it, Krista says it’s time to pay up!

Member Announcements:

  • Jeff Chabot and Mark Price are coordinating with Charlene at Grace Preschool to build shelves for their books, which are sitting in piles on the floor at the moment. Once a materials list is compiled, they’ll submit it to the club for funding. Also, volunteers wanted!
  • A hike’s coming up – check the calendar or talk to Reed.
  • Centennial Committee (aka, the “Old Professionals”) – see Jack Facey

Membership Committee Chair Brian conducted the Induction of New Members: Nicole (“Coli”), sponsored by Kwame; Robyn, sponsored by Caprice.

  • Brian noted that September is “New Generations Month” in Rotary, welcoming new generations of Rotary members.
  • Everyone should sponsor a member.
  • We now have 56 members.

Weekly Raffle:

  • Small pot: $41
  • Big pot: $618
  • Lainnie. King of spades.

Guest Speaker: Sarah Gilbert, Rutland Young Professionals

Sara Gilbert grew up in Castleton, Vermont and attended Rutland High School. She is a graduate of Dartmouth College and holds a masters degree in political geography from the University of Washington, where she was a National Science Foundation graduate research fellow. In 2012, she worked as an intern for the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development on their EPA Smart Growth Initiative Assistance Grant for flood resiliency. Sara is now director of business development at NeighborWorks of Western Vermont, a housing nonprofit supporting safe, affordable and sustainable homeownership in Addison, Bennington and Rutland counties. She is a founding board member of Rutland Young Professionals and currently serves as secretary of the board and chair of the Employer Relations committee. She is also an enthusiastic supporter of the United Way of Rutland County, the Women’s Professional Development Center of Rutland, and Emerge Vermont.  

  • Nonprofit with a 9-member board and five committees.
  • First mixer was July 31 of last year.
  • Grew out of the Creative Economy / RutBusters/ Global Share movements and initiatives.
  • Goal is to build community, local economy, networks of professionals, opportunity, and a reason to stay in (or come back to) Rutland.
  • Support from over 60 businesses and individuals.
  • Currently hosting regular mixers of over 65 attendees. The last one may have had as many as 100.
  • Works with Rutland Regional Medical Center to welcome and orient recruits new to the area.
  • Looking to expand programs, including offering professional development.
  • Will be joining the Chamber and currently gets support from the chamber.
  • Responding to Rich’s question, “What is the definition of ‘young’ professional?” Ms. Gilbert explained they had none, and Brian noted that a broad range of age groups have attended the mixers. Brian recommended them as a great networking opportunity.

Chuck did the 4-way test.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, September 15, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-09-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Sep 16, 2014

Guests: Erin Mansfield, guest of Will Gormly; Leslie Williams, guest of Krista


Brags/Fines:  Will Gormly

  • Jen fined for mention in Rutland Magazine
  • Lainnie experienced on earthquake in California, bought a new car
  • Brian fined Traci Moore and Catherine Nelson for front-page coverage in Herald, for the United Way kick off.
  • Nicole Fabian bragged on trip to Hampton Beach
  • Catherine Nelson mystified about how her photo ended up on front page of the Herald
  • Bragged on Jonathan Goldsmith visit
  • Reed great weekend, spent a lot of time outside
  • Joe Rodolfy bragged on daughter’s blog on life in Madrid
  • Nicole Densmore reported that the Dept of Recs fall sports season in full swing

Member Announcements:

  • Raffle Drawing at Chamber Mixer at Allen Pools tomorrow. 
  • October 4 Deer’s Leap Hike – Reed Wilcox
  • Will Gormly plugged Rotary’s on-line calendar
  • Lou Scott 9/29 panel dialogues on leadership – expected to be interactive, all invited to participate.  Quoted Warren Buffet ability to influence others has to be positive.
  • Grace Pre-school needs bookshelves, volunteer labor and supplies, contact Stephanie Osgood or Will Gormly
  • Caprice Hover plugged the PCC Golf Tournament
  • Kirk Shields announced kick off of GMP’s Fill the Cupboard
  • Brian Perkins recognized Dick Rohe’s donation of  ‘ABCs of Rotary’, ‘What is Rotary’, pamphlets, next Monday induction of Nicole Densmore and Robyn Schmidt
  • Kevin Loso next  Wednesday 9/17 at 7pm RHA office, Administration and all committee chairs
  • Saturday, October 10 Rutland Alzheimer’s Walk – 2 miles, starting at Main Street Park, Sara DeLance is leading Rotary Team

President’s Announcements:

  • 6:30 Committee chairs to meet on Wed 9/17
  • Fortified white soy meal, example of Rotary providing basic food needs for people
  • If you have any tickets left, time to turn them in! 
  • Cale Shipman sent out Club Runner instructions for updating profile, do it.
  • Board meeting, noon, Hampton Inn, all set on Thursday

Camaro Raffle Update:

Krista – average ticket sale of 30 tickets per member, sold very close to 1,750 tickets

We missed you: Paula Baker, Ron Bower, Rich Carlson, Nick Carmolli, Jeff Chabot, Mike Coppinger, Andrea Copolla, Kwame Dankwa, Sara DeLance, Bill Drummond, Jack Facey, Maria Fish, Elias Hajj, Christina Keshava, Chris Keyser, Gary Ladabouche, Bob Miller, Terry Moran, Stephanie Osgood, Chuck Rose, Cale Shipman, Jeff Wennberg, Wendy Wilton.

Weekly Raffle:  $40 in small pot, won by Jeff Guevin, and the big pot keeps growing

Guest Speaker: Leslie Williams, Make-a-Wish Foundation VT

  1. Mission of Make a Wish – grant wishes to eligible VT children with life threatening illnesses.
  2. Small chapter
  3. 689 wishes granted to date, since 1989
  4. Wish to be, go, have, meet; gave some examples, map of Vermont wishes, 

Make-a-Wish Event October 16 at Paramount Theater – friend raiser, getting to know people.  Needs sponsorship support and help spreading the word.


This Week’s Rotary Chips, September 8, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-09-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Aug 28, 2014

Krista organized another gathering of our sales team for the Friday evening motorcycle rally in downtown Rutland.

Nice turn out of Rotarians including Krista Scarborough, Steve White, Cale Shipman, Caprice Hover, Bill Drummond, Kwame Dankwa and Catherine Nelson.  Sales were brisk. Image

Home stretch on Camero Raffle Cale Shipman 2014-08-29 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Aug 26, 2014

Guests: Molly Wight, Exchange Student to Estonia; Cindi Wight, Parks and Rec, host of Charlie and mother of Molly; Bill Perkins, guest of Brian Perkins; Skyler Ambrose, guest of George Ambrose; Nicole Dunsmore and Robyn Schmidt, guests, approved for membership.

Brags/Fines:  Mike Coppinger

  • Jen Usher shared that it is the anniversary of her birth and 3 years in business
  • Bates said he visited Glens Falls Rotary, and our lunch is far superior; and thanked the club for their donation of $251 to College of St. Joseph, exceeding Rotary South’s gift.
  • Brian Perkins saw awesome concerts in Burlington, headed to NYC with brother
  • Nicole Dunsmore said the Parks & Rec had a great Young Professionals mixer
  • Will Gormly fined Nicole Dunsmore for newspaper coverage
  • Mike Coppinger filled us in on Dog Days of Summer event at Rec, bragged that Hannah Coppinger won 2nd place in jump and placed in swim
  • Paula Baker thanks you for light bulbs being installed, and Paula is taking a one-year vacation from Rotary while she adjusts to retired life
  • Tom Donahue declined Paula’s request to take a vacation, thanked all for support of Winter in August, and talked up Block Party coming up on Friday at 6:30 the Killington Classic Motorcycle Rally
  • Elias Hajj told us about Hannoush’s corporate ‘soup kitchen’ at Park Street mission served 300 people. 
  • Jeff Wennberg announced no contamination of water following fire, thanks to all for patience and understanding.
  • Rich Carlson, Steve White, Reed Wilcox, Nicole Fabian, Jeff Guevin, Jeff Wennberg participated in fire hydrant painting service project last Saturday
  • Rich Carlson fined for quality of his paint job
  • Catherine Nelson took a vacation in Maine
  • Krista Scarborough repeated some weekend Ambrosia
  • Caprice Hover spent a week on vacation with former exchange student and new Slovakian student
  • Caprice fined Will and Kwame Dankwa for weak response to ALS challenge
  • Wendy Wilton has had opportunity to do business locally with Elias and Jen and enjoyed the experiences, and went to Women on Target with daughter and friend. 
  • George Ambrose bragged on Rutland Parks and Rec for the great job they do and attended Wallingford Rotary Club meeting
  • Ron(?) paid Nicole Fabian’s fine for ambrosia
  • Dave Anderson’s daughter had a baby – in 40 years grown from family of 2 to a family of 10.

Member Announcements:

  • Krista Scarborough announced that there are raffle ticket sales opportunity on Friday at Block Party
  • Lou Scott said that first of series of leadership panels on 9/29 and he read report regarding leadership that followers want trust, compassion, stability and hope
  • Robyn reminded us that the Parent Child Center Golf Tournament is Fri 9/12, make reservations by calling Killington National

We missed you:  Sara DeLance, Maria Fish, Chris Keyser, Lannie LaCroix, Gary Ladabouche, Kevin Loso, Traci Moore, Stephanie Osgood, Dan Quinn, Joe Rodolfy,

Kirk Shields, Win Thomas

Raffle:  $42/$548 – Catherine Nelson won small pot, pulled Queen of Spades.

Guest Speakers: Caprice Hover and Molly Wight

Starting in July exchange students start arriving from abroad, Caprice welcomes new students, they have monthly student activities, including trip to Boston and Snowball Dance.

Molly gave a very entertaining presentation on her year in Estonia. 


This Week’s Rotary Chips, August 25, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-08-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Aug 17, 2014

Guests: Paula Baker brought new library director Abby Noland; Ginger Lambert, speaker; Kwame Dankwa brought Linda Ross. 


Brags/Fines:  Mike Coppinger

  • Paula Baker fined for retirement announcement in paper, 45 years in library science
  • Caprice Hover fined in abstentia for cover photo on Rutland Reader
  • Lou Scott bragged that he went to Montana, South Dakota and remarked on how to live in the present and not have absent reality experiences where you are not participating in the reality that your are experiencing
  • Brian Perkins bragged on vacation in New Hampshire for two weeks
  • Joe Rodolfy bragged that on Friday her daughter is headed to Madrid for a stint as an au pair
  • Kwame bragged that Caprice took the ALS Ice Bucket challenge at Winter in August
  • Bob Miller fined for Belgian heritage and fined Kwame and Will for dumping ice on Caprice, which was paid by Robyn Schmidt
  • Dick Rohe was born in Belgium – hence Rotary’s Belgian Waffles at Winter in August
  • Joan and Jim Watson celebrated their 29th Anniversary

Member Announcements:

  • Bill Drummond thanked waffle volunteers
  • Dick Rohe eulogized Jim Jeffords and recounted story of him representing Dick in property sale
  • Linda Ross talked about Vermonters for Vermonters event at Vermont State Fair, a benefit concert for Project Vision, Vermont Recovery and Dismas House. 
  • Krista Scarborough is recruiting volunteers for Saturday – 2 – 2 hour shifts.
  • Jeff Wennberg announced our next community project on Saturday to paint fire hydrants, paint and brushes provided
  • Brian Perkins presented Bob Harnish’s father’s Paul Harris Fellow medallion back to club
  • Mike Coppinger announced that Rutland is hosting motorcycle parade 8/29, need some volunteers

President’s Announcements:

  • Next week is a business meeting
  • Discussion of Club Runner website usage
  • Brian & Maria received $10 gift certificates donated by the Palms for bringing in new members.

We missed you:  George Ambrose, Dave Anderson, Jeff Chabot, Andrea Coppola, Sara DeLance, Tom Donahue, Barbara Giancola, Will Gormly, Caprice Hover, Lainnie LaCroix, Traci Moore, Catherine Nelson, Stephanie Osgood, Wendy Wilton.

Raffle:  $35/$504 – Dom had winning ticket, but pulled jack of hearts

Rotary Minute: Mark Price talked about 65 international fellowships for various activities from curling to golf.

Guest Speaker: Ginger Lambert

“Fitness for The Body and Mind” – Ginger is a very competitive runner, received degree in exercise science from Castleton State College.  Advocate for pushing self, exploring new activities and avenues.  Spoke about many benefits of poetry. 



This Week’s Rotary Chips, August 18, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-08-18 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Aug 10, 2014

Guests: Robyn Schmitt, new development director at Parent Child Center, guest of Caprice Hover; Nicole Dinsmore, Parks and Recreation Dept., guest of Kwame Dankwa; Brian Lalime, G.W. Savage guest of Nicole Fabian.  Carolyn Meub, guest speaker.


Brags/Fines:  Mike Coppinger

  • President Joan bragged about her birthday party presented by 97.1
  • Kwame Dankwa bragged about 97.1’s birthday bash
  • Cale Shipman bragged on his Cape Cod vacation
  • Jeff Guevin celebrated grandson’s bday
  • Chris Keyser had two baby granddaughters 36 hours apart!
  • Caprice Hover is going on vacation with host son Lucas and picking up new student
  • Jack Facey retired from Planning Commission after 20+ years
  • Bates Childress has transitioned into a consulting role at College of St. Joseph
  • Bob Miller went to San Diego
  • Krista Scarborough explained to an 8 year-old what Rotary is about and she’s coming to help with waffles at Winter in August on Tuesday

Member Announcements:

  • Will Gormly – Winter in August volunteers needed Tuesday
  • Krista Scarborough – Camaro will be in Depot Park during Winter in August
  • Caprice Hover reminded us about GW Savage tournament for Parent Child Center at Killington on Friday
  • Mike Coppinger told us there is a Board meeting at Hampton 12 noon Thursday

President’s Announcements:

  • Four weeks to sell tickets!!!

We missed you:  George Ambrose, Paula Baker, Rich Carlson, Jeff Chabot, Andrea Coppola, Sara DeLance, Tom Donohue, Bill Drummond, Maria Fish, Traci Moore, Terry Moran, Brian Perkins, Joe Rodolfy, Dick Rohe, Chuck Rose, Lou Scott, Winn Thomas,

Raffle:  $37 / $469

Carolyn Meub drew Barbara Giancola’s ticket for the small pot and Barbara did not pick the queen of hearts. 

Rotary Minute:  Mark Price

Guest Speaker: Past District Governor Carolyn Meub, ED of Pure Water

A retired dentist from Brattleboro visiting El Salvador realized that most patients were suffering from waterborne diseases.  Came back and locally started a water purification program.  Now spread to Honduras and Haiti.  3.4 million die each year due to impure water.  99% live in developing countries. 

Shared story of Honduran woman w/ 3 children, son sick for several days, carried him 15 miles to get treatment.  As much an education project as a physical one – teaching waste management, food handling, etc.  Group is guided by demand driven activities.


This Week’s Rotary Chips, August 11, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-08-11 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Aug 03, 2014

Guests: Robyn Schmitt, new development director at Parent Child Center, guest of Caprice Hover; Nicole Dinsmore, Parks and Recreation Dept., guest of Kwame Dankwa; Peter O’Brien, NBT Bank, visiting from Granville, NY; Liz Weinmann, guest of Dick Rohe; Jim Watson and Kelli Baker, guests of President Watson; and Leni Preston, speaker and guest of Bates Childress

Pop Quiz:  Michael Coppinger opened with the question “How many drops in a bottle of Tabasco Sauce?” Table that came closest gets a free 30 second brag each.  Answer was 720.  Closest table guessed 681.  Jen Usher bragged about a great weekend; Jack Facey bragged about having 42 family reunion participants for dinner the other night on Cape Cod; Kevin Loso bragged about his step-son’s dog becoming his new best friend; Caprice bragged that she’s approaching 30 years in human service and the Parent Child Center is also approaching its 30th anniversary; Maria bragged that she hopes she has something big to brag about next week; Andrea Coppola bragged that she only has 18 days left until she’s an empty nester; and George Ambrose bragged that last week marked the arrival of his 17th grandchild AND his 7th great-grandchild.

Brags/Fines:  Mike Coppinger

  • Tom Donahue and Bill Drummond were fined for stealing downstairs table cloths to make their (boldly checked) shirts, George questioned if that indicated that they had a checkered past.
  • Bill Drummond bragged that he attend Red Sox games over the weekend.
  • Elias Hajj bragged that he went to Vegas, where it would seem that the toilet seat was the highlight of his trip.
  • Tom Donahue bragged that 35 restaurants have signed up for Winter in August (Tuesday, August 12); and that his daughter is expecting his 4th granddaughter.
  • Catherine Nelson bragged that her son was featured on the cover of the Sunday Rutland Herald (no thanks to her); and that the Coolidge Foundation had its gala over the weekend and they gave away a $2,000 scholarship.
  • Chris Keyser shot a 76 over the weekend.
  • Lainnie LaCroix shared that her daughter got married – a three day extravaganza.
  • George Ambrose told us that Rutland Youth Theater was written up in the Rutland Herald; has sold his 40 tickets, and 8 more since then.
  • Caprice loved hearing the Blue Jay Way with Satin & Steel.
  • Peter O’Brien wants a joint meeting with his Granville club because we are that much fun; and NBT is opening a branch in Rutland.
  • Krista Scarborough announced that if 4 people sign up for the Farmers Market she will not send out an email this week (thank you Maria Fish for being the fourth), and fined herself for getting a hefty speeding ticket.

Announcements from Members:

  • Winter in August – Bill Drummond taking sign-up sheet for waffles.
  • Mike Coppinger announced free movies on Tuesdays at 7pm – coming up: Jaws, Grease, Princess Bride.
  • Mike also reminded group to sign sheets of new members.

Announcements from President:

  • Turn your tickets in and get out there and sell more.

Raffle:  $33 in today’s pot, $433 in big pot.  Jim Watson pulled one of Mark Price’s tickets.  Mark picked the 9 of hearts.

We missed you: Dave Anderson, Paula Baker, Jeff Chabot, Sara DeLance, Barbara Giancola, Jeff Guevin, Robert G. Miller, Traci Moore, Terry Moran, Brian Perkins, Chuck Rose, Louis Scott, Dom Serino, Kirk Shields, Cale Shipman, Jeffrey Wennberg, Wendy Wilton

  • Andrea asked that you report make ups to her.

Rotary Moment: Bates Childress talked about how Rotary has made safe water one of its six areas of focus.  We normally think about this as a third world issue, but as article in Rotarian magazine points out, it is also an issue in the US with water shortages, water pollution.

Program: Leni Preston, PTSD Resource Center of Vermont

PTSD is not only experienced by soldiers returning from war, but also first responders, and victims of assault and childhood traumas.  Families are also affected.  The PTSD Resource Center located in Proctor treats all segments of this population.






This Week’s Rotary Chips, August 4, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-08-04 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jul 27, 2014

Guests: Aubrey Holmes, Daniel Klingsberg, Anna Pinero, Alyssa Wright, Yuriko Fukumura, Samantha Peng from Killington Music Festival; visiting Rotarian Dave Benson, Rotary Club of Honolulu; Robin Schmitt, new development Director at Parent Child Center, guest of Caprice Hover; Nicole Dinsmore, Parks and Recreation Dept., guest of Kwame Dankwa. 

Brags/Fines:  Mike Coppinger

  • Mike Coppinger fined Jeff Wenberg over article regarding cameras on traffic lights
  • Rutland Reader mentioned Aubochon Hardware, fined Bill Drummond
  • Tom Donohue noted that Elias, Joan, Nicole(Kwame’s guest) - for several categories of ‘best of’
  • George Ambrose bragged for Joan and Youth Theater tour
  • Nick Carmolli shot a 64 at the O’Malley Memorial Golf Tournament
  • Bates bragged that 5 Rotarians, Nick Carmolli, Chuck Rose, Steve White, Chris Keyser and Joe Rodolfy played in the O’Malley Golf Tournament benefiting scholarships for students in CSJ’s criminal justice program
  • Brian & Vicky went to Corinth with Jason and Heather Cable, had a great time
  • Winn Thomas bragged about 3rd place in run, and on his four buddies that did the ironman, including Phil Alderman, Mark Alderman, Ryan & Erica Pinalles(sp?)
  • Kwame Dankwa bragged that 97.1 ranked #1 in multiple categories in northern NE
  • Rich Carlson daughter and son-in-law competed in Ironman, daughter 5th in 35-39 age group
  • Tom bragged for George who’s influence has led Tom to incorporate puns into his life and he then shared a bit of ambrosia. 
  • Mike bragged on Flock of Seagulls success at Friday Night Live, good time had by all, and on behalf of Make it Sew for solving his problems with his shrinking pants.
  • Caprice bragged that Sam’s Good News featured one of their male teen parents. 

Announcements from Members:

  • Winter in August – tickets available.  Belgian Waffles will be organized by Rotary - Tom
  • Sidewalk Sale Downtown – Mike
  • George – Raffle started in March and sold no tickets first two months, now at 39. 

Announcements from President:

  • Recognized Jay Sabataso … and the rest of the Palms staff for great lunch for DG, awarded Light Up Rotary pin. 
  • Tom Donohue received pin for arranging Cape Air tickets for Rotary South President Dave Correll’s trips to Boston for cancer treatment.
  • Kwame updated on PR – Facebook page progress and how can we encourage people to come to us with projects and how can we shine a light on those projects. Will meet again next month.  
  • Will Gormly updated on Service Projects – trying to do two projects / month, trying to be diverse: sweat equity, youth mentoring, potential India project; turn each person into a delegate to various organizations, calendar for pipeline.  Winter in August and painting fire hydrants coming up. 
  • Kevin Loso updated on Club Administration – working on improving engagement, committee structure, and other projects.


Raffle:  $36 in today’s pot, won by George Ambrose; $400 in big pot, didn’t win.

We missed you: Paula Baker, Jeff Chabot, Andrea Coppola, Sara DeLance, Jack Facey, Lainnie LaCroix, Robert G. Miller, Traci Moore, Catherine Nelson, Stephanie Osgood, Daniel Quinn, Krista Scarborough, Lou Scott, Dom Serino, Kirk Shields, Cale Shipman

Rotary Moment: Maria told us about IFRM started in 1972 to recognize role of music in international relations. 

Program: Maria Fish / Killington Music Festival

Students started playing together only 3 weeks ago.  Last concert Saturday, taking gondola to top of the mountain. Group played a piece by Dvorjak.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, July 28, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-07-28 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jul 20, 2014

President Joan Watson opened meeting with Terese Miele, Past President of Rotary South

Guests: Alli Price, guest of Mark Price; Liz DeMarco Weinmann, guest of Rich Carlson; Bill Perkins & Terese Miele, Rotary South; Madeline Coppinger guest of Mike Coppinger; Dan Quinn & Jennifer Usher are guests for the last time, to be inducted today.

Brags/Fines:  Mike Coppinger

  • Lou Scott bragged on Rutland/Paramount/Les Miserables.
  • Maria Fish shared that Killington Music Festival off to a great start, and she is still married one year after her husband sold his milking herd.
  • Will Gormly bragged that Liz DeMarco Weinmann helped him with business marketing plan; fined Elias for his exhibitionism on the wedding dance floor. 
  • Nick Carmolli had last week off, spent with his kids and had a great time.
  • Terese Miele bragged that she’s now a grandparent.



  • GOLM tomorrow at Paramount
  • Rutland Young Professionals at Fish Tales Tavern in Lake Bomoseen
  • Parent Child Center looking for some assistance in business and other areas
  • Club Admin this Thurs at RHA office
  • Dick Rohe needs someone to man Camaro and sell tickets on Friday night to help Catherine Nelson, and Saturday morning
  • Tom Donohue reminded us that Winter in August is just around the corner and tempted us with ‘preferred restrooms’
  • Bill Drummond needs Belgian waffle volunteers
  • Camaro Raffle has only seven weeks left



Jennifer Usher, owner of Make it Sew, sponsored by Brian Perkins

Dan Quinn, CEO of Community Care Network, sponsored by Maria Fish

Raffle:  President Watson held the winning raffle ticket and did not win the big pot. Will Gormly won tickets to Killington Music Festival.

Guest Speaker:  Terese Miele, Past President of Rotary South

Presentation on Rotary Park. 

Opened with video on the Rotary Park Clean Up Day.  Talked about the founding of Rotary Park and its role in our community, but also as an example of cooperation between clubs.  Shared memories of pool, skating, tennis courts, and “parking.”  For nine years, under direction of Rutland Parks and Rec, has worked on cleaning up aspects of the park.  Terese showed plans for revitalized park. 

Next week:  Killington Music Festival


This Week’s Rotary Chips, July 21, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-07-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jul 13, 2014

Guests: Richard Berryman, District Governor & Speaker; Sandy Burgess, Asst. District Governor

Note:  President Joan Watson opened the meeting with the announcement that David Correll, President of the Rutland South Club, is being treated for cancer in his leg.  We send David best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

Brags/Fines:  Mike Coppinger – skipped, although Mike allowed DG Berryman to brag on his daughters.


  • Brian Perkins is collecting sold Camaro Raffle tickets
  • Tuesday 7/15 - PR committee meeting in the Coffee Exchange vault 12:30-1:30
  • Tuesday 7/22 - GOLM mini blood drive noon to six at the Paramount. Click to sign up.
  • Saturday 11/29 - Christmas tree delivery at 7 AM
  • Dick Rohe – seek out new members and sign their sheets

Raffle:  $43/$321 – Steve White won small pot, but pulled ace of diamonds.

Guest Speaker: Richard Berryman, District Governor

DG Berryman outlined his vision for District 7870 for the upcoming year.  He listed some of the events the district has going on throughout the year, website plans.  Put in a heavy plug for the annual district conference, ideas for encouraging attendance.

Public image / awareness and membership – if people could see the value of what we do membership would not be an issue.  Why do people join?  For fellowship, stay engaged because of projects.

Theme – Light up Rotary.  This is an opportunity to shine a light on what we do such as our polio eradication efforts.

Rotary International Foundation - over $2.1 billion donated.  Supports projects all over the world.  Explained how different restricted funds / annual fund work. 

We Missed You:

June 30: Nicole Fabian, Jack Facey, Maria Fish, Jeff Guevin, Gary Ladabouche, Dom Serino, Kirk Shields, Win Thomas, Jeff Wennberg, Wendy Wilton. 

July 11: George Ambrose, Paula Baker, Ron Bower, Jeff Chabot, Andrea Coppola, Bill Drummond, Nicole Fabian, Jack Facey, Maria Fish, Chris Keyser, Lainnie LaCroix, Gary Ladabouche, Terry Moran, Kirk Shields, Jeff Wennberg, Reed Wilcox, Wendy Wilton.




This Week’s Rotary Chips, July 14, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-07-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jul 06, 2014

Guests: Jennifer Usher, guest of Brian Perkins; Josh Sousa, guest of Dick Rohe

Brags/Fines:  Mike Coppinger

  • George Ambrose fined for suggesting a reduced senior dues before we even started
  • Tom Donahue bragged about successful fireworks, and thanked Catherine Nelson for Rutland Herald’s sponsorship
  • Brian Perkins fined for photo in Chamber of Commerce Annual Fund Report
  • Kwame Dankwa shared the story of his flooded home and thanked Will for loan of shop vac
  • Bob Wallace thanked Joan Watson for opportunity to stick Watson Real Estate American Flags in the ground
  • Chuck Rose celebrated 16th wedding anniversary
  • Cale fined self for not having Rotary regalia flags – he put them into the Camaro with Rich Carlson and Miss Vermont, and he hasn’t seen the Camaro, Miss Vermont or Rich since
  • Krista bragged that Rotarians did a great job in Brandon parade
  • Bob Miller celebrated 29th anniversary
  • Mike Coppinger went to Canada for 4th of July with fiancé, for jazz festival came out $330 ahead at the casino
  • Stephanie Osgood really enjoyed the parade with her kids
  • Terry Moran paid 50 cent fine for being a dual citizen, Kwame also made a donation for the same reason.
  • Caprice fined self for getting lost on the way to Brandon
  • Sarah DeLance’s husband worked 125 hours last week with GMP crews restoring power
  • George bragged that he recruited a member for Wallingford club, Dick Rohe just shook his head
  • Steve White noted that Caprice was interviewed on radio this AM for her fine work
  • Catherine Nelson paid fine for ? , went to Maine for weekend, bought a $100 ticket for a Maine Rotary car raffle
  • Barbara Giancola strom blocked both ways to her house, city had it cleared up by theend of the night.
  • All three of Elias cars, plus house damaged in hail storm, thanked Poulos Insurance for their outstanding service
  • Joe Rodolfy bragged that he played with Chris Keyser in the Proctor-Pittsford member/member, won $50, bragged on Steve White being even par Thursday when danger whistle blew on storm. 
  • Mike fined self for soccer game comments in paper


  • World Cup games to be broadcast at Paramount
  • Brian has the tickets and will be Chamber Mixer puller tomorrow
  • Mixer is at Castleton State College
  • Krista let us know that Dick will be driving Camaro
  • Saturday is RAVE (Rutland Area Vehicle Enthusiasts) Car show
  • Glow ball tournament this weekend
  • Michael O’Malley Memorial Golf Tournament benefiting CSJ on Fri, July 25
  • Service Project committee meeting Friday at noon at Panera
  • Board Meeting Thurs noon Hampton inn
  • Club Administration Committee Thurs 5pm RHA
  • George gave some tips for selling raffle tickets

Raffle:  $35 this week, Elias won (again), didn’t pull Queen of Diamonds.

Guest Speaker:

Mark Price told us about tradition from the past “Rotarians Live.” 

Tom Donahue talked about the Chamber, and what an amazing region we live in.

Kwame Dankwa talked about the behind the scenes side of the radio business. 

This Week’s Rotary Chips, July 7, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-07-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jun 30, 2014

We congratulate Brian as he hands over the office of Club President to Joan Watson.  It has been a great year and we all look forward to more of the same with Joan and all the members of our wonderful Club.Image


Changing of Gavel 2014 Cale Shipman 2014-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jun 30, 2014


Paula Baker, Rich Carlson, Bates Childress, Jeff Chabot, Tom Donahue, Maria Fish, Barbara Giancola, Jeff Guevin, Caprice Hover, Gary Ladabouche, Kevin Loso, Terry Moran, Dick Rohe, Chuck Rose, Cale Shipman.


Andrea Coppola, Kwame Dankwa, Will Gormly, Jeff Guevin, Chris Keyser, Traci Moore, Terry Moran, Catherine Nelson, Mark Price, Chuck Rose, Lou Scott, Wendy Wilton.


Dave Anderson, Ron Bower, Jeff Chabot, Mike Coppinger, Andrea Coppola, Sara DeLance, Tom Donahue, Nicole Fabian, Caprice Hover, Gary Ladabouche, Traci Moore, Stephanie Osgood, Lou Scott, Kirk Shields, Joan Watson, Wendy Wilton.

We missed you: Bates Childress 2014-07-01 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jun 29, 2014

Guests: Joan Bower, wife of Ron; Vicky Perkins, Mary Perkins, & Bill Perkins; and Jennifer Usher, Make it Sew, guests of Brian; Kathryn Moore, guest of Traci; Dan Quinn, guest of Chris Keyser; Josh Sousa, guest of Dick Rohe.

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy - Skipped for passing of the gavel.

Raffle:  $43/$240 – Joan Watson had the winning ticket, but pulled two of diamonds

Guest Speaker: Brian Perkins

Busiest, most stressful, greatest year of his life.

Recapped Rotary year, many, many successes through the year.  Surpassed goal of 50 members, now at 54.  Fund raising goal of $20,000, hit $25,000.  Reached many other goals.

Recapped personal year, highs and lows, including marrying Vicky (high).  Shared words of wisdom. 

Recognition awards:

  • Jeff Guevin – Rotary Park Clean Up
  • Sara DeLance - Rotary Park Clean Up
  • Kwame Dankwa - Rotary Park Clean Up
  • Reed Wilcox - Rotary Park Clean Up
  • Lainnie LaCroix – Board Meeting Hostess
  • Cale Shipman – Christmas Tree Project
  • Bob Miller – Foundation Committee and weekly meeting set up
  • Kevin Loso – Board member and Administration chair
  • Caprice Hover - Youth Exchange
  • Elias Hajj – Board member & Administration Committee
  • Maria Fish – PR Committee
  • Nicole Fabian – Front Desk Administration
  • Bill Drummond – Christmas Tree Project & Weekly Raffle
  • Tom Donohue – Christmas Tree Project and Facebook
  • Bates Childress - Chips
  • Jeff Chabot – Christmas Tree Project
  • Rich Carlson – Christmas Tree Chairman
  • Krista Scarborough – Fund Raising Chair
  • Chuck Rose – Trees & Mentor Connector Coordinator
  • Terry Moran – Christmas Tree Project
  • Catherine Nelson – PR Chair
  • George Ambrose – Board member & Roteract
  • Nancy Burzon – Board Member & Secretary
  • Joe Rodolfy – Sergeant at Arms
  • Stephanie Osgood - Administration Committee & Project Vision Coordinator
  • Dick Rohe – Fund Raising Committee & Membership Chair
  • Will Gormly – Service Projects Chair
  • Mark Price - Trees, Budget, Board and everything else
  • Ron Bower - 2013 Rotarian of the Year
  • Joan Watson – 2014 Rotarian of the Year

Joan presented Brian with a framed gavel

Brian handed the real gavel to Joan

Joan outlined some goals

  • create relationship with sister club
  • programs to encourage educational pursuits
  • 2019 centennial planning
  • 100% membership participation - $100 to Rotary Foundation
  • thanked several members for their support leading up to today
  • stressed board meeting attendance 7/10, first meeting

Joan shared a great slide show of the past year of Rotary.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, June 30, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-06-30 00:00:00Z 0
7 new members honored at Rotary Wheel Ceremony Cale Shipman 2014-06-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jun 22, 2014

Submitted by Reed Wilcox

Guests: Dan Quinn of Rutland Mental Health and Nicole's Daughter.

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Jeff Wennberg was fined for his appearances on radio/newspaper.    
  • Reed bragged about his weekend at Mt Washington Hotel.
  • Will bragged of a huge success at Relay For life w/ roughly $1,400 raised by club.


  • Mike Coppinger announced the Rutland Downtown Partnership is hosting the Carnival this weekend. 
  • Krista is looking for volunteers for Camaro raffle tickets at the Farmer's Market.  
  • Elias is dancing in the Rutland Dancing w/ The Stars   
  • Joan gave us a status update on the teen her son saved. She is doing well and has been given the chance to use the most advanced prosthetic hand, as well as being released from hospital.
  • The changing of the Gavel is next Monday and attendance is very much requested if possible.

Raffle:  The raffle was won by Steve White. Pot was $29. Big pot was around $300. He drew the 2 of Clubs

Rotary Moment:  Mark Price

Mark was asked by Dick to share how he sells 100 plus tickets. His strategy is a mailer w/ a custom letter he drafts and sends out to friends, relatives, associates, etc that included a stamped return envelope. He then waits and the outcome is obviously great. He said that he does not wish to sell the most tickets because he does not want the raffle to be so influenced by one person when we all should be selling tickets.

Going forward, Mark will also be responsible for arranging our guest speakers as Joan transitions to President

Guest Speaker:

There was no speaker today, so the club conducted a Wheel Ceremony for new members who joined under President Brian's term.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, June 23, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-06-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jun 15, 2014

Guests: Charlie Woodward, Rotary exchange student from Spain.


Remarks:  Charlie told us about her year in Rutland, Rotary’s role in he stay and what it has meant to her.

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Joe fined RHS grads for boys & girls being state golf champs
  • Joe fined himself for Burr & Burton Academy win
  • Joan Watson bragged that Rutland Country Club sponsors team and in return they help clean up course
  • Mike Coppinger bragged on Netherlands wins; Ghana vs. US game tonight at Paramount; his girls team won 1, lost 2 and tied which was an improvement over last year; and Traci Moore’s daughter got a shout out for playing up one level
  • Caprice Hover headed to DC as new ST National Coalition of Youth Justice
  • Nick Carmolli bragged that his 1958 high school team won a state championship, and UVM team in 1962 were conference champs, and he had a great Fathers Day with 6/7 of his children.
  • Kevin Loso got a new tie for Fathers Day
  • George Ambrose suggested that Kevin “tied one on” for Fathers Day
  • Joan Watson son Tyler helped save a young girl who lost her hand in a boating accident


  • Kevin Loso asked administration committee to hold back after meeting for a few moments
  • Bates announce last chance to purchase 50/50 raffle tickets for Saturday’s drawing at CSJ Opera
  • Next week is the wheel ceremony
  • Saturday is Relay for Life Walk
  • In two weeks changing of the guard ceremony

Raffle:  Charlie won $31, pulled 3 of spades; Maria Fish donated tickets for concerts, Jeff won a set, George Ambrose won second set.  Maria spoke about how much support our Rotary gives Killington Music Festival

Guest Speaker: Joan Watson – Relay for Life

Joan plans to have a smooth transition and maintain consistency, Will has agreed to continue as head of service projects like Relay for Life. 

Theme change from “Engage Rotary, Change Lives”  to “Light Up.”  Counting on us to volunteer our gifts and talents with the club. 

Still need walkers to cover some Relay for Life spots, have exceeded $1,000 goal by $90 as of this morning.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, June 16, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-06-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jun 08, 2014

Guests: David Hoopes, District Governor; Jennifer Usher, Make it Sew, guest of Brian Perkins; Matt Denhart ED & Rashad Thomas, Program & Editorial Associate, at Calvin Coolidge Foundation, guests of Catherine Nelson; Kristin Andrade, guest of Kwame Dankwa; Vince Chiarella, BossWorks, visiting from Killington-Pico Rotary; Brennan Duffy, Rutland Redevelopment Authority, speaker.


Inductees: Andrea Coppola and Dave Anderson, sponsored by Kevin Loso; Kirk Shields sponsored by Dick Rohe

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Chuck Rose doesn’t appreciate ‘Hail, hail we’re glad you’re here’ as our welcome song today.
  • Catherine Nelson and Mark Price challenged each other to being biggest raffle ticket seller, $100 to other’s charity of choice. 
  • Brian Perkins has lost 40lbs last year, ran first half marathon
  • Rich Carlson’s daughter ran a race, made him cry
  • Lainnie LaCroix had a wonderful weekend, getting $4,800 on car
  • Andrea Coppola’s daughter is graduating
  • Will Gormley let us know that we are only $125 from our $1,000 Relay For Life goal, and bragged on his Scotland trip
  • Maria Fish put Killington Mountain Festival brochures on tables, told us about upcoming events
  • Krista Scarborough needs driver for Camaro this weekend
  • Bates Childress is selling 50/50 tickets for College of St. Joseph, drawing on June 21 at 20th Annual Night of Italian Opera. 


David Hoopes, District Governor

  • Claremont Club is being reconstituted, 80% of new members are women, most under 40.
  • Gave Brian certificate for our club reaching our Rotary goals
  • Our club also received an award for most net new members in the entire district of 60 clubs. 
  • He gave us a rose for deceased member
  • Brian received a gift in honor of his service as President
  • Announced that our role in Rutland City Park was featured recently at district conference.

$500 + 10 - $40 give aways at Chamber of Commerce Mixer at Kenlan, Schweibert, Facey and Goss office on Tuesday night.

Board of Directors meeting on Thursday at noon, at the Hampton Inn

Raffle:  Elias won again!  Pulled two of hearts

New Membership Induction: Andrea Coppola, Dave Anderson & Kirk Shields

Guest Speaker: Brennan Duffy, Rutland Redevelopment Authority

9 member board, small staff

Projects include:

  • $1.25m grant request for NW neighborhood revitalization, primarily housing related
  • formalized 2 tax stabilization issues
  • worked on water hook up for businesses
  • creating business friendly environment

On the circuit to raise money for signs. 

Want to create 4 ‘gateway to the city’ signs, tied in with GMP Rutland Blooms project.  “Welcome to Rutland” sign above an 8’ planter with support of $2,000 from up to 4 service clubs for recognition on sign.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, June 9, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-06-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jun 08, 2014

District Governor David Hoopes attended our meeting today to present President Brian with a number of awards for his very successful Rotary year.  Amoung the most prestigious awards a Club can receive is for the recruitment of new members.  Our Club should be very proud to have inducted more new members into Rotary over the past year than any of the 59 clubs in our Rotary District.Image

Our Club sets a record for new members. Cale Shipman 2014-06-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jun 08, 2014

The Club is on a roll this year with the addition of a record number of new members.  Please welcome them with your own introduction.  Welcome to Dave Anderson, Andrea Coppola, and Kirk Shields.Image

3 New Members for June 2014 Cale Shipman 2014-06-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jun 01, 2014

Guests: Kirk Shields, GMP, guest of Dick Rohe; Dave Anderson, guest of Kevin Loso; Andrea Coppola, guest of Kevin Loso; Sandy Burgess, Assistant Governor, District 8

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Caprice Hover shared that her staff was seen on WCAX as the governor signed a bill, and she won some prizes for golf.
  • Tom Donahue announced that the Rutland Regional Chamber of Commerce had a very successful golf tournament last Friday.
  • Dick Rohe shared that Maria Fish has a vibrating bed, this is due to her dogs being frightened during thunderstorms.
  • Rich Carlson bragged that his daughter Kim got married at Pebble Beach, CA AND bought a 4,500 square foot home. 
  • Joan Watson told us that her twin 4 year old grandchildren had their first dance recital.
  • Sandy Burgess spilled the beans that our club has won an award for adding the most new members this year … and we ain’t done yet!
  • Nick Carmolli bragged that Dismas House had yet another successful fund raising event this weekend, with over 300 attendees.
  • Nicole Fabian boasted that she pulled off two dinner parties, one the night before leaving for vacation and the other the night she returned. 
  • Lainee LaCroix let us know that her poor Buick got pelted by hail last week; she’s received invitations to her daughter’s wedding and the his and her (not Jack and Jill) barbeque; and it’s her daughter’s birthday too.
  • Brian Perkins fined himself for being pictured in Rutland Magazine.
  • Bates Childress announced that College of St. Joseph will hold its 20th Annual Night of Italian Opera on Saturday, June 21 and Michael O’Malley Memorial Golf Tournament on Friday, July 25 at Proctor-Pittsford Country Club.  He will have more complete information next week.
  • Caprice Hover said there will be a public hearing tomorrow (Tuesday 6/4) regarding the deaths of two infants under the supervision of Division of Children and Families, contact her for more information.



  • Saturday, June 7 Krista has a sign up sheet for working raffle ticket sales at the Farmers Market.
  • Monday, June 9 will be a triple induction
  • Tuesday, June 10 the Chamber of Commerce mixer will be held at the offices of Kenlan, Schweibert, Facey & Goss.
  • Thursday, June 12 the Board of Directors will hold its last meeting under the reign of Brian Perkins at the Hampton Inn.


Raffle:  Rich Carlson won the 50/50 pot, but pulled the 9 of spades.


Guest Speaker: Nancy Burzon, Women’s Professional Development Center of Rutland

The organization has two venues for its services, the Workforce Council and the Youth Council.  Her focus today was on youth job preparedness.

  • Day event for 450 Rutland County 7th graders at Castleton State College
  • Sophomore Summit (10th grade) – more in depth, explore secondary ed and work options.  500 students, 80 pros – 2 sessions and 23 potential pathways

October 2014 is the next Sophomore Summit.


Attendance Reports: 6/3; 5/19; 5/12

6/3 – We missed you: George Ambrose, Amanda Beraldi, Jason Cable, Jeff Chabot, Sarah DeLance, Jack Facey, Kate Fox, Jared Galster, Will Gormly, Jeff Guevin, Bob Harnish, Joyce Hottenstein, Marianne Kennedy, Christina Keshava, Gary Ladabouche, Hull Maynard, Bob Miller, Traci Moore, Terry Moran, Catherine Nelson, Mark Price, Win Thomas, Wendy Wilton

5/19 – We missed you: Amanda Beraldi, Nancy Burzon, Jason Cable, Rich Carlson, Jeff Chabot, Mike Coppinger, Kwame Dankwa, Nicole Fabian, Maria Fish, Kate Fox, Jared Galster, Bob Harnish, Joyce Hottenstein, Caprice Hover, Marianne Kennedy, Christina Keshava, Chris Keyser, Lainnie LaCroix, Hull Maynard, Traci Moore, Stephanie Osgood, Mark Price, Win Thomas, Jeff Wennberg, Wendy Wilton

5/12 – We missed you:  George Ambrose, Paula Baker, Amanda Beraldi, Ron Bower, Nancy Burzon, Jason Cable, Tom Donahue, Kate Fox, Jared Galster, Bob Harnish, Joyce Hottenstein, Marianne Kennedy, Lainnie LaCroix, Gary Ladabouche, Hull Maynard, Traci Moore, Chuck Rose, Wendy Wilton.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, June 3, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-06-02 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on May 05, 2014

The Rotary Club of Rutland is proud to have back with us, Michael Coppinger.  Please take a moment to sign his new member sheet and to introduce yourself to Michael.


Welcome Back Michael Coppinger Cale Shipman 2014-05-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Mar 16, 2014

Guests: Shelia Palfey, guest of Catherine Nelson; Kwame Dankwa, Sara DeLance, prospective members, and Brian DeClue, guest of Bill Drummond.

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Will Gormly fined Nicole Fabian for photo in paper
  • Rich Carlson bragged for Tom Donahue, who is having lunch with Sen. Leahy
  • Tina Keshava fined herself for not selling any tickets, bragged that she skied this weekend for the first time in four years
  • Traci Moore bragged that HFCU / Sara DeLance and Carrie Allen sponsored Shamrock 5K
  • Joan Watson bragged on Jim receiving top 3% of 85,000 agents, and both receiving 25th anniversary as a Coldwell-Banker shop (turns out that includes 10 years of their predecessor’s time
  • Bob Miller won 4’ tall Vermont Teddy Bear at the Business Expo
  • George Ambrose bragged that Schuyler just finished Laramie Project for contest, and will be in Seusical
  • Mark Price bragged on all three kids incredible skiing talent
  • Bates Childress bragged that men’s baseball & women’s softball are returning to CSJ in spring 2015
  • Lou Scott told us about a $25 million tear down he saw listed in Florida
  • Terry Moran explained the very cool ancestry of his St.. Patrick’s bowler
  • Win Thomas bragged on his $4 green bow tie
  • Joe Rodolfy is elated that he has received invitation to daughter’s UVM graduation


  • Nick Carmolli – told a great story about how he had his name “irishized” on his 1979 trip to Ireland
  • Dick Rohe – has raffle tickets and free lunch cards for prospective members
  • Distrit Assembly on 4/5 – Brian, Joan, Stephanie are attending
  • Board of Directors meeting moved to this Thursday at Hampton Inn

Raffle:  $1,049 in the big pot.  Jeff Chabot had winning ticket, but pulled king of hearts!

New Members (50th & 51st) inducted:

Kwame Dankwa

Sara DeLance

-       Congratulations!!!

We missed you: Amanda Beraldi, Nancy Burzon, Jason Cable, Tom Donahue, Jack Facey, Kate Fox, Jared Galster, Barb Giancola, Elias Hajj, Joyce Hottenstein, Caprice Hover, Marianne Kennedy, Chris Keyser, Hull Maynard, Stephanie Osgood, Krista Scarborough, Dom Serino, Cale Shipman, Steve White and Wendy Wilton.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, March 17, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-03-17 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jan 26, 2014

Guests: Rich Lloyd, speaker, guest of Bates Childress; Len Semp from Rutland South; Jeff Guevin, guest of Win Thomas.


Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Chuck Rose bragged that14 Rotarians participated in the Mentor Connector’s bowlathon, Ron Bower was the high bowler
  • Maria missed bowling 100 by 2 pins
  • Joan announced that she and Catherine had same score, and she won a $10 bet
  • Caprice got her butt kicked by Maria and was appointed to national association of juvenile justice committee
  • Kevin confessed that he’s a worse bowler than Caprice and Maria
  • Rich Carlson bragged on Traci’s successful United Way Campaign
  • Traci bragged on having a very generous  community
  • Traci paid fine for Jack Facey’s service to UWRC recognition
  • Bob Miller bragged on Catherine being named CEO of the Rutland Herald, The Times Argus and the New England Business Journals
  • Dick Rohe bragged on 88 degree temps in Jamaica, where he will be tomorrow
  • Catherine bragged that it was very nice to be promoted and that she is headed to Montego Bay
  • Win, just back from St. Croix, bragged about all the things he did
  • Joe fined for phone ringing during fines and brags
  • Bates closed on and moved into new house
  • Brian’s family is celebrating his grandfather’s 90th birthday
  • Joe pointed out the Yankee’s epic payroll for a new Japanese pitcher, and gave Nick an opportunity to comment



  • Rutland Community Cupboard sent a thank you letter for $500 donation
  • On Tues 1/28 there will be a Young Professionals Mixer at the Loft above Lake Sunapee Bank


Raffle:  $37 won by Dom Serino, drew 4 of hearts and did not win $817 in the big pot.


Guest Speaker:  Rich Lloyd, College of St. Joseph President

Sisters of St. Joseph wanted a college that provided an accessible and affordable liberal arts education

We know all the benefits of attending college but it is becoming increasingly unaffordable

Created Provider Scholarship Program to address cost and accessibility for those most in need

-       academic standard, intellectual curiosity

-       campus involvement, student driven activities

-       community service, 15 hours per semester

-       career preparedness, starting at orientation

Created the only declining cost structure in New England, tuition room & board fixed, but scholarship increases annually, makes costs predictable, rewards success, improves retention. 

Last semester 74 students, committed 1260 hours of service, 70% exceeded 15-hour requirement.

60% increase in residential occupancy this year.

98kw roof top solar array, one of largest in Rutland

New curricular options: social media certificate/minor program, potential physician’s assistant program – only one in Vermont

Baseball & softball in spring 2015

Mon-Fri, Tues-Thur class schedule with Wednesday reserved for office hours, meetings and community service

Financial Aid report card so students are aware of where they stand annually





This Week’s Rotary Chips, January 27, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-01-27 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jan 13, 2014

Guests: Karen Ranz, guest of Youth Exchange Committee; Leigh-Ann Brown, speaker; Stephanie Osgood brought Lilly.

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Joe Rodolfy fined Steve White for appearance in Proctor Pittsford Country Club newsletter photo.
  • Dick Rohe bragged for Tom Donahue for creating Facebook page for the club.
  • Tom Donahue encourages everyone to “like” Rotary Club of Rutland, need 30 likes to qualify for analytics, unveiled development plans for page (at press time at 104 likes – very impressive gain in 24 hours).
  • George Ambrose bragged on Schuyler for Mill River theater group involvement.
  • Lainnie LaCroix fined for late arrival, bragged that she has new phone.
  • Caprice Hover bragged that she’s booked a trip to visit a friend in Florida.
  • Krista Scarborough bragged that Joe loaned her a bunch of hockey equipment.
  • Joan Watson liked FB page already, noted that you can invite others to like it.
  • Bates Childress thanked Nancy Burzon for helping with CHIPS last week.
  • Tom Donahue bragged that grandkids came for a visit.
  • Nicole Fabian got to babysit grandson for her birthday.


  • George announced that the Youth Exchange Committee will meet following lunch.
  • Caprice reminded everyone of January 25 Youth Exchange dance after Mentor Bowl.
  • Chuck Rose mentioned that there is still space left for bowlers.
  • Bob Miller let us know that Sunday afternoon at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church there is an opportunity to package food for needy.
  • Dick Rohe has ‘be my guest’ cards for free lunch for prospects.
  • Tom Donahue reminded everyone that the Chamber Mixer is at Red Clover Inn, featuring artist Peter Huntoon, 5-7pm Tuesday, January 14.
  • Brian Perkins read a thank you letter from Jennifer Heart for allowing her group to sing at our lunch.
  • Krista Scarborough circulated thank you notes and drawings from books donated to school.
  • Caprice Hover announced a Family Fun Day at Paramount, speech and Snowball Express on MLK Day
  • President Brian Perkins announced:
·       Board approved $250 to playground

·       Rotary moment: January is Rotary Awareness month, lots of activities in December for the group’s awareness,

·       No meeting on MLK day


$32 won by Nicole Fabian, didn’t win big pot

Guest Speaker: Leigh Ann Brown

George Ambrose introduced speaker, Leigh Ann, to speak on “How to be a Book.”  Leigh Ann is new to Vermont, living in Castleton.  Has worked with children with autism, specializes in how families can interact with children’s learning.  Talked about Human Library project, where people become books by sharing personal experience with others. As a teacher brought students to experience the Human Library.  Some samples of books were: Elect me Please, Acceptance, Kids Raising Kids, Accidental Stories, Cancer not always a Death Sentence.  Gave 3 book reviews. 

Meandering – life doesn’t have to follow linear past, given by a scientist, teacher, artist all of which led her living in Castleton.  Leigh Ann shared her own meandering from studying in Paris and Peru, to law school, to teaching kids with autism.  This “book” represented Leigh Ann’s past.

A Serendipitous Life – Author had series of difficult life transforming events, despite adversity she could see where she wanted to go.  Leigh Ann felt it will be a good book to keep in mind while looking to the future.

Transforming a Republican – given her own hard core Democrat background, she was surprised to be captivated by our own George Ambrose’s ‘book.’  He spoke about the joy of being a Vermonter, of serving his community, starting the day with coffee and watching deer running across lawn.  Most important, helping others through service.  Leigh Ann intends to take all of this to heart in leading her daily life in the present.

Tom Donahue led the Four-Way Test.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, January 13, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Jan 05, 2014

Guests: Steve from West Rutland, Charlotte Woodward, exchange student, Rick Manganello, District Rotary Foundation chair & his wife, Janet.

Brags/Fines:  Will Gormly

  • Ron Bower fined Rich Carlson for late raffle tickets.
  • Steve handed out info for $75 bus trip to NYC - 2/1 deadline.
  • Rick Manganello bragged on Rotary’s 2nd place showing after Shriners on airline mileage contest.
  • Maria fined herself for still living in VT.
  • Caprice bragged that Parent & Child Center celebrates 20th year, excited for wine and food festival.
  • Rick Mangenello bragged on his wife for remembering Iranian visitor from years ago and read a note from him.
  • Brian bragged on attending Bruins game, and Will fined Brian for being on the Jumbotron.
  • Tina thanked everyone for Best of Best Optomitrist support and she is selling GS cookies.
  • Chris Keyser bragged that second daughter announced second child due in August
  • Joan bragged that they attended a wedding in NYC, and she delivered an Ambrosian pun to lift operator.
  • George paid dollar for not delivering any puns last meeting, per his bride’s instruction.
  • Nick bragged about something but I don’t type fast enough, sorry Nick.
  • Matt Price’s 14 year old son won more under 16 races.
  • Kevin bragged that all five kids were home for holidays.
  • Elias is taking daughter to airport to go to London for semester; she will be escorted on her journey by his wife.
  • Krista Scarborough signed up for Adult co-ed hockey (needs pads).
  • Will bragged that he took his girl to Montreal’s Au Pied du Couchon for an amazing dinner.



  • Tree receipts $15,129 last year, this year $12,032, with 50 less trees and $3,000 for shed.
  • Mentor Connector bowl-a-thon coming up, Kevin has sign-up sheet.
  • Youth exchange dinner also that night, so go to one and then the other.
  • Membership meeting 4pm tomorrow at Hampton Inn.
  • Admin meeting Thursday at 5:30pm at Kevin’s office.
  • George Ambrose made an announcement that I missed.
  • Will reported on GOLM – our club 22 pints, 33 volunteer hours – Lainnie did 10 hours of service!  Still waiting to hear from the other club.
  • BOD meeting Thursday, 1/9, noon at Hampton Inn.
  • Santa Claus raffle raised $5,277; $2,200 to Mark Lawrence, made donation to Killington Music Festival (Maria sold him the ticket) & $250 back to our club.

Raffle:  Almost $800 in the pot, $35 in the pot today.  Elias Haj won todays pot but pulled 7 of diamonds

Guest Speaker: (Notes taken by Nancy Burzon – thank you)

Our speaker was Rick Manganello, the District Foundation Chair, who provided a briefing on the Rotary Foundation.  The Foundation dates back to the 1920's and achieved preeminence in the 1980's.  Most members know of the role the Rotary Foundation played in polio eradication efforts--it was a catalyst to get it started.  The total investment to date in that cause is over $12B and Rotary has contributed $1.3B.

The Foundation makes investments worldwide, generally along these lines:

60% for polio

11% for schools

28% for matching grants to clubs worldwide.

Rick then shared several stories of how clubs in our region are using the funds to support causes that they personally champion.  Ninety percent of Rotary Fundraising is spent at home for local community use.  The balance goes to international causes.  To access the matching funds generally requires partnering with other clubs.

Most funds come from Rotary.  The Gates Foundation matches 3:1 (I believe that is for the polio eradication only).

This Week’s Rotary Chips, January 6, 2014 Bates Childress 2014-01-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Oct 20, 2013

Guests: Randall Northrup, St. Johnsburgh; Scott Darling, guest of Dick Rohe

We Missed You:  Paula Baker, Ron Bower, Jason Cable, Tom Donahue, Kate Fox, Joyce Hottenstein, Caprice Hoover, Marianne Kennedy, Christina Keshava, Hull Maynard, Traci Moore, Steve White, Reed Wilcox, Jacquelyn Williams,

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy


  • George Ambrose fined himself, for leaving early
  • Jack Facey fined by Joe for being quoted in the paper


  • Chris Keyser married off daughter
  • Dick Rohe attended district membership conference
  • Nicole Fabian became a grandmother
  • Nancy Burzon’s son Matthew is moving back to Vermont from Bosto
  • Barb Giancola noted that former Rotarian Clarence Whitney & wife Carol came to visit
  • Bates & Reed are proud that the Cardinals are going to their 19th World Series
  • Cale Shipman announce that Tina had a little girl
  • George Ambrose bragged about Schyler – who appeared as Aslan in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, and she was selected by the school administration and guidance to attend a youth conference on the prevention of bullying in Montpelier.
  • Jack Facey’s son passed CO bar
  • Joe Rodolfy bragged on 9th anniversary of Red Sox beating Yankees
  • Mark Price’s daughter’s letter to Peter Welch about national debt was published in Rutland Herald
  • Joe Rodolfy ate dinner at The Palms, then watched a playoff game at the Paramount
  • Wendy Wilton has produced A Citizen’s Guide to Tax Sales in the City of Rutland
  • Nicole has flyers for the Rutland County Women’s Shelter & Network event.  Shear Heaven Salon & Day Spa will host a special spa evening to benefit the work of The Rutland County Women’s Network and Shelter.  The entry fee of $40 will cover a sampling of salon services, hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, a silent auction, and a chance to win $200 worth of salon services.  Tickets available at Shear Heaven Salon & Day Spa at 168 N. Main, Rutland (773-8880) or call 775-6788.
Attendance: Skipped


Club Administration Committee – Kevin Losos – the role of the committee is to support effective operation of club, generated an extensive list of tasks, format for club meetings, member engagement, attendance, by-law revisions re board terms, the appointment of a nominating committee is the responsibility of the President. As in the past the CA Committee is willing to serve in this role. [Subsequent to the meeting Brian has appointed the committee to serve in that capacity.]  The committee’s next meeting will be held Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at Kevin’s office at 5 Tremont Street.  Committee members are: Stephanie Osgood, Lou Scott, Dick Rohe, Rich Carlson, Joan Watson, Mark Price and Kevin Losos.

Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) was created to promote all Rotarians' knowledge and leadership skills and to provide a platform for future leaders of our Rotary clubs. Classes are held in locations throughout New England. Registration is $75-$95 including breakfast and lunch, depending on individual facility costs; many clubs, recognizing RLI's value, help their members defray this expense. This will be held Saturday, November 9:  RLI at Rutland, VT

District Dinner in Ludlow at the Jackson Gore Inn on Thursday, Nov 14

Rotary Moment:  From Nov mag – 50 non-Rotarians were given Paul Harris Society status.


Wendy won the raffle, $454 in pot, didn’t win the pot.

Guest Speaker:

Scott Darling, Department of Fish & Wildlife

Told us about bats in Vermont, white nose syndrome and the importance of bats in our environment.  There were plenty of questions from the audience.


This Week’s Rotary Chips, October 21, 2013 By Bates Childress Bates Childress 2013-10-21 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Oct 05, 2013

Our own Nancy Burzon, Stephanie Osgood, and Bill Drummond were on hand to help with the  Neighborhood Block Party event held on Saturday October 5th.  Besides making origami fans our members participated in helping to make this neighborhood a safer and better place to live and work.

Thanks to all the Rotarians who pitched in and to Will for getting it organized for our Club.  Stephanie's daughter made the best origami !

Will Gormley organizes "Rotarians At Work" project Cale Shipman 2013-10-06 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Sep 22, 2013
Guests: None

We Missed You:  Jason Cable, Rich Carlson, Tom Donahue, Maria Fish, Kate Fox, Jared Galster, Hoyce Hottenstien, Lainnie LaCroix, Gary Ladabouche, Hull Maynard, Stephanie Osgood, Krista Scarborough, Lou Scott, Jacquelyn Williams

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

Will fined Bob Miller & Caprice for sandbagging him in a golf tournament and winning WSYB Christmas fund tournament.

Caprice bragged about a natural birdie

Wendy Wilton – 2 brags, ran 5K race which was the Spartan race course; and bragged for Krista who competed in actual race.

Brian – bragged about wedding, honeymoon; and is down 28 pounds since last August.

George Ambrose fined Nick for not wearing black armband

Mark Price - All three kids were home for the weekend for the first time since June.  His daughter, a junior at Burke Mountain Academy) was named to the USSA East RTG (regional training group).

Chris Keyser – complimented Reed for attending Rotary South event. 

Catherine – Youngest of 8 kids turns 21 next week and promised to pay for last year of college.  And then borrowed $20.

Bill Drummond – bragged on behalf of his son Craig, who is with Spartan Race.  They had 9,700 entrants from all over the world, plus spectators, which made for 26-30,000 attendance and a $2,000,000+ economic impact. 

Chuck Rose – came in first place in golf tournament.

Joe – bragged that Red Sox did not suck this season. 

Attendance:  Nancy reviewed September 9


Administration committee will be meeting in near future. 

George – meeting with city regarding park scheduled for October 4

Thank you letter received from Rutland Area Developmental Disabilities for $100 donation

9/30 Rotary district golf tournament in Manchester VT

Update on community service project for 10/5 – good number of sign ups, have most of items covered

Rotary Moment – Code of conduct

1.     Exemplify the core value of integrity in all behaviors and activities.

2.     Use my vocational experience and talents to serve in Rotary.

3.     Conduct all of my personal business and professional affairs ethically, encouraging and fostering high ethical standards as an example to others.

4.     Be fair in all dealings with others and treat them with the respect due to them as fellow human beings.

5.     Promote recognition and respect for all occupations which are useful to society.

6.     Offer my vocational talents: to provide opportunities for young people, to work for the relief of the special needs of others, and to improve the quality of life in my community.

7.     Honor the trust that Rotary and fellow Rotarians provide and not do anything that will bring disfavor or reflect adversely on Rotary or fellow Rotarians.

8.     Not seek from a fellow Rotarian a privilege or advantage not normally accorded others in business or professional relationship.


Terry Moran won raffle, did not pull Q

Guest Speaker:

Wendy Wilton – Presentation on her trip to China

Visited four cities in Hunan Province, a vacation area for China.  Recounted her visit to each city.   Amazed by wealth.  Great ethnic diversity, displayed beautiful clothing and stitch work.  Had a great slide show on iPad.

Really enjoyed meeting people, daughter’s friends.  Everyone wanted to practice English.

Will also do presentation at library with daughter.

This Week’s Rotary Chips, September 23, 2013 By Bates Childress Bates Childress 2013-09-23 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress on Sep 15, 2013

[Note: Thanks to Tina and Nancy for their help with CHIPS during my absence]

Meeting chaired by Joan Watson in Brian’s absence

Guests: Kris Hughes, Nancy Burzon’s guest, and speaker

We Missed You:  Information not available

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

Cale – fine for winning $100 in South Raffle

George Ambrose – brag for Lobster event, round of fines deserved for bad puns that followed.

Bates – brag for getting married & fine for not wearing wedding ring

Ron – moment of silence for Nick’s Yankees

Chuck – visited with numerous friends and acquaintances not realizing that his wife’s delicates were attached to the Velcro on his shorts at Proctor Pittsford Country Club

Joan – Just missed a hole in one at Rutland Country Club on the 12th hole

Attendance:    Information not available


Reed Wilcox / Will Gormly – Project Vision Neighborhood Block Party event on October 5– Rotary is having kids pumpkin painting & origami. Will will distribute sign up sheet by email.

Kevin Loso – committee on admin will be reviewing member engagement, participation, looking for more members

Rich Carlson – BOD agreed to purchase a 10x10 shed for Christmas supplies, thanks to Marlene for use of trailer.

George Ambrose / Cale Shipman – need to reach an agreement with Department of Parks & Recreation on Rotary Park before going forward with any plans


Lou Scott won raffle, did not pick Q of H

Guest Speaker:          Kris Hughes, Rutland Regional Planning Commission, ED

Introduced by Nancy Burzon

How to get Rutland back on state map

-          where can we make the most difference with least resources

-          how do we keep people here

-          how do we grow existing business

-          how do we attract new business

27 municipal members, REDIC, library and other interested parties

many interests including land development, energy , housing, transportation, economic development, strategic planning, emergency management

Looking for funding for projects

Provide technical assistance to governments

Q. What will Kris bring to table from Rochester? 

A. Brings more than NY experience. Trained hydrologists, years of planning experience in MD & NY, and work in state government.  Power rests in hands of those who take an interest.  Commission’s goal is to help connect the dots and make things happen. 

Q. What is plan for making Killington a four-season attraction?

A. Strong support of application to 250 commission. 

Q. Gas pipeline

A. Required by law to review, no opinion on it at this point.  Availability of natural gas is an important criterion for new business development.  Also part of equation is the environmental and long-term impact of the pipeline.


Amanda, as new member, led 4-way test.


This Week’s Rotary Chips, September 16, 2013 By Bates Childress Bates Childress 2013-09-16 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Christina Keshava on Sep 08, 2013

I would like to apologize up front for sending this out so late this time.  Hope you all had a nice week and I’ll see most of you at lunch.


Guests/Attendance not available




George was fined by David for his puns.


Nick bragged that George only reminded him four times that his beloved Yankees were beaten by the Red Sox.


Traci bragged that the United Way Campaign is off to a good start due to the help of several Rotarians in this room.


Wendy’s son successfully moved up to Fairbanks, AK recently.  She’s assuming that Alaska will be her next travel destination unless she decides to visit her parish priest when he moves back to Tanzania.


Reed mentioned that there will be a block party on Oct. 5th from 10-2 for Project Vision., with aims to make our neighborhoods safer by getting to know your neighbors. He was hoping we could have a booth there possibly.


Rotary Minute:  Brian read an article regarding children and malnutrition from a recent issue of The Rotarian.



Board mtg (last) Thursday at noon at the Hampton Inn.


Sept 30th Manchester Golf Tournament

Nov. 14th  Foundation Dinner

Leadership Institute

All of these are on the District Website.  Please check it out for more details.



Chris won the weekly raffle but not the big pot.



Bob gave us a Foundation update.  Polio is almost eradicated worldwide and our club has been helping keep malaria cases down in Togo (Africa).  Rotarians who are generous in service and donations can become Paul Harris Fellows (after $1000 donation to the foundation).  We all celebrated Cale’s recent achievement of attaining this special honor.  His father and brother are both Paul Harris fellows.  He’s honored and happy to receive this award.


New Member Induction:

Jason and Dick welcomed Amanda Beraldi into the club today.  She’s a Rutland native and works at GMP as the director of customer programs.   She has an MBA from College of St. Joe’s, a bachelor’s from UVM and a hubby and two small children at home.  Reminder:  Sign those forms and introduce yourselves to our newest members!!


Speaker:  District Governor David Hoopes

He likes how well this meeting was scripted from the Paul Harris Fellow to the induction of a new member to our visiting foreign exchange student.


The theme of RI this year is:  Engage Rotary, Change Lives.  Our RI President, Ron Burton (from OK), would love to see the last case of polio.  He would also like to increase membership, be less formal and more down-to-earth to be more inclusive.  Attendance will be a less stringent requirement as long as hours are put in elsewhere.


Work on attracting new members by being an attraction.  Engage our new members and make meetings and projects fun and worthwhile.


What is 7870 doing to be more helpful to all of us?  If there is something we need from RI, seek help through the District staff.  They exist to help and serve us.  If we need training in any area, let them know.  They can help.  There will be membership seminars in Brattleboro and NH over the next six months.  Size of the club does not matter.  It’s the heart that counts.


Communication is important to him.  He sends emails every Monday letting every club in the district know what’s going on.  Next week he’ll be training in Philadelphia with about 50 other DGs from the Northeast.  The monthly newsletter would be even better if we can give him a little bit of info on what we’re doing recently.


Crisis management is another priority of the District. Two years ago, they put together the largest district grant to help with fallout from Irene.  Due to liability issues, there is still a good amount of money from the grant that has not been disbursed.  They learned from this when it came to Sandy.  With a Rotarian network, we were able to get tons of supplies from our district clubs to other clubs in hard-hit NJ where the items were put where they were needed most.


District grants allows them to take money from RI and figure out where and how to distribute it.  Almost all of the money has been spoken for this year for special projects, like Sandi’s clubs project in Uganda.


Cale led the Four-Way Test.  See you later today!

This Week's Rotary Chips, September 9, 2013 Christina Keshava 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Sep 08, 2013
Please welcome Amanda Beraldi to our Club.  Amanda joins us at the invitation of Dick Rohe.  Please introduce yourself !
Meet Amanda Cale Shipman 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Reed Wilcox...Be sure to sign his new member form ! Cale Shipman 2013-09-09 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Nancy Burzon on May 19, 2013


Marvin Elliott

David Hoopes, District Governor Elect


We Missed You: Not Available


Notices:  None


Brags/Fines: Brian Perkins


Jason, a giant brag, for members who have sold 25 tickets—George, Jason, Nick Carmoli, Mark Price, Dick Rohe, Cale Shipman.  WOW!  Rang the bell.


Brag by Jack Facey for oldest son who graduated from law school after 3 years.


Mark, bragged about oldest son Cameron, accepted to Colby College, will ski for Colby.  But he deferred his admission for a year to accept a position on the Park City ski team for the year.


Ron Bower celebrated 47 years marriage.


Terry bragged that his daughter in law received doctorate in education in Boston last weekend.


George bragged about Rutland youth theater performance at Paramount Theater.  Had 600 plus people on Friday.  The performance was terrific.


Hull Maynard bragging for youngest daughter, number one salesperson for Wilson rackets in US.  She is the distributor in Connecticut and Westchester County.


Elias was touched by the Bishop this Saturday, St. Ann Church in Albany NY.  When he was in Albany he was able to keep the church open.  Now it has grown and they opened a new church this weekend.


Special brag from Chris Keyser.  Had a flag from another club—in New Orleans.  It was the 12th club constituted in 1910.  He learned that Rutland Club was the instigator of adult exchange—for district governors.  Chris would like to continue

this tradition.  Go out and visit and share with other Rotarians. 


Hull, shared a story about the Rutland club who would share their homes with visiting Rotarians who were in Lake Placid (where there were translator capacities).


Announcements:  Lainnie says there are still some pavers available for the Little Schoolhouse in the gardens.  Cost is $300.


George is looking for people for vocational awards.  He asked for a nomination from each table.


Bob Miller announced that he still needs some help finishing the pavilion at Parent Child Center.  Two to three people to help during the day this week.  George and Terry volunteered.  Perhaps Cale.  Requires low skill with hammer and no fear of heights.  Jeff Chabot and Hull Maynard also volunteered.


Raffle:  Big jack pot $1500.  Kate Fox had the winning number.


Car Raffle:  Looks like we are over 700 tickets sold.  $11,000 mark.  Did a second mailing and still getting some sales in from first mailing.  Now seeing some results from the 2nd mailing. Car will be in the downtown area on Saturday.  Every bit helps.  Get selling!


Guest Speaker:  Win Thomas introduced Marvin Elliott, from the Audubon Society of Rutland County.  It is a non-profit organization, with a need to attract volunteers.  Wants to make people familiar with it.  There are currently 350 members with a mission to preserve and protect the habitat of birds.  National Audubon has the muscle to take on major clean ups such as the oil spills in the Gulf and Alaska.  Fun activities include a day of trying to count one hundred species in one day.


There is a national database, “Ebird”.  People can enter their local data.

Birds return to the same place…same back yard--even when they overwinter in Venezuela.


There is a kiosk at the West Rutland Marsh that has a logbook.  People can enter their observations. 


Encouraged people to become birders.  Charles Alexander Sheldon, born in Rutland VT-founded Denali National Park.  Retired at 35 after investing in Silver.  Hunted Dali sheep and was concerned with exploitation.




This Week’s Rotary Chips, May 20, 2013 Nancy Burzon 2013-05-20 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Apr 13, 2013

William R. Gormly (Mountain Cider LLC) sponsored by Brian Perkins and

Thomas Thacker (BROC) sponsored by Brian Perkins have been proposed as new members to the Club.  The Board will interview and vote on their membership in the next couple of weeks.

Good work, Brian.


2 New Proposed Members Cale Shipman 2013-04-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jan 06, 2013
Our Club was proud to have Congressman Peter Welch attend our meeting and present medals to Charles Bailey, a Viet Nam veteran who had lost those medals in a fire.
Congressman Peter Welch Cale Shipman 2013-01-07 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Christina Keshava on Dec 09, 2012



N. One


We Missed You:  Attendance not available.


Notices:  None


Brags/Fines:  Krista

Krista met Gary's daughter, Isabelle, on Friday while selling trees and found her very fun and interesting.  She brought in some loose change to give her for the Humane Society fund she is collecting.

Terry is excited about both the Castleton Men and Women's Hocey teams.  Both are doing very well.

Joe went to Burlington for business and enjoyed dinner with his son, which his son PAID for!  He could get used to this:)

Mark's son finished two slalom races in Alaska, which is no easy feat considering his past injuries.

Jason enjoyed selling trees with Tom (thanks for lunch...), Barb, Tracy, Brian, Caprice and Heather (his wife).

Win just saw Earling Ohmland, a 96-year-old former club member, working out at Pico!

Tom reminded everyone about the RCCC Mixer at HFCU (sorry for the late notice....)

Andrea bragged for Tracy's United Way Mixer/Fundraiser on Thursday.  Over $12,000 was made!


Board meeting this Thursday (sorry for the late notice....)

Good Shepherd Church gave a donation to the Rotary Foundation in Rich's name for allowing them to cut a tree down from his property

Ron wants to remind everyone to get all necessary account information from customers when filling out check and credit card sales for the Xmas trees.

Raffle:  Joe won but picked the Queen of Clubs

Speaker:  Our very own, Lou Scott!

He spoke about membership tactics from a seminar he attended in Brattleboro a few weeks ago. One of the speakers was Greg Garofolo who is currently president of the fastest growing club in Rotary International-- it is an e-club based in Sharon, MA.  As a group, we have been having trouble retaining members and now is the time to try to fix that.  New members come and go because we are not meeting their expectations or engaging them.  What do they want?  They want to be fresh; they want recognition and relevance and to be rewarded; they want to participate right away.

How can we fix this?  Well, maybe we can mix things up a bit and have some exciting agendas; start a mentor program; work in teams vs. committees; have better ways to measure things getting done.  In the next few weeks, he will give us a survey to get members' opinions on moving forward.  He also gave us some paperwork today to pass onto someone whom we think may be a good fit for our club.


Dick-  The agenda is the same because our manual procedure and bylaws dictate how things are done, and we ahve not deviated from these procedures in the past.

Rich would like the word document for the letter so that it does not look too generic.

Maria agreed with Dick that there are guidelines that we need to follow, but she wonders how we are doing compared with other clubs and organizations.  She does not believe we are the only service organization losing members.

Jacquelyn (formerly Rodd, now Williams) courageously commented on her feelings regarding this topic, as a new member.  She felt very lost in the shuffle for the first six or so months as a member and feels that some of our ways are dated.

Brian, who is in his 5th year, suggested that new members should get involved on the board or as a chairperson of a committee to get to know how things work and to feel more connected with the club.

Barb feels that years in service should weigh more than perfect attendance.  It's one thing to attend meetings, but it's another thing to be an active member.

MaryAnn, another new member (who's name I probably misspelled-- sorry!) has been a Rotarian in other cities for 22 years (Bennington and Manchester).  She suggested that members be the speaker more often so that the membership can feel more connected.

Krista suggested that we are kept up-to-date on the membership tally and our goals.


Jason ended the meeting with the Four-Way Test.

See you all Monday!!

This Week’s Rotary Chips, December 10, 2012 Christina Keshava 2012-12-10 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on May 13, 2012
Our Club was proud to have Governor Shumlin as our speaker and guest.  The Governor was introduced by Rich Carlson.  Peter Shumlin spoke to the Club on a number of issues facing Vermont and then invited questions from the members.
Vermont Governor Shumlin Visits Club Cale Shipman 2012-05-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jan 13, 2010
These members have contributed $100-$999 towards Rotary Foundation and continue to work towards becoming Paul Harris Fellows
Sustaining Level Members Cale Shipman 2010-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jan 13, 2010
These members have contributed $1,000-$1,999 to Rotary Foundation over the years of their service.
Paul Harris Fellows Cale Shipman 2010-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Cale Shipman on Jan 13, 2010
These members have contributed $2,000+ to the Rotary Foundation over the years of their service.
Paul Harris Fellows Cale Shipman 2010-01-14 00:00:00Z 0
Posted by Bates Childress

Guests: Kirk Shields, GMP, guest of Dick Rohe; Mark Patten, Patten Oil guest of Kevin Loso; Captain Scott Tucker, RPD, speaker


Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Joe tried to fine Tracy, but she wasn’t here
  • Brian bragged about all of the community activities our members are involved in
  • Paula bragged her one-year-old niece ate an entire falafel, train day was amazing
  • George Ambrose bragged that Suessical was a hit (Reed gave rave review); and doing Shakespeare on the Green in two locations; Schyler was MC for spaghetti dinner and told an Ambrosian joke
  • Tom Donohue recognized Jeff Wennberg and DPW for great National Train Day; Red Knights and Anglican Church did a bike blessing; thank Catherine Nelson for coverage.
  • Krista Scarborough didn’t cry over Rangers game, and will be working at campground this weekend.
  • Bob Miller has more tickets for the 40,000 meal challenge, $30
  • Catherine ran 5K for Mother’s Day and another 5K with Time Argus crew
  • Joan Watson’s son-in-law graduated Saturday, while working full time and starting a family.
  • Joe Rodolfy’s daughter graduated from UVM
  • Bates bragged that he was able to welcome 60 new members into CSJ’s alumni association


  • Kevin Loso – there will be an Administration Committee meeting
  • Krista Scarborough will have a sign up sheet for Farmers Market ticket sales
  • No meeting on Memorial Day
  • $250 for Mill River Odyssey of the Mind tournament

Raffle:  $25 / $62 Dick Rohe picked queen of diamonds.

Guest Speaker: Scott Tucker, Rutland Police Department

Project Vision – improving conditions in the NW sector

Umbrella with 200 community participants within 3 committees: Crime & Safety; Substance Abuse; Housing, Community Neighborhoods.

Crime & Safety

  1. Reducing burglaries
  2. Drug marketplace intervention
  3. Recidivism reductions

Substance Abuse

  1. Increasing awareness and access
  2. Redirecting minor offenders
  3. Increase communication among community
  4. Evidence based results
  5. Reducing prescriptions

Community & Housing

  1. Reduction of poor housing stock
  2. Community pride – gardens & green space reduction


Collaborative effort with state’s attorney, DCF, domestic violence personnel, building inspector and many others.  

This Week’s Rotary Chips, May 19, 2014 Bates Childress 0
Posted by Bates Childress

Guests: Dave Anderson, guest of Kevin Loso

Brags/Fines:  Joe Rodolfy

  • Steve White won CDB tickets on radio
  • Joan Watson went to Atlanta and Ole Miss Law graduation, and saw John Lewis speak.  She recounted his history with the civil rights movement. (By the way, Joan won $1,300+ in last week’s 50/50)
  • Jack Facey is returning to Nashville soon for a reunion, spoke about remembering life in Tennessee during the civil rights struggle, has tickets to Ryman Theater. 
  • Catherine Nelson in DC for 1st amendment event, completed a Mother’s Day race
  • Jeff Wennenberg – attending son’s graduation next week, and last week attended screening of his senior thesis, which was voted ‘Best of Park.’  Being submitted to film festivals.  Jeff has password.
  • Rich Carlson – caught a 15” rainbow trout this morning, for dinner tonight.
  • Winn Thomas – 2nd in ½ Ironman
  • Brian Perkins – Weekend at camp in NH with dad, buried uncle Ed, nice mother’s day
  • Kwame Dankwa – 1 year since move back to Vermont, great to be back.
  • Tracy Moore – UW Letter Carrier drive may have exceeded 30,000-pound goal, 24,000+ pounds of food in Rutland alone.
  • Bob Miller – Lutheran Church attempting to pack 40,000 servings of food this year, selling $30 lottery tickets with prize of food at several restaurants.
  • Joe Rodolfy – bragged that son loves this time of year because of sports viewing opportunities
  • Joan bragged that Brian has lost 40lbs!



  • Will Gormly announced relay for life has 20 sign ups $700 raised.
  • Mike Coppinger has his membership sign up list
  • Dick Rohe list of 4+ ticket sellers
  • Drawing for winners tomorrow not
  • BOD 5/15 noon Hampton Inn
  • No meeting Memorial Day 5/26


Raffle:  $37 in new pot, won by Dick Rohe, 10 of hearts


Guest Speaker:  Cale Shipman

Recap of 65 day tour of US – closed store, had a baptism of grandson in Charleston and wife’s quilt show in Paducah, KY, so decided to make an extended road trip

  • Off interstate
  • 4 hours / day travel time (except Texas)
  • Follow the weather
  • Originally 1 day per place, changed to 2 nights per place
  • Enjoyed regional food – lots of fried food in the south, lots of bbq everywhere
  • Reinvention of downtown areas with arts, restaurants and boutiques, lots of festivals

Most fun 65 days he’s ever had with his clothes on.


This Week’s Rotary Chips, May 12, 2014 Bates Childress 0
Posted by Cale Shipman
We all welcome back Dom Serino (RRMC exec) to our Club.  Please introduce yourself to Dom and make him feel 'welcome back'.   Dom will be working the Fund Raising Committee this year.
Dom Serino returns to Club Cale Shipman 0
Posted by Cale Shipman

Thanks to the efforts of our Club, we were able to provide reading books to the 1st graders of Rutland's Northwest School.

A fantastic project combining community service...literacy...and youth.

Books for Northwest School Cale Shipman 0
Posted by Cale Shipman
Please introduce yourself to our Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Spain.  Charlotte will be with us all during this upcoming year.  Please contact Caprice if you would like an opportunity to host Charlotte for any local event you think she and your family would enjoy together.
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Posted by Bates Childress

Guests: Charlotte Willard Moncho(sp), Lilli (Stephanie Osgood’s daughter), Steve Moffiatt, CSC Hockey Coach, guest of Terry Moran. 

We Missed You: 

Brags/Fines:  Rich Carlson standing in for Joe

George Ambrose fined Brian for write up on club, and Tom paid fine for job well done; and got a tour of the Library.

Bates bragged that Maria Fish (a former CSJ trustee) won an iPad Mini in the CSJ Raffle

Nick thought of George when he read about Mo Berg who spoke 15+ languages, was an outstanding WWII spy and Yankee catcher.

Caprice Project Vision brag

Dick Rohe bragged that he received flyer for Rotary of Staten Island Raffle, despite errors.

Paula shared a story about her mother’s visit to China

Tina bragged about the Women’s Shelter grant, block party turnout, last meeting before maternity.

Stephanie thanked everyone for participating in Project Vision Event

Paula chamber mixer at library tomorrow evening

Dick Rohe winner of bike was in a wheelchair

Nicole told how to get tickets for Salon Day 11/9 benefitting Rut Cty Wom Net & Shelter, Shear Heavan.

Dick congratulated Jack for his negotiation with Garden Time


9/30 – Paula, no; Rich, not yet; Nicole, yes; Jack, yes; Jared, yes; Kevin, not yet; Traci, not here; Chuck not yet.


Club admin Thursday 5:30 at Kevin’s office, Templewood court

Board, Thurs Hampton inn, BYOL (lunch)

Rotary Moment – pocket guide to Rotary’s programs for young leaders



$28, ticket pulled by Lilli, won by Nancy, didn’t pull Queen of Hearts


Guest Speaker:

Steve Moffiatt, CSC Hockey Coach, guest of Terry Moran. 


Last Week (9/30)

We missed you: Paula Baker, Jason Cable, Rich Carlson, Jeff Chabot, Nicole, Jack Facey, Jared Galster, Caprice Hoover, Marianne Kennedy, Kevin Loso, Traci Moore, Stephanie Osgood, Dick Rohe, Chuck Rose, Krista Scarborough, Jacquelyn Williams.

Jack Facey, Caprice Hoover, Stephanie Osgood & Dick Rohe made up at the event Saturday.

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Guests:            None

We Missed You:  [Need to get from Nancy]

Brags/Fines/Announcements:  Joe Rodolfy

-       Elias fined for newly married comment about Brian

-       Joe – daughter Sarah has been top sales person in CT, has added NYC to her territory

-       Tom –  Thursday, 10/29 Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott will be speaker at Holiday Inn

-       George Ambrose fined himself for all of times he’s picked on Nick

-       Joan bragged about pheasant hunting with her 94 year old dad and husband and father-in-law

-       Bates announced College of St. Joseph Reunion this weekend and Alumni Scholarship Fund raffle tickets (Sold 20 – hope I sold a winner. Thank you!)

-       Catherine won $220 by betting on the Red Socks against the Yankees, Nick paid for Catherine

-       Wendy Wilton – 3rd weekend in a row of hiking

-       Gary Ladabouche – daughter is a freshman at RHS and on varsity cross country team, son’s hockey team won all four games

-       Will – attended Phantom Gourmet Food Fest and saw vendors selling products with his apple cider

-       Barb – shared her DNA heritage

-       George – told a lame joke

-       Amanda – son and daughter are hockey players, played in Montreal, kids had fun playing with Canadian kids despite language barrier

-       Joe – Recounted that his son got into fight in a Canadian game, not only didn’t get kicked out, but won game

-       Nick – told story of roving reporter who put him on the spot


9/16 – Nancy asked a couple to make up to improve

9/23 – [Need to get from Nancy]


-       Lou handed out article

-       Tom promoted library event

-       CHIPS scribe blew it!  Missed an announcement

-       Brian – leadership institute parts 1-3, cost is $75 for leadership skills

-       Jason Cable has accepted position in HR at Middlebury College, doesn’t want to leave club, working on some alternatives. 

-       Wendy mentioned that Jason is 3rd person that she knows who has moved to a new job in Addison County.  How can Rotary facilitate new job / new business in Rutland County? 

-       Board meeting Thursday, 10/10, noon at the Hampton Inn

-       Brian reiterated importance of attendance at lunch and events; recognizes multiple commitments on everyone’s part and knows everyone does their best, but participation is essential to Rotary’s success.

Raffle:  Elias won $26, pot over $300, didn’t pull Q

Bob Miller explained where raffle money goes, 1/3 – winner; 1/3 – club; 1/3 – big pot

Guest Speaker:          None

Rotary Moment:        October is vocation month.  Brian read president’s message from magazine.


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Guests:  Will Gormley, potential member, friend of Brian Perkins


We Missed You:  Nick Carmolli, Jeff Chabot, Andrea Coppola, Bill Drummond, Nicole Fabian, Jared Galster, Elias Hajj, Joyce Hottenstein, Marianne Kennedy, Hull Maynard, Traci Moore, Terry Moran, Catherine Nelson, Stephanie Osgood, Steve Pelletier, Mark Price, Krista Scarborough, Jacquelyn Williams, Doug Wilson, Wendy Wilton


Notices:  None




Fines?  Tom fined Will for bringing his marketing class to the Mixer.


Brags, Joan bragging for Will, went to school with her son.  He gave him his shirt, when needed.


Brian, bragged about Facebook, GM table tennis club had a tournament, 30 players.  Brian and his fiancée did well.  Had 8 wins, two losses.


Tina finally sold all Girl Scout cookies


Caprice, bragging about Dr. Seuss event in Brandon, had 150 people.


George, bragged about Skylar, competed in one act play contest at MSJ.  Looking forward to next year.

George, bragged about Skylar, competed in one act play contest at MSJ.  Looking forward to next year.


Paula bragged about the fundraiser for the Library.


Joe went to Stowe to take application (work)—it was great skiing!


Jason has sold 14 raffle tickets so far—not usually his forte.


Toyota Corolla Raffle:


Committee Reports: 

·      Committee to Select Club location:  They checked the recommendations and verified capacity.  Lainnie prepared a spread sheet with the data.   Boiled down to the Palms and the Elks Club.  Both are available and can accommodate.  Will do a visit.  Hope to complete by next meeting.




·      Board meeting a week from this Thursday, in the morning at Hampton Inn.

·      Birthdays, Jarrod, Rich, Maria, Steve P.

·      Lou, announced engagement for current members.  Founds interesting articles in HBR regarding marketing.  Content is everything.  Say it creatively.    Say it with emotion.

·      Sat, April 27, Parent Child Center day for installation.  16 Chapel Ave.  19 Rotarians have signed up so far.

·      Ron Bower announced that he gave credit card to Lainnie—hoping that Victoria Secret charges do not appear.


Raffle:  Big pot is worth $1220 this week.  14 cards are left for choosing.  Dick Rowe won, but No luck on the big pot.


Guest Speaker:  Brian Perkins, presenting about insurance industry.  He represents primarily Nationwide Insurance.  Brian shared the key points of a recent article about the “new normal”.  The threat of national disasters is everywhere.  Things to do in advance:

1.     Install a generator for emergency power.

2.     Protect business records and inventory—consider a safe place.

3.     Review details of your insurance policies.  Homeowners, flood is excluded.  Requires a separate policy.  Generally no coverage for below grade.  Limit to $250K for structure.

4.     Establish a plan for communication.  List of contacts handy.  Suggest e-mail and cell phone.

5.     Create a plan for business continuity—or supposedly household continuity.

6.     Develop a list of property/inventory list.  Take pictures; keep receipts.  Keep it is a safe place.

7.     Build relationship with other like businesses—for business continuity.

8.     Consider in advance what you need to do to prepare—store anything that can “fly” and cause damage, for example.


Brian also noted that you cannot change your policy terms within 24 hours typically, of a major predicted storm event.  So try to be thoughtful about potential damages in advance.  Chris also added that you should make sure to leave propane tanks outside.  Do not bring them indoors—too dangerous.


Dick Rohe’s greatest concern is fire.  He is concerned about leaving home on vacation.  In addition, those he knows with that problem, have had horror stories with insurance claims
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Sadly we report that George Means passed away this past Friday, January 25th.  George was the first Rotarian everyone met as they came to the Monday meeting.  He cheerfully and dependably checked everyone's attendance, collected their money, and accounted for the weekly raffle year after year.  He will be missed and long remembered.

There is a service for him at the Rutland Country Club Thursday January 31st at 5 PM.  Attend if you can.


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Andrea Coppola, Bob Miller, Win Thomas, Steve White, and Cale Shipman took to the ice on Saturday for the annual Curling Challenge.  Playing with Olympic like intensity, the team easily defeated Rutland South (again) in the first match.  After taking pizza break to pack in the carbs, our team was edged by the Killington team for the championship round.  In our defense, I must point out that Killington had brought in a couple of "ringers"...Red Glaze (age 82) and John Brenner (age 64).

Notes for next no pizza and never challenge anyone over 80 on ice.

Rutland City Curlers "ICE" Rutland South Cale Shipman 0
Our Club turns out in force for the Mentor Connector Fund Raiser Cale Shipman 0
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Tom Thacker, guest of Andrea, weatherization manager of BROC (potential member:))

Chris Shaddock, speaker from UMOTIVATEU


We Missed You:


Kristin Andrade, Ron Bower, Nancy Burzon, Jeff Chabot, Miche Chamberlain, Bill Drummond, Nicole Fabian, Caprice Hover, Bob Miller, Catherine Nelson, Win Thomas, Joan Watson.  I apologize if I missed you... I never got the attendance list.


Raffle:  $29 was won by Paula, but the big pot grew a little bigger....


Brags/Fines:  Krista

Lou bragged that you should sign up to sell trees because it is a great time to bond with fellow members, and that if you have an idea for the Centennial project, please WRITE IT DOWN!!!  There are only two projects on the table so far, but he has heard several other good ones during conversations with other members.

 Brian enjoyed yet another Table Tennis Invitational.  He is currently ranked 7th (his brother is 5th) in Vermont (or was it the world?!)  He, along with many other members (including at least Jeff, Terry & Rich) barely transported the tree stands to their current location last week.  (You may still be able to see pieces of a few of them on Route 7....)  Thanks to all for their help getting our tree sale started!

Rich thanked everyone for helping so far with the tree sale and reminded us how important it is to volunteer for shifts.  We are currently down from last year's sales, possibly due to no one covering the 5-7:30 shift on Sunday night.  Please help if you can!!!  He also remarked how quickly and well everyone worked at unloading the trees on Saturday-- under two hours!  Great work, Rotarians!!

Someone thanked Caprice for being the only "babe" helping with unloading the trees.

Wendy thanked everyone for their support during her campaign.  She missed everyone and is happy to be back.

Chris bragged that one daughter recently got engaged and a second just received a grant for a program to jump-start a business.

Gary fined himself for forgetting to help with the tree stands.  He made up for it by showing up to help at the tree unloading and promised to sign up for TEN tree shifts (or maybe those were Rich's words....)

Jacqueline bragged that she was married since she last saw us and had her first trip to Disney World.  She particularly enjoyed the scary roller coaster.  She also thankd Elias for helping her with her ring.

George commented that if you are considering signing up for a tree shift, you should let that idea take root...

If there were more, I apologize for not remembering them.





Guest Speaker:

Chris Shaddock, former head of a successful real estate project at Okemo, founded umotivateu as a way to help people realize their potential and accomplish their goals, especially concerning their health and well-being.  He has been passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle since emulating Jack Lalanne at the young age of 5, but even moreso when he lost his father to heart disease 20 years ago.  UMOTIVATEU is an East meets West philosophy that you control your life, and you can start by stopping for a breath and calmly listening to your heart about what you want out of life for yourself and your loved ones.  For more information, see

 Kevin led the Four Way TestImage

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Congressman Peter Welch

Jahnine Spaulding

Charles Bailey and family




We Missed You:  Jeff Chabot, Elias Haj, Gary Ladabouche, Terry Moran, Catherine Nelson, Jacquelyn Rodd, Dick Rohe, Win Thomas, Doug Wilson, Wendy Wilton, Mary Ann Kennedy.


Notices:  None


Brags/Fines:  Not done due to full agenda.




Caprice, we sponsor the Snowball Dance annually.  She is asking people to take some time to attend on Jan. 26.  Caprice and Cale are the regulars.  Dinner is at 7:00.  Let Caprice know if you want to participate.


Chuck, same date is the Mentor Bowling event.  Schedule on Jan. 26 at 2:30.  There should be no conflict with the Snowball Dance.


Tom announced the Chamber mixer at new the new UPS Store at CVS Plaza.  There will be lots of refreshments and lots of stuff to give away.


Rich announced $18,700 net from tree sales. Another $80 came in today from tree sales.  Checks are still coming in.


Brian announced that Wed. at 9:00 AM he will take down the lights, put the stands away.  Ask for volunteers. 


Chuck thanks to Tom and chamber for allowing us to do sales there.


Lou reminded folks to complete the membership survey.  Clubs that are sustaining are changing.  There is a survey so please fill it out.  We want the club to keep growing.


Jason announced the Board meeting on Thursday at 7:30 AM in the usual place.


Hull Maynard, works on Governor’s Council on Veterans Affairs.  He has been involved for last 4 years.  Given our guests today, he wanted to be sure people were  aware of that.


Stephaney shared a Rotary Minute.  She researched the 4-way test.  What year was it developed?  Herbert Taylor, President of Rotary International, wrote it in 1932.


When was Rotary given the right to use 4-way test?  Began using it in 1940.  It is now translated into 100 languages. 


How many words in 4-way test?  24.


It was originally intended as a checklist for ethical behavior and is now a hallmark of Rotary.


Raffle:  502 drawn. Bill won.  $915 in big pot.  George drew for Bill, 7 of Hearts.  The pot is still growing.


Guest Speakers:


Jason Cable introduced Peter Welch, who made a presentation of military awards to Charles Baily, a Vermont man who had lost his original metals in a house fire.  The entire Baily family was on hand for the presentation, made in front of the Rutland City Rotary to a standing ovation.


Joan Watson introduced Jahnine Spaulding from Operation: Military Kids.  Jeannine is an AmeriCorps Vista volunteer serving with the UVM extension.  Any school child that has a loved one in the military can be served and supported by the program.  Vermont has highest number of casualties per capita—not a great statisic. 


She spoke about the changing nature of military.  In Vermont, most are in National Guard.  They live in many towns, interspersed in the communities.  They have many deployments—up to 4 deployments.  In U.S. military, there are typically 365 suicides per year, a 20% rise in last 2 years.  It seems to be primarily due to the multiple deployments, as people don’t have much time to bounce back before they are off again.   It is very tough on families at home.  It is estimated to take about 3-4 years to reintegrate.  We are now right in middle of the reintegration process.  The process goes smoothly for 85%, but the remaining 15% need more supports.  This particularly impacts the kids.


There are many sources of stress.  The program is designed to help kids through the process and become more resilient.  There are 149 school age children of military families (active duty) in Rutland County.  They tend to have anxiety about parent’s safety; loneliness, abandonment.  There can be limitations on afterschool and weekend activities due to transportation.


Military bases have supports, hospitals, etc.  But, Vermont does not have a base that offers programs for military families. 


Jeannine’s role is to educate community members to how they can support better and connect with military members.  She helps kids build their network.  She needs ideas from the community on how to get the information out to kids.


Thank you Jahnine!


Jason asked us to conclude with a moment of silence for Roy Rotella, who recently passed away.



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Chelsea Ingram, Miss Vermont, guest speaker

Peter Tobin, Rotary South

Governor candidate, Randy Brock, guest of Hull Maynard


New Member Candidates:

Charlotte Callahan, potential member from Red Clover Inn

Mary Ann Kennedy, potential member from Women’s Shelter


We Missed You:

Kristin Andrade, Paula Baker, Ron Bower, Miche Chamberlain, Bill Drummond, Maria Fish, Jared Galster, Joyce Hottenstein, Kevin Loso, Terry Moran, Stephanie Osgood, Brian Perkins, Mark Price, Dick Rohe, Win Thomas, Doug Wilson, Wendy Wilton,


Raffle:  $33 in small and $711 in large pot.  Andrea won the small but not the big pot.


Brags/Fines:  Krista

·      Christina bragged about seeing all the Rotarians at Halloween Fair and the second for Maureen Principe who says hello to all.

·      Andrea bragged that she is on stay-cation.

·      Tom will co-host live election results for Rutland County; trying to beat Rutland Herald.  Catherine placed a $5 bet that he would not.  He also announced that next weeks mixer is hosted by Andrea Coppola, Lake Sunapee Bank.

·      Nicole bragged for the really big show.  Lots of talent in Rutland.  Record attendance.

·      Caprice enjoyed two days on beach in Florida before Sandy hit.

·      Traci Moore, Really big brag for those who helped with the really big show this year.  Nicole, Catherine, Jason, Rich Carlson, Ron Bower were very involved.  It is a nice fundraiser for United Way.

·      Rich, stretching my dollar bill, like Tom Donahue.  His vote went to Nicole.  She did great job.  Rich also bragged that he is surrounded by two prospective members.

·      Barbara Giancola bragged that she has a wild hen turkey  running around her lake house.  It is becoming domesticated. 

·      Catherine is also bragging about Saturday’s talent show.  Traci Moore so gracious on stage. Also, Catherine had a great time just rubbing Rich’s head on Saturday night.

·      Rich boasting again for Rutland Farmer’s market—huge success.  Beginning of Rutland renaissance.

·      Joan Watson went to Florida for golf tournament with Mom again this year.  She won again this year.  Took quite a hull of stuff—good prizes.  Mom was doing great—one year after surgery.

·      Chris noted that the political scene incredible this year.  He wondered how competitive is the race that Rich is in.  Rich is running for justice of the peace—very competitive race.

·      Brian bragged that he spent Friday and Saturday at the  Vermont Farm Bureau annual meeting.  He is on the Board. Quite exciting organization and he had great time.

·      Steve was also in Florida for a weeklong cruise.  It was the same one that Jim Cantori said he could not believe that the cruise was going due to Hurricane Sandy.  It was rough the first night.  After that it was great.

·      Lainnie bragged that her brother, who had a lung transplant 12 years ago, just celebrated another year. He is now having some issues but we are hopeful. 

·      Nicole, last week Miche Chamberlain had her baby.  He is beautiful.  Nicole has a picture.


Attendance:  Nicole checked make-ups from Oct 15.




Lainnie:  Sandy Storm Relief.  She is now working with other Rotary districts to fill trucks for storm victims in New York and New Jersey, primarily.  First, she needs a location where we can drop items and store them for pick up.  There will be tractor-trailer size trucks picking up around the state.  Looking for similar things as the Cobra list shared at the meeting--especially needed are things to keep people warm, such as coats, blankets, sweat pants and so forth.  (Jason has subsequently circulated the list of needs.  Check your e-mail for more information.)  First truck went to those who lost in the fire.  Working with UPS.  Trying to move faster.


Elias offered space adjacent to his store, Hannoush, on Woodstock Avenue for the purpose.



Rich:  Christmas Tree Sales.  Trees are being unloaded and set up on Saturday, November 24.  Additional details will be forthcoming, but be prepared to sign up at the next meeting. 


Jason:  No meeting on November 12 due to Veterans Day holiday.


Guest Speaker:  Joan Watson introduced our speaker, Miss Vermont, Chelsea Ingram.  Chelsea showed the Miss Vermont crown.  She will compete on January 12 in the Miss America program, which is organized by a not for profit organization.  (Unlike Miss USA—for profit run by Donald Trump.)


Each point in the Vermont crown represents a special value.  Scholarship is the meaning of one the points on the crown.  That is why Chelsea can go to postgraduate school.  She was born in North Carolina and received a Bachelors degree from NC State in meteorology.  She continued her education at Lyndon State College— Lyndon State has wonderful program for her specialty.  However, Jim Cantori is the reason she came to Vermont.  He helped her land a job with Fox 44.  Her interest has grown from an experience with a hurricane in 1996.  Former Miss Vermont encouraged her to compete.  Service, Style and Success are the other points.


Recently received an email from someone in Hinesburg, which complained that viewers are distracted by your accessories.  Your earrings are too big!  Chelsea responded to the viewer that the ones I wore were a gift from Mom for my birthday and I had promised that I would wear them on air.  Chelsea has developed a confidence from Miss America organization to stay true to myself.  Don’t have to bow to others’ needs.


Success—taught me how to be organized, punctual, on and on.  It provided me with an avenue to be successful.


Service—the big point in the crown.  When she was 11, she saw fire trucks out her bedroom door. With tears in her eyes, she saw her dad taken away.  He had a heart attack.  Now she knows that there were many things Dad could have done to prevent that.  He was overweight, did not eat right.  Lacked education about nutrition and heart awareness.  He did not exercise.  Heart disease takes a toll on families, employers, and friends.  He could not participate fully in her youth.  He has taken it into his own hands to get in shape and healthy.  He wants to walk her down the aisle.


Chelsea has learned that you can take control to make your like different.  She personally also lost over 55 lbs. in past 4 years.  She is the motivation for him to keep going.  You can have a great impact on others by the example you set.


She is promoting heart health during her year as Miss Vermont. 


Encourage those who can to participate in the Miss America pageant.  They are doing it to pay for education.


Chelsea sings opera and she sang for us.  Great.  Really.  Great!



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This Week’s Rotary Chips, October 22, 2012

By Nancy Burzon




Mary Ann Kennedy, Women’s Shelter

Matt Price


We Missed You:  Not available.


Notices:  Next Monday we will have a club assemble to discuss the Centenial Project.  Please be sure to attend.




Krista bragged that she canned 12 cans of Kale this weekend.


Andrea bragged that her oldest baby is going to be 21; the youngest daughter has a boy friend; this past weekend she was looking for old clothes and  found pants that have not fit me in years; finally, she won a Kindle a the Chaffee.


Bob Miller, spent week knocking down big trees on son’s property.  Everyone survived.  Brought home a tick.


Hull Maynard, second child married a week ago.  Been an item for over 5 years, Hull the 3rd and Margaret. 


George Ambrose, not really bragging, just sharing a story.  Since last week in August, had interesting things happening.  Wife and Skylar had an accident so had a rental car.  George backed into the rental.  Then he backed into his “new truck.”  Looks like a trend.


Krista added a brag for Paula Baker.  She was not planning to attend today due to busy schedule, but she saved the day for the presenter by bringing a power cord.


Catherine bragged about really big talent show.  She loves it –this year they will have 20 acts coming to the Paramount.


Terry, had to go to Ontario last week, his mother fell.  By Saturday they had her on her feet and celebrated her 90 birthday.


Krista took insurance ethics test last week—it was about the Rotary Four-way Test.  She felt very comfortable.


Stephaney Osgood bragged that her 4 mo. old son is now rolling over.


Tom Donahue bragged for Dick Rohe since it was not his wife in the accident.  (Reference to George Ambrose story).


Rich is fining Andrea, very provocative pose on Facebook.  She looked hot.  She will pay that fine!


Bob Miller, for all who missed out on curling last year, there is an open house, Nov. 4 between 3 – 5 PM  at the Georgetti Rink.


Rich, Sat. Nov 3 is grand opening of Vermont Farmers Food Center.  HE also thanked the people who showed up to paint.  As always, we had a lot of fun.


Tom reminded us about the Chamber annual meeting on Wednesday at noon.  He said there were still a few seats.




Jason Cable announced the membership meeting at Brattleboro Retreat this week.


Nicole provided the attendance report and checked on attendance make-up for the Sept. 24 meeting.  No make up for Bill Drummond, Steve Pelletier so they were fined $2.


Raffle:  Mary Ann drew 918.  Dick Rohe won.  Drew 2 hearts.


Guest Speaker:  Our own Tracey Moore spoke, representing the United Way.  Provided funding to 31 organizations this year, donations exceeded the goal.  Tracey is the only paid full time worker, rest are volunteers.  Andrea talked about why she is a volunteer for United Way.  It provides a way for her to give back.  She can’t provide those services, but she can fund raise.  Tracey shared a video of Rutland agencies who provide services to 26,400 people last year.  The goal this year is $565,000.  This year the campaign is dedicated to Pat Wener who was very active with United Way for 25 years.  She passed away in February of this year.



Rotary Chips Report, October 22, 2012 Nancy Burzon 0
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Lucas Bernardo

Matthew Price

Rich Lloyd, President, College St. Joseph


We Missed You: George Ambrose, Ron Bower, Nick Carmoli, Jeff Chabot, Miche Chamberlain, Joyce Hottenstein, Christina Keshava, Lainnie Lacroix, Gary Ladabouche, Hull Maynard, Bob Miller, Stephanie Osgood, Lou Scott, Win Thomas, Doug Wilson, Wendy Wilton.


Notices:  None




 Fines for Tom Donahue for the spray tan—but it was for a worthy cause.  Dancing with the Starts last Saturday.

Nicole was too good to get fined, so Jack Facey paid the fine for her.  Dancing with the Stars was great!

Another dollar for a great show by Caprice.  She also announced that the Parent Child Center has signed an agreement to buy a new building.


Brian bragged that Thursday several Rotarians from our club attended the Foundation Rotary dinner.  Brian said it was a great dinner.  They heard a presentation from Joe Pratt, past district governor, about his summit climb to the peak of Everest.  There were also presentations from the Dominican GSE team.




Andrea for Nancy Burzon and the RRWIB who organized the Sophomore Career Summit held last Thursday at Castleton State College for 385 students from Rutland HS, Otter Valley, West Rutland, Proctor and Poultney High Schools.  Over 60 business representatives participated to share their work experience in 17 career pathways.  It was a great success.  Thanks to our club members Andrea Coppola, Catherine Nelson, George Ambrose and Tom Donahue who did a stellar job in the area of Education and Business and Finance.


Traci Brags for everyone who participated in Dancing with the Stars.  Seventeen is next event sponsored by Peoples United Bank and the Rutland Herald.


Kristin Andreade bragged for her significant other Sam, who was on the protection detail for the Dali Lama.


Terry traveled with the CSC team in Europe—Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.  The team did very well and it was a great experience.


Elias shared that his wife left him for a week to visit her Mother.  He thought, “wow this will be fun”.  Truth is he actually misses her.


Last month Paula registered for Medicare.  She is 65 this week.  Happy Birthday Paula


Joe Rodolphy noted that Nick is not here today.  He understands.  He watched Derek Jeter go down. 


Kevin Loso went to Mohican Sun to see Peter Gabriel—favorite performer.


Chris bragged that on Sunday he was in a Catholic church in Wallingford, and then went to the Victorian Inn for lunch.


Steve was also in Connecticut to see a concert with his son and played some golf.


Joe went to first CSC football game on Saturday.


Jason went to Board meeting and saw George Ambrose in a 3-piece suit.






The club is looking for some volunteers who would serve as the Service Committee Chair; Secretary position; and help for Cale.


Jason announced that we would schedule some club assembly time to address the centennial project.  Will be January unless a speaker cancels sooner.


Caprice announced that Lucas would be returning to Brazil.  She has hosted Lucas since he arrived here.  He is an athlete, committed to swimming competitively.  Last Saturday went to CSC to time himself and noted that he is not holding his fitness.  So, he is returning to get back to his training schedule.


Vermont Farmers Food Center needs help painting.  This Wednesday and Thursday will do painting job.  Greg Cox will be there.  Dress warm, and ready for painting.  Needs to be done by Nov. 3.  Take your own brush, hammer and gloves.  It will open on Saturday Nov. 3 along with bike path.  First phase, get Winter Farmers Market in the space.  Will also have 3 tenants.


Andrea went to BROC to meet with those who are coordinating the Irene Relief.  1100 names that they are working with.  If you know a family, contact John Miller and Billy Canfield.


Catherine announced the Chaffee is having 3rd annual fundraiser, which will honor John Casella and his wife.  There will be a silent auction and dinner.  Also, she announced a very successful Art in the Park.


Tom handed an invitation to the Chamber of Commerce annual meeting a week from Wednesday.  Congressman Welch is keynote speaker. 


Jason announced the fall district membership conference on Oct. 27.  The club would sponsor a member who wants to attend.  It will be at the Brattleboro Retreat.


There is a music benefit at Howe Center.  Need volunteers.  For 1 hour.  Oct. 21, late afternoon.




Raffle:  661was drawn.  Caprice had the winning ticket but did not draw the right card.


Guest Speaker: Jack Facey introduced Rich Lloyd.  Rich is the new President of CSJ.  Came from Hastings College at Hastings Neb.  Been here now for 3.5 months  and everyone has been very welcoming to him.  He purchased a home—the Miglorie home.  Worked well for both of them.


Rich shared some observations based on research he conducted before he accepted the position.

IN Vermont, 62% of jobs by 2016 will require post-secondary education.

The Lumina Foundation found that in order for US to be competitive, all states need a 60% college attainment rate.  In Vermont, 64,000 in 2012 had some college but no degree.  How do we re-engage them?  CSJ is striving to reach 21st Century students—reach out to those non-traditional students. How do we provide services to those who need to finish?  For the graduating class of 2011 the average student debt is  $22,900.  Typical college graduate, out-earns high school graduate by $640,000 over a career. In 2011, unemployment rates for those with only a HS degree reached 24%. 


What will you look for in an employee?  Sixty percent said breadth and depth in major area.  Other top skills are oral and written communication, critical thinking, and application; connecting policies and decisions with ethical behavior.  Teamwork and innovation and creativity.


The mission of CSJ is to blend theory and practice.  They work at holistic student development program, community service, leadership.  They want to insure that it is financially accessible.  Currently CSJ has an efficient cost structure. There is low deferred maintenance; the campus offers reflective space.


CSJ offers the Provider Program.  It is targeted to the intellectually curious.  The program requires the students to participate in campus activity each semester. In the 4th yr. they design their own project.  They will work on professional soft skills all four years.  If they do those things, CSJ will increase their financial award each year.  Each year, tuition will go down.  By doing so, they can help control student debt.


Does CSJ have a niche?  People respond positively to graduate programs.  Undergrad program is where they have some trouble with niche.  It might be campus itself.  How do we collaborate with the other institutions?


Thank you Rich!  Welcome to Rutland.


Rotary Chips Report, October 15, 2012 Nancy Burzon 0
Posted by Cale Shipman
Thanks to Andrea Coppola and Jason Cable and of course Ron Bower for organizing another great Rotary event.
Loads of members helped in the execution of this membership awareness event and roasted corn sale.

Thanks also to Tom Donahue for once again spear heading the Winter in August event for the Rutland C of C.
It was literally a standing room only event.
Great Rotary Turn Out for Winter in August Event Cale Shipman 0
District Governor Tony Gilmore visits Club Cale Shipman 0